Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's School Run

09/12/2008 at 10:30 AM ET

Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, both 36, picked up their daughter Violet Anne at preschool on Wednesday in Santa Monica.

The couple expect a sibling for 2 ½-year-old Violet this winter; Jennifer prefers to keep the sex of the baby and the due date private.


On Violet’s back is a Fleurville Lunch Pak in pink ogo ($32) with a personalized label by Mabel’s Labels ($39), both from Jewels & Pinstripes’ Back to School Celebrity Kids Gift Bag.

In her hair, Violet wears various hair clips from Ribbies Clippies ($6 per pair).

Violet also wears New Balance Kids KV 992 ($49).

Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

Click below for a photo of bearded Ben and his little girl!


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Patti B on

I don’t think this is a disrespectful comment, but has anyone ever seen this little girl walk? She is being carried in every photo I see! Must be the location that they are at or something. She’s a cutie though!

Isabel on

What a cutie! =D I love her hair like that, it’s adorable ;D

I think the picture of her with Ben is from the morning because she has a ‘morning face’ she looks very tired, look at her eyes =P
Second picture it seems mom picked her up with a new tshirt, she must’ve dirtied the striped one during the day =P

Adorable! Can’t wait for #2!

Bb on

I love how they style her hair, such a pretty child.

shawn on

I think that her not walking has more to do with the gaggle of photographers around than it does anything else.

emma on

i do know what you mean Patti B however it is probably to protect her from the paps. Ava whatshername (reece witherspoons daughter) is afraid of the paps and i can’t blame her they are like wild dogs! It must be hard work for celebrities like jennifer and like marica cross who keep smiling and behaving normally for the sake of their children despite a zillion paps snapping away.

Cookie on

I’m not sure Patti. I was wondering that too, but then again whenever we get to see how many paps are around the girl, I think it is normal for her parents to carry her. Hence we always get pics with little Vi being carried. We got pictures where Jen went with Vi to the park, playground, etc… where we see her running…
I love Vi’s schoolbag. Not too girly, but still pinkish LOL

susan on

I think the crush of the ever present paparazzi must scare them. They don’t want their little girl to be run over in the madness. Carrying her is a simple way of controlling that environment.

Bellz on

Love this family, can’t wait to see what the new baby will be like. Patti B there have been pictures of Violet walking just not that many.

You can see an example at this link

Angel on

I’ve seen pictures of Violet walking. It seems Jennifer and Ben carry her when there is a swarm of paparazzi following them. It’s probably faster to just pick up Violet so they can get away. Anyway, Violet looks adorable as usual.

Ashley on

I’m sure they carry her because they tend to attract large crowds to strange people trying to take their picture

ColbyTaylor on

I know you don’t mean any disrespect but put yourself in their situation. They are constantly being followed by the Paparazzi and 2 year olds sometimes tend to creep when they walk, meaning they either walk where they want too or walk slowly. I’m sure they just carry her for protective purposes which is unfortunate that they have to do that but also understandable. Paparazzi are horrible these days, I truely feel bad for celebs. I don’t lose any respect for celebs like Kanye, Matthew’s beach buddies etc that hit them etc. They deserve everything they get! I’m getting way off topic, such a cute family.

em on

Whenever I see pregnant women carrying their large children around it just makes me feel so nervous! I know it’s fine for them and for most women, I just had super high risk pregnancies full of complications, I spotted and cramped and bedrested my way through each 9 months, and could never have dared to walk around carrying even a 12 month old baby!

Tara on

I had no idea they had preschool for 2 year olds. when does Preschool usually start?

Lisa on

Why is Violet going to preschool at age 2, is this the norm over there? She is such a doll!!!

ShopLittleGifts on

Love Violet’s Fleurville lunch pack. It’s so cute. The shape is just right for a little girl. She is really growing up fast. Wonder if she’s going to have a little baby brother or sister.

