Jamie Oliver and Jools Inspired By Jolie-Pitts to Adopt a Boy

09/20/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
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In a household filled with girls — from wife Juliette ‘Jools’ to daughters Poppy Honey, 6, and Daisy Boo, 5 — celebrity chef Jamie Oliver can’t help but "need a bit of testosterone." While the couple have made it no secret that they are trying for a third baby and hoping for a son, Jamie now shares that if he is unable "to produce a boy," he is prepared to look into other options including the "many vulnerable orphans out there" and hopefully "adopt one." As a father to girls, the 33-year-old is quick to say that his daughters are "cherished," but goes on to admit that he’d be "lying if I said it wouldn’t be great to have a boy." In fact, the couple have been inspired to adopt by none other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who have welcomed children through adoption three times — after Jamie was commissioned by Brad during a trip to England a few years back. Jamie goes on to say.

"Adoption is such a selfless act and they have a lovely family environment. It’s humbling and beautiful to see."

Click ‘More’ to see why daughter Poppy is embarrassed at school.

While the couple are weighing their options regarding a third child,in the meantime Jamie and Jools are concentrating on raising their twogirls. Although the pair are not oblivious to the fact that theirchildren will not grow up "in a normal environment" as Poppy hasalready caught on to her dad’s celebrity status and is "embarrassed atschool," Jamie and Jools vow that their kids will work for what theywant in the future. "Jools and I are real sticklers for manners and ourchildren will realize that if they want something in life they willhave to bloody work for it," says Jamie. So far, it seems like Poppyand Daisy "love to cook," but Jamie is always conscious to "never ramit down their throats." As the girls have been learning through theirmade-up game of cooking school — although Jamie is sure it’s just adistraction from going to bed — they have also managed to pick up afew culinary skills from their dad as well. Shares Jamie,

"Iasked my friend Andy the gasman to go into my garden and get me somerosemary. He came back with an old weed. Poppy ran out and immediatelyfound a perfect sprig. I thought, ‘That’s my girl!’"

Source: The Sun

Thanks to CBB reader Kathryn.

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SJ on

Why choose it as a last resort?

Louie on

“many vulnerable orphans out there”/”Adoption is such a selfless act”

I really wish celebrities would choose their words a little more carefully when they discuss adoption. Phrases like these just make it sound like the charitable cause du jour or an easy solution if you can’t have a biological child.

I’m not adopted but most of my immediate family is, adoption isn’t something that ends when you walk through the front door with your child (and certainly the process up to that point is difficult enough), it’s a lifelong process, forging an identity that is both sameness and difference, made even more complex if the child is from a different cultural background.
It can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching thing but a child needs to be considered for their own sake, someone that is wanted and desire as themselves and not as some sort of ‘charitable act’ or ‘rescue’.

I’m not suggesting that Jamie and Jools Oliver even remotely think that. No doubt if adoption is a path they choose (I’m pretty sure they spoke about it even before Jools became pregnant with Poppy) it will be something they will have thought about seriously, with all the different considerations taken into account. Jamie may even have spoken in more detail about it, and the Sun chose only to highly these quotes.

I just think that given how topical adoption is at the moment, it would be a great opportunity to really discuss it rather than merely pay lip-service to it as the media seems to be doing.

Renee on

They are considering adopting. Not everyone wants to adopt or wants to do it immediately. Adoption isn’t for everyone. If he had came out and said “We don’t want to adopt if we can’t have a biological boy” , people would have been angry. But now a few are upset with him for saying they are considering it? I’m glad that it seems that they are taking their time with this.

Rye on

I don’t like his comments merely because it seems like he is DESPERATE to have a boy. Why can’t he just be grateful for the biological daughters he already has?? This isn’t medieval times and having a boy isn’t a necessity for people so that a man could pass his land down or his name…I mean, there are millions of couples in the world who can’t biologically have a child on there own who would be completely THRILLED to have one child on there own, let alone two healthy, beautiful ones! And what if his wife gets pregnant again and they have another girl? Are they going to keep trying until they have a boy? She can have a countless amount of girls before a boy pops out. I know a couple who had 7 girls before they had a boy. People need to just realize how blessed they are with the children they have. Some people aren’t as lucky as others to even have kids.

