Marcia Cross' Twins Clamor for Candy!

09/10/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
Kevin Perkins/Pacific Coast News

Actress Marcia Cross and her girls made a pit stop at The Candy Factory at the Brentwood Country Mart on Tuesday, picking up some treats before heading back to the car. Fraternal twins Eden and Savannah will be 19 months old next week — check them out in our new twins gallery!

A photo of Marcia and Eden, plus Eden’s gear info when you click ‘More.’

Kevin Perkins/Pacific Coast News


Eden wears Robeez Tredz Daisy T-Strap in brown ($42).

Her hat is from Baby Lulu’s Bloom collection, but is no longer available.

Eden rides in an Orbit Baby infant system in black ($900) with an attached toddler seat in black/graphite/slate ($180). Eden’s has a lime accessory pack ($50).

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Philippa on

I love Savannah’s dress, it’s so cute. The girls are adorable!

Marciafan on

These pics are just darling, I still can’t believe how big they are now!

The first photo of Marcia and Savvi is just lovely, they just look so close.

Rosy J on

I just love the time she spends during fun stuff with her girls. They are all so absolutely adorable.

Sabrina on


Jane on

They are an adorable family. Love Marcia and I love these cutie pie girls!

Nina on

they are soooo adorable

CelebBabyLover on

Well, that first photo should put those donor egg rumors to rest! Savvi is a mini-Marcia!

Sanja on

Do they own a double stroller? Seems impractical to only have single ones, you can never take both children with you without someone coming along.

SJ on

I think Savannah looks like Tom and Eden looks like Marcia.

Ellen Smith on

Intelligent mothers who visit this website need to educate themselves so that they understand that these babies are from donor eggs. No doctor performs in vitro on a 44-year old woman using her own eggs. The reason the girls look like Marcia is because most people choose donor eggs from a woman whose physical characteristics are similar to theirs.

Top on

Plenty of women in their 40s have very healthy eggs so you don’t know that for a fact.

Even if not common practice I’m sure there are doctors out there that would perform in vitro using the mother’s own eggs even if she is in her 40s.

I’m not saying that donor eggs were not used in this case but we don’t know that they were.

lilith on

You know every single doctor, Ellen? While it’s rare for women over 40 to get pregnant (with or without any medical help), it’s not impossible, I know it first hand.
I don’t care an I don’t know if she used an egg donor or not , but I’m sure neither do you, so please stop pretending like you know it for a fact.

Ellen Smith on

Please read the following so that you understand this issue better:

In fact, a 2005 study out of Boson (and published in the Journal of Fertility & Sterility) concluded that success rates for women seeking infertility treatment drop close to zero once they reach age 44.

“While IVF is a popular option for some, aging or unhealthy eggs can contribute to infertility and also increases the risk for miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and diabetes in addition to incremental rises in Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities.

As a result, more and more middle-aged women are seeking egg donation to assist pregnancy, a growing trend that contributes significantly to the number of pregnancies in women in their 40s.”

lilith on

Ellen, would you please provide us the link to the article so that we can draw our own conclusions? Your citation states nothing but the obvious: it’s hard, but not impossible.

mom-squared on

While this is word of mouth, my IVF doctor, Dr. Licciardi and NYU has performed IVF on women on upwards of age 46 using their own eggs. I believe most doctors will let any woman try at least once with their own eggs before jumping to donor eggs, but would highly, highly recommend using donor eggs and that discussion will come up a lot during the course of treatment and the success or failure or multiple IVFs.

What some “older” women are doing a lot these days is transfering their fertilized eggs along with the more “viable” donor eggs, which I think is a terrific idea.

I happen to be in the camp that thinks these twins are in fact from Marcia’s eggs.

lilith on

mom-squared, thank you. What you’re saying is my knowledge on IVF and donor eggs. I’m not saying that I’m an expert on this topic and Ellen could be right with her “physical characteristics” assumption, but it always bugs me a little bit when people try to state their personal opinions as rational facts🙂.

kiley on

I just happened to catch a REALITY show on discovery health network like yesterday called, “Baby Lab,” about couples who go through various fertility treatments in order to have biological children. On the episode I saw one women was fouty-four and one was fourty-three and they were both using treatments and attempting to harvest their own eggs for IVF. While the round of treatment for both women on this particular episode did not result in a pregnancy the doctor DID harvest the women’s eggs and implant embryos made from THEIR eggs and their partner’s sperm. It was a very fascinating show, and very informative. While I don’t normally respond to other people’s comments I felt I had to speak up to defend Marcia in this instance.
Ellen Smith perhaps you could tivo the next episode or catch it the next time it’s on tv? It will shed more light on this topic for you because obviously the procedure is done on women of Marcia’s age.

marciafan on

what ever happened to posting NICE comments on these pages…I know the IVF Marcia’s egg/not Marcia’s eggs is always a touchy subject, but stating as “fact” that the eggs can’t be hers is wrong. Bottom line…we can NICELY speculate all we want, but unless Marcia comes out and denies or confirms then we’ll never know.

That said, I do believe they’re hers.

dynnie on

Marcia Cross would’ve clarified about her eggs a long time ago if she wanted to, but seriously, she probably thinks that there is no point to that, because donor eggs or not, it was MARCIA herself who gave birth to this set of beautiful twin girls who mean the world to her, and I’m sure she loves them with all her heart.

Whether or not marcia used her own eggs, there is no denying that Marcia Cross is a great, hands-on mother who loves her children as any other mother would. Her children have brought so much bliss to not just her, but also to a lot of us who follow Marcia’s life on websites like this. We should be happy and grateful to be able to witness the ongoings of such a tight, real family.

And for that, Marcia deserves our respect.

CelebBabyLover on

dynnie- Good point! I think another reason Marcia has kept mum about the donor eggs rumor is because, if she DID indeed use donor eggs, she probably wants Eden and Savvie to hear that from her, not from the media.

In otherwords, if she DID use donor eggs, she probably wants to tell Eden and Savvie before she tells the media.

lulu on

I wish people would be a bit more sensitive. While it MAY be true that Ms. Cross used donor eggs, who cares? It is a very emotional subject for some of us. As a 42 year old who wants to have kids I have to accept that I might not be able to do it the “old-fashioned” way. Some of us are struggling with that reality & it is kind of painful to hear people make blanket statements implying that all hope is lost for us. We KNOW that the odds are against us but we want to have some hope. I know a woman who is expecting her first child this December at the age of 45. I know for a fact that she did not use fertility treatments or a donor egg etc. It can happen but you never know.

So please, before you (Ellen) post things telling us that all hope is lost, have a bit of compassion.


Morgan on

Wow! What beautiful girls! I
think Marcia has to be my fav
celebrity mama, she is always
with the girls!Even though they are just 1, they seem very well manered in the pics. I am so happy Marcia got her dream after 15 years!

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