Jamie and Jools Oliver Expecting Baby #3

09/22/2008 at 06:00 AM ET
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, 33, and his wife Juliette ‘Jools’ are expecting their third child after months of trying. The 34-year-old former model is three months pregnant and due in April, the couple said through a representative, adding that they are "delighted and excited." Like her second pregnancy, Jools was able to conceive naturally. The couple’s two daughters Poppy Honey, 6, and Daisy Boo, 5, "are so excited," states a source, and are "already thinking about being big sisters."

The couple do not know the sex of the baby, but "Jamie would love a boy as it’s only girls in the house now." If this baby is a third girl, the couple have expressed interest in adopting a little boy in the future.

Jamie and Jools have been married since June 24, 2000.

Source: The Daily Mail

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Sam on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools.

What happen to the old saying “it dosn’t matter what sex the baby is as long as they are healthy?”

Sanja on

This is great! Congratulations!
Can’t wait to see the name they choose this time, I love Daisy and Poppy.

ahk on

fertility trouble or not, I think people should take whatever blessing comes their way. I have a neighbor who was not shy in expressing her rabid desire for a girl. She found out recently that it will be a boy–now she is resigned rather than excited for the birth of her child. I, on the other hand, cannot WAIT for my delivery surprise due in the next week or two.

Allison on

Wow, this one caught me off guard. Maybe they already know the baby is a girl since they were just talking about adopting a boy?

MB on

I didn’t get an indication that they won’t be happy with a girl/that they would be disappointed with a girl. People should calm down a bit. People ask me all the time what I want and while I don’t care, I know my husband has expressed desire for a girl. That doesn’t mean he’ll love a son any less, and I certainly don’t see him being deflated in the delivery room (we’re waiting to find out the sex).

Renee on

What ever happened to just saying congratulations without making a judgmental statement? Congrats to the family

MC on

Allison: as the mom of a baby born on April 1 of this year,I’ll chip in my 2 cents. In all likelihood, it’s still a bit too early for their baby’s gender to have revealed itself. In about a month, they’ll know for sure if they decide that they want to know. But congrats to J&J – how exciting! 🙂

Philippa on

That’s fantastic! Congrats to them. Can’t wait to hear what they’re gonna name this baby!

beth on

You can’t normally find out the sex in the UK til your 20 week scan, so may just have been to put people off the scent like Rebecca Romijin did. I have three older brothers but my mum still insists she wouldn’t have been bothered if I had been another boy, I like to think that she always really wanted a little girl!

fay on

why is it a problem to want what you want. i’m only 11 weeks, and i REALLY want a girl. if i have a boy, i’m not going to love my son any less than i would a daughter, i’d prefer a healthy baby over everything, but I REALLY want a girl… and i’m sorry if anyone has anything to say abt it… when i ask ppl to pray for a healthy baby girl, they ask me why, i tell them, and although it doesnt matter, they understand WHY i feel the way i do…

it’s not like they don’t have girls, and i’m sure if they have a boy, they won’t suddenly start treating their older girls like rubbish…

on a sidenote, i’ve decided NOT to find out what i’m having cuz i don’t wanna be upset for 4 of 5 months if it IS a boy… lol… i’ve been told that when they put that healthy baby on your chest and u hear it cry, the last concern u have is abt what’s going on in it’s private regions… so i’d rather just be surprised…

i also had a friend who desperately wanted a girl, only had girls names picked out, only girl everything… had a baby boy, and was head over heels in love w/ him from the moment she saw him… lol… nothing wrong w/ preferences in my opinion…

Sarah Edmonds on

I am delighted for them and hope they get the little boy they would so love.

I admire their honesty, particularly when they know they will be judged by others.

Wanting babies is the most natural thing in the world. They shouldn’t be made to feel greedy for wanting more than two.

J on

i don’t like how they specifically want a boy, they should be happy with what God gives them..

Sopd on

Yeah its way too early to know the sex yet – I’m 15w (due mid March) and they couldn’t see anything last week.

I’m so THRILLED for them! Which is bizarre as normally I’m not that fussed.

Rye on

I can relate and sort of find myself unrelating at the same time-it’s weird. The one side of me really understands because I have always personally felt like I would raise girls better-THAT SAID, I would welcome any son I had with just as much love and affection as I would a girl. And I do also think it’s normal for couples to want one of each child. That is, after all, the all american family. I only really get irritated when the husband starts to put pressure on his wife for having a boy. Maybe it brings out some feminist part of me that finds it slightly old fashioned and unfair towards females that a man almost most times (except mine lol) wants a son.

It could also be that I have personally seen husbands who have literally bullied there wives into having more kids when they wanted to stop at 2…only to end up with 4 girls and still trying for a boy. One friend of mine even said she was completely content with her girls but that she was just “trying to give her husband what he wanted” which I always found a little creepy and weird.

Another case was the couple I used to babysit for as a teenager who had 4 girls and a boy and they treated there girls like they didn’t even exist but there son (the youngest) was treated like the King Of England. It’s not really fair sometimes.