Cora on

I agree with you Louie. One of my favourite quotes from Angelina about adoption is this:

“Adoption is not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other.”

CTBmom on

As an adoptive mom, I am not going to take offense at what Jamie said, because I am sure he didn’t mean anything by it. In fact, I have to agree that adoption is a selfless act….on the part of the birthmother. My son’s birthmother wanted to keep him very much, but knew she could not give him the kind of home she felt he deserved so she chose to find parents for him that she knew would love him and give him the kind of life she wanted him to have. Imagine going through nine months of pregnancy and giving birth, only to leave the hospital without your child….all because you wanted what was best for him. To me you can’t much selfless than than. Every night that I tuck my son into bed, I am in awe of the gift she gave me.

CTBmom on

BTW.I am aware that he is speaking about adopting an orphan, which is different than my son’s circumstance, but I was just referring to the “selfless act” part of what he said.

Chana on

See, the problem is – no child should have to hear their parents say, “You were a vulnerable orphan and we made the selfless choice to adopt you” because that is not fair to child. It’s just not. Children need to feel lucky for many reasons – having food, loving parents – but they don’t need their parents to have a savior’s complex.

I’m not saying that they have a savior’s complex, but many do. And that’s not right.

Stephany on

I just knew people were going to jump all over Jamie and Jools – especially about him wanting a boy. For most men, THEY WANT BOYS! It’s not a foreign, nor is it an old-fashioned tradition. Is that saying he is ungrateful for the two girls he has? NO! And I don’t think anyone can say that. But after having two girls, of course you want a little boy. I think it’s just natural. If I had two girls, I’d probably hope for a boy for my third. Is that to say if I had a third girl, I’d regret her and make her wish she was a boy? No flippin’ way!

Am I the only one on here who feels this way?

Caren on

I fear for when they do adopt what wacky name they’ll give the kid… Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo??? They got a flower theme going there. I can only imagine the boy be named Rosie (unisex names are ever so fun) or Bud…

Sarita on

Nothing wrong with being honest and say you would like a boy. His comments about adoption seems fine to me too. Just because he feels it’s saving an orphan doesn’t mean he has a savior complex or wil rub it in the child’s face.

andilea on

No, Stephany, you aren’t the only one that thinks this way. Really, everyone has an opinion. I have one. I think it is a great thing that if he does adopt, the child (regardless of who it turns out to be) will be in a loving home with 2 big sisters. He or she will have someone to love them, not endless foster homes.
People really shouldn’t get so upset about every little thing that comes out of a celebrities mouth…they are people (just like us) who happen to have very high profile jobs. What they say shouldn’t have any more importance than what you say or what someone else says. Their word is not gospel. At the end of the day, everything will be alright, the sun will set and the moon will rise. Just live life, enjoy what you have and be happy.

Mia on

I agree. People shouldn’t get so mad when a couple says “we have 2 girls, and we really want a boy” or “we have 2 boys and really want a girl”.

The reality is-most people want one of each, a boy and a girl. It’s a different experience with the pregnancy of a boy vs. a girl, and different experience raising a boy vs. a girl. There is nothing wrong with wanting both.

CelebBabyLover on

Stephany- I feel that way as well. And for what it’s worth, if they get pregnant and have a girl, I have a feeling they will then adopt a boy rather than keep trying for a biological one.

Mia- How is a pregnancy with a boy different than a pregnancy with a girl (not judging, just curious)? I have heard various things about that (for example, that morning sickness occurs more often and is more severe in women pregnant with girls), but most of those things are just old wives’ tales!

carie on

Well said Mia and Sarita. I really don’t get the big deal, or think he’s saying girls are worth less. A lot of people want the variety, and the different experiences that come with raising different genders. I don’t think that when people talk about adopting they’re saying they’re doing it to be saviors…it comes across to me that they’re just putting into perspective that there are children out there in less fortunate situations than theirs…and yes, if you are living in an orphanage, especially in certain countries, you are not living the best life, and someone wanting to give you a better chance at a better life is not a bad thing.

