Pete Wentz: Baby Likely a Boy, Due in November

09/10/2008 at 06:00 AM ET
Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Update: Pete has written in his journal: "Speaking of 90 percent and 10 percent. They don’t make a whole lot ofsense. I know I say a lot of things to keep the hounds off the scent. But the only thing I can think of is back to the obvious. All of ushuman beings only use 10 percent of our brains. (Edit: PS this is ananalogy/satire of and to a specific situation/interview, not theneuroscience.)"

Hmm. Now we’re not sure what to believe!

Originally posted September 9th: Pete Wentz has been open with the press when asked about the sex of his baby-on-the-way, keeping the media updated as the pregnancy progresses. In June, Pete said that he and Ashlee would like to know when they were able to. In July, the Fall Out Boy bassist, 29, claimed they didn’t know yet, but hoped the doctor would "see something" soon. In August, Pete explained that he and Ashlee still didn’t know what they were having. Now that it’s September, the news has finally arrived — it’s more than likely a boy! The proud papa tells Playboy‘s October issue,

"We know with 90% accuracy that it’s a boy, and our due date is around Thanksgiving."

This will be the first child for both Pete and Ashlee, who wed in May.

Source: Playboy via Us Weekly

Thanks to CBB reader Charley.


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Me on

Haha, I knew it! Congrats to them!

Mira on

But it’s not sure!

SH on

He also said 90% accuracy. He’s notorious for changing his statements. First they want to keep it private, then he’s telling everyone? First they don’t want know, now they do? As far as I’m concerned, there’s also a 10% chance it’s a girl.

Cait on

Aw yay! Wow, she’s due a lot later than I expected her to be, but I’m so excited to hear they’re going to have a boy!

On a side note, does anybody else find it amusing that Pete told all of this news to PLAYBOY of all publications? Haha.

Paula on

Well, they said at first the they DID want to know, so….I guess they found out.

SO glad they’re having a boy.

brooke on

They said they wanted to know the sex from the start. A little boy, how nice is that, I bet he will be a cutie and favor ashlee, boys look like their mommies a lot IMO. All those girly girl types britney, christina, ashlee have boys, I can see her sister jessica having a son first too. Can’t wait to see the baby and hear his name.

MB on

An u/s is not an exact science, as other celebs have found out. I believe that’s why he said 90%. That way, if the u/s tech is wrong he’s not accused of lying about the gender or whatever.

Crystal on

I love that Pete said “our” due date. Congrats to them on it being a boy!

kay-d's mommy on

I thought she was due in october, he could be trying to throw the press off. She looks alot bigger then around 6 months if sshe is due end of november.

Nikki on

HAH! i’m due november 28th and am having a boy, too!

thats cool…

Ashley on

Wow she is a lot bigger than 6 mos. My friend looked that pregnant at 8 mos…hmm I think the baby will be born way before Thanksgiving!

meghan on

i’ve been biting my tongue regarding her size – but if she is really due towards the end of november – darn she’s big! i am due next week and look smaller than she does. and my baby is measuring big!

LG on

kay-d’s mommy – Maybe she is just having a big baby. My son weighed over 10 lbs and he was born at 38 wks. I looked like I was pg with twins. Just a guess.

Lily on

Although good odds for a boy, I’d still be leery when picking out outfits and decorating the nursery. Even so, my brother and his gf were told that there was a 70% chance that they’d have a girl, and although skeptical at first, my niece was born this past November. It makes sense though, since Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco both said boy and they’re very close friends of Pete.

That said, I’m not too sure about the due date. I think Pete just might be trying to throw the media off. With the dress she wore to the VMA’s, she looked almost twice as big as when we see her on CBB shopping or making runs to Starbucks. I don’t think it was flattering at all on her. I’m still thinking the baby will be born around Halloween or possibly the first week of November. Fall Out Boy’s last show in Europe is on October 26 and Thanksgiving just seems too far away.

Either way, I wish them a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Can’t wait to see if he’s actually a he and what the name will be. Definitely going to be one of the best dressed babies on the block.

