Ne-Yo Hopes For Two Children, Eventually

09/18/2008 at 07:00 AM ET
Frank Micelotta/Getty

R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, né Shaffer Chimere Smith, can’t wait to be a dad. In fact, he proved that after he learned that Chimere Smith, 2 ½, the son of his ex-girlfriend, was not his biological child, but decided that he was going to continue to be a father to him. Sadly, Ne-Yo is "not allowed to see" Chimere any longer because he is involved in ongoing litigation with his ex-girlfriend. In the middle of this, the 28-year-old admits that "I’ve been thinking a lot about kids lately" and does want his two biological children — "a girl and a boy." He’s already thinking about having a daughter and what may happen when she starts to date!

"When the first guy comes to my door asking for my daughter, I might end up going to jail. I just don’t know how I’ll handle that."

Source: USA Today

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Dannie on

Awe!!!!!!!! I feel horrible for Ne-yo, that must have been devasting to find out a child named after him wasn’t his. I hope he one day has the family he wants.

Jen K on

I don’t want kids, but I might change my mind for Ne-Yo.

Rebecca on

Does anyone know what the litigation with the ex is? It’s awful that he really wants to be a father to his ex-gf’s son, but she’s getting in the way of that somehow.

hannah on

Neyo is too cute. I think it is amazing that he wanted to be the father of a child that is not biologically his. I can’t imagine what this litigation is about. Perhaps she wants more money from him…

Matt on

Ne-Yo’s really great! Hey I just found his discography on check this out!!!

Dana on

This article makes it seem like he was misled about the paternity of his son but the link to the initial article makes it seem like he already knew and made a conscious decision to raise the baby. I don’t know anything about him but if the initial article is true then the litigation is probably over his rights. I’m assuming, if it was always known that the child was not biologically his, that the baby’s birth father was put on the birth certificate and if Ne-Yo never filed a legal motion for adoption (which includes the biological father’s consent unless he can be proved incompetant after a motion is filed by the mother and stripped of his rights by a judge) then the litigation would be over his role as a father. He would have to prove that although no application was filed for adoption, his role has been long-term and benificial to the child (which it seems it has).

The courts in America are becoming less focused on the biological aspect of parenthood and more focused on the presence and benifits of the people who are consitant in children’s lives. I would assume, especially in California, that a judge would see his committment and grant him rights to see HIS son. I think as long as he sees this child as his son and has been with him since birth we should all respect that and refer to him as such rather than “someone elses child”.

fay on

what’s crazy is that the child was born during his and the mother’s marriage, and he’s accepted responsibility as the child’s father, SO while he may still have to pay the woman child support based on his income, if i’m not mistaken, she does NOT have to allow him access to the child…

it’s a really sad situation, especially since…

u know what, they’re not gonna print it anyway, so i won’t say anything else abt that woman…

fay on

to dana, he didn’t know… the girl had been with him for a LONG time… high school if i’m not mistaken… and they had actually been married for a short while…

also, i’m sure all of this is happening in Vegas where Ne-Yo and the young lady are from, or Atlanta, where he lives now…

Mel on

Ahhh….I love him

I don’t know what the story between him and his ex is but, how often do you find guys who are willing to be part of a childs life like he is?

Anyways I theres a verse in his song “Do You”
-First off let me say congratulations.
Heard that you just had a baby girl.
If she looks anything like her mother,
She’s the prettiest thing in the world.
(makes me melt everytime i hear him say that)

Curly_K on

ummm…how is it that in today’s post the article says Neyo is 28 years old BUT in the linked article (June 10, 2007), the article says he’s 24?

fay on

Mel don’t get caught up… the song is abt a man who’s thinks he deserves a second chance AFTER the woman is happy in her life w/ someone else… dudes ALWAYS do that… always want to do right, once you’re happy w/ someone else… and this song only encourage that kind of annoying behavior… hahahahahahahahaha… but his new c.d. year of the gentlemen is AMAZING… get it!!!! lol

jess on

why did the first article say that the biological father “split” if Ne-Yo and everyone else thought the baby was biologically his? did she tell the biological father and then change the story after he didn’t want to be involved? it sounds like he knew about the circumstances from the beginning and chose to raise the baby. perhaps, if they had been together since high school, they were on a break from their relationship when she became pregnant and had gotten back together during the pregnancy or right after she conceived. if everyone had been misled about the child’s paternity then i don’t think they would have used the phrase “the biological father split”.