Done Nursing, Tori Spelling is Ready to Hit the Gym

09/17/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Having spent the last few months nursing her daughter Stella Doreen, 3 ½ months, actress Tori Spelling reveals that she just recently stopped breastfeeding and will now be focusing on losing those few extra pregnancy pounds. Tori, admitting that for now "I’m wearing Spanx," is ready to get in gear and "start a diet program."

For some women hitting the gym might seem like a grueling task, but the 35-year-old isn’t worried as she shares that while "getting back to working out is the hardest part," between her husband Dean McDermott and their kids — Liam Aaron, 18 months, and Stella — "we have a really active lifestyle." Tori goes on to joke that her biceps are already in shape — and need no extra help — thanks to her toddler son!

"Carrying the babies takes care of that. Liam is so big now and he still wants to be carried everywhere!"

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Sally C on

She’d probably have better luck losing the weight if she continued to breastfeed. And who says you can’t work out and BF at the same time? Just saying…

Sarah on

It’s interesting she chose not to breastfeed anymore (and so early on) because it’s been shown that more breastfeeding will lead to more rapid weight loss…not to mention more health benefits for her daughter as well. I’m disappointed in her decision and have lost respect.

Brandi on

Nursing is what helped me lose the weight, but I know it’s not like that for all women. I wish her luck with her program.

Hea on

And who says working out is the reason she gave up breastfeeding? Not that the reason matters but… I’M just saying.

brooke on

She got back in shape with liam within 6 months, so no doubt she will do it again. She is thinner this time around too, than she was with the first pregnancy. I love tori, she seems so nice and down to earth.

Julie on

I don’t think I could have handled going to the gym, a newborn and a toddler at the same time as breastfeeding.
For some women it’s almost effortless, but for others it
can be draining.

brooke on

Hea I was gonna say the same thing, maybe she stopped breastfeeding because that was all the time she planned too. With liam she did it about 3 months also. People stop for different reasons, brooke burke had said with shaya she wanted to try for at least 8 months like she did with rain, but having 4 kids and 2 babies 14 months apart was a lot for her, so she stopped nursing at 2 months. I remember heidi klum saying with leni she did it for like 6 months, but with henry and johan about 2-3 months because having another baby or babies in the house its hard to focus so many months on breastfeeding. Everyone’s different there’s people that can have kids close in age and still manage to breastfeed for an entire year, to each is own.

Ann on

They are such a CUTE family!!!

Charleen on

One of the reasons I think she stopped breastfeeding at at 3 months, if you saw her appearance on The View, was because she is under the misconception that after the first few weeks, breastfeeding is of marginal benefit health wise and that current formulas on the market “mirror” breastmilk despite the general scientific consensus that breast milk is still significantly superior to all currently available formulas. The fact is the AAP recommends breastfeeding for at least one year because the science supports it.

Kim on

I didn’t lose any weight with my first until I stopped breastfeeding. My body retained the fat because I was giving so much to the baby. I have a 3 month old and the same thing is happening to this baby. Maybe she has a hard time losing weight while nursing too??

S on

I really think it’s hard to lose weight while breastfeeding. I’m going through it now with my second child. I nursed for two years, but at a year (when babies are nursing less), my body returned to its pre-pregnancy shape. I think you carry more weight when bf because your body needs it to make the milk. I have no idea if tori is stopping b/c of weight, but I do wish moms would give themselves a break when it comes to weight loss. I “fuller” body can be beautiful. It’s too bad society, esp. hollywood doesn’t think the same thing!

crimpe on

I have 4 kids 5 and under. I breastfed all 11 – 13 months. My youngest is 6 mos and I am still nursing, will hope to go to 12 mos. when I’ll switch to cow. Most people lose weight quickly with nursing. Not me. Initially (first month) yes, then slooooow. Can’t drop the last 10 lbs until closer to a year. It is very hard to nurse and keep up with the other babies. I say every woman needs to figure out what is right for her and her child and be unapologetic. Most of us were raised on formula and we are fine. It is so hard to be in the spotlight. And come on, we must all admit, with nursing, it’s often damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It is changing, but we need to give each other a break.

Amy on

I was like Kim…I couldn’t take the weight off until after I stopped breastfeeding. I breastfed for about 21 months and after we stopped I was able to lose about 15 pounds within 2 months. So, breastfeeding is not quite the weight loss wonder for everyone.

SH on

It’s definitely her personal decision to stop breastfeeding. My personal experience with all 4 of my kids was that I kept on a certain amount of weight that would gradually come off the more I would gradually wean. They all weaned themselves by 15 months and that was also the time frame it took me to lose my weight. I was never one where the weight would “melt” off from breastfeeding. It was the opposite for me, I kept it on until I was done.