Philippa on

I knew it! From the very beginning I had a feeling she was having a boy. Congrats to them!

jashmom on

I had a feeling they are having a boy. We’ll see, for sure, when the baby is born. (Since Pete “says” they are 90% sure ;P ) Congrats to both of them!!! I know people say that Ashlee has that beautiful pregnancy glow about her, but I think in a lot of pictures both Pete and Ashlee are glowing (with excitement)!!!

jashmom on

That’s funny how Pete says they are “90% sure”. My guess has always been they are having a boy. I know people say Ashlee has that beautiful pregnancy glow about her. But personally I think both Pete and Ashlee are glowing!!! Congrats to both of them!!!

MB on

I dunno. My cousin is due Dec. 1st and is about that size. She’s just having 1 baby too. Some women get big fast and then kind of stop getting bigger. A friend of mine was really big at 4 months and now she hasn’t changed size in weeks and looks much like most women who are due at the beginning of Nov. Every body is different.

MB on

I dunno. My cousin is due Dec. 1st and is about that size. She’s just having 1 baby too. Some women get big fast and then kind of stop getting bigger. A friend of mine was really big at 4 months and now she hasn’t changed size in weeks and looks much like most women who are due at the beginning of Nov. Every body is different.

Erica on

Awe, A little boy! I’m excited to see what they name him!

carie on

whoa. not due until the end of November? another 3 months? Hmmm…I think I’m gonna take all this with a grain of salt…I suspect they’re trying to throw off the media.

ashley_anne on

AWW! So excited for them! I think a boy will suit them well! Wonder if they’ll go with Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Fourth???

annie on is reporting friend Tyga confirming they are expecting twins? anyone know if that is true??

Kolby on

I always felt she wasn’t too big, especially for an October due date – I’m due the first week of November and I’m much bigger than she is. Late November sounds/looks about right to me.

Sammy-xx on

aww I’m so happy and excited for them. I’m the biggest Ashlee fan and I’m going to see Fall Out Boy on October 21st and I can’t wait
I’m certain they will call him Peter the fourth

Stephany on

I really don’t think Ashlee looks THAT big. I always thought the October due date seemed too soon. For me, a Thanksgiving due date seems more likely.

SO excited they’re having a little boy! I was right (for once!)!!!

CelebBabyLover on

To all the people saying she’s too huge to not be due until Thanksgiving….Have you forgotten how huge Naomi Watts (the first time around, although she’s looking pretty big this time around as well!), Isla Fisher, and Salma Hayek got during their pregnancies?

Practically everyone thought for sure that Naomi and Isla (I’m not sure about Salma) would give birth a month before they actually did. Everyone thought Naomi would give birth in June and Isla in September…But they ended up giving birth in July and October respectively. In Naomi’s case, it turned out that Sasha was actually born a week early!

Also, when Angelina Jolie was pregnant with Knox and Viv, everyone was convinced (and this was AFTER she had confirmed it was twins, by the way) that she would give birth in June (not to mention the rumors about her giving birth to girls named Isla and Amelie in May!). However, not only were Knox and Viv not born until early July, but Angie said in the interview accompanying the first photos that they were premature (specifically, she said “I knew they’d be premature…”)!

Therefore, the August due date that Dustin Hoffman gave probably was correct!

Anyway, it is very possible that Ashlee is just following in Naomi, Isla, and Salma’s footsteps (I don’t really count Angie, since she was pregnant with twins, and with twins it can be harder to guess the due date just by looking at the belly)!

ash on

Pete: Ashlee and I are only good friends, we aren’t dating at all.

Ashlee and Pete were dating.

Pete: Ashlee and I are certainly not getting married!!

Ashlee and Pete got married.

Pete: Ashlee and I are DEFINETLY not pregnant! Its just a big witchhunt!!!!!

Ashlee and Pete were pregnant.

Pete: I definetly want to know the gender of the baby. It would suck not to know.

Pete: I definetly don’t want to know the gender of the baby. It’s a cool surprize.


