Gena Lee Nolin Celebrates Her Upcoming Arrival!

09/17/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Courtesy Life & Style

With her new baby — a girl she’s decided to name Stella Monroe — arriving in late October/early November, former Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin celebrated with a baby shower this past Saturday in Scottsdale, Ariz. Wearing a Karen Millen dress and munching on chicken satay, Gena enjoyed a cupcake cake and received gifts by My Blankee, Babystyle, and Wendy Bellissimo.

Stella will be the fourth child for the family — Gena and husband Cale Hulse have 2-year-old son Hudson Lee together, while Cale has daughter Caia, 7, and Gena has son Spencer, 11, from previous relationships. Despite the busy household, Gena, 36, tells Life & Style that she’s excited to welcome her daughter into the fold.

"I love my boys. They’re awesome. But having a little girl is going to be amazing!"

Source: Life & Style; September 29th issue

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Courtesy Life & Style

Courtesy Life & Style

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brooke on

She looks beautiful and how nice she is having a daughter, after having 2 boys.

Kayla on

Could she look any better if she tried..

Elyse on

Wow, I hope I look that great when I am pregnant! 😉

Mrs.R. on

Can I ask a question – it seems that there is a trend to announce the name of the baby while still in utero. Why? I mean, I understand finding out the sex, and even possibly deciding on the name, but why don’t people want to keep something to announce when the baby is born besides, “he’s here now!”?
Is it because it helps make it more real for some people? I’d love to hear from someone who did that.
Sadly, the only person I know in real life who announced the name of the baby ahead of time, had a still birth… so she was left with TONS of monogrammed things she had to get rid of and regretted not being able to save for the future when they would be able to have another baby (Which they did).

Sarita on

Mrs R: I also find it very strange and I know noone that did that. But it seems pretty common in Hollywood, I thought maybe it was normal in the US?

MB on

Yes, it’s common in the US. All my friends announced the names before delivery. We aren’t finding out the sex or deciding on a name until delivery, and most people I know think we’re odd.

Amy on

With our first we did not find out the sex, but had a few names picked out and shared them with people who asked. I didn’t feel like it was a big deal to keep it a secret.

With my second one we found out the sex, and we already have the name picked out (as opposed to last time where we had a few names this time we have 1 name that we’ve settled on).

With that being said, we don’t refer to him by his name when talking about him. I would find it strange, and somewhat unlucky to refer to him by name while I am pregnant. So yeah, we just refer to him as the baby, or use the pronouns he or him.

I don’t think anyone will be any less interested or excited when we do have our baby just because they know his name/sex ahead of time. It will still be a surprise when he decides to make his entrance, and we will still be waiting to find out his weight, length, who he looks like, does he have hair, etc.

Now, if I were a celebrity would I announce the name to the entire world? Probably not. I would feel like it was none of their business, although I still wouldn’t be opposed to sharing the name with close friends/family. You run the risk then of one of them spilling the beans, which I believe happened with Jessica Alba’s pregnancy.

Helen on

I disagree with actually giving a name to an unborn baby. It’s best to have around 4 names for each sex. Sometimes, you look at your newborn baby and say ‘she doesn’t look like a Jasmine’ or ‘he doesn’t look like a Thomas’.

My former partner had his name given before he was born. He is Matthew. Everyone said he looks more of a Simon.

Andrea on

Uh..Chicken Satay, if it’s the same in US as it is here then that contains Peanuts (peanut butter) and over here thats advised against eating while pregnant for the babies sake (allergic reactions etc.)

Meghan on

Actually Helen, when I was pregnant with my son last year my doctor told me peanuts were actually one of the things I was supposed to eat because of the protein. And as far as announcing the name before the baby is born, I did and thought it was a great idea. I had all sorts of gifts already personalized. And Gena looks absolutely georgeous! Pregnant is a good look for her.

lis on

Wow! I can only pray I look that good when I’m pregnant. She looks stunning!

As for the name thing, I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. I like when people share their names while pregant. On the other hand, I think it’s more fun to keep the gender a surprise, but it’s all just up to the parents 🙂