Donald Trump Determined to Raise Successful, Respectful Kids

09/15/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
Bryan Bedder/Getty

Despite being the CEO of his real estate company, Trump Organization, and executive producer of the hit reality show, The Apprentice, businessman Donald Trump is equally determined to raise his five children — Donald Jr., 30, Ivanka, 26, Eric, 24, Tiffany, 14, and Barron William, 2 — to be successful, responsible, and caring adults. While having extremely wealthy parents might be an easy opportunity for kids to become overindulged, the 62-year-old entrepreneur says he refuses to be a dad to spoiled, selfish children who only make headlines for their wrongdoings. From advising parents to tell their kids they are "exceptional, so exceptional results are expected" to "stressing the importance of education, it’s the foundation for success," in a new interview with MomLogic, Donald shares his tips he has used over the years when it comes to raising his children.

"Be an example. Children watch — and they will emulate what they see. Set the standard high. Challenge is good, and accomplishment creates healthy self-respect. [And] exhibit a sense of community through participation and philanthropy. Giving back is a great reward."

Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are Donald’s children with ex-wife Ivana Trump, Tiffany is his daughter with ex-wife Marla Maples, and Barron is his only child with wife Melania Knauss Trump.

Source: MomLogic

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MB on

I’m not a huge fan of his, but I do think he and the children’s mothers have done a pretty good job of raising their children. At least, you never hear about his kids out drunk driving or getting in fights or anything like that, which is a lot more than other celeb parents can say.

I also like his quote about exceptional kids/exceptional rules🙂

Patterson on

I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure he isn’t THAT hands on with raising his children. And as far as I can tell, his childish feud with Rosie O-Donnell did NOT reflect the idea of respect or maturity. And philanthropy? Excuse me? This is THE Donald Trump, real estate mogul right?

r9lee on

i’m sure he sets a great example for his children. however, i would congratulate the mothers just a little bit more!

steph on

I was thinking the same thing, I dont think he has much on raising but instead we should congratulate the mothers.


sarawara on

To the contrary, both Melania and Ivana (as well as his grown children) have commented that he is a wonderful father. Ivana has always said he wasn’t the best husband, but he is a great dad. Marla says the same thing.

Whether you like him or not personally, there is no denying his children are very focused, polite, successful and not in the tabloids or rehab. If his own children accredit their happiness and success to him and their mothers, then so do I.

brooke on

Yea the mothers have done some work, but just because some people don’t like him it’s not fair to say he hasn’t done much or anything, we don’t know that, only his kids abd ex wives know the truth. And I’ve seen Ivanka and donald jr say although their dad wasn’t the traditional dad to take you to soccer, he was a business man making money anyway you slice it, but donad jr and ivanka have both said he was very hands on, made them feel loved, and taught them values. Ivanka was speaking highly of him on the conan o brien show a few months ago. His ex wives said he is a good dad too. I see a lot of pics of him with his older children and tiffany too, so just because some don’t like his personality it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a caring or loving dad. I’m sure there’s a lot of celebrities that are annoying to the public, but still good parents, one thing doesn’t have to do with the other.

Kelly on

I have to agree: he doesn’t seem the most personable, but you can’t deny that his kids are really turning out well (no matter to whom you give the credit).

I’m always amazed at the poise that Ivanka has at such a young age…kudos

Suzanne on

I think Donald needs to follow some of his own advice, I don’t think getting into a public tiff with Rosie O’Donnell and calling her a fat pig is the kind of behavior he would (or should) want his children to emulate. And really, Donald’s hardly known for his philanthropy. His kids might be better off emulating the likes of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, billionaires who’ve decided to use their wealth to make a real difference in the world.

Rebecca on

With as lawsuit happy as he is, do you really think Ivana and Marla would say he was anything other than a good father, even if he wasn’t?

hollyhobby on

Bill Gates? The same guy who is against capitalism AFTER he made his billions by crushing any competitor who dared to be innovative and threaten Microsoft? Please, giving away his money is just a sneaky way to force people to treat him like he’s a nice guy when he’s just as much of a shark as Trump. Don’t just believe what you read in your fluff mags, Suzanne. Do some research before you hold someone up as a great man. And don’t get me started about Buffet, a man who makes his money by screwing over the families of dead small business owners. Whatever. Donald Trump is no saint, but at least he expected his kids not to be spoiled brats unlike most rich people who think it’s cute.

SH on

Rebecca, I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure Marla and Ivana are getting cuts of his money for one reason or another…and if they started bad mouthing him in public he could pull the rug out from under them really quick.

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