I used to be a fan of Pete and also seperatley, Ashlee. But there is something about Ash Wentzday that really annoys me these days.

And besides. With boys, its hardly ever not 100% accurate, for obvious reasons. Its with girls they have uncertainty.

Its due at Halloween and I still think its a girl. Pete gets his kicks from messing with the media and taking us for fools.

phoebe on

Ash, I agree with you. Personally, I can’t really say I care either way whether their baby is a girl or a boy, but what does annoy me is that Pete thinks so highly of himself that he thinks other people care that much. It’s like the whole Christian Bale not revealing his daughter’s name thing. They like the press, they hate the press, they like the press, they hate the press. I don’t think many people even knew a whole lot about Pete before he started dating Ashley (I hadn’t even heard of him), and I think at this point, he’s really loving the attention he’s getting because of this baby. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for them about the baby but if they really are as private as Pete likes to think, he wouldn’t keep saying things like this which seem to get him more attention. Ashley is strangely quiet, if I were her, I would be embarrassed by my husband’s constant comments. Regardless, congrats, and best wishes for a healthy baby.

Susan on

Haha. Thats fun. With the tabloids and paprazzi invading their lives so thoroughly – I am glad they are giving the paps a bit of a hard time. As long as the child is healthy, it doesn’t matter what equipment he or she comes with.

Angel on

Pete is like the little boy who cried wolf. Once you tell an untruth so many times, people stop believing you. Therefore, I am with a few of the previous posters who believe it’s a girl who is due in October. I’m not a fan of either of them, but especially not so with all the shenanigans he has been pulling recently.

Rye on

Pete is really annoying me too. I think it’s kind of immature to put the public through a runaround with the baby. The only reason I am thinking it might still be him playing with the press is that they just mentioned that they still hadn’t decided on a name and I know Pete has mentioned if he had a son it would be named Peter the 4th. so, maybe??? who knows.

SH on

ASH!! That’s SOOO what I was trying to say in my post!! Pete likes to mess with media (obviously) and changes his statements weekly! As far as I’m concerned with this current statement there’s a 10% chance it’s a girl. Which I’ve always thought she looks to be carrying a girl – but I guess we’ll see…

kendrajoi on

I still think it’s a girl- even when he said it’s a 90 percent chance it’s a boy. He didn’t say FOR SURE or 100%. By now they would know 100%. He’s just playing with our heads, as usual. I find it quite funny, actually.

mom-squared on

I like that he’s playing with the press. It’s quite funny and he should lie and give the finger to the press as much as it amuses him. He doesn’t owe anyone any accurate information except for his and Ashley’s immediate family. He doesn’t owe fans or the press anything. He is a musician, he produces music that fans can choice to buy or not buy. As far as I’m concerned…services rendered. Fans are not entitled to know anything more, whether it’s an accurate due date or the name of the celebrity’s child.

phoebe on

I don’t think we should be entitled to information at all, I just think it’s amusing how Pete thinks he’s a private person, when he really isn’t appearing that way. I’m a bit embarrassed for him, because it’s obvious at this point that he adores the attention but doesn’t want to admit it. If I was him, I would go quiet on the whole issue, say nothing, and enjoy the pregnancy and time with his wife. These are the actions of a private person, not what Pete is doing.

tan on

Wow I figured it would be a boy.I am due Nov 3rd so its great to hear about other Nov due dates.

madison on

This guy needs to learn he can’t have it every which way. Typical celebrity who courts the press, loves the attention and then screams “Please allow me and my family some privacy”. When that baby is born they will want some privacy, and they deserve some privacy, but they aren’t going to get it b/c of the way he handles them now. Time to start thinking about more than yourself and your ego Pete…..

Di on

My issue with Pete Wentz is that I find his recent behavior quite juvenile. Whatever happened to “No Comment” or “my private life is not a public matter”. I would rather him say nothing that spout a bunch of lies. First he vehemently denied that Ashlee was pregnant and that turned out to be false. Then he denies the rumors that Ashlee is having twins or just a boy. I can’t take this couple seriously.

