Pamela Anderson Lives Check to Check

09/19/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
Carlos Costas/Pacific Coast News

From an actress to a performer to a mother of two, Pamela Anderson is more than meets the eye. With her new reality series, Pam: Girl on the Loose, airing Tuesdays on E!, the 41-year-old says that through the show, viewers will see a different side of her and gain "a real sense of me being a mom." While that may be true, don’t expect to see her two sons — Brandon Thomas, 12, and Dylan Jagger, 10 ½ — other than the occasional "feet flashing by or us at a lemonade stand in the distance."

Other than her children, Pamela — who has said in the past she is a safety patrol monitor on Monday mornings at the boys’ school — "as a women" looks for other ways to keep things in perspective. "It’s really important for me to do stuff that keeps me grounded. I like to vacuum and do laundry," says Pamela. Additionally, not wanting "to feel helpless," the actress says that when she does earn money, "I give it away."

"I do check to check. I don’t like having a lot of money in the bank. I love the experience of struggling a little bit."

Brandon and Dylan are Pamela’s son with rocker Tommy Lee.

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Colleen on

It sounds to me like Pam does what we do when it comes to incomes and finances. We live paycheck to paycheck to pay our bills, meanwhile we have a decent amount in investments that we do not get into, or savings accounts which we “forget” about.

Caffie on

… “I love the experience of struggling a little bit.”

I think I officially hate her.

Come over to the real world, Pam… where struggling isn’t fun.

Serah on

It’s nice to hear not all celebs live glamerous lifes. I like hearing how elebs do their own laundry and clean their own house..

phoebe on

Do you guys mean cheque to cheque? I wasn’t sure if this is a UK/US language difference or not! I love this family. Can’t wait to see Pam’s show.

crimpe on

Ah yes, the life of a celebrity. I would love money in the bank. My husband and I, like many people right now, do not enjoy our paycheck-to-paycheck struggle. It is actually our greatest source of anxiety. Perhaps Pam would like to give our family some of that pesky extra cash.

Casey on

do you actually believe that she lives paycheck to paycheck? i highly doubt it.

gia on

she loves the experience of struggling a little bit?? i find the more this woman talks the less i want to hear. i would love for her to experience what true financial struggling would actually entail in this day & age with a family.

Lorus on

I never liked Pam until she started writing a monthly article in Jane magazine years ago. It really opened my eyes as to how smart and articulate she was.
She “struggles” in a way that a celeb can. I’m sure she isn’t eating kraft dinner for a few days before the next cheque comes in but she isn’t seen at the Mercedes dealership, Kitson, etc every week. She’s rarely ever glammed up with $1500 bags, $800 shoes, $1000 outfits. She sounds like she gives a lot away and lives within her means.

Esme on

She could mean it or just be trying to endear herself to fans..but with our economy getting worse we are all heading into a recession that is said to be much worse than the Great Depression. The celebs who do spend their money so freely will feel the crunch too no doubt. It’s getting scary out there!

Di on

I saw Pam’s reality show a few times and I support and agree with her decision to keep her children off her show. You see them in the background but they are not the focus and they never speak to the camera.

Pamela may not have Tom Cruise’s millions but she is probably doing better than most Americans. I mean a beach front home in Malibu most be quite expensive. However, I can understand that as a entertainer, one day you can be the toast of the town and the next day you can be out so in that sense she is living pay check to pay check.

Courtney on

As someone who JUST had my bankruptcy 341 meeting of creditors 2 days ago, I would like to not have to “struggle a bit”. I would love to have a little bit of money in the bank, and have enough left over to give it away.

I guess its ok to “struggle a bit” when you KNOW there is more coming in, or more you have access to somewhere.

As for me, I’m not going to struggle anymore, our bank. is for 2 years with 100% payback to all 4 of our creditors. I’m ready to get on with my life again..:)

Michelle on

I’m sorry, no matter how much she gives away I doubt she is “struggling”. And given how many families truly are struggling today, I found the comment to be a bit insensitive.


shes living check to check? and wants to know what it feels like to struggle a little? Yes, jetting off to Vegas on your private jet, going to London on a whim and staying in beautiful hotels, having your own private chef, a beautiful home in malibu with your own private beach, a HUGE warehouse full of crap you’ve accumulated over the years that’s worth millions, having nice cars and people to drive them, having personal assistance, going yachting…yeah shes living paycheck to paycheck. That’s the DEFINITION of struggling to me!! *eye roll*

nina99 on

She is currently building three different houses so how broke could she be?

andrea on

aww how sweet of her to be able to tap into what we little people feel on a regular basis…that curious experience known as “struggling”. Although, how much of a struggle is it really, when you still have assets available to help you out in a pinch (splashy homes, investments, etc)? try doing it with no safety net whatsoever, and stretch a luxurious $40 out over 2weeks (covering gas, food, etc) and then see how enjoyable the feeling is.

lis on

she makes it sound like most of us enjoy living payday to payday..

Renee on

Some people are just being rude to her for no resaon. If you don’t agree with her statements, that’s okay. But why use personal attacks? None of us know her personally or how much money she has in the bank. Sometimes I think we believe that celebrities have more money than they really do. Don’t forget that they are wor find work just like the rest of us. Think about the celebrities you rarely see anymore. They could have a career one day and not have one the next day. Also, she is in her 40’s. Pamela has to worry about her career. Hollywood doesn’t treat aging women well. They really have to fight for jobs against much younger women just like the rest of us. I don’t understand how people can think that celebrities don’t have problems just like the rest of us.