Tricia on

It’s probably not exactly preschool, more of nursery school. My son went when he was Violet’s age, and it was only a couple of days a week, from 9a-12n. Preschools are half days, 5 days a week (at least that’s in NYC!)

MontereyBay on

Here in CA, many preschools will take kids as young as 2 (toddler programs), but usually it is required that they be potty-trained.

That said, Violet is my fave. celebrity kid!

Bancie1031 on

OK I’m not trying to be funny but there is something that I just don’t understand. Everytime we see a picture of a lot of celebrities it says so and so picking up their 1 or 2 year old from school or preschool????? At what age do they start school in California and New York? OR are they just using a nicer name for a day care? I’m just wondering because here you don’t start school until your 3 and then you go to Headstart then at 4 you do Pre-K.
Jennifer and Violet both look great.

Helen on

Violet is 2 years and 9 months. I went to preschool and had a photo taken where my mum wrote on the back ‘aged 2 years and 9 months’

I love Violet – such a sweetie

Do you think as Violet gets older, her hair will turn brown, like her parents?
I have a few friends when they were Violet’s age, had similar coloured hair to hers. My friends went from blonde to brown from 3 years old to 5 years.

brooke on

violet looks so cute in these pics. Hope their next is a boy, cam’t wait to hear the name

Des on

So cute!!

My daughter is a Dec 2005 baby too and sometimes she doesnt want to walk. Not to mention if I had those creepy paps following around, i would definitely carry her.

She’s almost 3, most pre-schools here start when they are potty trained.

Sarita on

I’m always amazed by the people on this site that talk about paparazzi like scum and danger to the children. If you really think they are so bad why are you on this site? You are indirectly paying them for being there.

Also, the child is probably safer with the paps there it’s not like she can get kidnapped with 20 cameras on her.

Katherine on

She is a very pretty little girl and has two parents that are crazy about her. If they want to carry her what’s the big deal? She has her whole life to walk and be a big girl.

Isabell on

Is it just me, or does Violet seem to have grown up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks? I remember seeing a picture of her some time ago and thinking, ‘Wow, is this really her?’ because she looked like a different child. It might be the fact that for once, she’s not smiling, but she looks closer to 4 years-old than almost 3 to me (especially in the pic where Jennifer is carrying her because she looks so tall).

And regarding the issue of celebs carrying their children so often: Every time this topic comes up, I think of an interview with Heidi Klum that I saw on German television. When she was asked why we see her carrying her children all the time, she said that it’s simply because you can move faster when your child isn’t walking. She also said that being constantly surrounded by the paparazzi can get dangerous at times, especially when they shove cameras in the childrens’ faces or get too close for comfort. So naturally, you want to protect your children and get them out of that situation as fast as possible. It also explains why many celebrities only step out with a number of nannies that equals the number of children. You can’t watch all of your kids at once, especially when they are so young. In the end, it all comes down to reasons of safety.

rachael on

isabell –

yes, totally! I looked at these pics and thought, gosh! she looks like a little girl now instead of a toddler. Absolutely love this family and can’t wait to see Miss Violet as a big sister!

Jane on

Violet is absolutely adorable! Every time I see a picture of her it brings a smile to my face!

Sarah on

I know Jen is a strong woman, but she might strain herself at some point (esp. in 3rd trimester). Are there strollers for Violet’s age (2-3 year olds)? I can’t recall, but I thought it would be a good alternative instead of always carrying her.

Sarah on

Here in Northern CA, there are 2-year old, 3-year old, 4 year-old and junior Kindergaten pre-school classes. The younger you are, the less hours you go per week. It’s just to get them used to being around other same-age kids in a classroom setting before Kindergarten.

kelpy on

Well when I need to get from A to B specifically, then carrying is usually the swifest way to go!!

They have an adorable daughter!
Boy or girl, baby No 2 will be so loved – I think these two make great parents.

OMG on

wow they look so cute🙂
she’s getting so big!!!
I adore this family!