I can bet you when that when this baby born, Pete and Ashlee are going to sell the pics to the highest bidder.

Note to celebrities-if you want any semblance of privacy stop talking about your private life.

Erica on

I love Pete and Ashlee to death, but this whole scenerio has given me a new meaning of the term WTF?

marissa on

I read on that she was expecting twins. But it was one of those “a close friend of Ashlee and Pete say…”

Maybe that’s what the 90/10 thing is about! Maybe it’s a boy AND a Girl…


rachael on

I’m so over this little game he’s playing.

jill on

It seems to me all celebs sorta fudge their due dates… And what’s with this? “Early Winter” or “late fall” What does THAT mean? They can’t just say “around Sept 20th” like the rest of us…?🙂

Sarita on

He obviously doesn’t want privacy, if he did he wouldn’t be talking to the press every day or writing these things on his blog. It all sounds very childish.

I had never heard of him before he and Ashley got married, so he isn’t very famous anyway. If they wanted to they could live very private lives.

brannon on

I have no idea what he’s talking about 90% of the time? In any case, I’m thinking baby Simpson-Wentz will be here soon.

Kerri on

I completely agree with everyone who’s commented on the fact that Pete does seem to quite obviously want the attention, if his daily antics are any indication. Anytime I hear anything about him, it’s via him to the press, instead of vice versa. And his “clever” little games and jokes are just plain irritating.

At this point, I couldn’t care less whether they’re having a boy or a girl. We’ll find out when they inevitably sell the photos.

Pete should either be private about it, or be real. He comes off childish like this.

Brandi on

I agree, it’s pretty annoying. Either just give the press the correct information or say you are keeping things private. At this point the constant comments will just bother people.

carie on

I totally agree with Ash and Phoebe. He courts the press while stating he wants privacy. Then, wait, the story has died down, so now let me go to my blog and write not that funny cryptic messages! It’s pretty stupid. It is embarrassing for him. I like Ashlee. I don’t listen to Pete’s music. But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be in the news at all (maybe irrelevant Mtv’s news) if they weren’t pregnant.

Doreen on

I’m sick of hearing all of this confusion from Pete’s mouth.

Kelly on

well if they really are having a boy you might as well go ahead & put his name down as Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz 4 because i believe i heard somewhere that he promised his dad he would name his son after him but i also think he might be lying after everything else hes said that turned out to be untrue

Charity on

She looks 9 months pregnant. So they are either lying about the due date or she IS having twins. Or perhaps they’re lying about both?

Casey on

If Pete and his confusing comments annoy you guys so much then why bother leaving comments on the post? It’s just feeding his so called childish antics. People on here take things way to seriously.

No one on here knows what it is like to have the media constantly down your throat about every little detail about your life. Yes, I know he choose to be in the music industry and it comes with the territory but it is his choice on how to deal with things. Maybe he feels by saying a bunch of bs it will throw the media off of what is really true. Ever think of that?

And seriously, the comment about them selling the baby pics to the highest bidder. Was that really necessary? No one had an issue when the Jolie-Pitt twins pics went to the highest bidder, which was reported to be between 10-15 million dollars.

CelebBabyLover on

Charity- Every woman carries differently. Naomi Watts, Isla Fisher, and Salma Hayek were HUGE by the end of their pregnancies (people were even convinced that Naomi and Isla were carrying twins!), while Nicole Kidman only looked about six or seven months pregnant when she had Sunday.

Also, clothes can make you look bigger or smaller than you really are. For example, when Angelina was pregnant with Knox and Viv and wore that green dress to the Cannes Film Festival, she looked about ready to pop, even with twins. However, a few days later she was seen out with Brad wearing a different outfit, and she looked more like the approxamitely 7 months along she was then (assuming the August due date was correct).

Likewise, Ashlee DOES look big in this dress, but I have seen other recent pictures of her where her bump looks smaller.

