Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber Show Off Callum Lyon!

09/12/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
Greg Gorman for use on CBB

Becoming parents — at 41 and 49, respectively — was a long time coming for Project Runway executive producer Desiree Gruber and actor Kyle MacLachlan. By the time son Callum Lyon was delivered by c-section on Friday, July 25th, the couple had been married six years, weathering miscarriages and Desiree’s thrombophilia in an effort to welcome a child.

Callum — whose first name was pulled from a baby book, while his middle comes from Desiree’s maternal grandfather — is now a "calm" 7-week-old with a "thoughtful, zen-like presence," says dad. "He’s not an obsessive crier," the Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City star explains, although that may be due to Kyle’s technique! "I’m a good swaddler. The secret is to use him like a rolling pin!"

Click ‘More’ to read about Kyle and Desiree’s decision to have a baby, how they feel about each other as parents, and the implications of being an older father.

On the decision to try for a baby:

K: "I felt we’d know it was right when it was right. And I suppose it’sa typically male thing, but I wanted to know I was going to have steadyemployment! It’s hard as an actor, but it’s important to me.

Desiree is younger. And it was never something that I felt compelledto do by a certain time. I never felt that my life was not completewithout a child. I don’t know if that as a younger man I’d have had afull appreciation for it."

On getting pregnant:

K: "We’d started working on it. Desiree had a couple of miscarriages so she was [seeing] a few specialists. She had thrombophilia— a tendency to form blood clots — and had to give herself aninjection of blood thinner every day. The journey to get her pregnancybecame an adventure. Then when she became pregnant, something a littledeeper was going on. Then it became a process of discovery. You havethis desire to say ‘hello’ to this little being … it’s like waitingfor Christmas."

On the delivery and becoming parents:

K: "He was delivered by c-section. I filmed it, and part of it is video of the floor! You just can’t believe it. He was beautiful. It’s almost like a new channel opens up. You’re looking at himgoing, ‘Wow this is something we created. This is life. It’s so perfect.’"

D: "There are times when we’re standing over his crib, waiting for him to wake up."

K: "I’ve become one of those annoying people encouraging others to doit! Marcia [Cross] used to say, ‘Kyle, it’s the most amazing thing.’ And you’relike, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m happy for you. Next!’ Then you see what they’reall saying. Becoming a parent expands you as a human being. I am havingthe most wonderful time. You’ve married, but the addition of a childstrengthens and deepens everything."

On sharing news of the birth with Desperate Housewives and Project Runway friends:

K: "Marcia was obviously thrilled because she had gone through theexperience of having twins. Everybody was really thrilled. Callum wasborn Friday July 25th and my costar Ricardo Chavira‘s daughter Belenwas born on Monday. I said, ‘Now we’ll be talking diapers and how toswaddle.’"

D: "They’ve all sent gifts. Amazing. Eva [Longoria Parker] sent flowers. Felicity [Huffman] sent a gift to me."

K: "She’s got her own line. She’s got a bolster for the neck fornight-feeding which is a really clever idea. It’s something she thoughtup and created."

D: "Heidi Klum is a very good friend. I was at the hospital for thebirths of two of her three kids, and I’ve learned a lot from her."

Kyle on Desiree as a mother:

K: "Amazing. She’s another person now. She’s a mom to this little man.He depends on her. I’m just the support system. It’s all about mom. Ijust love to see them together."

Desiree on Kyle as a father:

D: "If he says he is going to do something, he does it 100%. We waited along time. This was a big decision; I think we both knew what we weredoing. He’s become much more of a protector, wanting to be here andtake care of us."

K: "That’s true. It’s like suddenly the membrane that surrounds what isnow the family has become more important to me. I do feel like we’re ina little bubble."

On being a mother and working woman:

D: "I love what I do. I loved that my mom worked. I remember her cominghome very fulfilled and sharing with us all that she knew. I hope thatI can bring that to my son. I’m very lucky that I have my own company,so Callum has a crib on both coasts. He’s going to have a little bit ofa jetset life. He’ll be coming to the office and making executivedecisions!"

K: "When it becomes important for Callum to be in a place for school andsocializing, we’ll sit down and see what makes sense for Callum."

The implications of being an older father:

K: "I’m looking at Callum and thinking, I need to be more consistentabout taking care of myself. We’re going to be throwing baseballs so Iwant to be pretty healthy and active. When he’s 20, I’ll be 70 yearsold.

