Rebecca Romijn Debuts Her Bump!

09/12/2008 at 09:30 AM ET

In her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy, Rebecca Romijn was all smiles as she joined friends for lunch at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Rebecca, 35, and husband Jerry O’Connell — who recently joked that his wife was huge, then apologized! — expect their fraternal twin daughters in January.

Click ‘More’ for another photo of Rebecca!


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tan on

Awww look at her!This one person I wondered when she was going to become a mommy.

Brittany on

She’s only 5-6 months?

Brandi on

She looks wonderful and only big in the belly. She looks right on target for twins. Gorgeous! I was hoping we’d see her soon.

Christa on

She is big considering she isn’t due until January. A friend of mine is due at Thanksgiving with twins and she isn’t that big yet.

Sadie on

Oh my gosh she’s gotten so big! She looks amazing though, definitely all belly! She barely looks pregnant in the 2nd picture!

LisaS1968 on

Oh my goodness! Did she ever get big quick! I can’t believe she has 3-4 months left yet…

Mirabai on

But she is huge! Big is indeed beautiful!

Althea on

She looks beautiful and happy, pregnancy really agrees with her!

Bare in mind that she’s wearing a floral print shirt and prints tend to add size to one’s shape😉 I think if we see her in another shirt/dress, her actual belly size will be more clear!

Ashley on

I swear she grew overnight, because the Ugly Betty pictures were a couple of weeks after their late July announcement of being pregnant and she hardly had a belly!

Danielle on

Oh yay, I’ve been dying to see her baby bump!!! She is a beautiful mother to be, and all belly for sure.

Shelby on

I agree with the other commenters–she is huge, but only in the belly, and she’s carrying twins–what would you expect?

yogadaisy on

Wow, she is quite big already. I can’t believe she still has another 4 months to go. She’s going to be so uncomfortable, poor thing.

Remember how big J-Lo was towards the end? I bet that will be how Rebecca looks. And I’m sure she’ll bounce right back to her old slim shape just like J-Lo did!

Kim on

So i guess Jerry O’Connell WAS right….she is getting huge!!

Marilyn on

I wonder if she’ll have the twins in December since twins usually come early and she’s fairly big already. She looks cute pregnant!

Melissa on

Wow!! No wonder Jerry said she was huge. But looks beautiful and IS mostly belly! Awww… so glad we got to see her belly!!

Brooke on

No way is she due in January. She will have those babies by Thanksgiving….I think it is the press throwing us off…

chevjuls on

She look fabulous, she is going to be lovey mom. Good luck to her and her husband.

Robin on

Remember she’s a petite gal, and just her belly is getting big. So it looks “huge” sorry Rebecca, on her. She’ll get bigger, but HEY, it’s twins…Be happy! They are such a cute couple. I love Jerry and I love Rebecca. So happy they’ve found each other and now two blessings. Wondrous!

Chicki on

Goodness what’s so wrong with a woman looking “huge” while she carrying two children?! If I were Jerry, I wouldn’t bow to pressure and apologize publicly – as long as she looks good, who cares? For her to stay out of the public eye until now means she’s either been too ill, or she’s incredibly vain! Anyway, I wish her luck – she’ll be over all of it soon enough🙂

Hannah on

She is HUGE! Jerry was right.

I’m currently pregnant with no. 2 and I kinda like it when my husband refers to be as huge. I love being pregnant…big ole belly and all. Being huge is part of it. Huge doesn’t have to be bad. My husband tells me that I am the only woman in the world that can make huge look sexy and beautiful. Ya…I love him…A LOT!

Kay on

At first I thought she looked huge but remember the wind is blowing her dress so she is not that big when you think about it. She looks radiant. I am happy for her. She always wanted a baby.

Shannon on

It could also be the wind blowing her shirt a little causing her to look a little bigger.

The Nanny on

I was coming to say what Shannon did–I think in the 1st picture the wind blew the shirt out. I don’t think she’d be so perfectly round and SO low this early in the pregnancy. Especially since in the 2nd picture her belly looks much flatter.

Anyway, she does look gorgeous and I can’t wait to find out what she’s naming the babies!

anonymous on

Robin, I have to laugh. I know that Rebecca is slim, but she’s also 5’11”. She may be described a lot of ways, but definitely not petite! Her height does explain why she looks so great carrying twins.

JM on

Jerry is right. No easy way to put it she’s HUGE!! But beautiful. Wow 4 more months to grow….I feel for her!!