So who’s to say that Ashlee is not:

1. Following in Naomi, Salma, and Isla’s footsteps.


2. Simply wearing an unflattering dress in this picture

rachelsun on

Give me a break. If he’s so annoying then ignore the thread. I think it’s funny what he does and typical of a musician. He doesn’t owe you people anything and the fact that you all are so upset shows the lie. You obviously care what he says or you wouldn’t be so upset.

Jeez, no one has a sense of humor on here any more.

He also has an album comimg out in November and a lot of people knew who he was before Ashlee I guess this blog is the wrong age group.

SH on

Casey, Less people have issues with the Jolie-Pitts selling their pictures because the money they make from them goes to charity. Along with a LOT of other money that they have.

I think the thing that’s also generally upsetting people (especially people that have children of their own) is that Pete seems to be making all of this some sort of joke. I’d be offended if I were Ashley. I really don’t think either of them have the first CLUE as to what giving birth, having a baby, and raising a child involves. They (especially Pete) act like children themselves! Good Luck…

phoebe on

Rachelsun, just to clarify, I don’t believe anyone is upset by what he is saying. Personally, I’m amused. I wasn’t making a comment about the deception so much as the supposed intention of it. If he was a private person, like he claims, he wouldn’t be saying the things he does because it brings more attention. It is obvious he loves the attention he is getting and the fame that Ashley and the baby are bringing him. If he stopped talking, the interest would inevitably trickle off and they’d be left alone, they aren’t famous enough to be getting the kind of exposure that the Cruises or the Jolie-Pitts get.

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me about the sex of their baby or when it is due. I am not a fan of either of them in particular, I just feel embarrassed for Pete that he keeps on saying these things. He either doesn’t realise the result of what he’s doing, or he knows and enjoys it. There are plenty of celebrities who manage to keep these things private despite the rumours and it just seems that the Simpson-Wentz clan don’t want to.

I’m so happy for them that they are about to become parents, and I wish them all the luck in the world with it. I just find it odd how they are handling publicity right now.

Anne on

Maybe he’s just trying to clue us all in on the absurdity of the general public thinking they have some right to know these things? If they choose to tell us, fine. If they choose not to, and are constantly asked, who is to blame them for simply giving an answer to shut people up, or even screwing around with it a bit?

CelebBabyLover on

Casey and Anne- You both have very good points! I also want to point out that they (well, specifically Pete. Ashlee seems to be keeping pretty quiet) are hardly the first celebrities to do something like this.

For example, J-Lo not only didn’t confirm her pregnancy until it was totally obvious to the whole world, but she even denied it at first, just like Pete and Ashlee did.

Now, I don’t know why Pete denied they were going out, then engaged, etc., but I can definently understand denying a pregnancy. I mean, what if, heaven forbid, Ashlee had had a miscarriage?

Having a miscarriage is bad enough (I have never been pregnant myself, so I’ve never had one, but I know people who have, including my own mother), but can you imagine having to suffer one in the public eye? Unfournately, it has happened to celebs before. Lily Allen is one example.

Also, some of you have been saying why not just say “no comment”? Well, these days, “no comment” tends to get taken as code for “yes”, so I can understand why a lot of celebs are reluctant to use that phrase lately.

All of that said, in terms of how celebs handle answering personal questions, I really like how the Jolie-Pitts do it. They hardly ever even give tabloid rumors the time of day, and Angie especially is not afraid to let reporters know what she thinks of them asking personal questions.

When a CNN reporter asked Angie if she would confirm her (still rumored at the time) pregnancy with Knox and Viv, Angie basically told her off (but, as weird as it sounds, in a nice, professional manor!)!

Anyway, as for selling baby pictures to the highest bider, I get what some of you are saying about the J-Ps donating the money from Knox and Viv’s first photos to charity…I DO think there is a double-standard going on as far as the J-Ps and other celebs when it comes to baby pictures.

When most other celebs sell their baby’s first photos, everyone jumps down their throats. But when Brad and Angie do it, it’s perfectly fine (BTW, I have no problem with what they did. As famous and sought after as they are, I truly believe the photoshoot was neccesary in their case)!

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