Cindy Crawford and Her Beach Babies

09/15/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Supermodel Cindy Crawford struck a surfside pose with kids Kaia Jordan, 7, and Presley Walker, 9, at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sunday. Dad is restaurateur Rande Gerber. Cindy, 42, handed out awards to the athletes at the completion of the race.

Among the triathletes? Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, and husband and wife Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy.

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phoebe on

This family is impossibly gorgeous. So gorgeous, that it should be illegal!

babyT on

Two beautiful little girls! The boy has such feminine features, that long layered haircut makes him look like a girl!

Ivey on

Kids are adorable as usual, looks like Cindy has dabbled with some botox, damn shame she was gorgeous without it.

EM on

It is really amazing how much they both look like their mother. They are also extremely photogenic and seem to like being photographed.

Bren on

OMG these kids are gorgeous!! They look just like Cindy IMO

brooke on

My god cindy is stunning, it’s like even at 42 she hasn’t aged at all since all her years modeling. Her kids are just as gorgeous as their mom, both of them are mini cindy’s execpt her son has very blonde hair. But his features are just like her, as well as his mole. Her daughter looks like a model already, she has cindy’s features and complexion and is tall too. Beautiful family she has.

DLR on

I was just thinking Presley looks just like his father and Kaia looks just like Cindy. They’re two of the most gorgrous children I’ve seen around CBB!

Michelle Z. on

Does Presley have a birthmark on his lip, too?

irene on

It’s amazing how much Presley looks like Cindy…right down to the mole but with his dad’s eyes, and Kaia looks like her dad with Cindy’s eyes. Gorgeous kids!

Allison on

Those kids are gorgeous! Does anyone else think Kaia looks like an older version of Coco Arquette?

t. on

That little girl is going to break SO many hearts!!

Laura on

it is just amazing how much presely looks like cindy

Natalie S. on

Always looking beautiful, all of them!

Natasha on

I actually think they both look more like Cindy but especially Kaia! I do see more of a boyish look to Presley than Kaia and I think he has his Dad’s face.

Dana on

Her daughter kind of reminds me a young Alyssa Milano. Eveyone in that family is so gorgeous.



jordyn on

could this family get any more perfect?! i can totally see both these children being models or something. They are going to be quite the heartbreakers when they are older!

Jane on

Wow – talk about a gorgeous family!

Cassandra on

I really cannot wait to see these two kids in 10 years, they’re already both so gorgeous.

KC on

The kids are indeed gorgeous, but the mom has had A LOT OF WORK DONE, so don’t give HER the credit…give it to her doctors!! Look back at her ads (I think they were with Ellen Tracy or some low end line) right after she had one of her children and was doing colonics and her face was sunken in, wrinkled and she looked 60 years old at the time because she probably couldn’t get work done because she was breast feeding! Thank god for fillers, botox and LA plastic surgeons! But then again her husband chases after younger women so she has no choice! I just wish she would go away with dignity instead of trying to stay in the public eye at any cost…ie even when it means trying to sell makeup products (which have bombed) and now home furnishings (which will bomb, because no one knows who she is anymore)! Cindy, stop living in the past. You had your 10 minutes of fame…move on and let your children
be the focus like they should be!

Laura on

dana- you are right i can so see a young alyssa milano with cindys daughter

carrie on

Gorgeous kids. The son is the spitting image of Cindy down to the mole??? Stunning.

lulu on

Cindy gets more stunning the older she gets. And her kids are beyond gorgeous. I think that Cindy & her husband kind of look alike, same fine even features, which is why the kids look so much like them.

Presley does indeed have a beauty mark over his lip like mom. I love his long hair.

He is going to be a HEART BREAKER when he gets older. And Kaia is so amazingly pretty.

Hopefully they are as pretty on the inside. Cindy seems very nice & normal so I am guessing yes.

I agree that Kaia looks like an older Coco A. & a younger Alssya M.

Stunning family.