Yvonne Bixby on

Did you notice she got her backpack in a Back 2 School gift bag?????? I’m amazed that in this country peopled would give away gift bags to Movie stars and their children for back to school……….. They are more then able to afford to buy there own things, but we have children that don’t have disposable money like they do and still have to buy all their own stuff for school or go without….. I don’t get this one! I’ve spent some time in Mexico with orphaned children, their are lucky if they even get one meal a day. And you all give out designer lunch bags to wealthy people…. What gives?????? I also give my time to my home church to give out school supplies and back packs for back to school (Just the necessities) They are blessed with a $10 back pack and they have the biggest smile on their face, and in return it blesses us immensely……. I pray you all would think who you bless….. There’s so many children that really need it, not celebrity children…… God Bless, Yvonne

Lisa on


I was thinking just what you said. I was surprised at how much Violet has grown up. It does seem like a few weeks ago she had a (for lack of a better word & I know she’s not much older than the baby stage) babier face. Now, she does look like a preschooler at about 4 or so.

This family is one of my fav. Violet is such a beautiful child. I wonder if their next baby will look like Violet (blondish) or be more dark haired like their parents are now.

Toni on

Ok here’s the thing my daughter goes to that preschool and the paps need to back off!!! They create a huge problem for our kids and families! How many pics do we need of Jen picking her up from school??? My daughter loves going there and it’s one of the best in the country but it’s becoming a big issue for us!!!

suse on

In Spain (where I am from) it’s quite normal to put the children in ‘nurserys’ (or however they can be called) even before the kid has 12 months. We only get 4 months off-work for pregnancy so unless you have relatives who can take care or want to hire a personal nanny it’s difficult to compaginate work and children.
Me myself went there since I was 4 months. It’s not the ideal but there was no choice. And, anyway, it was never a problem and I had a normal childhood. In fact, I think it benefits the children to be in contact with other ones since a young age.

y86 on

Violet has always been Jen’s mini me but it the second picture with Ben you can see the resemblance.

Lauren on

I went to preschool in the mid-1970s at the same age. I loved it, which hurt my mom’s feelings a little! My sister is a kindergarten teacher and always says the earlier the kid went to preschool, the better they tend to do. No hard evidence, just anecdotal! Anyway, Violet is the cutest little girl and seems to be having a happy childhood, even though it’s in the spotlight (which accounts for the carrying, probably!)

Liz on

I live in NYC and my son is 18 mos old and just started nursery school this week. In NYC this is common to start children early, mostly 2 years old (the school my son attends allows exceptions). I wouldn’t call it preschool, though–that officially starts at 3/4 years old. My husband jokes that nursery school is glorified (expensive) daycare. The difference between daycare and nursery school in NYC is the schedule (half-days/PT schedule) and most nursey schools have scheduled activities (art, music, yoga, language classes) and field trips, as well as unstructured play. Most people who send their children don’t need all day daycare because they work part-time or stay at home. I sent my son for social reasons as he is the only child and so that I have some free time for myself.

Lorus on

Where I live (Vancouver, Canada) children can start preschool as long as they turn 3 by the end of the calendar year. My daughter was born at the end of November so she could have started at 2y9m but I kept her out until January until she was actually 3. The preschool she attended had separate days for the 3s vs 4s.

Violet is looking so old (and tall!) LOVE her backpack.

Laura on

i do think she is the celebrity who carries her child the most and I understand her need to protect violet from paps but she needs to seriously think of another option as she gets into her last trimester. and what is she going to do when the new baby comes? carry violet and the new baby? she should get violet in the habit walking now before the baby arrives. just my two cents.

