What to Look For: Diaper Bags

09/16/2008 at 01:45 PM ET
Alastair Macpherson/Splash News Online – Mary-Louise Parker with daughter Ash and Fleurville’s Mothership

Diaper bags used to be utilitarian but now they’re a fashionstatement in and of themselves. I just returned from The ABC Kids Expo,a maternity/baby/kid gear tradeshow, where the trends point more andmore to diaper bag as glorified purse. So why not just use a purse ortote bag? There’s no reason you can’t (many moms do), but you may findthat a diaper bag has the pockets and features that are more suited tototing specifics for baby.

Like strollers, you’ll find that your needs change so be prepared tothat this first diaper bag purchase is not your last! In the beginning,you’ll feel like you need to bring everything but the kitchen sinkbecause small babies require a lot of stuff on the go: diaper changingstuff like diapers, wipes, a changing pad, cream, etc., a change ofclothes, burp cloth, and for bottlefed babies, bottles, formula orbreastmilk, and all of the accompanying acoutrements. As they getolder, they require different stuff- solid food and sippy cups willreplace the bottles and pacifiers. 

Before you register for or buy that diaper bag, read our What To Look For guide on choosing a diaper bag.

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