Peter André: Piano Helps Form Bond with Harvey

09/17/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
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Having gained celebrity status in England and becoming increasingly recognizable in the United States, Peter André would be willing to give that all up in a second "as long as my family was okay, that’s all that matters." Although his singing career has him traveling the globe, Peter is at his best when he is in the family’s kitchen "with lots of surfaces, so I can spread everything out and make a big chef’s mess!" Enjoying his time making "traditional Greek meals, and big barbecues, and eating with all the family," the 35-year-old can’t help but feel that "having a family has definitely brought my wife, Katie, and I even closer together." When the skilled chef and his brood with Katie Jordan PriceHarvey Daniel, 6, Junior Savva, 3, and Princess Tiáamii, 14 months — aren’t enjoying the edible creations, they can often be found snuggled up to "watch a good movie in our cinema room." While Peter admits to being "a big fan of gangster films," having three kids means Disney movies for the family! "Obviously we go with what the kids want, unless they’ve gone to bed," says Peter.

Sharing that "music has meant the world to me ever since I can remember," Peter was delighted when Katie purchased a baby grand piano calling it "the best present ever." Not only has the singer been able to get his kids involved in his music by teaching them the lyrics, he has also managed to form a special bond with Harvey, who was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia and multiple pituitary hormone deficiency. Reveals Peter,

"Because of his condition, Harvey is very sensitive to loud noises. But nothing gives me more joy than when he wants to sing along if I’m playing."

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Ruthella on

‘Peter André would be willing to give that all up in a second “as long as my family was okay, that’s all that matters.”‘

AS IF! This couple LIVE for attention. They have publicly said that Harvey finds the constant photo shoots distressing, yet they still choose to have him do them, mostly featuring private information about him too. What six year old wants it made public that he still wears nappies?

To me, their choice of ‘career moves’ very plainly display their priorities, and the kids are in no way top. They’re not even in the top five, in my opinion. It saddens me 😦

Bren on

He sounds like a great daddy!! I love to hear about this family, and I love the fact that Peter LOVES Harvey so much!!! What a great guy!

Julie on

Yay, I love updates on this family! Sounds like they
are doing well, and it’s so nice how the piano has helped Harvey!

Bb on

One of my favourite families! 🙂

Hea on

Ruthelia – I’m sorry you feel that way. I for one think it’s very good they are talking about this. Raising a disabled child, such as Harvey, is quite the challenge. Think of all the parents in this world who struggle with the same kind of problems in silence. Talking about it and ventilating the subject is a positive thing imho.

Thankfully, your opinion regarding their priorities and the scale you talk about does not count for much because I’m pretty sure you don’t live with them, know them, socialize with them or anything of the kind.

Lauren on

“Thankfully, your opinion regarding their priorities and the scale you talk about does not count for much because I’m pretty sure you don’t live with them, know them, socialize with them or anything of the kind.”

Amd if you think your opinion counts for anything more as the above implies, you’re flat-out wrong.

While I won’t go so far as to say the family would rather have the fame they do than Harvey be healthy, I totally agree that their first and foremost priority is getting their name and faces in the tabloids, whether for positive or negative attention. If they weren’t constantly seeking out OK! for cover shoots with stories that have zero relevance to anything other than menial updates regarding their children, nobody would give a darn about them. As Reuthella said, the fact that they continue to do these shoots despite the negative effects on Harvey and see fit to discuss such private information about his handicaps for all the world to read speaks volumes about their priorities as parents and people.

suzanne on

somebody loves the tanning booth.

Deborah on

Love this couple and the way they are devoted to their children but geez back off the tanning beds/sprays.

Could they get any darker??? LOL

Louise on

i think as a family unit,they are great.

katie has commented before that the reason she does photoshoots with Harvey to show she isnt ashamed of his disability and as there are so few celebrities that talk about it when they do have disabled children.
i havent noticed negative comments about jenny mccarthy,and she also publicly speaks about her son’s disability. i think both deserve respect for the way they have dealt with diffiucult situations.
i have full respect for both families.