Linda on

I am sure Jamie meant it with the best intentions, but perhaps he should speak more to celebrity parents like Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan. You adopt a baby because you really love kids and would love to have one – or more. Not as some act of mercy towards the child as several here already pointed out.

SJ on

Anmazingly, Angelina Jolie wasn’t the first celebrity to adopt. Why does it always come back to her and Brad (who as far as I know, hasn’t legally adopted Maddox, Zahara or Pax, just added his surname)

Mia Farrow, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Calista Flockhart, George Lucas, Diane Keaton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephen Spielberg. I’d consider them to be huge stars too but somehow, Angelina became the official celebrity spokesperson for celebrity adoption and it kind of annoys me, because most of those people mentioned did’t pose for People and make a big song and dance about adopting. It was just a natural thing that didn’t require being so vocal abut it and some of them do have biological children too.

h williams on

i have jools olivers book which she shares her hardship at getting pregnant and the feeling that went along with that, she also shares the treatment she underwent to correct the problems and the dugs and side effects, so i am sure they are considering their choices at present, do you go through all that again just so you can have a child that way and hope its a boy, pray that its healthy and you can get through the treatment and pregnancy or since you already have 2 lovley girls of your own open your heart and take in a child that some one some where didn’t want or couldn’t keep, a child that may have been already deeply damaged by an adoption system, that could have possibly been passed round from foster family to foster family or worse kept in awful condition in a orphanage some where that could barely class a real home?

i am NOT saying all adopted children are mentally scared, or abused or even damaged, i am saying how ever that is DOES happen and can happen, the oliver aren’t say oh we want a tiny baby they want a child, a boy because they have two girls and it would be nice for them to have a son and their daughters a brother, this in not selfish, i have a son, and when i got pregnant deep down i hoped for a girl but made peace wit the fact it could be a boy and as long as my baby was ok then it didn’t matter, how ever if some how i could have had a choose i would have said it would be lovely to have a daughter, adoption is a choice, you choose to do it, you choose where to go, you untimely choose the child, so why is asking for a boy so wrong?

adoption is as as selfelss act to begin with as is having any child, but soon enough is changes from being selfless, into a feel of gratefulness, grateful you have your child, that you found each other.

thats what having a child is about

bekalynn on

As the adoptive mother of two boys, by choice, I am not at all offended by Jaime’s words about wanting a boy.
I wish he had perhaps chosen his other words about the sacrifice of adoption a bit more carefully, and perhaps he did and they were taken out of context, who knows.
That said, many who are not already personally affected by adoption do not already know the ‘proper’ verbiage and how it can be offensive, such as “my own child” or “natural mother”
My sons are my own children and I am very much their natural mother, though not their biological mother. (to me, the term natural makes me feel as though there is something “unnatural” about being an adoptive parent)

You don’t learn these terms until you walk the adoption path or know someone who has.

If he and his wife do have the strength in him to walk the adoption journey, which IS difficult, good for him. Both he and their future children will be lucky to have each other.

UggaMugga.com on

I agree with Stephany as well. Just yesterday I ran into an old family friend who didn’t know I expecting again and she looked at me and said, “You have a boy and a girl…I’m surprised you’re having another baby. I had two boys so I had to have a third to get a girl, but you already have both.” I told her we were just crazy…and about to get crazier in 8 weeks! 🙂

The truth is, most people want a boy and a girl. To answer CelebBabyLover’s question, both of my pregnancies with my son and daughter were completely the same, but raising a boy and a girl is completely different…and my kids are pretty gender-neutral. I’m blessed to have two healthy children, but also love that one is a boy and one is a girl…and another on the way.

Anyone with children is fortunate…no matter the sex or how they came to be a member of the family! I’m sure Jamie and Jools also feel that way.

EM on

I’m really bothered by his comments because it really seems that it is all about him. If he & his wife cannot have a boy biologically then they will think about adopting. So if they do have a boy then adoption is not needed or less worthy? It really just comes off as selfish.

Danielle on

Fair enough if they want a boy but if they try for another baby and it’s a girl how is she going to feel when she finds out her parents wished she was a boy.
Also the whole thing of wanting one of each sex is sorta bizzare to me, a child is a child and will be whatever they will be.
I’ve heard men say they would like a boy so they can teach him football, well their son may have other ideas and choose ballet instead, these preconcieved ideas of what children will or won’t be are never healthy.

