Claudia Schiffer and Her Man in Uniform

09/18/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer walked her spiffy-looking son Caspar Matthew, 5 ½, to school in London on Monday.

Claudia, 38, and husband Matthew Vaughn are also parents to daughter Clementine, 3 ½.

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Noel on

Little Caspar looks like the most PERFECT male version of Claudia with lovely dark hair…
I absolutely ADORE Claudia’s little kiddies, esp angelic Clementine ..She my favourite Celeb Child …What an ANGEL she is !!!
CBB ,Please …please…PLEASEpost MORE photos of Clementine and Caspar ….

Thank You SO MUCH for this post….

Emma on

That uniform looks familiar…isnt that the same one that Prince William used to wear when he was at school?

Fran on

That uniform is just WAY to cute for words! What a little gentleman he is 🙂

kristen on

I cannot imagine the uproar that this country would see if a school tried to implement a dress code like this. Shoot, I see kids walking to school in pants that won’t even stay up. If we cannot inforce a policy that requires a kid to be clothed properly, can you imagine this a dress code like this one??

Jay on

I would LOVE it if we had uniforms here for our children. I wore a uniform to school my whole life & there was never any pressure of wearing the most popular brand & who looked the best.. we all looked the same! One less thing to worry about! I’m for it!

Emily on

Kristen to be honest, I live in England and it’s not exactly a common uniform to see around! I wore uniform in all my schools but nothing like that. You don’t see that where I live. It’s only because it’s a very posh London school. So I don’t think its particularly country related. That is a hilarious uniform though, but he looks very cute.

Aitch on

No I can’t imagine if these types of uniforms were required in the US. I think the white shirt and navy pants are as far as a code could be enforced. I mean have to look at my own son who is nearly his age. He would refuse to wear that.

phoebe on

In the UK, virtually every school has a uniform policy. They’re not usually this smart at Casper’s age, normally it’s some kind of smart skirt/trousers with a jumper with the school’s name and logo on it. Some schools do book bags and polo shirts for the younger kids as well, and colour-themed checked summer dresses for the girls. When you get to senior school, it’s usually a skirt/trousers thing again, but with a blazer and tie and sometimes with a jumper. When I was at school, I remember the policy being so strict that we would have to get permission from the headteacher if we wanted to walk into school and/or attend lessons without wearing our blazers or jumpers. And I went to a normal school, it wasn’t even private. It’s only non-uniform once a kid gets to sixth form (age 17 and 18 generally) and even then, it’s mainly smart dress, no trainers or sports clothing or jeans etc. It’s weird to us to not have a uniform here!

Casper looks very cute, so like his mum but with his dad’s colouring.

stephanie on

Emma- It is! I think I’ve also seen Damian Hurley or Brooklyn Beckham wear the same one.

Some private schools in the US require uniforms, don’t they? I think uniforms are nice. They’re mandatory where I grew up, the first time I wore my high school uniform was pretty surreal, like I was playing dress up as a grown up. And I can tell you from personal experience, not even uniforms can keep kids from experimenting with their clothes 😀

phoebe on

Stephanie – I know Brooklyn Beckham never had that uniform because he went to a private school in Hertfordshire, but you might be right about Damian, because I’m almost certain I’ve seen the uniform as well!

Skipsie on

That looks like very posh london school uniform
I went to a londn school, not nearly as posh as that though lol.
They are strict with uniforms in most primary and secondary schools.
I’m not too sure if I’m right, but this is just what ive noticed, but in primary catholic schools they are often dressed more smartly. I went to a catholic school,and we wore shirts and ties, and pinafores. I think non catholic schools aren’t as strict, they dont wear ties, the wear polo shirts and jumpers, sometimes trainers.
Secondary schools are just as strict all over I think, but you can imagine how hard it is to tell a teenager to tuck their shirts in lol

Brandi on

He looks so adorable, what an outfit. I think that is from wetherby school?

susan on

I went to school in the States and there was no uniform requirement. But I a assure my mother would NOT have let me out of the house looking sloppy or dirty. She and I never butted heads about it, but I am sure if we had – she would have won. 🙂 Mom’s are like that.

Mom of boys on

I think it is super duper cute! I wish we had a uniform policy here in the US. My oldest was in private school and they had a uniform policy but it wasn’t like this. It just looked blah. This looks daper.

Not to mention he is mighty cute!

momof3 on

I think the school is Wetherby…it IS where Wills and Harry went. I think one is required to be the child of royalty/supermodel/sheik etc. to attend this particular institution…v. posh.

Dorkiee on

I love that uniform. Its so cute and smart all at the same time, and personally, i love it. And would love dressing my son in it, and daughter in the equivilent female type.

In regards to uniform VS none. im english and ive always wore a uniform.

On my very first day of school i remmeber being in a grey pinifore, with a white blouse/shirt and a tie. And a little grey cardigan if it was cold. The boys wore the same but with shorts or trousers and a little V-neck grey jumper.

