Charlize Theron Always Dreamed of Motherhood

09/17/2008 at 05:30 PM ET
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There is definitely love, probably not marriage, but hopefully a baby carriage in Charlize Theron‘s future. In a Wednesday appearance on The View, the 33-year-old actress — who has been in a relationship with actor and director Stuart Townsend for nearly eight years — explained that while she thinks marriage is "beautiful," it’s not for her. "I just know I don’t want it, Stuart doesn’t want it…Why mess with a good thing?" she asked.

Charlize is considerably more amenable to the prospect of motherhood, however. Noting that she gets asked the baby question "all the time" because she has so frequently played a mom on-screen, she scoffed at the notion that "somehow it takes a movie for you to go, ‘Hey! Maybe I want this!’" For Charlize, no such role was needed.

"I’ve actually always known I wanted to have kids. Even when I was little, I never dreamed about walking down the aisle, but I always [wanted to be a mom] because I have always had such a close relationship with my own mom."

Charlize’s latest film (and Stuart’s directorial debut!), Battle in Seattle, hits theaters in limited release this Friday.

Source: The View

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Patterson on

It’s rare to come across anyone who realizes marriage isn’t always a good just depends on each individual and relationship.

Jo on

It is so nice to see a couple in Hollywood make the decision NOT to get married in a place that seems to be toxic for marriages. I wish Ms Theron the upmost of happiness.

Danica on

Well then get on with it. Actions speak louder than words!

JM on

hmm I actually enjoyed the part where she said, “okay you heard it here first I actually have 7 children” to which Joy interrupted and she said, “and you live in Alaska” and Charlize laughed and said “and they too can see Russia from our house!” LOL

I don’t think Charlize is ready for children now. And why should she be. She’s a busy career woman. Let her do it in her own time if she so chooses to do so. Nothing wrong with not having kids or not wanting marriage.

Trisha on

I bet Charlize is Pregnant now
She is Gorgeous

LanLan on

So marrying would be “messing with a good thing”?? I’ve always thought those who say such comments, deep down don’t really want the proper commitment a marriage brings.

Xan on

Remember that Charlize’s family life with her folks was exceptionally horrific. Didn’t her dad used to beat her mom, who later killed him in self defence? Meanwhile, she’s said that her mom is her hero, so it’s not weird that she would want kids.

Granted, this is just my theory on why she might shy away from marriage. She could have a psychological aversion to it because of her parents’ own tumultuous relationship. But, I do understand her hesitance, in that respect and it really is her (and Stuart’s) perogative.

JM on

Charlize was also talking about something on the effect of equal rights. I think she may be one of those people that feels like she doesn’t want to marry until everyone else is granted that right (i.e. gay couples). I try not to read too much into things but I have heard her say these things before. And she’s not the only one that feels this way about “messing up a good thing” there are plenty of people who decide not to marry and just live with each other. I don’t think you generally need a piece of paper to feel committed like a married couple does. To each their own. Quite frankly I am on the same page as her. I would love children but that doesn’t mean I feel I have to be married to do it. I just feel it has to be with the right person.

Blue on

Marriage just isn’t for everybody and its okay if she doesn’t want to do it. You really can lead a faithfull committed life to someone else without taking the legal step of a marriage certificate. Not that I am against marriage. Personally I think its great and suits me very well. I’ve seen both types of relationships work and fail. Its really up to the couple and their situation. Good luck to her!

Renee on

Well said JM and I agree. Marriage does tend to be a hot topic around here.