Sadie Sandler's Playground Playdate

09/17/2008 at 09:30 AM ET

Adam Sandler and pregnant wife Jackie Titone Sandler took 2-year-old daughter Sadie Madison to play at an indoor playground in Culver City, Calif. on Tuesday.

Jackie, 33, and Adam, 42, expect their second child in November — check them out in our Who’s Due Next gallery!

Sadie wears Puma Little Kids Drift Cat L V ($50).

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Natasha on

I love this family .

Natasha on

She looks exactly like her daddy !

Teresa on

I agree Natasha, this is the sweetest family and I love to see how cute Sadie is getting. She does look just like Adam.

phoebe on

Is it just me or did Sadie get tall all of a sudden?! I can imagine that this little one has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, she’s got very strong looks and I think she’s gonna grow up to be really beautiful! Such a cutie pie!

Whitney on


Kayla on

Wow so cute..She looks older than 2..

laura on

They’re so sweet. She looks like Anya!

Elisa on

She is a gorgeus girl. I Love her curly hair.
But… why they only dresses her like a boy?

JM on

I was going to say the same thing. She always is dressed like a boy! But I guess that’s just the families style.

sam on

I agree in this picture she is dressed like a boy but in previous pics they have had her in girly clothes with strawberries on them. They dont always just her like a boy.

Mom2boys on

I love this whole family. I think Sadie is a real doll, and Adam seems head over heels in love with his daughter.

But the boyish dressing is puzzling. Jackie seems so feminine. If I had pics of myself dressed like that when I was a kid, I would be pretty peeved at my parents.

But they do seem like great parents, and Sadie does seem so happy, so the clothes are of no importance in the grand scheme of things anyways.

Ms.B on

If they combed her hair she’d look more girly. Cute shoes though…

Ara on

As for how she’s dressed, who knows? Maybe Sadie Sandler is a lot like I was when I was little — always climbing, tumbling, and jumping — in other words — always having my dreses over my head! My dad used to run after my mom and call, “Caroline, put that girl in some PANTS!”

Bancie1031 on

Why do we ALWAYS have to turn to the conversation of how Jackie and Adam dress Sadie?

Bancie1031 on

OH Yeah I forgot I hope that they have a little boy this time 😀

Erica on

I love that Sadie’s not always dressed in the frilly pinks and pastels. Her wardrobe is totally tomboy-cute but still feminine. To be honest I vastly prefer this style to the way Marcia Cross dresses her girls (although they would look adorable in anything!)

brooke on

she looks just like adam

Bancie1031 on

See everyone says that Sadie looks just like Adam but I disagree, I think she looks just like Jackie with Adam’s eyes.
Ms.B – with curly hair children brushing their hair doesn’t work, my daughter has curly hair and you could brush it and 10 minutes later not even be able to tell.
I like the fact that Sadie doesn’t look like every other celebrity little girl, she has her own style and look and it just suits her.

Ms.B on

Brancie1031…I’m not talking about just brushing her hair. When I said comb, I meant actually styling the hair. She’d be cute in ponytails or something and they’d stay in place…But then again, celebrities don’t believe in combing their children’s hair right? Let’s see…Adam’s wife? Nope! Angelina? I don’t think she even knows how to use a comb or brush!

mom2foxkids on

I dressed my daughter like a boy sometimes until I had her brother 🙂 lol…
She was only 15 months old when he was born, and totally bald, but then she started wearing frilly dresses and stuff, she wont leave the house now in anything but a pink dress, thank goodness I have about a gazzilion of them!

Stephany on

Gosh, Adam’s mini-me! I like the way she dresses, actually. I think it’s more her personal style than anything. Adam’s very laid-back and casual so I can’t see him dressing his daughter in frilly dresses, y’know? (Even though Jackie dresses pretty feminine). I think she’s such a replica of Adam and so, so cute!

Anne on

Ms. B….if I had a nickel for everytime my daughter pulled her pigtails or hairclips out, I’d be rich. Children are children. My daughter is always dressed neatly, with her face wiped and clean hair…but neat, perfectly in place hair? That’s a bit much to ask for most 2 year olds!

Nireen on

Are the posts that talk about Sadie being not very cute just not being posted?
I’m sorry to sounds like a horrible mean ****ch, but I think she is a “odd looking little duck” as my nan would say.
I cannot be the only one to think this.

Stephanie on

I just think the way they dress her is strange. I have two little girls and enjoy dressing them in girly clothes. I’m not talking frilly dresses, just clothes that were made for girls that look adorable. As a mom of daughters, I can’t imagine putting them in boy shoes and a jersey and black pants and leaving their hair all scraggly. It’s not like this is a one time thing… I’ve seen countless pictures of Sadie Sandler dressed like a boy. It’s very odd. I have no doubt that Adam and Jackie are great parents, so I just don’t get it.

CelebBabyLover on

Anne- Good point! Angelina actually said in an interview about a year ago that, whenever they try to style Zahara’s hair with hairclips, ponytails, and the like, Z just pulls everything out right away! That’s why we almost never see her with styled hair!

Shiloh may very well be the same way, and she also seems to have fine, wispy hair. That type of hair often gets the “flyaway” look, as it blows easily in the breeze.

Also, some people have hair that simply does what it wants! My (very thick!) hair used to be that way before I started letting it grow out (which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!).

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that perhaps Sadie WANTS to dress like a boy. I know a girl who, when she was Sadie’s age, absolutly refused to wear dresses or anything girly! She much prefered “boy clothes”.

Now that she is older, she’s fine with wearing girly stuff. It’s possible that Sadie will grow to like wearing girly stuff, too. I believe that was actually the case with Zahara Jolie-Pitt. For most of last year, she was usually seen wearing very boyish clothes.

This year, however, she has been wearing more girly clothes…and a lot of pink! 🙂

Amanda on

Stephanie, what does the way a couple dress their child have to do with whether or not they are good parents? And isn’t toddlerhood a little young to be placing gender stereotypes and roles onto children? My nephew, who is five, loves to wear nail polish on his fingers and toes, and my sister indulges him. She figures he can express himself however he wants. And my sister is far from being a bad parent for not dressing her children in a way that some people might not consider “appropriate,” just because she doesn’t insist that my niece wear frilly dresses and that my nephew doesn’t have trucks and bulldozers on all his shirts. Do any of you remember this controversy when Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born? On the cover of People, Shiloh was wearing what some people thought to be a t-shirt that was “boyish.” Who cares? If it doesn’t bother the parents, or the children, why do some people who aren’t even involved in the situation even concerned about it at all? Sorry, all of this just puzzles me.

And no, wearing nail polish won’t make my nephew gay. He either is, or he isn’t. I just wanted to put that out there before it was inevitably brought up that it could “sexually confuse” him.

brannon on

My son likes nailpolish too 🙂 Who ever said it was just for girls? He also likes pink and rocks pink converse to school. I hate gender stereotypes – we spent so many years telling girls they could do anything boys could do and now we want to take it back? Why can’t kids just be kids?

Bancie1031 on

what I don’t understand is how come someone is either complaining because a parent dresses their daughter in too many dresses or not enough.