And adopting ‘an orphan’ is not exactly a selfless act, he wants a son and cannot produce one biologically so is going to adopt one that isn’t selfless that;s more selfish!

babyboopie on

I think that in Angelina Jolie’s case, she wanted a rainbow family, her beautiful children of different origins really mattered to her because she had and still has a strong emotional attachment to the countries that they came from and she already loved them when she adopted them. But when she had her biological children, (Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne) she loved them as much as she loved Maddox, Pax and Zahara.
But my point is, that the adopted children all were vulnerable children before she got them, so these orphans that Jamie and Jules may possibly adopt one day will be as much loved as Poppy and Daisy are. No doubt it will probably be a boy, but as long as Jamie and Jules see it as a gift and a beautiful way (other than giving birth vaginally/having a C section) of welcoming a child into their family, then I’ll be happy with it.

SH on

In answer to CelebBabyLover and Mia- I’ve had 2 of each…1 girl, 2 boys, then another girl. The pregnancies were definitely different experiences with similarities among each gender and even the deliveries were different between the genders (my boys were harder to deliver). I carried my boys and girls differently. With the boys my stomach stuck out about 2 miles in front of me, with the girls the weight was all around, didn’t stick out as much. With the girls the morning sickness was definitely worse. So bad with the last pregnancy that I suspected a girl when I was only a few weeks pregnant because it was like the first pregnancy. The last thing I noticed was that the boys were WAY more active in utero and all around stronger, girls were not so active and you feel more of nudging and pushing when they move instead of all out kick-boxing with the boys. When I felt the movement I suspected a girl with my last pregnancy too. I felt the boys move around 14 weeks and it took until almost 19 weeks to feel the girls. Just my experience and 2 cents on the subject.

principesa on

As a parent thanks to the gift of adoption, I bristle when it is portrayed as a selfless act or anything remotely similar.


I wanted to be a parent. A selfish want to be a parent. How selfless is that? It isn’t!

Wanting a particular gender I don’t get since I feel any healthy child is a blessing. But I do take an exception to the characterization of adoption as some act of mercy. Blech. I don’t want my child to feel that he came to our family because we were feeling especially charitable one day…

Angelina Jolie said it best: we find one another and become a family.

cassie on

Brad has adopted all the kids. He filed to adopt Z and Mad in late 2005 see People magazine and it was finalized in 2006. He mentioned it in a Fall 2006 issue of Newsweek and on the Charlie Rose show last Dec. Also his finalized adoption of Pax occured a few months ago.TMZ had pics of them at the courthouse.

Renee on

Why do you have to insult Angelina, SJ. Why are people who claim to hate her, spend most of their time saying negative comments about her? It seems pointless to do that

Bb on

i don’t find anything he said offensive at all.
To be honest i would probably want a boy if i had two girls, doesn’t mean i would value another daughter any less and i certainly wouldn’t be upset if i had another girl, its simply a preferance.

Mia on

First Note-Brad Pitt officially adopted Mad, Z, and Pax over a year ago. That’s why they have his last name-because he’s their legal guardian with Angelina Jolie.

Second Note-Pregnancy different with a boy vs a girl. Going on my mom’s experience (granted everyone’s different) Conceiving a boy is easy, she had no nausea and it was a very care free and easy pregnancy.

When my mom was pregnant with me (a girl) she was nauseous all the time, and my parents had to plan specifically so they would conceive at the right point to have a girl-Also girls tend to be far more difficult to raise than boys.

Must be all those extra hormones lol.

factcheck on

uhhh SJ brad HAS legally adopted his kids, he said so himself in his interviews, example charlie rose last year, youtube it yourself. You need to spend a little time CHECKING YOUR FACTS before you spew things as the truth.

love is love and facts are facts on

Good for him. If he and his wife have enough love for another child then I say more power to them. I just don’t see what’s the big deal with Jamie wanting the next child to be a boy. This doesn’t mean he would love a girl child any less. It just means he wants the experience of raising a boy.