Elyse on

Frankly I am a little confused by this statement. I am assuming she has a fair amount of money coming in, so why would she be living check to check? Unless she has so many expenses she has to live check to check. If that is the case statements like that sort of hurt, I wonder if she knows what it is really like for non-celebrities to live “check” to “check.” It isn’t a fun experience, especially if you don’t know if you will have enough money to pay those incoming bills. At least Pam has some financial security and knows money will be coming in. Not all Americans have that luxury.

Just my two sense. I don’t know what her real story is so it is not my place to judge.

ang on

while she does seem bright and i do think it’s nice she wants to shield her boys(the OTHER boys lol)and do housework,most celebs live paycheck to paycheck.10 million one week and they might not get the next 10 million for another 2 weeks.GOSH,how awful!!! celebs really shouldn’t be making struggle never goes down well.

MB on

Well, whatever her situation, she has enough money to give to charity (from what she says there). I just think she chose a really poor choice of words there. Given the economic times, I don’t know why any celebrity would think us “little people” would think it was cool that they “love the experience of struggling a little bit.”

Kelly on

This is a joke right.

I who works min wage is extremly insult.


She would spend MORE then that on a pair of sunglasses.

patricia on

no big deal for her I quess ’cause sexy daddy-o Tommy Lee has millions from the just the best band ever

c'estmoi on

Kelly, I feel your pain. That’s about how much I make a month because I’m a full time college student. Over the summer, when gas prices were insane, my sister and I pawned heir looms and valuable items to make ends meet. We also sold all of our furniture on craigslist. I would love to have the choice of being able to struggle financially or not.

Stephany on

Yeah, I have to say that I was a little put off by her comments. I live paycheck to paycheck and I don’t find the struggle character-building or fun at all! I’d LOVE to be able to have more money than I knew what to do with. But I think it’s insulting for a celebrity to say they “love the experience of struggling a bit.” It’s NOT FUN if you have to wonder if you’ll be able to make rent and put food on the table this month. There is NOTHING fun about that. At all.

brooke on

Like someone else said she may not be as rich as someone as say will smith or tom cruise, but she is far from struggling and she really she say that when she has been in the industry for years and you see her dressed nice, living the good life. I like pam in general, but some of these celebrities need a dose of reality

Aitch on

When you really HAVE to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, it’s not so fun! I am assuming she is putting away money for her sons’ college. (something we can’t do!)

m-dot on

I was looking forward to seeing her interact with her boys on the show, but respect nher decision to keep the spotlight off of them.

I also think it’s great that she uses her money to assist causes she finds important. I’m sure it’s not putting her in a financial hole, lol but she could be spending all of her money on spran tans. Ya know? lol

Loren on

I don’t know if Pam understands that paycheck to paycheck is not how even regular folks want to live. Living paycheck to paycheck is scary and stressful. More like hand to mouth than not. I think she means well, but I can understand how some posters feel in these very difficult economic times, they are not amused 🙂

Hea on

Seriously, you people think this is worth getting pissed about? I am sure she did not mean to offend you all. I also doubt she makes millions anymore and she has probably invested most of her hard earned money, she’s a clever woman after all. Maybe she does struggle a bit, who knows and is not assuming? Who are you lot to judge what struggling is?

Some people will always be worse off than you, does that mean you need to shut the beep up? No, of course not.

Mtoo on

Kelly, have you thought that perhaps if you strengthened your writing and grammar skills you might actually be hired for a better job? With all of the educational opportunities out there, we can hardly blame strangers for our own lack of it that keeps us pigeonholed, now can we?

SweetDiva on

It is a little insulting for Ms. Anderson to claim that she is living from check to check. That’s not an admirable state to be in – particularly when you don’t have to be. It’s not a good example of fiscal responsibility to her boys.

Brandy on

She’s a stupid, ignorant bimbo who really should keep her mouth shut!

andrea on

I usually don’t get too riled up over random comments made by celebrities, but this one definitely stings, and continues to do so days after first reading about it. Simple things I used to take for granted, such as grocery trips, are now seen as a luxury in my wallet’s eyes (can’t remember the last time we made a “real” grocery shopping trip). We are falling behind on the mortgage…not far enough to make the bank want to snatch back the property from us, but far enough to warrant calls/letters on a regular basis. The phone line is burning up with harrassing calls from creditors, rightfully wanting their money…with absolutely nothing to offer, we can’t even attempt to file for bankruptcy and re-organize our finances. We are in financial limbo…truly hanging on by a thread, worried about the slightest snip that would send us into dire straights. It’s not just the pocketbook that is suffering…the daily stresses of trying to claw our way out is eating away at our marriage.

That to me is true struggling- desperately trying to hang on without a safety net, while also trying to preserve the family unit. So to hear someone with absolutely no bearings in reality toss out a bubbleheaded comment about “struggling”…ugh. Have some respect for the little people Pam. The overworked, overstressed dingy blue collar folks who bought into your empire so that you can now *choose* to “struggle”.

rockfae12 on

I don’t know why people would post in anger as to the amount of money she makes,she earned it. She does many charity works and is an animal rights activist and gives of her time and money. She did not come from a wealthy family in fact when asked about her childhood she describes it as growing up poor. If she is interviewed and asked a question about her economical status and she answers truthfully I don’t see why she has to be faulted for having money she earned nor should she be held responsible for the state of the economy. I think she is comfortable in her skin and who she is & we wouldn’t know half of her personal life if it were not for the tabloids.