Kellie on

Tori is so beautiful! As is her family. Best wishes to her on the getting into shape.

I have 5 kids. I did not nurse my oldest three. I breastfed my 4th till he was 6 months ( he self weaned, wasn’t interesting in it once he got moble and figured out there was other things out there) My youngest, I breastfed him till he self-weaned at 3.5 years. It is managable with other children! My oldest was 9 with my 5th was born and my 4th was 2.

LisaB on

I love this family. They make me smile.

Breastfeeding is an emotionally driven topic and I think what ever works for the person and their family is what is right. Period.

I BF my oldest for 13 months, second for 9 months and my youngest for 2 weeks. Each baby had different needs and I had different challenges with each one. on

I nursed my first two children that are two years apart until they both self-weened at 15 months. My third is due in 9 weeks and I’ll nurse her for at least a year as well.

As a nursing mother, I don’t see how it’s easier or less time-consuming to bottle feed…I have no need to sterilize or pack anything with me on outings (my friend just forgot her baby’s bottle and formula this past weekend on a day trip and had a terrible time finding the correct formula and bottle her daughter is used to…poor thing). But I think it’s just whatever you’re used to seems easiest…I know my bottle-feeding friends think that about my nursing. But we all do the best we can and make time for what we feel is most important…and we’re all different and need to support each other!

Lanna'sMom on

I think she could have personal reasons for stopping breastfeeding that she doesn’t care to discuss and she shouldn’t have to. People are too concerned with other women’s choices if you ask me. From what I understand, she has had breast augmentation and that could affect her supply, especially after the first months. Maybe she doesnt’ want the hassle of supplmenting and bf-ing. I can understand that, and it really is none of our business why she is stopping.

Nursing did it for me on

I gained 34 lbs while pregnant. Two weeks after the birth, I had already lost 25 lbs. By 3 months, I had lost all 34 lbs. By 6 months, I had lost an additional 15 lbs. Without doing ANYTHING (except nursing!)

I’m 28 and happy to report that I weigh the same thing I did when I graduated high school. (I’m thin but NOT skinny. I have “child-bearing hips! Laugh!)) Those 15 “extra” lbs had been hanging around for a few years. 🙂

I TOTALLY credit nursing as I ate the same as I did while pregnant. I worked out several times a week (cardio and weights) while pregnant. I did NOTHING after the baby was born except carry her in a sling while I did housework. No working out at all.

I did not supplement with formula. We did not offer any solids before 7 months-and we did finger foods from the start. I think that helps. I was making LOTS of milk! I totally credit nursing AND being really HAPPY as a mother! (I think some of those 15 lbs were unhappiness lbs!)

I had an insane supply, so nursing never took more than 5-7 minutes. Now at 13 months, it takes 10-15 minutes. I didn’t even have to nurse on both sides until 7 months. I had an insane supply. I could hit things several feet away with my spray!

I wonder if Tori was one of those moms who had to sit there for 45 minutes. (I would still do it, but I understand the strain that would cause with a toddler around!)

I HIGHLY recommend the book What’s Going on In There? for anyone who likes to read about the incredible benefits of breastmilk. It’s one of my absolute favorite books-a great shower present!

momof3girls on

I just stopped nursing at 17 months and while nursing I lost a lot of weight. Now within a month of stopping I have put on ten pounds and am having trouble getting it off. I think its selfish for her to stop so she can exercise. Just my opinion.

lele on

breastfeeding was so hard for me. i lasted 4 months and was so emotional over stopping. i felt guilty and terrible but actually was better once i stopped. i could say goodbye to the pump and hte guilt. she had a terrible latch and i was attached to that pump. i miss it very much but breastfeeding was not easy for me and i am a better mom having let go of it and my little one is doing great but i am still having a hard time with this last 10 stinking pounds. i wish so much i would have had one of these incredible nursing relationships. i did not want to stop but for some women it is not easy and i have been there so really no one can judge….

Brenda Bradfield on

I had a terrible time BF. SHe had a poor latch and I had to use the pump and supplmentation. I felt terrible, guilty and wish I had a wonderful nursing experience like my friends did. But at least I tried. some women don’t try at all at convenience for them ( ie sleeping, etc..) I don’t think it’s fair that we judge. Maybe that’s all she wants to do. I don’t think of her as a horrible mother because she chose to stop at 3 months.

Kelly on

People need to stop being so judgemental on who does or dose not breastfeed, why or why not. Breastfeeding does NOT WORK for everyone, and is not FOR everyone.

People think its a cakewalk for every woman, and that its going to work for every woman just because it’s simple for them.

