Gavin Rossdale Plays Roots and Shoots, Gives Update on Sons

09/22/2008 at 07:30 PM ET

Parents tend to worry about how their older child will react when a new baby comes home and the situation was no different for Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani! Gwen delivered their second son, Zuma Nesta Rock, four weeks ago, and the 42-year-old — who performed Sunday at Jane Goodall’s sixth annual Roots & Shoots Day of Peace and Hot Moms Club fashion show — told US Weekly that big brother Kingston James McGregor, 2, "thinks he’s all right and is getting used to him. I think at first there was probably a little concern that [Zuma] might be staying over!"

As for Zuma, he’s "fantastic" and Gavin even jokes that "he’s counting backwards from 10, which is pretty impressive." Although Gavin had a captive audience as he played at Roots and Shoots, including Gwen, Kingston, and Kingston’s nanny, Zuma missed the show!


Source: US Weekly

Click ‘More’ for photos of Gwen and Kingston clapping along to the music, and a father-son shot.

Noel Vasquez/Getty

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Heather Lynn on


Jess from Ohio on

I have a small correction to point out: Neither Gwen nor Gavin is 42 years of age. Gwen is 38 while Gavin is 40.

Tam on

I’m assuming that Zuma is getting a lot of Gwens attention at home so I think it’s nice they are giving Kingston their individual attention doing things outdoors.

Allison on

I agree! I’m dying to see Zuma!!

Nicole on

I absolutely love them – just looking at them you can feel how much love exists in that family.

It doesn’t hurt that King is so adorable, either!

CelebBabyLover on

I’ve noticed that there have been two posts of pictures of Gwen and Gavin out with Kingston, but not Zuma, today. But yet nobody is saying “Where’s Zuma?” Every single time Angie and Brad are seen out about with Mad, Pax, and Z but not Shi, everyone always askes “Where’s Shiloh?” (and this was going on even when she was a tiny baby. I remember people making those comments when she was about four months old!).

Does anyone else think there’s a double-standard going on?

Helen on

Love Kingston’s shoess!

Bancie1031 on

love seeing the family out and about together again well minus Zuma, but we’ll see him soon enough.

charlotte on

I agree, he seems like a good dad to his boys…without commenting here, are other readers aware of the situation with Gavin’s 19 year old daughter Daisy?


Kingston you are so cuteeeee!
I want to see Zuma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SJ on

Zuma is a newborn, not yet two months. It is to be expected that he isn’t in the public eye but there is no denying, not even from the hardcore Jolie-Pitt fans that Shiloh misses out on a number of famly outings her adopted brothers and sister go on.

Onyx Jones on

I think we will see Zuma in due time. I’m just happy to see the Rossdale family whenever I get the chance. Such a seemingly loving and adorable family.

shiri on

Zuma is a newborn soo it’s normal he stays in home. But you will see him soon because Gwen and Gavin not hidden their boys. You have Kingston has example. They will bring Zuma very soon with them.

Shiloh is a completely different case. We didn’t saw her very much when she was a baby, than last year with 1 year old we rarely saw her. And now with 2 years old we can count in one hand how many times we saw her.
Sj is absolutely correct that everybody fans and not fans knows that Shiloh is always left out for their outings, everybody in blogs comment that they hidden her. Yes because they Hidden Shiloh. The last time we had pics of Shiloh was in 3 july, more than 2 months that we don’t see Shi. When was the last time we saw the adopted kids? This month.

About the twins, i don’t have any doubt that they will do the same with Knox and Viv. We rarely will see the twins.

i find very interesting that everybody in 2006 was worried about never see Suri, that they hidden her and that Shiloh will been seen a lot because they always bring the adopted kids with them.In this 2 years old if you compare how many times we saw Suri and Shiloh…we see Suri more in one week than Shiloh in one year.
Shiloh is the most hidden celebrity kid.

Brandi on

I agree with Onyx. This is old and tired. Baby Lover, please stop bringing up the Jolie-Pitts in posts that have nothing to do with them. I understand you are a big fan, but this happens a lot and then the conversation turns from what the photos/story is about.

Anyway, the pictures are beautiful and the photo of Gavin and the potted plant is making me laugh.

cassie on

Shiloh is one the most famous celeb babies that’s why its more noticeable when she is not there. How often do we see Moses as opposed to Apple. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in front of me .Yet noone asks about him . Think of all the pics of Apple we’ve seen

not this again on

I don’t know who’s worse babylover for all her praising or SJ for all her hating of the Jolie-Pitts. Mention Angelina’s name and both come out of the woodwork. It should be fun around here when Angelina does press for her upcoming movie. /sarcasm/ Anyway, Kingston is a cutie.

Ashley on

Re: Nicole

No there isn’t a double standard. Zuma is FOUR-WEEKS old not FOUR MONTHS old. Newborn babies really should not leave the house the first couple of months.

But on to a response related to the post Kingston is so adorable and Gwen is looking great!

shiri on

I love seeing kingston. he is soo adorable : ) Kingston looks soo much with Gavin.

Renee on

SJ, why do you have to insult the Jolie-Pitt family on almost every topic? I can’t believe that some people actually think that they don’t love Shiloh. Anyhow, I’m guessing they want to give Kingston plenty of time alone so that he doesn’t feel that the new baby has taken his place. I think it’s a great idea.

Stephany on

Are we SERIOUSLY going to get into a “Where’s Shiloh?” debate on a Stefani-Rossdale post? I am SO SICK of that debate and I think it’s utterly ridiculous.

I love this family and I don’t think it’s odd AT ALL that we haven’t seen Zuma. Zuma is just 4 weeks old. And I’m quite positive we’ll see him as much as we see Kingston!

Cute, cute, cute. I love this family.

CelebBabyLover on

Brandi- I apologize. I feel that the J-Ps get critcized far more often than other celeb families, and I don’t like it. By mentioning that nobody is saying “Where’s Zuma?” I was trying to point out that maybe there is a double-standard when it comes to the J-Ps and other celeb families.

Anyway, you’re right, I probably shouldn’t have brought that up.

As for Shiloh “never being seen”, all I will say on the matter is:

1. She was actually seen plenty last year. In September or October (I forget which), I actually think there were more pics of her than of her siblings (Shi was seen going to the toy store with Angie, with Angie visiting Brad on the set of his movie, going to the Central Park Zoo in NYC with her mother and siblings, etc.)!

2. Angie and Brad have more kids to manage now than they did when Maddox and Zahara were tiny (when Mad was tiny, he was Angie’s only child!). Taking four or six kids out in public (especially when you are a celeb as stalked by the paps as Brad and Angie are) is a lot more difficult than taking one or two out (which was all Angie and Brad had to manage when Mad and Z were tiny).

3. We also didn’t see that much of Pax for the first few months after his adoption. After he, Angie, Mad, and Z came back to the states from Vietnam, there was only one pap pic of him (and it was pretty clear that Angie and Brad didn’t like that that pic was taken) until the family went to Prague in late May for Angie to film Wanted.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as to why Pax, Mad, and Z have been seen this month and Shi has not…She’s probably been at home being a “little mommy” to Knox and Viv.🙂

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