James Broderick Loves His Stripes

09/10/2008 at 02:00 PM ET
Most Wanted/Flynet

James Wilkie Broderick, mismatched in stripes, walked home from school with actress mom Sarah Jessica Parker, 43, in NYC on Tuesday. Sarah Jessica has previously said that James, 5 ½, enjoys dressing himself and often wears hand-me-downs from his older cousins!

James wears a Fleurville Kids Messenger/Backpack in Khaki Camo ($50).

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G on

Aww…I love that she lets him dress himself! So cute!

lilith on

I’ve said it before, I love her style. And I too think it’s great that she let’s him dress himself. If the clothes are clean, who cares about mismatches, they’re children after all.

Rachel on

Yes, me too. It expresses his individuality.

Anne on

Far cry from the sex and the city look and James looks like his clothes were from the Goodwill store. I know my posting won’t be added because this website has to do with everything is cute…..and no negative comments-boring but I still will ck it out.

phoebe on

This boy is gorgeous, and could be Ryder Robinson’s big brother, they look so alike!

kendrajoi on

Yes- he dressses as if he’s REALLY the son of Carrie Bradshaw! I love it.

Renee on

His outfit is so cute.Who knows, maybe James is wearing a trend that will be popular next year😉

Philippa on

I love the fact that she doesn’t dress him up like he’s some kind of doll. She just let’s him be himself, which I think is fantastic

Pearson on

I just hope those photographers aren’t going to photograph him every day he goes to school, that would be a bit creepy for all concerned. He’s only 5.

Jessica on

I love her style and love that she lets her son dress himself. I don’t know how it is everywhere else but I live in the south and it seems like once you hit 25 you’re supposed to wear matching suits or more “age appropriate” clothing. I feel like I’m the only 27 year old who still wears jeans and t-shirts. She always looks so stylish, even when she’s in a pair of ripped up jeans. Her son is too cute. Does anyone know if she ever talks about having another baby? I would love to see her with a little girl!

CTBmom on

I think James is adorable! I agree that it’s great that Sarah let’s him dress himself. I have to admit, although I did let my son dress how he wanted to around the house, to the park & friends’ houses….I did not let him dress himself to go to school or to the mall, etc. Looking back, I wish that I had not worried about it. I don’t think I tramatized him or anything by insisting that I pick out his clothes on those occasions, lol…but I realize now, that it wouldn’t have hurt anything and it would have been a good way to encourage independance.

Dana on

CTB Mom, I so feel you!

My 4-year old loves to dress herself. The domineering side of my personality has to be reigned in soooo much to just let her be herself. Even if it is in a pink floral shirt and a red-white-and-blue skirt.

Ms.B on

Oh no! I don’t have kids of my own but I wouldn’t dare let my nieces or nephews go to school like that when they’re in my care. I’m sorry, they can definitely HELP me pick them an outfit for school, but letting them go mismatch? Nope!

I also read where she swore she never bought her son any new clothes besides a coat. Who cares if he has older cousins who give him hand-me-downs, everyone should have NEW items of their own!

JM on

I kinda like this kids clothing style. Just plain simple and comfortable!! And you would never know he’s the son of two big celebs!! But he does look a bit homely LOL

finnaryn on

Ms.B, I have three kids and I have hardly bought anything for my youngest son. He mostly wears things from his older brother. Some things are even gender-neutral clothes from his big sister. Not only are they new to him, but the things he does recognize he seems to be delighted with because he adores his big brother. While it isn’t the case with SJP, not everyone can buy a new wardrobe for each child.

As for the mismatch, wait until you battle a strong willed child, early in the morning, when you are half asleep. Mismatch won’t seem so bad! There are so many battles that come each day with kids, that matching clothes is just not one you need to fight.🙂

momof3 on

James’ pants are from Boden…my boys each have a pair and they are the BEST–such good quality. This picture made me laugh because my kids always put together multi-stripe outfits like this.

momof3girls on

I noticed the last couple of pics of him he didn’t match. I guess now we know why. Good of her, I do the same things with my kids. I pick my battles.

Kristin on


lisa on

I do let my youngest (of four) dress herself, but I try to encourage her to understand what matches and what doesn’t. There are times when I have to just back down and let her wear what she feels comfortable about, and that’s hard for me…but I do it anyway. I probably would have nixed the stripes on stripes ensemble for school, but would have instead given him several options of things that matched better. The photo of the two of them certainly doesn’t depict a mom and son who are celebrities…between his mismatched hand me downs and her tattered jeans! I like when celebrities dress like every day folks.
That said….why does it really matter if his clothes are hand me downs? There’s nothing wrong with recycling clothing…we recycle everything else!!!! I wish I had someone giving my kids hand me downs….we really NEED them!