Well it’s not that way.

Jen on

Another poster said they have lost respect for her just because she has chosen to STOP nursing? That is her choice and if she wants to make that decision then who are we to judge her? She’s an adult and can decide for herself when to stop.

Brandi on

Tori has breast implants and was very open about the trouble she had keeping up a supply with Liam (she stopped at 5 months with him, not 3 as someone said above). If you watched her show a lot of time was spent pumping and it seemed like she didn’t have much milk to show for it. At least she tried and succeeded for a few months.

Nancy S (nurses her 11mo) on

Whatever the reason, what a shame it is that little Stella will no longer be breastfed.

In a world of women who *think* they cannot breastfeed, and who are upset over it – it is a real downer when a healthy nursing Mom calls it quits for seemingly no reason.

Michelle on

Is it really necessary to have the breastfeeding argument every every single time.

How sad and judgemental to “lose respect” for someone you don’t even know for a choice they had to make for whatever reason that is none of our business.

Sarah on

I lost “respect” for her because the way the article is written, it sounds like she stopped BF’ing so she can diet and go work out at the gym. Two-three months just seems so short. Every woman is different and what’s right for them is their choice…

I chose to BF my children for 2 years each. That was my choice and I’m sure some people would consider that too long.

Nancy on

It amazes me that some people have the nerve to say they have ‘lost respect’ for someone for breastfeeding for a different length of time than they did. How very judgmental and tacky. It is a personal choice that differs from one person to another for many different reasons. Your decisions are not the only right decisions for everyone else.

wavybrains on

It’s totally her choice, but I’m so very sad that the current climate in Hollywood (and everywhere else) is that the pressure to loose that baby weight ASAP vastly outweighs the pressure to breastfeed. Given that all the news mags show stars back in gym-worthy shape weeks after giving birth and almost never show, let alone, mention starts nursing, it’s easy to see why Tori decided to stop breastfeeding so that she can start working out. It’s just so sad though, and I hope that others reading the article don’t get the impression that 3 months is a long time to breastfeed or that it’s necessary to stop before you loose weight.

mom2foxkids on

Breastfeeding is great for a baby as long as it’s great for a mom… I applaud Tori for three months, every day counts!

I was only able to nurse my first baby for 7 months, I got pregnant again when she was about 6 months old, the same as Tori actually, and I nursed my second child for 2 years 8 months. It’s different for every child, and every mother. It is also a personal matter and we should respect the decisions of EACH mother. I hated that everyone always told me “YOUR STILL NURSING” just as I’m sure people hate hearing, “you’re not nursing”.

I think it would be fun to sit down and talk babies with Tori, I think we would get along well 🙂

Rose on

People BF their kids until 3 1/2 yrs old???? Was it a real medical necessity? That is just creepy.

Rebecca on

I’m nursing my youngest (and sometimes my oldest) who will be 1 on October 21st and have been losing weight while doing it. I joined Weight Watchers in January, did it for 3 weeks until our cross country move and lost about 12 lbs, joined again in July (only gained a pound from January to July) and have lost an additional 22 lbs since then. I weigh less than I did now than when my husband and I moved in together. I’ve still got about 27 lbs to go, but I’m getting there slowly but surely, all while nursing. You can lose weight while nursing.

SewCalMom on

I GAINED weight when my son stopped nursing.

Dee Anne on

I don’t even think she has nursed 3 months. If you watched her show you would see Stella getting bottles from the beginning and Tory was always very rested and just not seem like a mom that was nursing.

I could be wrong but this is just be observation!!!


CelebBabyLover on

I, like Stella, was only breastfed for about three months. However, it wasn’t because my mother wanted to stop bfing. Far from it! In fact, she hated having to stop! The reason she stopped is because she literally had to for the sake of my health.

For some reason, I just did not thrive on breastmilk and started losing weight. Finally my mom realized that my health was going to suffer if she didn’t switch me to formula. She did, and I began gaining weight and looking healthier almost immeditely.

Anyway, my point is that women stop bfing for many different reasons, and it isn’t always by choice. We have no idea why Tori stopped bfing, and I don’t think she deserves to be judged because it!