Anne on

There are schools around here with “toddler programs” that start aruound 18 months. Anyway, I have a daughter who is a few months younger than Violet, and while she does walk herself quite often, she refuses to ride in a stroller, invariably leading to situations when she tires out or wants to be carried. I don’t always oblige her, but sometimes I give in. Also, if you pay attention to captions..Violet is usually photographed being picked up from school, leaving a resturaunt, etc…situations in which they may be crossing streets or in parking lots, etc. I do teach my daughter what’s safe in those situations, though I’m sure the parent of any 2-3 year old has picked up their child to cross the street! And, the plain old fact that sometimes…they are just too slow! I know Erin is easily distracted and sometimes for my sanity and for being on time, I just scoop her up. I’m pregnant with my second, due in March, and my doctor told me carrying her was fine as long as I’m comfortable.

Rosy J on

I love this cute little family. Can’t wait for the new addition to arrive. Violet is such an adorable little girl who is fastly growing up right before our eyes.

I think the decision by Jen and Ben to carry her from a building to the car (parking lot) should be theirs and theirs alone. They seem like the kind of parents who put the welfare and best interest of the family first.
over zealous at times)

Kim on

I had no idea they had preschool for 2 year olds. when does Preschool usually start?
Posted by: Tara at Sep 12, 2008 12:45:49 PM


I agree. I thought they should start by 3 or 4. They can’t really talk that great at 2. My mom thinks it is ridiculous that they send children that young to school.

Rosy J on

That over zealous comment at the end for meant to say that the paps get that way sometime. Forgive me it confused someone. lol

Bancie1031 on

Sarah – Thank you I was always wondering this and I just had to ask.

Suse – I know that’s why I was asking if it was actually a school just for certain ages or if it was more like a daycare (or nursery) setting where the children are getting interaction with little ones their own ages.

Liz – It’s pretty much the same here. ” nursey schools have scheduled activities (art, music, yoga, language classes) and field trips, as well as unstructured play. ” See I worked at a “Learning Center” when my daughter was about 18 mths (I needed to work and I wanted her to get some social skills with other children that wasn’t family members kids and her age) and it was basicly a daycare, we had children from ages 6wks – 12yrs. We did all of the same things that your child does except we didn’t have yoga but instead we had gymnastics. Thanks for clearing that up for me though.

Now my daughter started Head Start at the age of 3 (they had to be 3 by September 1) and it just confused me to hear that parents are picking up their 18 month old – 2 year old from “school”. Thanks to all that answered my question.

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- She may very well carry both Vi and the new baby. Other celebs have done that. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, for example, carried Mad and Z, then Z and Shi, then Z, Shi, and Pax (remember, Pax wasn’t adopted until Shi was nearly a year old).

Pax now walks almost all the time, Z walks most of the time (especially when three or four of the kids are out at once.), and Shi walks some of the time, but is still carried most of the time.

I am guessing that Angie and Brad will now be carrying Shi, Knox, Viv, and occasionally Z.

Anyway, my point is that other celebs have shown that it IS possible to carrying two children (even, as Angie and Brad have done, a 2 year old and a 3 year old at the same time!).

Also, I want to point out that we have no idea how much Jen and Ben actually carry Vi. They may very well put her down as soon as they are away from the paps.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for when preschool starts…From what I’ve heard, some preschools do accept children as young as 2. I know at least one other celeb child has started preschool at 2: Zahara Jolie-Pitt.

In Vi’s case, I’m guessing Ben and Jen maybe just want to get her used to other kids before the new baby comes, being she’s currently an only child.

SH on

I agree with you that “school” for 2 year olds is a bit outlandish. I think that they can learn everything they need to know from thier parents at home at that age. However, as far as talking at 2 – my daughter was speaking in complete sentences at 18 months. She’s 4 1/2 now, and I can’t remember a time when she DIDN’T talk to me. Every kid is different. My sons were late talkers…not much talking by 2 years old. Girls tend to develop social skills earlier than boys – so Violet might be very ready for “school”. I know my daughter would have been DEFINITELY ready at 2 1/2 to go to “school” but she just started preschool a few weeks ago at 4 1/2. I tend to think that 1 year of preschool before kindergarten is plenty. They grow up so fast and they have PLENTY of time for going to school IMO.

maggiesmommy on

“school” at 2 is not ridiculous. My daughter started a Montessori school at two- she goes 3x a week for 2 hours- it is more than a daycare- she learns socializations skills, it is more structured then a daycare where she is taught to put away activities before moving onto the next, sharing and waiting her turn or things; hanging up her coat whe she arrives, it helps her with mommy/daddy seperation issues- they set the table and clean up for themself after snacks.

