Angela Kinsey Chooses Blogging Over Showering

09/19/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
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Angela Kinsey recently found herself doing what a lot of other blogging mothers do — apologizing for the lack of updates! The Office star writes on her MySpace that since welcoming daughter Isabel Ruby 4 ½-months ago and returning back to work, it’s hard for her to get online, so "don’t be surprised if my blogs might be a little more sporadic this season." Angela, 37, also has a few questions for fellow new mothers and is wondering if she’s normal. She writes,

"Do you find yourself having conversations in your head like this: "Ooo, the baby’s asleep. I can either shower or check emails or eat or pump or call my sister back … hmmm?" Is it bad that I often bail on showering? I have mastered the greasy hair ponytail."

The actress is married to Warren Lieberstein.

Source: Angela’s MySpace Page

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Barbara on

She looks lovely and the baby is darling. It’s fun to see her smile because when she’s on The Office she’s mostly scowling!

Barbara on

I wanted to add that when I quickly glanced at the baby, I thought she looked a lot like Toby on The Office. In real life, Angela is married to Toby’s brother!

Erica on

Isabel looks like that actor from Superbad and Arrested Development (Michael something!)

aurora mia on

barbara that is totally so funny. How cute is that info and that baby! Darling. I love the name Isabel.

Cathy on

Erica, you are completely right. She looks just like Michael Cera in that picture! I didn’t notice until you said it though!

AllAngela on

Oh my gosh, Erica! You are so right!

Brandi on

Oh Isabel is very sweet! This is the first time I have seen her I think. Angela – you are totally normal!! There was one day after I had my son when my husband asked me when the last time was that I washed my hair. Everyone’s been there! Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Dana on

The one thing I would never do without was a shower. I would either have my husband watch her for 5 minutes so I could bathe, or I would take her into the bathroom with me, either in her carrier, high chair, bouncy seat, etc., or when she was older, I would prop her up on some towels at one end of the shower and bathe at the other end. She loved having the water splash up on her feet. One time when she was only happy with me holding her, I held her in one arm and bathed with the other! Then there were other times I would put her in her crib to play for a few minutes.

Now, I still have to pass on breakfast, phone calls, etc. at times, and my youngest is 4!

CTBmom on

I love the Office! Angela sounds like most new moms I know. It’s been a long time since my son was a baby, but I totally remember those days when I was like “okay, I can take a shower and then lay down, or I can skip the shower and get an extra 10 or 15 minutes of sleep.” More often than not, that extra 15 minutes of sleep won out, lol.

Alex on

Wow. That baby looks so much like Warren’s brother Paul (Toby on the show.) It is really strange! She is beautiful though.

Congratulations Anglela!


She looks NOTHING like Warren Lieberstein…she looks exactly like his brother. It’s weird that the brothers don’t really resemble eachother.



Do they have different fathers? Maybe their mom’s genes are super strong….

Valerie on

I actually think the baby does somewhat resemble her father- when I looked closely, the father (Warren) actually has some Michael Cera- features! Just different coloring of course. I bet once the baby is older (2 or 3), the resemblance to her dad will be stronger, and maybe to her mom too.

SJ on

First Isabel is the image of her daddy, Warren.

Second. Warren and Paul are exactly alike, they even have the same voice, excepe Paul has ginger hair.

Another tidbit.

Warren and Paul’s sister is Suzanne Daniels, the wife of…. Office producer GREG DANIELS. It’s a total family affair down Scranton way…

iPlayFlonkerton on

i actually think isabel looks so much like angela did as a baby! that was angela’s actual baby picture in the “baby shower” episode… the resemblance is uncanny!

as isabel has gotten older (angela shows more recent pictures in her “trailer tour” in “adventures with angela” on, she looks more and more like angela did as a baby.