Donald and Kai Trump Have a Tickle Fight!

09/17/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

With a daughter this cute, no wonder Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa are having a second child! Dad kept 16-month-old Kai Madison entertained with a tickle fight while attending an event at the Trump National Golf Club on Tuesday in Westchester, New York. Donald and Vanessa, both 30, expect the new baby in February.

Bobby Bank/WireImage

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hannahmumma on

absolutely adorable!!

brooke on

I’m gonna be honest in general I don’t find the trumps good looking people, but kai is a beautiful child. She looks a lot like her mom and has some beautiful hair and eyes.

Sarah on

brooke, if you think that kai is a beautiful child, just leave the comment at that. the extra commentary about the rest of the trumps is really rude for this forum.

Jessica on

Is Kai’s mother of Asian descent?

~ Beth ~ on

Oh Sarah, come on. You playing comment police is rude. I totally agree with Brooke’s comment. It’s no different that saying “Kai is so pretty, just like her mom.” The implication is the same so just chill out a bit.

fay on

aren’t there editors’ here who pick which responses to publish… if THEY found the response to be okay…

brooke on

sarah it’s not your place to think if it’s rude or not for this forum cause you don’t run this site. This board is pretty strict, so if they thought it was so bad it would have never been posted. I said it in an honest way and it is my own personal opnion. This forum is as timid as it comes, but come on now, not every comment has to be just oh how cute, how unrealistic is that. Beth thank you, it’s annoying how some people wanna act so prim and proper and like they run this board, when their are enough people on this site to moderate comments and do that.

Julia on

What a cutie! Does anyone know any information on the dress she is wearing?

selena on

Kai is very cute, and she has a beautiful name.

Stacey on

What a beautiful little girl!!

Paula on

look atthat smile

xena on

I actually like this trump.. he has a honest and wonderful proud papa smile..

jasmine on

Kai is super-cute, and I think her name works well for her. 😀

Bancie1031 on

Now this is a beautiful little girl and I love her eyes. How do you pronoun her name, is it like “Kay”?
And I didn’t find Sarah’s comment as rude or offensive as some of the other ones on here, she was simply stating her opinion.

Sarah on

haha, telling someone that their comment was rude is rude? okay…i see how that might be logical…

i’m all for having an opinion; and in my opinion calling someone’s entire family “not good looking” is beyond rude. if you didn’t want people to react or respond to your comment you shouldn’t have posted it. i find it hilarious that people post on a blog and then get upset when people make a comment in response. that is the point.

Ms.B on

I AGREE WITH BROOKE. The Trumps aren’t attractive at all. I thought Donald’s son would be a cutie because of his beautiful mother but his dad’s genes dominated. I’m like wowwwww….that’s the best Milena could do?

Blue on

Jessica, I was wondering that as well. Little Kai is adorable. She reminds me of one of the little Goesling girls off of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Christine M on

Kai is absolutely adorable! Sarah everyone is entitled to their opinion, both you and brooke. You say if you don’t want people to react then don’t post but yet you do it yourself.
Brooke is just being honest.

Stephany on

Kai is absolutely breathtaking! It’s great seeing Donald, Jr. in a playful mode! He’s always so serious!!!

martina on

I have to agree with Brooke on this one 😉

Allie on

I agree with Brooke. I don’t think the Trumps, with the exception of Ivanka, are all that attractive. That is my opinion. Soooo. I’m almost positive Donald Trump could care less what I have to say about his looks. With that said, Kai is a VERY BEAUTIFUL child. Whoever said they like him because of his daddy smile, I agree with you as well!! 🙂 He looks EXTREMELY happy and INVOLVED with his daughter.

Lily on

I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump and I don’t see him doing much of the rearing with any of his children, but Donald Jr. and Vanessa seem to have a great bond with Kai. She’s absolutely adorable and like the post said, after having such a little cutie like her, how could you not want another?

Brandi on

This is a very cute picture! To those who were asking, no Vanessa is not Asian.

Lauren on

Kai is an absolute doll. I think she favors her mom more, but she (Vanessa) is not Asian. And I agree that it’s nice to see Donald Jr. in a baseball cap tickling his daughter instead of his usual suit.

Robin on

I don’t like it when people start reprimanding others by name for stating personal opinions. This is happening alot on many of these posts and as a result, it becomes a debate instead of a nice comment about a celebrity baby. Just read the guidelines…”Anything that insults the CBB staff, readers or celebrities won’t get posted” that’s certainly not the case is it?

Melissa on

Is it or me or does Kai have alot of hair for a 16 month old? My little guy is 19 months and nowhere near that much hair!!! She’s a little beauty!

Rye on

I agree with Brooke. I also think it’s no one’s right to critisize people like Brooke who make a comment like that. It’s not being rude, it’s just being honest. I dislike Donald Trump Sr. and I don’t think it’s wrong of me to say I find him unnattractive and a strange father (Does anyone remember how creepy he was with Baron on the Apprentice?? WEIRD!) But, I think that Donald Jr. seems a lot more REAL and loving towards his child. I hope they have another girl since this one turned out so completely adorable! She’s a little doll!!! She does remind me of one of the John and Kate Plus 8 girls!

Serah on

Absolutely adorable!! Everyone is entitled to their opinions that is why this is a blog….

Bethy on

She is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! And her name is just as adorable.

Maria on

What do you mean by rude? Good on you Brooke for expressing an honest non PC comment. Yes she is a gorgeous wee child a real cutie!!

Jennifer on

Kai is such a gorgeous little girl! 🙂