Katie Holmes Steps Out with Her Pigtailed Princess

09/18/2008 at 02:00 PM ET
Asadorian-Mejia/Splash News Online

Actress Katie Holmes left her apartment with 2-year-old daughter Suri— who was sporting braided pigtails — on Thursday in New York.

The pair made their way to the theater for Katie’s performance in All My Sons — the show begins previews today.

Katie is holding a Little Giraffe Plush Chenille Blanket ($86).

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Brandi on

How cute are those pigtails! This is the first time I’ve seen her with her hair up I think.

Good luck to Katie with the play tonight.

Darlene on

Love the hair!!! It is so nice for a change.

J on

why don’t they ever seem to let her walk?

Bethy on

Suri’s hair looks very cute! Too bad we don’t get a face shot, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with her hair in ANY kind of style, besides all down. I like it!

SJ on


For the same reason Brad/Angie hardly let their nearly 4 year old Zahara walk. Because they both appear to be very wary of the paparazzi which are all around.

Suri is seriously too cute

brooke on

Oh I love Suri in piggies!! How sweet! They need to do that to her hair more often.

They don’t let her walk, because there are always a zillion paparazzi around Katie, and she is probably scared of her running away in the crowd.

phoebe on

That’s such a cute look for Suri, that child is just precious. And I’ve spent the past 15 minutes staring at that picture trying to figure out who Katie reminds me of in that shot and I think it’s Cate Blanchett when she was in I’m Not There.

TracyG on

She’s adorable with her hair up! Katie looks great too!

J, Do you ask why Jennifer Garner always carries Violet? She is carried WAY more than Suri is. Suri usually always walks unless there are too many paps around.

kelpy on

Lovely pigtails!

Is it me or are the outward changes in Katie Holmes becoming more and more obvious?
I know she’s a wife and mother but think sometimes she tries to be a lot older than she is (and dresses that way too) as if she’s trying to find a niche somewhere between Jackie O and Posh Spice.
She’s a young beautiful woman & mother – I wish those aspects of her would come out more.
Oh well, I’m just thinking aloud…

phoebe on

Kelpy – I kinda get what you mean. I know there has been a lot written about Katie’s changing image and I didn’t pay much attention to it, until I caught sight of a picture of her no more than a year ago at most and I couldn’t believe how much she’s changed. Katie is a beautiful young woman who does have a look at the moment that is quite a lot older than her. She’s able to pull it off well, but it would be nice to see her in less serious mode sometimes.

Lorus on

Love Suri’s hair! Not fond of Katie’s though.

Lauren on

I totally agree, kelpy. Katie has such a youthful face with naturally petite, pretty features, and since she cut off her hair and changed her style completely, she appears to have aged 10 years. She has done a complete 180 career and fashion wise since getting with Tom, and while I have no idea why, it has to make you wonder.

On another note, Suri’s braids are adorable.

Laura on

Heh. Is it just me or does Katie look frighteningly like Tom here?

Love Suri’s plaits.

Sadie on

I agree about Katie dressing and looking older, I wish she would have kept that bob haircut she had when she first cut her hair, before she had bangs. She parted it on the side and it looked so good! When I see how much older she looks(her clothes and hair not skin or anything) I always think of Tom Cruise saying “her name is Kate now, she’s a child-bearing woman.” I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

This picture reminds me of the one of Suri when she buried her head into her mom’s shoulder because she was scared of the paparazzi. I wouldn’t let my kid walk on the ground near those sleazy guys either.

Emaline on

I adore them both, it makes me sad to see pics of Suri burrowing her face away from the photogs…she is so precious <3

Emaline on

Also, I think Katie cut her hair short for her role in the play.

Ashley on

Sadie, Katie has been called Kate by her family and friends before she ever met Tom. There are interviews on youtube of her former Dawson’s creek castmates as well her ex-fiance referring to her as Kate. I’m sure you can find some. This whole thing that Tom made her go by Kate was completely made up by tabloids. I believe there is even an interview that Katie did years before she got with Tom in which she says her name is Kate, and thats what her friends and family calls her.

Laura on

i think she dresses and cuts her hair this way to make herself look older so she doesn’t look so much younger than tom. so she looks more age appropriate for him because she does look alot younger with longer hair.

stefanie on

She looks like toms twin in this picture. But Suti is cute!

Stephany on

Sweet, sweet Suri. She’s so beautiful. I love the pigtails!

I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of Katie’s. Her hair does not fit her face at all.

Margot on

Heh. Is it just me or does Katie look frighteningly like Tom here?

Laura, after your comment, I had another look, and… yes. Yes she does. I’m a little disturbed by how much she does, actually.

Kay on

She is so cute with the pig tails. I wish we could have seen her face. She rarely has any other hair style.

Emma on

In response to Zahara being carried its because she has bow legs if you look at pictures of her legs they lean outwards
Suri is so precious i just wish we could have seen her face

l on


If you look in that picture you can make out people in the back taking pictures. I cannot even imagine what it’s like to be surrounded by paps/people taking photos of you and your child wherever you go. I assume that’s why she holds Suri, and the child might also WANT to be carried in that situation.

I don’t know why this is such a big deal, especially with the Garner-Affleck family. It’s not anyone elses child. They are entitled to carry them if they want to.

tay tay shaquinda on

Katie in a turtle neck and suede jacket and Suri in a short sleeved dress? That girl dresses way off.

brooke on

Suri’s so precious

Kat on

I know the unisex/boyish haircuts are coming back in style (hello 80’s!), but Katie has such a pretty and girlish face that it just seems to me that the hair is all wrong for her.

If she wants one of the popular cuts, I think she should grow it out and do something that is still simple and easy, but also feminine, like the asymetrical bob (Tori Spelling, Rhianna, for example).

However, Suri is being totally precious here.

CelebBabyLover on

In Katie’s defense, she may simply prefer having short hair. For a long time, I also had very short hair. Except for the fact that people kept mistaking me for a guy, I liked it.

About a year ago, I made the decision to grow my hair out…Which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I do not, however, regret having had short hair.