Harlow Madden is Hitting Milestones, Ignoring Paparazzi

09/16/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
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After welcoming their daughter Harlow Winter Kate eight months ago, proud parents Joel Madden and Nicole Richie shared in an interview with Extra that their little girl has already hit some major milestones. A bit nostalgic, Nicole says they "don’t have to burp her anymore," but are busy as ever with Harlow "pulling herself up standing" and recently learning her first words! According to Joel, 29, the baby girl is quick to say ‘Dada’ "when she wants to play [and] wants to laugh," and calls out for ‘Mama’ for "everything else." Already a social butterfly, Harlow is the first to wave "when we walk into a place."

Both Nicole and Joel — having been in the spotlight for years themselves — are well aware that there is big interest in their little girl, with paparazzi following them everywhere. With the idea that the parents don’t want to "send the message to [Harlow] that there are bad people around her everyday," their goal, when faced with flashing cameras, is to simply "ignore it because we don’t want her to get freaked out." While Nicole admits that when Harlow was younger, it was easy to keep the paparazzi at bay by putting her "in the infant seat and [covering] her," she realizes that that is no longer the case. "She’s eight months now. She definitely knows something’s going on." Nicole, 26, goes on to say,

"She wants to experience life and as a mother, that’s what’s important."

Nicole and Joel — who when faced with the question of more children reveal "if it happens, it happens" — are currently spreading the word about the Richie-Madden Foundation’s first big project. By having people text CHILD to 90999 to donate $5, the couple hope to build a playground at a low-income housing development in Los Angeles.

Source: Extra

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dannie on

I’m glad Nicole and Joel continue to donate their time and money to their charity, they are truly a good example for young couples. I just hope that Nicole holds off on having more children until at least Joel proposes, because you know what they say, why buy the cow……

Rebecca on

I don’t understand why they don’t just give the money for the playground themselves.

Brandi on

They are donating money, but they want to help others get involved too. When you click where it says spreading the word, there is a quote from Nicole that says, “We hope our support will shine a spotlight on important issues facing children and will inspire and educate the public, especially young people, to get involved, too. We want to do more than write checks.” I think that’s a good thing.

And too cute about Harlow pulling herself up already! I agree with their approach to the paparazzi.

MB on

Yah I like they aren’t just giving all the money. I’m sure that if enough money isn’t raised they will cover everything. But, I think it’s wonderful that celebrities are trying to get everyone else involved, and in a way that is simple and inexpensive.

bren on

I love them! They have given so much money and items to charity that I agree with the other two ladies, why should they be the only ones? I find it interesting that we are all ready to point a finger at celebs and say why don’t they give more they make so much but I can see a very poor person in another country with nothing thinking wow you make 23,000 a year? You could give away so much of it and still live (we know here its hard to live on that in some areas) but to people who don’t understand the actual amount of money people make or spend or give its hard to understand maybe. Not trying to put down the first comment I just always thought that way. If they can give away thousands why can’t we give away 5 dollars?

Rebecca on

It’s really weird to me for them to ask people to donate to their foundation when they live so much better than everyone else. It’s hard to explain, I guess if they wanted to “shine a spotlight on important issues” they could do their activism, and talk about people getting involved in their own community. Instead of so many people across the country helping to better a low income community in LA, why not get together in their own communities to help better their world? I think community service should start at home.

Stephanie on

Rebecca, what’s wrong with doing both? Is it impossible to better your own community while helping another? Let me ask you: have you ever purchased girl scout cookies? Put money in a collection plate at church? How about dropping your change into those jars you see on the counters at stores? Dropped off a toy for Toys for Tots? How about taken clothes to a Goodwill? All of those things exist because somebody started a cause to better a community – and not just their own. Civic responsibility isn’t just up to the rich because they make more money. It belongs to all of us. Cities hit by hurricanes aren’t left to fend for themselves, and neither should impoverished communities be. I think it’s wonderful that Nicole and Joel are using their celebrity to bring awareness to a cause that matters to them.

Rebecca on

Pretty much all the examples that you listed better the local community (except for maybe Good Will.) Giving money to those organizations better my local community.

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca- Not neccesarily. For examplee: As the daughter of a minister, I can tell you that, while most of the money that gets put in the collection plate on Sunday does get used to help pay for various projects having to do with that specific church, not all of it does.

Most churches give at least some of the money recieved on Sundays to various charity organizations, most of which benefit lots of communities, and sometimes even other countries.