DLR on

Wow, who the frick cares whether Tori breast-feeds or not. It is HER body and HER decision. I am amazed at how quickly women that are breast-feeding “advocates” are so quick to jump all over women that do not breast-feed either by choice or necessity (i.e., medical issues, disability, etc.). Geez, give Tori a break, Stella looks fabulous and didn’t Tori also stop breastfeeding Liam at 3 or 4 months? He’s looking pretty good if you ask me. So yeah, how about people lay off the criticism of Tori stopping the breast-feeding and focus on that darling picture of her family! 🙂

E.C. on

For some people on this wall to judge Tori for stopping breastfeeding at 3 months is aboslutely disgusting. “Lost respect” for her??? How dare you judge the way that this clearly wonderful mother is bringing up her child. As a doctor, I can tell you that the benefits of breastfeeding after the very beginning are marginal anyway. WHO guidelines are to breastfeed for several years I think, but that is because they cover the whole world and in places like sub-Saharan Africa it is much safer for a child to get milk from their mother rather than fluids from elsewhere (e.g. water). If you choose to feed for longer, that is your choice, but dont lambast others just because their way isn’t your way.

Angelika on

Well the good news is that certain people never had respect for me because I was never able to breastfeed my son due to medication I had to take immediately after his birth – you know, to save my life.

Wow – judgie wudgie was a bear…

SH on

UggaMugga, I nursed 4 kids like you did – all were over a year old…I feel it’s a personal decision either way and I wouldn’t just someone who wants to nurse their baby til 6 weeks and stop – just like I would’t judge someone who wants to nurse a kid at 3 years old. It’s a decision between the individual mother and child. That being said, you were wondering why it would be easier to bottle feed? Probably because Tori can have other people feed – her nanny, etc…and she doesn’t have to take the time to breastfeed and/or pump, instead she can go work out. Whoever it is with the baby can just scoop formula in a bottle and feed – weather Tori is there or not. Just a thought. Not judging.

Steph on

I breastfed my son for 13 1/2 months. If I’m lucky enough to get pregnant again, I may not be able to breastfeed due to needing to take medication for a tumor on my pituitary gland. It makes me really sad to think I may not be able to have the same experience with my possible second child. But what makes me really sad is that I may be judged by others for not breastfeeding when they don’t know my situation. Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. A good friend of mine tried and tried to breastfeed her child. She would pump and try to feed her child for hours and her milk just never came in. Her newborn was losing weight and her doctor told her to go to formula. Who are we to judge others. People make the decisions that are best for them.

JJ on

That’s too bad she stopped breastfeeding . . . there’s no reason you can’t breastfeed and exercise and lose weight. If anything, for most women, breastfeeding helps with weight loss. But that’s ok, it’s her body and her choice. As long as she isn’t spreading misinformation about breastfeeding, I appreciate her candor in being honest about just not wanting to breastfeed.

I do think if she was forced to stop for a medical reason she would have just said so. She seems very open about the whole thing.

dina on

Breastfeeding is such a personal choice. I agree that others should not judge. No one is perfect, so looking at someone else and making judgments is so unbelievable.

I had issues breastfeeding my son from day 1. He was losing weight, wouldn’t latch, etc. But I wanted to keep going, so i actually ended up pumping for a full year and giving my milk to him in a bottle. But that was my decision. I have no right look down at others who did not pump when their babies couldn’t latch. I got “talked down” by mothers who breastfed and by mothers who formula fed.

I lost some weight when i was pumping but the last 10lbs came off after. Some people drop the weight easily when nursing others do not.

Every time breastfeeding or formula feeding comes up in a post people get up in arms!

Stephanie on

I breastfed my son for about 4 months. I became pregnant when he was 10 weeks old, and by the time he was four months I was so nauseated and sick I couldn’t sit long enough to breastfeed. And, when my daughter came (yes they are only 11 months apart) I had PPD and didn’t want to. Honestly, I loved breastfeeding and found it VERY rewarding. But, some women can’t do it for a year. I can’t judge and I don’t think anyone else should either. She is a great mother, and her decision is her alone, as it is for every other woman.

Lori on

Well, how awful that you have “lost respect” for someone over breastfeeding!!!?? I could not breastfeed as I have PCOS and my milk never came in, with either of my dd’s. That said, of course, both were on formula for 11 months. Both are still thriving at 6 and 9, are in the higher level classes at school and healthy. Im so sick of all the breastfeeding moms who know NOTHING about the nons that rip us apart. Totally rude and uncalled for.

Kanga on

“As a doctor, I can tell you that the benefits of breastfeeding after the very beginning are marginal anyway.”

What? That is not even remotely true and if I came across a doctor giving medical advice like that, I’d find myself another one.

EC on

How so? National guidelines advocate exclusive breastfeeding for only 6 months (i.e. at the very beginning – I apologise if I wasn’t clear on this). I realise that Stella is only 3 1/2 months but I dont think that it will make a huge amount of difference if she is weaned now or in 2 1/2 months time. Ultimately, the decision lies with the mother and as many people on this blog have said, breastfeeding is not for everyone and women should not have to feel guilty about their feeding choices, regardless of what they are.