Teri Hatcher Says Column Taken Out Of Context

09/10/2008 at 11:30 AM ET


The media’s handling of an advice column written by Teri Hatcher to her daughter Emerson Rose, 10 ½, for British Glamour has drawn the ire of the 43-year-old actress, who is speaking out in her own defense.

In the column Teri offers a humorous introduction where she shares the things she’d yell out to Emerson if she had just moments to live, including — as has been widely reported — "eat the chocolate" and "have great sex." Teri then immediately laments having squandered the hypothetical opportunity, however, and writes "that’s not what I wanted my daughter to know, at all." The column goes on to give Emerson more traditional advice, such as treat others as you would like to be treated, be a good friend, be honest with yourself and others, and more — but those life lessons for the most part went unreported. That the media chose instead to focus on "sex and chocolate" has left Teri feeling slandered, she tells Entertainment Tonight, as well as "egregiously" accused of "horrible parenting." She adds,

"I have done nothing in my life and in my celebrity life but vocalize how important parenting should be to each and every one of us."

For its part, the magazine issued a statement decrying the coverage of the column. "We are disappointed that the true meaning of the column written by Teri, which is always heartfelt and thought-provoking, has been twisted in this way in order to manufacture a headline," Jo Elvin, editor of British Glamour, says. "In fact Teri’s article suggests quite the opposite."

Source: Entertainment Tonight 

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Sara on

I was very surprised when I saw that Teri suggested having lots of sex to her preteen daughter!! It seemed like something that might have been taken out of context.

kaya on

lol I don’t even know what’s so offensive. good sex and chocolate IS important, as Teri wrote ‘Life’s too short too stress’. Makes sense to me;)

MB on

It’s too bad the media felt the need to take this totally out of context.

Vanessa on

People are SO uptight these days. She was joking.

mom2tbet on

I hardly think Teri wants Emerson to ‘have great sex’ right now. But Emerson is going to grow up eventually, and perhaps the advice is something worth knowing… especially if Teri were not here to tell her at that time.

eva on

I agree with mom2tbet.It’s not the kind of advice people want their preteen daughters to put into use immediately but in the future why not?

I don’t like the “sex is bad,people who have sex are bad” policy.I much prefer “sex is going to be great and fulfilling if you choose it when it’s appropiate for your mind and body”.

phoebe on

Oh good God, she obviously didn’t mean it like that! Jeez, you can’t say anything these days!

Brandi on

It’s sad that people have to take things so seriously nowadays. And it’s too bad that her article was taken out of context, but go Teri for making sure her message was corrected and heard.

mslewis on

The minute I heard that, I just knew it was taken out of context. Typical of the media . . . just grab a line and run with it!!! I don’t feel for Terri as much as I feel for Emerson. She was probably embarrassed at the whole thing.

EditorJax on

I am a longtime fan of Teri’s and have been following her career since her days on “Lois and Clark.” Like Lois, and like the character she plays now, Susan on “Desperate Housewives,” Teri is candid and open, and I think it’s asinine for her to get jumped on over this — for being herself.

For crying out loud, she was giving her general, playful list of advice for Emerson to heed throughout her LIFE, should she have 10 seconds to spit it out before getting hit by a train. I thought the list was hilarious, and very Teri.

And furthermore, considering that Teri has been a single mother for most of Emerson’s formative years, sex probably isn’t something that comes up or is dealt with in their household much, so she’s probably letting her know, by that statement, that sex isn’t a bad thing, that it isn’t something to be ashamed about. Considering Teri herself had a very hard time associating sex with something good because of the abuse — which Emerson may know about at this point — I see nothing wrong with wanting her daughter to know that it IS okay to have great sex.

Emerson may have moments where she will roll her eyes at her mother, or she may be a little mortified right now, but someday she is going to really appreciate what an awesome mother she has.

fay on

i think if i was going to die, and had only moments to tell my child things i’d want them to know forever, have great sex wld be among the top 10… i don’t see anything wrong with what she told her daughter…

CelebBabyLover on

Poor Teri! This reminds me of when Angelina Jolie called Shiloh a “blob” (after the INTERVIEWER suggested the term to boot!) and the media basically took it and ran with it.

dawn on

the media took what she said out of context. I knew what she was trying to say,but ofcourse,there are people who need to make money regardless if they have to hurt someone. she seems (from what I’ve always seen and heard) that she has an open relationship with her daughter,like most mothers should have with their daughters. because if you don’t teach them about the world, and what to expect , the good and the bad. they will be trampled on.

Rebecca on

The media is forgetting that Teri is a big fan of G rated movies and I think that’s all she lets Emerson watch. But yeah, she’s totally cool with Emerson having great sex right now! What a bunch of idiots.

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