According to Jerry she likes the name Dolly after Dolly Parton and he gets to name the other twin. Someone on Regis and Kelly suggested Dolly and Madison and he joked Dolly and Llama!

Shelly on

She looks great. She is not petit though. Remember she was a model before becoming and actress.She is 5’10 or 5’11.

ashley on

Her belly is huge! So I can see why her husband said that but the rest of her looks great..I just had a baby last month and I was half that size I cant imagine having had twins. God bless her!

lorelei on

I think she just looks beautiful. Comparing bump size, whether single baby or twins or more, doesn’t seem quite right to me since everyone carries differently and even every one of my three pregnancies I had a different size bump. Wishing her and Jerry a happy rest of pregnancy (whenever it may end), a safe delivery and beautiful, healthy babies. Congratulations!

Sam on

WOW for being 5 months pregnant with twins Rebecca looks GORGEOUS!!! Her husband was so joking when he called her huge people are making WAY too big a deal out of that comment. CONGRATS on the twins Rebecca and Jerry!!!!

Amy on

i don’t understand why she left John Stamos because she didn’t want to have children then she got married and immediatly pregnant with someone else?? don’t understand it!!

Bancie1031 on

omgosh look at the first sight of a baby bump ….. well not exactly a bump but a belly. She looks great.

Molly on

She looks gorgeous.

jsp81355 on

She is so beautiful that it doesn’t matter what she has on or how big her belly is – she still looks gorgeous! I wish she and her husband two beautiful, happy, healthy precious babies and a lifetime of love and a lot of laughs (that goes without saying!)

trl on

I love Rebecca she looks great! I wish her and Jerry the best of luck!

I-dra on

no pregnant woman likes to hear how big she’s gotten, but it is oddly reassuring to know that your baby is healthy. i once heard a woman remark “oh, you look beautiful & your baby has gotten so big!” which is more accurate, since it is not so much about how the woman has grown as it is about the baby growing. every woman likes to hear that she is beautiful, no matter how large the baby inside her has become. congratulations, rebecca!

Stephanie on

I had twins last January but was due in Feb. and I wasn’t that big until November. So I think she will def. go early or they will be some big babies!!

kelpy on

If I had to put money on it – I would say Rebecca will hit the 42 week mark in Jan but her edd is this year sometime….and with twins well usually they are earlier so a late Nov birth date would be my vote!

When I was pg I never gave away my exact edd, I would add on 2 weeks and tell people that date instead.
Hey it sure beats answering daily labour questions by family and friends (mainly family!) once you’ve passed your due date. And at 42 weeks I knew my babies would have arrived by then.
Worked a charm for me🙂
I would have thought that smart (or dare I say) ‘sneaky’ celebs would do the same!

fay on

i think she looks very pretty… but no one can accuse him of being a liar… lol

bethany on

Wow, she looks full-term. Good call, Kelpy, on the possible fake-out. She looks so happy and excited:)

grace on

i checked out the pics on pop sugar, they have a few more posted and she doesn’t look quite as big in those! i think it was the wind or something, but i agree i think it will be december. i once read that she’s 5’11 and a size 8, so i wouldn’t call her petite! she looks happy and healthy and that’s all that matters:)

MB on

I think she looks great! Women’s bellies grow at diff. rates. I have gotten big quickly and then my growth has tapered off. She could be the same way. And I don’t think she looks the large. I bet she’s right on track for an early Jan. due date🙂

kelly on

She looks great. There’s no way she’s making it to January, though.


Wow I haven’t seen a picture of her except one after they announced the pregnancy. She wasn’t really noticably pregnant and now it’s like BAM. Lookit those pregnancy lips! …she truely is glowing and looks healthy and happy. I’m happy for them.

That shirt is…oh god. She should know better lol


I just saw the same photos on popsugar and that def is wind!…she isn’t nearly as big as she appears in that photo. There’s a photo with the shirt tight against the tummy and she’s way smaller.

Photo here:,4,0&show=large

Jen on

She is a ‘smaller’ waisted woman, and I’m not sure what she looks like from behind, but it does appear all the weight is in the front (most likely due to her having a longer torso). I would not be surprised if she has bed rest at the end of the pregnancy. Is she due in January, I don’t know, but it could very well be beginning of Jan. which would mean the babies come out in November/December. She’ll only get bigger in the months to come! She reminds me of Angelina at this stage, or thereabouts.

emily on

Petite?!? I can’t believe someone would say that about Rebecca Romijn. She’s an Amazon woman. I believe she’s about 6 feet tall. I think I remember a quote where she said that she was about 6’3″ in heels. So she could be just under 6 feet. But seriously, I’ve dated guys who were smaller than her. I think Jerry O’Connell is 6’4″, so it balances out.

