Samantha Harris on Breastfeeding and Baby Names

09/22/2008 at 05:30 PM ET
Marc Royce/Courtesy Us Weekly

Any workaholic would agree that it can be hard to put your job on hold for life events. Samantha Harris knows firsthand — she tried to postpone her delivery in order to host the fifth-season premiere of Dancing With the Stars last September! The TV personality, 34, tells FAMEbaby that balancing her career and motherhood — she and husband Michael Hess are parents to one-year-old Josselyn Sydney — isn’t always as easy as she’d like.

One way Samantha did bond with her daughter was through breastfeeding. "It’s something none of my friends from home were choosing to do, but alot of my L.A. friends were doing it. I knew it would be a challenge,but I thought that it was a wonderful choice to make if it works out." Though Samantha planned to stop nursing upon returning to work, she ended up battling mastitis, complicating her weaning period.

As for her baby’s name, it’s a tribute to both Samantha’s relationship with Michael and one of their daughter’s paternal great-grandmothers. "Early in our relationship, we went to Australia, and for some reasonwe had a conversation about how if we ever had a daughter together, weshould name her Sydney," she shares. "We just loved the name Josselyn, and the ‘J’ honors Michael’s grandmother, whom he lost."

For more on Samantha’s first year of motherhood, click here. Dancing With the Stars premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

Source: FAMEbaby

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Brandi on

That’s great that she decided to try nursing even though friends from home weren’t doing it. Support is so important and it sounds like her LA friends were there for her.

P on

Her baby is so cute. I hope that if I have daughters, they will have adorable messy hair like that so they can wear cute clips. I was bald for the longest time and my parents had to tape bows to my head so people would know I was a girl. I suppose that’s the reason I got earrings early too.

Joke’s on my parents now as my hair is positively gigantic, haha!

thekate on

I’m currently breastfeeding my 9 month old (and am ready to be finished with it) so it’s kind of hard to praise her for breastfeeding until she returned to work, when she famously started working back at Dancing with the Stars 3 weeks after giving birth. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way….I think breastfeeding is wonderful, but I also think that it’s important to do what’s right for you. So if formula works better for your lifestyle, great. Either way, if you ask me, 3 weeks of breastfeeding doesn’t count. (Even if she got mastitis, she planned on stopping when she started working again anyway).

Brandi on

i have to disagree. ANY amount of breastmilk a baby gets is better than none.

That being said, something about either the article or the interview is off, because I had my second son right after Samantha and followed her closely as we were “due date buddies.” She was on the View when Josselyn was 5 or 6 week and was going on and on about pumping, and then she was in either Us or OK, one of those magazines, around Christmas and she was still nursing at that point. So she did at least three months. The posts are still around on cbb somewhere i’m sure.

sally c on

I have to agree that something doesn’t add up – it’s unclear when she actually stopped nursing. What does it mean that mastitis complicated weaning? Did it make it sooner? Later?

She returned to work after 3 weeks. Yet she was on “The View” talking about pumping. Then I read another article about her taking Josselyn out in public at 11 weeks and how Samantha thought it was so cute that she “fell asleep during nursing.”

I think the writer should clarify, just so that it makes more sense.

Brenda Bradfield on

I agree with Brandi, any breast milk is better than none. I had complications and had to stop after one month and that includes pumping. I was devestated and needed support for the way I felt. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy for some and it bothers me when others judge and make the other mom feel like she is not a good mother for opting to not breastfeed.

Lisa Johnson on

“the ‘J’ honors Michael’s grandmother, whom he lost”

That’s quite a stretch, isn’t it?

thekate on

The thing is, it took me about 3 weeks/1 month just to figure out the breastfeeding process. My baby wouldn’t latch, it was really hard and I almost gave up several times so I understand difficulties with breastfeeding, but we worked through it. As I said in my previous post, I think that any way of nourishing your baby is fine, but I just didn’t appreciate hearing her brag about breastfeeding when it seems that she weened practically before her milk came in. However, it sounds like maybe there’s some discrepancy about when she stopped so maybe she breastfed for more than 3 weeks. Good for her if she did. I was always in shock that she went back to work right away anyway. I thought she should’ve taken more time to heal….to each his/her own I guess!

thekate on

Oh, as to the J…my husband is Jewish and his family honors dead family members by using the first letter of their names for baby names often. I often think it’s a stretch myself, but apparently it’s a culture thing (maybe she’s Jewish?).

baby names meanings on

Nice to see for a change that a celeb couple went for a traditional name as opposed to picking a really odd name in their attempt to find something unique.

satria on

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