Looking at 70 from 49, I don’t see it slowing me down. Maybe I’llneed a nap during the day! I’m thinking when I’m 85 I’ll settle down abit. But I’m going to fight, kicking and screaming, every step of theway."

Source: PEOPLE, September 22nd issue; HELLO!, September 9th issue

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brooklyn on

Aww, very cute baby! He looks so precious! I love the name too =)

Heather on

What a sweet interview and an absolutely gorgeous baby boy! Callum is a cool name, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard it before.

Okay so I totally don’t mean this in a nasty way, lol, but I used to have trouble seeing past the characters Kyle played. I can’t remember his characters name in Sex In The City but it was weird and he bathed with his Mom or something odd haha but then as Orson on D.H. he runs down “Mike” with his car etc… he plays his characters too well haha. But I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on here and his interviews because it made me see he’s a really sweet guy and I could finally separate him from his characters and not find him creepy. Hopefully that made sense lol. I really did mean that as a compliment in my own way because again he’s a great actor and plays his characters well!

lilley on

Awww, what a nice interview, and Callum is adorable!!!

I’m 17, though, and I honestly can’t imagine my parents (or just my dad, I guess) pushing 70 years old. A boy in one of my classes was complaining that his dad was “old” (56!) the other day. At the same time, Kyle definitely seems to know the challenge he’s facing, and how to handle it!

Michelle on

The baby is so cute and I love the name. Kyle and Desiree seem over the moon about him. I’ve been a fan of Kyle’s from his “Twin Peaks” days. Very happy for him and his wife.

Lily on

I’m so happy for them. Callum is a beautiful little boy and judging from the picture, definitely seems to have a zen-like quality to him. Here’s wishing them nothing but the best in the years to come.

Joanne on

Oh Callum is so adorable. And this interview is just so cute, they both seemso happy to be parents finally. I’ll bet the Desperate Housewives set is just full of kiddies now!🙂

SAR on

Callum is a beautiful baby. Congrats to Kyle and Desiree.

Shari on

Aw, Callum is adorable! Such a cute baby and Kyle and Desiree looks so happy. I am happy for them.

Helen on


Callum is a name that has been popular in the UK (top 20) for the past 15 years.

I know or knew about 20 Callums

Bancie1031 on

What a cute baby! He’s very adorable. Congratulations to Kyle and Desiree. Wishing them the best of luck.

Stephany on

Callum is so perfect! He is beautiful. This was a great interview.

Heather, I can totally see your point. When I heard about this pregnancy, I kept thinking of his character on DH. Haha.

I love his name.

Skipsie on

my dad was older than kyle when i was born and when i was little i did get teased a bit. But my dad -like kyle says- did all the running around, he was actually more active that me!
Adorrrable baby!

SJ on

I have a cousin called Callum. It’s a common name in the UK

Anon on

It bothers me that all celebrities describe their babies as zen or buddha or thoughtful. These are not words that can be applied to newborns. This is called projecting. Say what you will about Angelina Jolie but as least she has an accurate take on newborns.

Sarah on

Callum is very cute. I really like Kyle’s gray hair showing, it’s great seeing it naturally–keep it up!!

SJ on

You can tell how much Kyle admires and respects Marcia Cross from that interview.. perhaps he knew we’d all be reading it eventually, knowing how much we all love Marcia! LOL

They are a very beautiful family.

FC on

Lilley, my dad was the same age as your friend when I was in high school. He’s four years shy of seventy now, and, even though I do mess with him on his age, he’s a very spry (old) man, doing everything Kyle hopes to be doing with his kid, though my dad does that stuff now with his grandchildren.

Anyhow, I loved the interview. You could tell they were all about this baby and making sure he arrived safe and healthy.

Little Callum is adorable, btw. And my best friend has a friend whose son is named Callum. (They’re in the UK, as well.)

“…Then it became a process of discovery. You have this desire to say ‘hello’ to this little being … it’s like waiting for Christmas.”

Never thought of it that way, but it is like Christmas. Waiting for that one precious gift you’ve wanted more than anything.

I’m happy for Kyle and Desiree.🙂

Rasheeda Fisher on

congrats on ur neww babi im havin 1 on the way and it is a lil baby gurl

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