Helena Bonham Carter's Hot Wheels

09/17/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Tricycle-riding Helena Bonham Carter picks a shoeless Billy Ray, 5 next month, up at school on Tuesday in London. Helena, 42, and partner Tim Burton are also parents to 9-month-old daughter Nell.

Helena rides a Trikidoo (£750).

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Nancy S on

He looks happy now, but give him another 5 years and he will be going “Mom, really, I can walk home myself… no no, Mom, please don’t pick me up from school!.”

Natasha on

I was JUST thinking that! He enjoys it now, but looking back I’m sure he’ll be wondering why he ever got on the back of that bike! haha

Mom of boys on

I want that bike! Haha I love it. Any information on it?

Michelle on

That’s an awesome bike!! Anyone know what kind it is?

Natalie on

I absolutely LOVE that tricycle! Does anyone know anything about it?

Nancy on

Love that she has little Billy wearing a helmet. I wish she were wearing one as well, since it appears she is riding in the car lane. Good habits and safety are best taught by example.

Amanda on

wow…helena always has the coolest set of wheels 😉
I’d LOVE to have a bycicle like that..especially with today’s gas prices, it’s perfect for getting to the playground or going grocery shopping. I think it rocks.

Pencils on

I wish she had a helmet on too, but at least her son is safe, unlike Elle Macpherson the other day. I know those sort of trikes are more popular in Europe, but Worksman Cycles makes something similar here.

Ans on

This family is so awesome – love their way of doing things!

KF on

I so want that bike! Ok, so it’s a little geeky looking, but it would be SO convenient for getting around!

Michelle Z. on

When I grow up, I want to be Helena.

Lynda on

I saw a bike like that in Walmart a couple of days ago for around $175. It looks like so much fun to ride and practical too with the gas prices as high as they are!

Cassandra on

Aw! Billy Ray looks like his Mommy. So adorable.

Jack & Sally on

LOL, Nancy S! But I’m sure that in 5 years Billy will be riding his own bike!

Thank you for posting this! I adore the Burton family. The kids are gorgeous and their parents are absolutely one-of-a-kind. The bike that Helena and Billy are riding is called a “Trikidoo”. Love the little infant seat in front.

katiecc on

OOOOhhh! I LOVE that bike.. .or trike as it were! I wish they had those in Australia… actually maybe they do, I’m going to hunt online!!

Gretchen on

Is that a baby seat on the front? cute!

Tracey on

It’s good to finally see a celeb taking her child to school on a bike.
I’ve never seen a tricycle like that over here and I’m European. So I wouldn’t say these are common here. It is very common for parents to take their children to school on a bike, but they tend to look quite different. You often see these sort of little add on bikes. It’s like a kid’s bike, but without the front wheel. The front is attached to the bike of the parent so it looks a bit like a tandem bike. A cart for children that can be pulled by a bike is also pretty common.
This tricycle looks safer though. I suppose the reason they’re not used here is that they take up too much space and that once your children are bigger, the tricycle is useless.

Bel on

Hooray for trikes! We ride a Nihola Cigar Family, love it!

L on

Everyone has bikes like that over here (Netherlands). The people I work with (in a school) take their children to school with them in little things like that. Some even have seatbelts fitted inside. Our next door neighbour has that baby seat that’s on the front of Helena’s bike.

Jemma on

Aww it’s so cute, has anyone noticed Billy wearing un-matching socks?
Aww he’s just so cute

heheet on

i love the look billy has on his face. he just so cute.

soupershef on

The Best green transportaion I’ve seen anyone use way to go!Anyone else That Badass