Infanta Leonor's First Day of School!

09/15/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

Infanta Leonor of Spain, who turns 3 next month, posed at a photocall for her first day of nursery school in Madrid on Monday. Accompanied by her parents Felipe, Prince of Asturias and his wife Princess Letizia, Leonor waved and smiled for photographers before heading inside.

Thanks to CBB reader Christine.

Click ‘More’ for a photo of Leonor kissing her father goodbye!


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Jo Ann v. on

I love this royal family ! ♥

brannon on

She is so so sweet! (I miss all the comments😦 Where has everybody been?)

Gemma on

She’s the spitting image of her grandmother.

zub on

She is way too young to be in the school system & wearing a school uniform … I can understand placing yr 3yr old in daycare (not even pre-school) for a couple of hours a day to learn to socialise with other kids. My daughter who is turning 6 in December is starting Grade R in January 2009. She knows & writes the alphabet & numbers, can read up to 5 letter words, has a vast vocab, etc. She learned this in a stress/pressure-free environment at home. Kids should be allowed to be carefree, not be rushed.

Lola on

I think it’s amazing how self-possessed this little girl is

Kim on

Why do they wear uniforms to preschool at age 3 ????

DLR on

omg, so cute! the schooling system in europe is vastly different than the usa and canada, and i quite like it! her school uniform is so cute, and it really puts everyone on the same level from day one–no fuss, no muss, no arguments over what to wear!

La Petite Belle on

I love this family, especially Letizia, she is so classy and gorgeous!

Valeria Rodriguez on

Hi Im from Venezuela and usually in south america and europe kids start school at the age of 3, its a common thing in here and you where the same uniform you are wearing until you graduate the only thing that changes is the color of the shirt!

Sarah on

zub, your system may have worked for your daughter, but it’s not for everyone. nursery school as age three is pretty normal. besides, she seems so happy to be going to school (she actually started last year) and socializing is a very important part of development. it’s just nursery school so it’s probably not very stressful.

and, school uniforms are quite common in european countries (as well as many other countries), even in public schools. her uniform is adorable!

Eileen on

3 isn’t too young to start school. My son was 3 because he has a December birthday and Junior Kindergarten starts the year you turn 4 here. He would have welcomed it a year earlier since his sister was 3 years ahead of him and he wanted to go on the “big kid bus”. on

sorry, but…that is one butt-ugly kid

Veroncia on

I live right here in the good old USA, and my now 5 year old has been in a faith-based school since three AND has wore a uniform the entire time. She is nothing but care-free, free-spirited, respectable, intelligent, and happy. Zub, what is acceptable and good for you and your family is not what is good and acceptable for all. Stop judging.

Vanessa on

I think that is the most beautiful child next to my own of course🙂

terri on

Actually she’s still 2, she’ll turn 3 next month.

Jennifer on

I love this royal family!

Leonor is a beautiful little girl – such a little angel! And those blue eyes are just gorgeous!🙂

Molly on

Zub, i dont think there is too much pressure. SHe is going to what we would call here kindergarten or preschool and its only for two hours a day twice a week. How is that a pressure? Its not like they are sitting straight behind the desk and learn to math, history, chemistry and geography. THey run around, play with others and to socialieze with other kids you couldnt teach your child alone

Noel on

Leonor is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL but I think little Elisabeth (The future Queen of Belgium) IS THE MOST beautiful little Princess in the whole world….
She and Clementine ( Claudia Schiffer’s daughter) are my favourite angelic tots !!!

Leonor is utterly pretty too (just NOT in this photo) but it seems like her darling curls are slowly becoming straight and smooth :0(

Letizia is STUNNING AND SKINNY ..I don’t know how that woman maintains her figure…I mean she is a mother of TWO kids !!! MAGIC

Maria on

She wears a uniform, becouse she going to the private school very prestigious in Madrid.

Leonor is so cute, I love her

Lilybett on

I think it’s actually nice that even though she’s princess she gets to be the same as everyone else at school.

I think uniforms are a great equaliser and am very glad we have them for public and private schools here in Australia. You don’t need to be in your own clothes to be carefree, spirited and creative. I think the pressure to have nice clothes or the ‘right’ clothes can, in some cases, actually stifle all those things.

Rosy J on

Is she cute or what? That good-by kiss for papa is sooo touching.