Yes, she does most of this at home but being in an environment away from home has been very good for her, so it isn’t “outlandish”.

SH on

maggiesmommy – You have your opinion and I have mine. It sounds like going to school at two years old is what’s best for you and your daughter. I just was saying that IN MY OPINION I think at the very very young age of 2 they can learn all they need to know at home. My daughter who’s 4 1/2 goes 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. It costs $125.00 a month plus other little fees for field trips, etc…which is another issue I have with MY 2 year olds going to school. I can teach them just as well what they need to know at home for free. They have the rest of their lives to learn social skills. I think at age 2, play dates with friends and family is enough for social skills. Again, my opinion.

Liz on

SH — I agree, it is your opinion, and I agree that you can teach kids the same things at nursery school–however, I chose to send him at 18 mos. for social skills because in NYC arranging playdates can be difficult. It is easier to find people for him to play with at school. Also, he has no siblings or cousins. No neighbors who have kids–I hope you see my point. Besides, I can afford to send him, so free doesn’t matter to me.


CelebBabyLover on

Helen- I there is a very definite possiblity of Vi’s hair turning brown as she gets older. I say this from experience, as it happened to me! Like Vi, I was blonde when I was a toddler. However, as I got older, my hair turned brown (albeit light brown, but still brown).

The exact same thing happened with my mom, although in her case, she went from extreme from the other! As a toddler and very young child, her hair was so blonde it was almost white. As she grew up, however, her hair turned such a dark brown that it almost looks black!

Isabell on

It believe it is a personal choice whether or not to put a child into a “school” (preschool) kind of setting.

The second matter is the carrying issue. If Jen feels like carrying her child then that is her choice. As a mom you want to protect your child especially from the paps.

I was a high risk pregnancy (I have ITP- basically something was attacking my platelets) and I still have 3 other children to care for. I was high risk with 2 of the others. I was put on medical leave (I had no choice) and was told to take it easy. I still carried my youngest child at the time, BUT with great caution. I could not simply “ignore him”. I totally understand where Jen is coming from as long as your careful carrying your toddler.

G on

They probably carry her because of the paps…I’m sure she walks all the time when they’re not being hounded by cameramen!

CelebBabyLover on

G- My thoughts exactly! I have actually seen evidence that this is sometimes the case with celeb kids.

I’ve seen a few videos of the Jolie-Pitt’s, and in some of them, either Zahara or Shiloh is walking (I have never seen a video of both of them walking at the same time), and then when Angie and/or Brad spot the paps (or in one case with Shi, regular people like you and me getting extremely carried away!), they scoop up the girls.

That’s led me to believe that, once they are away from the paps, they put the girls down again. It’s probably the same with Vi.

Elize on

I’m a South African woman and here babies can go to what we call a cresh or daycare if you like within 1/2 month/s after being born. It just depends on the financial status of the parents which usually is “desperate to start working” I just love seeing Jen Ben & Violet together, they are such a wonderfully happy looking family

Kandi on

I think maybe Violet is so tall because Ben is a REALLY tall man. So maybe she gets her height from him. Sometimes in pics when he is standing next to another person, you can see just how very tall he is.

Isn’t she pretty? There is one celeb toddler that I just don’t think is very cute at all(I’ll keep the name to myself because I am sure someone would start a big thing), but when it comes to Violet Affleck, and Shiloh Pitt too, I think they are just angelic!

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