Socks, trousers/shorts/pinifore and cardigan all HAD to be grey, and the tie was navy blue/yellow stripe. The school colours. The girls also had a choice of checked summer dresses. This was up until about age 9, when the school relaxed their policy. Ties were gone as were shirts, in favour of polo shirts and sweatshirts, socks still had to be a bold colour.. no stripes or funky. And trousers could now be grey/navy/black. And girls even wore trousers.

When i moved into secondary school, it was the same. Boys wore black sweatshirts, white polo and black trousers. Girls had burgandy sweatshirt, white polo and a skirt. I even remember being told off for wearing leggings to school one day. BUT, i had just had an operation and i needed something clingy rather than exposed/rubbing and drafty.

And dont even get me started on the PE uniform. Three Words. Huge Grey Panties

That same secondary school to the day has a similar uniform. Gone is the black jumpers and white polos. Everything is now burgandy.

Sorry for the essay.

Vanessa on

He looks sooo cute!!! I’m from Chile and here we wear uniforms for school… and it was good, we were never pressure to wear the cool outfit or something like that, and in many schools you can personalize your uniform a little by wearing accesories (but not too flashy)…

Mirabai on

Wetherby is right. One needs serious cash or connections to gain entrance. Graduates become the Oxford / Cambridge mafia.

jasmine on

He is adorable!

(This is probably just me, but if anyone has seen “A Christmas Story”, I think in this pic Caspar really resembles Flick!)

Helen on

The shorts thing. It was a very common practice for both state and private schools for boys to wear shorts.

My father had to wear shorts until he was in the UK year 9 (13/14 years old). Even in winter. He wore kneehigh socks and his knees were always blue and covered in chillblains. I am talking late 1950s/early 1960s

In terms of school uniform, for myself in the late 1980s to mid 1990s. At my primary school, uniform was not introduced until I was in UK year 4 (8/9 years old) and weren’t forced to wear it. The uniform was royal blue jumper/cardigan, white shirt and grey skirt/trousers. In the summer, girls could wear dresses which had blue and white stripes. I only wore the dress in the summer as I found the material for the skirts to scratchy

From secondary school, the uniform was black jumper/sweatshirt, white shirt, black skirt/trousers, black socks/tights and black shoes. It wasn’t a uniform as such, but ‘colours’. Some kids abused the system by wearing jeans, wearing trainers. What is meant by school colours, is that kids can wear any style skirt (not too short) etc

I saw some kids going to school the other day and they have introduced a light grey polo shirt with the school logo. Still can wear white shirts.

Veroncia on

What rocks are Americans living under these days? More and more PUBLIC schools are going towards standard uniforms for their students. I live in Memphis, TN and there has been a uniform policy in place now for at least five years. It’s not to the degree of the picture above, but surely not unheard of.

Karen on

It was Elle MacPhersons’ son who was wearing this uniform a day or two go.

Helen on

BTW Casper has his mum’s eyes and lips

Helen on

One thing I don’t like about school uniforms in the UK is that they are too thin for winter. Most schools don’t do blazers. A thin shirt and a thin jumper made me cold, especially when the windows of the classroom had the cold air seeping through them. We got told off for wearing plain white t-shirts underneath our shirts. No wonder I had ear and chest infections when I was at school. Plus some schools with blazers in their uniform have to take off their blazers when in class

Erica on

Veroncia, who exactly are you addressing when you say “what rocks are Americans living under re: school uniforms?” I think most Americans are more than aware how prevalent school uniforms are here in the states, and a few have commented on the fact that they are most common in private schools. I don’t see anyone here confused about school uniforms as you seem to be implying, but commenting on the differences between Caspar’s dapper uniform and the more common slacks/polo combo in the private schools of the US.

kris on

I went to christian school when I was young then Catholic school from 6 – 12 grade. I absolutely loved the uniform b/c I never had to worry about what to wear and I could sleep a little later in the morning. I hated the first few months of college b/c I had to pick out what to wear. On the other hand my 10 yr old brother stated Catholic school this year and doesn’t like the uniform b/c he can’t wear his nice clothes

Jo on

I’m from the UK, and when I was at school, I was part of an experimental three-tier system (Primary, Secondary and High Schools). At both Primary and Secondary level, we had to wear uniforms, but not at High School. There, we could wear whatever we wanted, and we even got to call the teachers by their first names!

But none of our uniforms were as flashy as that one – just a dark jacket and skirt. Of course, at Secondary school, we all tried to wear the shortest skirt we could get away with!!!!

AnnieM on

Yep I worked near Wetherby School when I lived in London a few years back. It is a pricey private school & Princes William and Harry went here. Just to clear up Liz Hurley’s son attends here as do Elle McPherson’s sons.

brooke on

he looks just like his mom