Dounia on

Zub, Spanish kids always start school the year they turn 3

*KP* on

In response to Zub who posted earlier. I disagree that 3 is too young to be starting ‘school’ and wearing school uniform. I live in England and it is common for children to start ‘preschool/ nursery school’ at this age. My daughter started just after her third birthday. It did her good to mix with other children her age every day. Although school uniform at her nursery wasn’t mandatory nearly all the parents chose to send there children in uniform. When the time came for her to move up to ‘big school’ at five she was well prepared and knew exactly what to expect and we had no problems. On a side note, i can’t imagine what the added pressure of having to pose for a photocall on such a big important day must feel like for both the child and her mother…

Liv on

I agree with zub. I can understand going to a daycare of sort for a few hours a few days a week to socialize. But kids have the rest of there childhood to go to school so why start so early. Although It seems to be more common in other countries. Those years they would just be learning simple things that they could learn for yourself or a regular cener.

cari h on

That little girl is simply gorgeous! What a great gene combo. She looks like a princess.

World Citizen on

We live in Spain (Mallorca), and it is mandatory that children enroll in school at age 3 (Infantil 3). This is quite normal. As an American living in Spain, I love the idea of uniforms (I have 2 girls, who even at age 3 and 4 had opinions on what they wanted to wear, so this made…and still makes… getting ready in the morning a breeze).In today´s society, too much emphasis is placed on clothes, bling-bling, etc., and kids start this so so young. It is nice to escape it 5 days a week when they go to school :-)!


I too live in the UK and it’s def normal here to start school at 3 and the uniform is mandatory in my area but it’s very casual (sweat pants and a polo shirt usually with a sweater with the school logo). Actually my nephew won’t be 3 until January and he has already stared nursery just a few weeks ago…he loves it and he’s not stressed or pressured, he’s usually just falling of his feet with tiredness from all the playing and learning lol!!

bego on

excuse me gemma, I’m a spanish girl, I’m 17, and it’s not a nursery school is pre-school, in spain the esducation starts at 3 years old, is not compulsory, but it’s part of the education, at 4 the kids learn to write and read, I think is better to start at this age and not at 6.

ll65 on

Love little Leonor.

SJ on

Has anyone noticed how nearly every discussion accompanying photos is of something totally unrelated to the pictures.

Halle Berry’s baby should wear a sunhat.

Marcia Cross’ twins should have a double buggy.

This child shouldn’t be in school so young.

Puts you off posting any comments.

Kerri on

I live in the US and I started preschool just before I turned 3 (September birthday). I had 2 years of pre-school before kindergarten and I really liked it, actually. Before kindergarten they only kept us for a half-day, though. I never found it too structured…a lot of kids have nursery school or pre-school at 3. I think it’s a nice adjustment into grade school.

I wonder if they have any difficulty with kids that young wearing uniforms? That’s definitely the age where I could still see kids throwing a tantrum over their outfit!

EM on

Like so many others have said this little girl (and royal family) are gorgeous.

For some reason Leonor’s personality, and looks, remind me of a young Shirley Temple!

SH on

I can agree with zub when she says kids grow up so fast and they’re so young to be at school at 3. BUT, Zub, the thing you have to remember is that they’re only at school for probably 6 to 8 hours a week at the MOST. The rest of the time they’re at home resting, playing, learning from mom and dad, doing what they want, being a kid, etc…

Dounia on

BTW, regarding the uniform, little Leonor is wearing one because she goes to a private school, but Spanish public schools don’t have uniforms.
However, in order to prevent undesirable stains on their regular clothes, preschool kids use to wear an overall like this one:

Tiffany on

I started pre-school at 3 her in the US – and wore a uniform too. didn’t realize it was that uncommon. I plan to do the same for my own children, because I really loved it!

Guadalupe De Lara-Torres de Rodriguez on

It is not too early Zub to enroll a child in school or daycare. I work in CA’s school system and was part of it. Your child should be reading the entire or at least half of the abc’s by now. Young children need to socialize and learn to get along with others and that is what will happen to the FUTURE QUEEN OF SPAIN, Princess Leonor. She needs to socialize with her people, and what better way than to go to school. Princess Leonor is beautiful, she looks so much like her father when he was a young boy.

martiandoll on

I just love the picture of little Leonor giving her Dad a kiss while Mom proudly looks on. Priceless. This little girl is a dynamo. I wish we can also see her sister Sofia.😀

I don’t think at Leonor’s age, “school” means reading, writing, and doing Math. So it’s not too early for her to start, I think at the most she plays and socializes with the other children.

bitterxwife on

Never heard of these people.

MGB on

Well, I’m from Mexico and here all public and private schools wear uniforms until highschool, kindergarten begins at 3.

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