Ruthella on

Thanks Lauren, you said it better than me! 🙂

Hea; while I may not actually live with this family, they do practically invite the whole World into their lives by having EVERYTHING filmed for TV. Having seen them simulating sex and talking about their private parts, I feel like I may as well live with them!

Distasteful as this is, it’s the constant selling of Harvey’s medical details that gets to me really. Front cover headlines such as ‘Harvey weighs more than me’ and ‘Harvey hits Princess across the head like a nodding dog’ are doing nothing to raise awareness and everything to line their own pockets.

J-Lin on

From the picture, I thought they were black.

Renee on

I think it’s a good thing they discuss his condition. At first I was overwhelmed because until the last year, I had never heard of them. I don’t understand the hurtful comments towards them. At first I wasn’t sure that even I agreed with the constant pictures of Harvey but now I think it’s a good thing.

Hea on

Lauren – That’s probably true but I’m not the one judging people I don’t know now, am I?

Yes, they’ve said the photoshoots are hard for Harvey. Because of it, there have been times when he has not been present. When he has been present, do you think he was damaged or hurt by it?

Do you know if that maybe his resentment towards flashes has changed? Perhaps he suddenly likes it? A change of opinion is not uncommon in kids, you know…

They seem like a happy family. The kids seem happy and loved and their parents obviously love each other. You (as in people) don’t have to berate, judge and dislike others just because they don’t act like you think they should. This is, after all, a celebrity couple and the receivers of different media pays their bills. If anything should change, it should be the way the newspapers pick out quotes.

Angela on

They are really tan!

Brooke on

Peter is actually a really good man. He loves his kids so much, and has taken care of Harvey since he was little. It’s Jordan who is the one that I know likes the attention more.

SeanJay on

So Ruthella they should pretend Harvey isn’t handicapped & never speak of him & how he deals with life & only talk about their %100 healthy children??

You saying they don’t love or care about their kids is ridiculous. The kids look healthy & loved.

You act like you personally know them & all the things they care about instead of their kids.

Hea on

SeanJay – Well of course! They should hide Harvey away. Lock him up in a tower or something. I mean, it’s not like they love him or care for him or even want him to have a decent life…

DLR on

Music therapy is fabulous for children that have disabilities, especially those like Harvey. Kudos to Peter for taking the time to play music with Harvey!

SJ on

Ruthella, we’ve been here before. You seriously have a personal vendetta against the Andres and it is getting tiresome to read.

They are good parents to the children and Katie bought a very expensive house because there was an indoor pool and she knows how much Harvey loves the water

Who are you to judge them?

Ruthella on

Hea and SJ; I’m sorry, but I just can’t agree with you. I don’t know if you’re in the UK or not, but if not, let me tell you, we are SATURATED with pointless interviews and articles on this couple.

Just this week, I kid you not, Jordan is on the front of OK mag talking about her bowel movements and how, after yet more plastic surgery she was severely constipated and eventually ‘gave birth to a pebble’!! To say that a lot of people here are sick of the sight of them would be an understatement!

I certainly don’t think that they should talk about their other children and not Harvey. I actually think they should shut up and give all their kids a bit of privacy until they are old enough to decide for themselves if they want so much attention.

Junior was filmed for their reality show soiling his pants during toilet training, for God’s sake! Come on, give the kids some dignity.

The majority of their earnings have come from these tell-all and show-all vehicles, mainly revolving around their kids and it just doesn’t sit well with me.

It’s bad enough hearing them go into great detail about their sex life without also hearing about their childrens’ toilet habits. I just can’t agree with the amount of exploitation they subject their children to I’m afraid.

She has far, far more help with Harvey than most people with disabled family have yet she never seems grateful. Her Mum is their constant nanny (among others), a luxury which not many of us can afford, and she and Peter have many holidays without the kids, often popping over to LA for a bit more plastic surgery, botox or bleaching; all paid for by OK and ITV2, no doubt…