Halle Berry and Nahla's Sunday Swingtime

09/22/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

An excited Nahla Ariela Aubry grabs ahold of mom Halle Berry while enjoying some swing time on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif. Accompanied by grandma Judith (not pictured), Halle, 42, and her six-month-old daughter enjoyed the slide and swings before heading home.

Dad is model Gabriel Aubry.

Nahla wears Life is Good‘s baby romper, Love Bug on Honeydew ($25).

Click ‘More’ for another photo of Halle and Nahla on the swings!

Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!


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Serah on

I’m so happy for Halle…What a beautiful baby girl Nahla is…

Bren on

OMG!! the first picture makes me me so happy!!!

They are both gorgeous!

God blees them 🙂

Kaylee on

That first picture(of Nahla and Halle laughing at each other) is the cutest picture ever.

Philippa on

She’s adorable!

SJ on

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it.

Nahla is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. Bar none.

LisaS1968 on

Nahla is beautiful, that is for sure!

I wonder if that will be it for Halle children-wise. She is already 42…

Mel on

If there’s one celeb that deserves happiness (and I dont mean that in a rude way) it’s Halle…the baby looks just like daddy and does she have blue eyes?

Dee on


Geena Davis was 46 when she had her twins. BTW Love the 1st pic. So CUTE!


Halle looks very happy with Nahla.They are both stunning!

eva on

What a joyous picture.Nahla is such a pretty girl,crazy beautiful eyes.

Karine Freitas on

Nossaaaa a Nahla a cada dia que passa fica mais linda…que sorriso mais lindo!

Dynasty on

absolutly gogeous baby

Dynasty on

very beautiful

Brandi on

That first picture is really intimate and beautiful. Nahla is gorgeous!

selena on

nahla is stunning, and the first pic is wonderful.

Dynasty on

halle’s baby is absoluty gorgeous I love all babies but I’m crazy about girl babies.I want to get married and have two boys and two girls.I also want to adopt from vietnam,thailand,taiwan and other part of asia.But don’t compare me to angelina jolie.The reason why I’m saying that is because I’m an inspiring supermodel/actress/fashion designer yeah i want to be a celebrity too.only thing different is I ‘m african american my name is dynasty so everyone look for me in the near future.I will probably me married to an Italian actor.

Lauren on

That first picture is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever seen on this site. For all the mayhem paparazzi cause, every now and then you get a shot like this that almost makes their work productive. Whoever took it owes it to Halle to send her a copy.

Amandalinn on

Is that an engagement ring on Halle’s finger? Funny thing is, she doesn’t have it on in the 2nd picture.

ll65 on

Aww so nice to see the joy in Halle’s face. Nahla’s a beauty.

brooke on

nahla looks just like halle, same complexion and features just with her dad’s eye shape.

"M.D." on

I am happy that Halle is allowing photos to be taken of her and her beautiful baby. I love seeing the family out and about and having fun. Nahla also looks like Grandma.

Jade on

So cute!

Elyse on

The other day my mom and I where watching T.V. and the Macy’s comercial came on that Gabriel is in. Mom goes “wow, who is that?” And I told her. We both go no wonder Nahla is the most beautiful baby in hollywood! How could she not be with stunning parents like that!

meghan on

amandalinn – good eye!! i didn’t even notice it and definitely didn’t notice the ring went missing later on. makes you wonder!

esj on

Silvermouse on

she probably took it off. But then again, maybe she and Gabriel are not engaged? I normally take off my rings when I do activities like that.

Rikki on

She does have the ring on. You just can’t see it in the second picture. Because her hand is tucked under Nahla’s leg. Also the ring looks more like a wedding ring to me. I am sure if they are or do get married. They are not going to tell us. And I say good for them.

Cute kid cute mom cute dad. Over all a very beauitful family.

Tam on

I am so happy for Halle! Her daughter is beautiful!

Bancie1031 on

awww what cute pictures. Beautiful little girl.

DLR on

Halle has some bling on her ring finger. I just know Gabriel asked her to marry him. He comes from a traditional Quebec family in Canada and I think he would feel strongly to marry Halle especially now they have a child together. I think Halle is taking her time seeing as she’s already been married twice, but accepted the ring to make Gabriel happy and to show she is “taken.” It is real nice to see pictures of Nahla now after so long with nothing. I also think Halle and Gabriel will have another try as I kind of think they both want another kid, especially Gabriel. So I wouldn’t be surprised to read a year from now Halle expecting again.

Stephany on

Oh, my gosh! These photos are priceless! Nahla is so beautiful and Halle looks so great! I love seeing her kicking back and playing with her beautiful baby!!!

Stephany on

Oh, my gosh! These photos are priceless! Nahla is so beautiful and Halle looks so great! I love seeing her kicking back and playing with her beautiful baby!!!

Mani on

This baby is the best. I would so babysit her for Halle. I love little girls, my family is full of boys, so i don’t get to play and have fun with girls. Halle is the best too.

FC on

Nahla is just precious, and the most expressive baby! I just love how her face lights up, especially when she sees Mama!

Ms.B on

Lmfaoooo…some of these comments kill me!

“Nahla is just precious, and the most expressive baby! I just love how her face lights up, especially when she sees Mama!”

LOLLLLL @ “expressive.” Yeah, Nahla’s the only baby that lights up when she sees her mom! Nextttt…

terri on

I love the first picture.

Ms.B on

SJ is another one who goes overboard

“I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it.

Nahla is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. Bar none.”

LOLLLL!!!! She’s cute, but she looks like the average mixed kid to me. I live in Cali, mixed babies are everywhere out here. You’re guaranteed to see at least 5 Nahla’s on a trip to the mall loll. I think you’re just a big Halle fan.

MiracleMileMom on

That is absolutely the most precious mother-daughter moment ever!! It brought tears to my eyes!!

kimmy on

nahla is a beautiful baby looks like her daddy halle looks very happy about her baby girl .nahla has beautiful blue eyes

eth on

Halle berry deserves happiness and her man is so cute, at least she didnt sell any pics like jlo (at least ange and brad gave money to charity)… she is a real woman and is happy to have one of the most speacial blessings… i wish her all the hapiness in the world with her man and child…go halle….

CelebBabyLover on

I doubt that’s an engagement ring. Halle has said that she will never get married again.

CaliAngel on

How adorable are these pictures?? What a sweet mommy/daughter moment.

BebeB on

I am so pleased to see those photos. I love Halle Berry and am so excited for her that she is a mother. Looking at her face in the photo reminded me of how I feel when I have new experiences with my gorgeous son. Halle looks like a great, joyous, intuitive mother and I agree with all of those who expect to see her expecting again this time next year!!

BebeB on

PS I just posted and it may be my browser – but how come people think Nahla has blue eyes? I couldn’t tell from these photos.

(Not that it matters, obviously, she is an extraordinarily gorgeous baby, but I’m just curious)

Loobylou on

Still no sunhat for baby Nahla??

Nylah on

People covered the rumors of her ring back in May. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20199973,00.html

beth on

i believe her eyes are blue cant tell on these pictures but the first pictures of nahla at the zoo her eyes looked like a dark blue

CelebBabyLover on

I definently think Halle will have more kids, but I don’t think it will neccesarily be biologically. Halle said in the past that she and Gabriel would adopt if they couldn’t concieve a bio baby, and that even if they did concieve a bio baby, they’d still adopt.

Therefore, I’m think they might adopt their next child.