Mae on

Oh goodness. I am not a Mother, but I am an Aunt ( of 3). I would never let my nieces or nephew dress like that. They are not allowed to pick any clothing out. I won’t even let my nephew wear Nike and Addidas together!

When I was little I was never allowed to dress myself, but when my Mom had a surgery my Aunt watched me, and let me dress myself and I wore all red (tights, skirt, hat, shirt, and shoes) all different shades of red, and we were riding down the road and I remember saying “Momma would DIIIIE if she saw me right now!” — I was 4.

Maybe it’s silly, but I just think kids should always match, especially at school.

Cindy on

My son has the same little t-shirt from Old Navy! Crazy that her and I would have the same thing for out kids considering who she is!!

Also…on the topic of matching, I too would never let my kids go out mismatched…I think it looks terrible! Pair this t-shirt with come cute jeans or brown cords and he would look much more put together IMO.

AP on

Hi. I mostly love this website and I understand that you won’t print this, but I really wish you would rethink you policy on accepting street-side paparazzi shots. It’s the only aspect of your website that really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This mother is just trying to have some quiet time with her son after his first day at school; the world doesn’t need to see that. The kids really should be off-limits, unless present at public events with their parents. Thanks.

angela Lake on

let kids be kids. My two year old niece dresses herself. She usually wears all pink from head to toe, but who cares if it matches. It takes a real parent to let the kids express themselves. I was cashiering once at work and a little boy went through my till, his shirt was on backwards and inside out but he was so proud of himself, because he had done it himself. Kids need to express there individuality. I grew up with artistic parents and was allowed to draw on my walls of my bedroom with crayons, because my parents wanted us to express ourselves. I have grown into the adult that I am today, because of how I was raised. Not afraid of what other people think of me, about my looks or otherwise. Thank you

emma on

Like most other people, I think it’s OK to let your kids wear what they chose to. So long as it’s appropriate to the weather (I have had to stop both my boys from wearing shorts and a vest in the winter on more than one occasion!)and the clothes are clean then who cares? They are only kids after all. Having said that, I live in England where all (or most) children wear a uniform to school from age 4 to 16, so I don’t have experience of kids wanting to go mismatched to school!

lilith on

“I won’t even let my nephew wear Nike and Addidas together!”
Sorry, but this seems a bit extreme.
As others have said, he’s a child visiting kindergarden. Fashion should be fun. Not some state of conscience where you’re constantly wondering what other will think about you if you don’t follow the “rules of dressing”. Clean, weather appropriate, yes. But geez, some little color mismatched stripes? Seriously, what’s the big deal?

Danielle on

Don’t have kids of my own I’m a nanny. But i think you have to pick your battles and there are more important things in life than clothes.
Saying that I care for 2 boys and they don’t seem so bothered about what they wear, but I cared for a girl before and at 3 was very opinionated on what she would wear and we had to kinda give her options rather than her have free choice of her wardrobe or she would wear a summer party dress to for a walk in the park in winter. lol

Nanny_emm on

People saying they wouldn’t let their kids/nieces/nephews go out like this are being ridiculous! He’s a child and I think his outfit was a good choice!🙂
He’s a cutie and love Sarah’s relaxed attitude.

jacqui on

Ms. B – Little kids should be able to express themselves through what they wear, regardless of what they choose. I love picking out outfits for my daughter, but ultimately it is up to her. As well, its great to have nice new things, but something gently used can be just as good or better … not only that but better for the environment – less waste! Some of the cutest things my daughter has belonged to her cousin a decade ago.

dickie on

I think kids should be able to choose in situations that are harmless – like their school outfits.

I will say this – their clothes arent cheap. Despite their tattered look, those jeans are expensive. And a pair of Boden shorts are probably $30.

Erica on

I love Sarah’s outlook on letting James dress himself. The social aspect of life is difficult enough to navigate as an adolescent and then an adult without worrying a kid to death about mismatching his clothes! James always looks happy and I think this is a reflection of the laid back and non-pretentious approach of his mom.

sigh on

Why in the world does it matter whether kids “match” or not? That’s crazy.

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