Nigel and Cristen Chin Barker Strike a Pregnant Pose

09/18/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

America’s Next Top Model judge/fashion photographer Nigel Barker, 36, shows off wife Cristen Chin Barker‘s growing belly at the New York screening of Battle in Seattle on Wednesday evening.

Expecting their second child on December 1st, Nigel and Christen were initially told the baby was a boy — but it’s a girl!

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Lorus on

They already have a son, don’t they?

anna on

They resemble eachother, how cute!

Jen K on

Such a beautiful couple!

She was on America’s Next Top Model last night. She looked beautiful, but not a bit pregnant! I guess that shows how long ago they filmed it.

jill on

I am due the exact same time.. but I don’t look like that! 🙂 These stars… he is so gorgeous. What a beautiful family I’m sure they have.

Jo Ann v., a writer on the D-List on

Jen K, she was definitely pregnant on ANTM 🙂 At one moment, she was on profile showing the board and you could definitely see a belly ! 🙂

Max'sMom on

That’s quite the belly for having 2 1/2 months left to go!

Brandi on

They have the same smile!

Laurie on

Shes so thin at 6 1/2 months pregnant?? Shes gorgeous but it also scares me that she could be so tiny!! Girl its okay to eat anything you want while pregnant!! We got an excuse this time xP

Brooke on

What a great maternity dress. I would love to know where she got it!

Jen K on

Jo Ann, I must have missed that part! Head on I didn’t think she looked it at all!

Kate on

Her body is fine, the baby is obviously growing, and she has a perfectly sized belly for gestational age.

People comment to me constantly about how thin I still am, how my belly is small, and a few rude people ask if the baby is ok. You know what? That’s all incredibly hurtful and ignorant for people to say. I was quite thin before I got pregnant, and aside from my belly and breasts, I am still thin. And you know what? My baby is just fine, growing right on target, my doctor thinks my weight gain is perfect. Different bodies grow babies differently, we put on weight in different places, and it doesn’t mean we are starving ourselves or eating the wrong things. I eat a pretty well-balanced diet, but I’ve also eaten a lot of ice cream this pregnancy. It just happens to be the way my body works.

So before you or anyone else comments about how someone is too thin, think about the repercussions of what you are saying and that it might be hurtful to whoever you are saying it about.

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- I know exactly what you mean! I remember that Angelina Jolie was critcized (mostly by the media in her case) for being “too thin” when she was pregnant with Shiloh…But Shiloh was a healthy 7lbs when she was born, and it’s quite obvious that Angie’s being thin didn’t harm her. 🙂

Not only is Angie naturally thin, but at the time of her pregnancy with Shi, her mother was terminally ill with cancer. Therefore, Angie was obviously under a lot of stress! No wonder the poor woman was a little thin!