Raising children is expensive and hard-work and people shouldn’t be popping out babies left and right just to get one sex or the other. No wonder the number of people in debt in this country is so extroardinary. Especially in this day and age when 5 year olds need cell phones and kids can’t survive with wii’s or x-box systems and more expensive things.

I just think people should be happy with what they get. Pushing for one sex can more often that not cause too much negativity and stress on a pregnant woman. So, GUYS, if you are pressuring your wife to keep pumping out those little bambinos just to have a boy or a girl…take it easy, be grateful for the kids you have and lay off!🙂

Can’t wait to hear the interesting name they pick out for this next one.

Allie on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools!

Who cares if you don’t like that they are hoping for a boy, is it your pregnancy/family? A congratulations is in order, not criticism for what they are hoping the addition would be. All they have are girls, so what’s wrong with them wanting to have a son and see what raising a boy is like?

“they should be happy with what God gives them..” None of you have any right to tell anyone to be happy or unhappy with whatever they encounter in life. I think they’ll be plenty happy with a new child regardless of sex that THEY created. God gives them.. what a load of junk, it’s not a birthday party.

lolasmum on

YAY! Such brilliant news! I think they are such a lovely couple and family. I loved Jool’s book and its so great to hear she was able to fall pregnant again after her fertility struggles. They are my favourite celeb family, congrats to them!!

Brandi on

Congratulations to them. I hope they have a healthy baby. I understand where they are coming from. We have two boys and are going to try for another in probably about a year, and yes, I hope it’s a girl. I won’t be upset if it’s a boy, but I don’t think saying I hope for a girl is a bad thing.

Molly on

Congrats to them. I highly doubt Jamie will be disappointed if he has another daughter. I don’t see the big deal over him wanting a boy is. But I don’t have any kids.

steph on

This must be the new trend in hollywood, already know you are pregnant then start saying stuff like oh we hope to get pregnant.


Meg on

I love the names of their daughters! And congrats to the family. I just think it’s wrong that the only reason they’ll adopt is because they want a boy… something about that seems a little off to me. Either way, I hope they have a healthy baby.

Corinne on

Congratulations to them! I’m happy they were able to conceive naturally after their fertility struggle.
I don’t judge them for being open about wanting a boy, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be happy with a baby girl. Mmy husband is like that, he has always wanted a daughter and we have a healthy boy, he was a bit disappointed after the U/S but when I gave birth he fell head over heels with his son and we’ll have other kids😉.

Jhelum on

Congrats to both of them! I just don’t understand,if they’re so inspired by the Jolie-Pitts, why do they have to find out if their unborn baby is a boy or girl and then go for adoption? Does that mean if they have a boy, they aren’t going to adopt? What kind of inspiration is that?

Louise on

after following both of their previous pregnancies and the difficulties they had conceiving the first time, i’m thrilled for them.

i’m quite sure jamie’s comments have been taken out of context,being a fantastic and down to earth father to two beautiful daughters i’m fairly certain he just meant he wanted something different this time around.

congrats!! x

Niobe on

The best comparison for gender preference I heard was choosing between a red or a yellow lamborghini. Some people prefer red, some yellow but in the end of the day it’s still a lambo.

Car on

If she had a CVS test done, usually around 11 weeks, they would know if it was a boy or girl.

In fact, a lot of these new hi-tech u/s scanners can identify gender much earlier now. I knew at 16 weeks I was having a daughter and my friend knew at 14 weeks she was having a boy, from u/s scans and a very experienced ultrasound technician.

Congrats to them, I hope they have a healthy and happy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby

Renee on

Louise, you bring up a good point.Sometimes people around here take celebrity words as being literally or never take the time to think that they were taken out of context. It seems that now people are upset with this couple no matter what they do because they were thinking about adopting. So now if a celebrity thinks about adopting, they are wrong but if they don’t think about adoption they are still wrong. It’s another thing that celebrities can’t win

Carol S on

Congratulations to them.

I don’t see anything wrong with saying you want either a boy or a girl. My husband wanted a girl…we ended up with 2 boys. Not a biggie…even though they are 13 and 15 now he still says…are you sure you don’t want to try for a girl? ROFL…I don’t THINK so!

tiffani on

jenna jameson is expecting twins

zaraB on

Yay – I’m so happy for them!!! I really hope Jools writes another book – her last one was fantastic!

Emily on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools.

I don’t understand some comments regarding parents’ hopes regarding gender. Very few parents in this world would love a child less because of its gender.

While I am sure that essentially, parents will only ever want a healthy baby, most might have a tiny little preference – “Wouldn’t it be great to have a little girl?” Having an inclination towards one gender is NOT going to jinx the baby’s health; parents will adore their baby regardless!

People who believe in “not having a preference” in case something goes wrong, should probably allow others to express their personal feelings or preference without fear of judgement.

That’s just my two cents’ worth.

jm on

His wife’s name is Jules, not Jools.
It always helps if you get that right.
Congrats to them!

CelebBabyLover on

I also don’t see anything wrong with them wanting a boy, especially since they already have two girls. After having two kids of the same sex, wanting one of the opposite sex is natural.

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