Max'sMom on

Thanks Ericka for that link for further pictures.

She definitely looks smaller although I must say that her choice of shirt is not a great one.

Pregnant, I prefered solid colors & fitted tops. IMO

Jocelyn on

She looks awesome! Everyone carries differently and people need to stop obsessing about weight gain during pregnancy!! Congrats to her and her husband…I think they will be great parents.

Michelle on

She looks beautiful!!! I also had twins, and I always looked like I was 2 months further along than I was. I wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy and with your delivery.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- Good point! And speaking of Angie, everyone was convinced she was going to have Knox and Viv in June (not that the rumors about her delivering “Isla” and “Amelie” in late May helped matters any!). People also kept saying “No way she has until August!” (her costar Dustin Hoffman said her due date was August 19).

However, Knox and Viv were not born until July 12. Given that they’re twins, and the fact that Angie said she knew they’d be premature, the August due date (at least the month in general if not the exact date) more than likely WAS correct.

Therefore, Rebecca more than likely IS due in January, but will deliver in December.

All of that said…Does anyone know how it’s possible for them to know that the twins are fraternal? I thought it was impossible to tell the twin type of same-gender twins (obviously if it’s a boy-girl combo, you know they’re fraternal!) until delivery (at which time a DNA test can be performed)? A common myth is that, if the twins have seperate sacks and seperete placentas, they are fraternal, but identicals can also have seperate sacks and placentas.

Given Rebecca’s age, could it be possible that she had an amnio or CVS done and found out the twin type from that?

Colleen on

She looks so radiant. Someone mentioned on here they didn’t understand why she is carrying so low. I am 5′ 10″ and I carried all 3 of my kids low.

Loie on

I think Rebecca looks incredible..I had twins in early December with a mid Jan due date so she will probably deliver no later than 37 weeks which is term for twins. Multiples pregnancies are an incredible experience, four kicks, four punches, and of course two heartbeats. Congrats to Jerry and Rebecca, they will truly enjoy their double blessings!!

Bancie1031 on

She made it to the list of Celebrities that have twins ….. here is the link
what’s weird is Brad and Angie didn’t make the list

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – I’m not sure but I dont’ believe that even with Amnio (sp??) that they can tell if they babies are faternal or identical. I might be wrong but I thought that they had to wait until the babies were born then swab their cheeks …. like you said check the DNA.

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- I thought that was weird too…Until I took a closer look at the link. Part of the link reads “TVtwins”, which makes me think that the list is just of TV show actors and actresses who have had twins (such as Marcia Cross and Patrick Dempsey).

If that’s the case, being Angie and Brad are movie stars rather than TV stars, it makes sense that they aren’t on the list!

As for telling if twins are identical or fraternal…I always thought that, too! I’m guessing that Rebecca and Jerry don’t really know for sure. They are either mis-informed (i.e. think that twins with seperate sacks and placentas= fraternals) or are simply guessing.

Karisa on

Jerry O’Connell was on the Kevin and Bean Radio show here in LA on Tuesday morning and he was talking about his comment/apology and the fact that their babies are estimated to be about the size of 1 baby In-utero so it is VERY possible she really is already that big at 5 months or so. Pretty interesting stuff huh? So exciting for them. She is beautiful! I believe they are going to have big kids as both Rebecca and Jerry are tall.🙂

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – DUH how did I miss that! Sorry that was a oversight on my part, now that I went back and actually READ the link it does say TV Stars’ Wonder Twins explaining why Brad and Angie aren’t on it. I was also thinking how come Dennis Quaid’s twins aren’t on it either …… but now I understand lol.
But that is such a good picture of Rebecca Romijn.

Jilly on

She looks great! But i’m not too fond of that top.

Hope on

I think she looks great, and it’s obvious that the wind is blowing her shirt in the first picture. If you look at it, there are no wrinkles in the shirt, it’s pulled taut by the wind. When you look at the second photo, you can see that her shirt is hanging and definitely not pulled taut like in the first.

Secondly, you can determine by CVS or Amniocentesis if the twins are fraternal. Since identical twins have identical chromosomes, then if the CVS or amnio show two different sets of chromosomes, then they are fraternal twins.

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