Also I get the feeling Brad and Angelina could show SJ the adoption papers and SJ still wouldn’t believe that all the Jolie-Pitts kids are both legally and most importantly emotionally Brad’s. However, I for one don’t like misinformation put out there so for those who care Newsweek confirmed the adoption of Maddox and Zahara was finalized right before the birth of Shiloh. People magazine and TMZ confirmed Pax’s adoption by Brad in late February 2008. I realize everyone has the right not to like a particular celebrity but that dislike shouldn’t cause one to change or disregard facts to support her position.

Rye on

Mia-I think your comment about girls being harder to raise than boys is kind of unfair towards girls.
It’s comments like that that make couples not want to have girls.
It seems like a growing trend amongst my friends who are pregnant or who have been pregnant that when asked, they always say they want a boy because “boys are easier to raise” or “boys don’t give you the trouble that girls do” or things along those lines. Literally, the 4 couples I have talked to have said those things and i find that really really insulting towards girls and women.
As someone who has grown up around all boys and used to babysit a set of 4 boys for several years, I honestly do not think they are any easier to raise than girls. Boys are very high energy and can be just as much of a nightmare as a girl. I think it’s all about parenting and the way you communicate with that child. I dont think all girls are going to be difficult. My close family friend had 2 boys and a girl and when her sons were teenagers they were DEMONS…the one got his girlfriend pregnant at 15, the other one was into drugs and caused her a lot of anxiety in that sense but her daughter was an honor roll student and was always very well behaved. it can go both ways.

SJ on

I wasn’t aware that the adoptions of any child had gone through, so thank you for letting me know… albeit you chose to insult me by telling me. I don’t keep a check on their day to day lives you see.

And I don’t like Angelina Jolie, no, and I haven’t liked her since the day she covered baby Shiloh with a blanket. In that moment, she separated her children. She never once covered Maddox or Zahara with a blanket, but she covered up the first biological child’s face with a blanket and it stuck with me.

I think the kids are gorgeous, but I don’t have to like their parents and I think I am entitled to my opinion

Ruthella on

I totally understand where Jamie’s coming from, and I think it’s perfectly natural to want a boy. I was desperate for a girl, and after three boys (one of whom we sadly lost) we were blessed with one.

Had she been a boy, I would have loved her exactly the same, but I will admit that I thank my lucky stars every single day still to have gotten a girl. If we’d had girls first, I wouldn’t have been so bothered about having a boy but I’m sure my husband would! It’s just natural.

I love all my kids equally and treasure the different experiences each one gives me.

And hey, maybe Jamie will spend a bit more time with the family if he has a son… As it is, it often seems like a harrassed Jools is left alone with the kids a lot😦

Good luck to them!

Mia on

I’m not going to argue..but my statement can’t make it unfair towards girls..considering I”m a girl myself.

Granted, yes boys have their reasons why they may be difficult just as equal to girls….but generally speaking, most people will say boys are easier to raise than girls.

Mia on

And another note-regardless on general opinion or personal perspective whether girls are more difficult to raise than boys.

The point of the statement originally was that its a different experience raising a boy vs. raising a girl.

brannon on

Wow. They are thinking about adopting a child. Shame on them. Relax people. Try to imagine that everything you say is broken down into tiny pieces and analyzed. Wow. You are all entitled to your opinions obviously but I think that anyone who thinks before bringing a child into the world should be congratulated, not critiqued. (And aren’t most of you the same ones on here always “hoping” for a girl? — seems a little more normal than many of you are giving him credit for)

SH on

I have a VERY large extended family and the general consensus of the mothers in my family is that girls are “harder to raise” than boys. I believe it to be true, my mother also does. I think it’s the generalization everywhere really…nothing to get upset over. It’s just one of those things. I love my girls and boys the same, and any mother will probably tell you that after they spill the beans about who’s more difficult.

Renee on

Let me get this straight SJ, you are one of those people that think they don’t love Shiloh? You really think they hate her? It seems sad to me that people think random pap pictures tell everything. They don’t. That should be known by now. It seems pointless to me to hate someone who has done nothing to you.


I agree with Rye. I don’t think girls are difficult to raise,I believe that it all comes down to parenting and all children are different. Some girls may be difficult to raise just like some boys may be too. My parents had 3 daughters, and honestly my mom never complained about us. All 3 of us were pretty easy to raise. Even to this day my mom and dad will say that we weren’t diffucult at all. My mom also never thought girls would be difficult to raise so she always had a different & more positive attitude about it. As far as regarding Jamie’s comment I think as long as you have a healthy child that’s all that matters, but I understand wanting to have a boy and a girl and I don’t see anything wrong with expressing that and if they do decide to adopt that would be wonderful.

Sanja on

My mother would be the first to say that girls are easy to raise and boys are hard. My brother was the problem teenager in my family, while I was the model child and never gave my parents any major problems. I think it depends on the parents and the child and like everything else can’t be generalize. Also, with my brother my mother had horrible morning sickness and had a breeze with me.

About adoption, I think people have forgotten that Brangelina did ask for one gender over the other when Pax was adopted and no one had a problem with it.

finnaryn on

S.J. I think that Angelina shielding Shiloh with a blanket had less to do with her feeling different about her but rather the media attention was so much more at that point. If Pax had been younger when he was adopted I think she would have done the same. At three years old, he would not have allowed it, but didn’t they leave the orphanage under the cover of umbrellas?

LanLan on

I completely agree with SJ.
I don’t understand the hype bordering on worship of Angelina by some readers here. As SJ has pointed out, there have been MANY celebrities as well as regular people who have adopted and none of them have received the same praise she has received.
I’m afraid to say that I’ve mistrusted Angelina since the time she said in an interview that she could never dream of having biological kids because it would be selfish to the other orphans in need. Yet what does she do, have not 1 but 3 biological kids. She has also said she would never dream of being intimate with a married man, and well, I don’t think I need to say it…
With all of these things I just don’t see her as the family idol she is sometimes put out to be. It surprises me when she is put out by people as the epitome of a person who loves everyone equally. Well how can they or anyone know if she loves her adopted & biological children equally?? We’re not her. If she didn’t, its not like she would tell the world about it.

cassie on

LanLan,I’m sure Angie is the only single woman in her twenties who has ever said she won’t have children and/or biological children. Oh no ,she is not the only one because I said it too until I fell in love with a man who wanted a child. People change their minds when circumstances change. Angie has adopted 2 kids since she made that statement.As for her name coming up regarding adoption the article states Oliver was inspired by Brad and Angie .Is it her fault that others mention her name in interviews and articles?

C'estmoi on

I completely agree with you, SJ. And I know the exact picture you’re talking about. Shiloh was about 5 months old and they were in India when Angelina had Shiloh’s face covered. And it stuck in my mind, too. I like Angelina. I especially respect the work she does for orphans and refugees.

Still, the way she looks at Shiloh is different from the way she looks at Maddox, Pax, and Zahara. I guess it’s just the maternal bond she’s built with her biological children. Obviously she’s built a different bond with Shiloh and now the twins because she breast fed them. She didn’t breast feed Maddox, Pax, or Zahara. I’m not getting into a debate on bottle fed vs. breast fed, but it just seems that she seems closer and more maternal to her biological children.

cassie on

So let me get this straight Angie has a maternal bond with Shiloh and at the same time she favors the adoptive kids by always taking them on family outings.

LanLan on

Yes I really see what you mean C’est moi.
As much as I’d like to believe the opposite, since the pregnancy and birth of Shiloh I’ve sensed that her (and Brad) love their biological children more. To be honest, I’ve always thought that these inspiring adoption talks she gives that people are alluding to, are to try to compensate for this feeling.

Stephanie on

I dont understand why this is sparking such a controversary. Men, for years, have wanted a son. And when you have 2 girls, that want it only heightened.

Perfectly normal.

Lily on

I think there’s not much wrong with what he is saying, other than coming off as desperate for a boy, because, well, how would that adopted boy feel if he was only adopted out of desire for a son (some people can take it to mean that) But I am glad that he said his daughters were cherished, because, in the end, he loves his children in his life, and even if there wasn’t a boy, he’d be happy with them regardless.

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