Isla Fisher and Olive Have a Playdate

09/10/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Actress Isla Fisher wearing a dress much like Naomi Watts‘ — took 10-month-old daughter Olive out to playgroup in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

Olive’s dad is Sacha Baron Cohen, to whom Isla has been engaged since 2004. Isla, 32, will next be seen in Confessions of a Shopaholic, out next year.

Isla carries a Tommeetippee Easiflow cup in pink (£3.49).

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dsmom on

Can someone explain to me why you would be engaged for 4 years? I don’t get it.

Brandi on

She is very cute! Where can we get the dress?

DS if i remember right Isla has been in the process of converting to Judaism so that they can have a traditional ceremony. I don’t know how long it takes though.

Deb on

I am Jewish and while I have never been closely involved in helping someone convert,I do know people who converted and it took NOWHERE NEAR 4 years for them to convert. Also,from what I’ve seen of Sacha/Isla,they aren’t too strict Jews,much less Orthodox so I doubt it has anything Isla not being fully converted. Maybe it’s just Isla and Sacha’s personal choice to wait!! Just as an example a cousin of mine was with her boyfriend for 3 years before they got engaged and they were then engaged for another 3 years before they actually got married!!

Sydney on

Brandi is right, I think they had set a date for the wedding but have had to postpone because Isla needed more time to complete her conversion. I don’t think they are engaged just for the sake of it. I still can’t beleive Isla has a baby that is about half her size!, In a year or 2 Olive will be taller than her mummy!

mp on

I’ve read there’s been a lot of conflict between Sacha Baron Cohen’s mother and Isla. Am surprised SBC hasn’t defended his fiance more.

kate on

I have always thought that the reason they have waited so long cant be because of religius issues e.g. Isla converting to Judaism.

Surely if they were that religious they wouldn’t have had a baby before they were married!!!

Jessica on

I don’t care if they never get married, other people shouldn’t either.

Olive is a beautiful baby who is going to be at least 6 feet tall. I love that we’re seeing so much of them!

lilith on

Jessica, I don’t think dsmom cares much about if Isla and Sascha are married or not, but they have a quite long courtship😉, hence the question.

It may be that Sascha Cohen isn’t very orhodox in regard of his religion, but his parents are, and I don’t want to start any rumours, but not that long ago there was a story circulating that his mother and Isla don’t get along that well. Whatever the reason, I wish them well and hope everything turns out the way they want it to be.

And Olive is the cutest.

janie on

I’m Jewish and intermarried. It doesn’t take 4 years to convert to Judaism nor does Isla have to convert in order for them to raise Olive as a Jew if that’s want they want. Olive would need to be converted, but not necessarily Isla. My guess is that Isla doesn’t want to convert or it would have happened by now. I would also think he simply doesn’t want to marry her or he would have done it by now as well–mother or no mother. My mother-in-law has disliked me for the last 20 years. It didn’t my husband. Sacha’s parents are just an excuse.

Carrie on

Note to Katie Holmes, this is how you break your child of the bottle! Ha Ha, I am just glad to see one Hollywood mom breaking bottle habits at the same time the rest of us mother are doing it! Good Job Isla!

Sarah on

Carrie, I agree with you! Bottles beyond a year old leads to tooth decay and an overbite!

Now onto the subject of Isla & Sascha: if they really would have wanted to be married (4 years is way too long to be engaged–COME ON!), they would have done it by now regardless of baby, converting, in-law trouble or whatever else came their way.

Just look at Jessica Alba and Cash Warren…they got hitched in a civil ceremony shortly before Honor’s birth!!

Personally, I don’t see marriage for Isla and Sascha. Incidentally, why do we only see Isla & Olive together in photos? I never see Sasha with them…

Brandi on

There have been pictures of them all together a lot lately actually, I saw them at other sites. They were on vacation in Hawaii. Sacha always looks so angry in pictures, I think that’s why they are not put up here. Just like Ben Affleck. A lot of times he’s there but you don’t see him because he looks mad.

Joel on

There were a number of pictures of all three of them, Isla, Sacha and Olive, on the beach in Hawaii a couple weeks back. That’s where her gorgeous red bikini pics came from!

While I don’t care if they do or do not get married, I hope they stay together because I just adore them both as actors so much!

vicky on

There is nothing wrong with being engaged for a long time. I started dating my bf at 15 and we were engaged at 18. I didn’t want to get married until after I graduated college, so at the age of 22, a week after I graduated, we finally got married. It had nothing to do with not wanting to get married, we just wanted to wait till the right time. (my mom was also in Iraq for 2yrs before we got married and wanted to wait till she was home).

Bibi on

I knew there would be comments about a 10 month old with a sippy cup. Janie, the “rest of us” aren’t breaking from the bottle that young. To each their own.

Mom2Ethan on

There is nothing wrong with a 10 month old and a sippy cup. My daughter just turned 10 months and her pediatrician recommended at her 9 month appointment to start her on one to help ease the transition after her first birthday. She is still taking a bottle, just not at meal times and while we’re out and about. To each their own though!

Stephany on

Vicky, your situation is a lot different than Isla and Sascha’s. You waited because of college. Isla is 32 so she was around 28 when they were engaged so being engaged for 4 years with no wedding in sight (seemingly).

I LOVE Isla! She’s one of my favorite actresses and little Olive is so, so cute! I also wonder why they haven’t gotten married yet. Only time will tell, eh?

Lea on

I love the dress Isla is wearing. Does anyone know the designer name?

SouthernBelle on

I can’t speak for other Jewish families, but my husband comes from a Jewish family. He is a Christian, however, so we only hear of stories about other family members that are Orthodox Jews. Again, I am only speaking from our experience, but we know of mothers in the family who have their sons so tied to their apron strings that they are more afraid of crossing their mothers than they are of anything. And the Jewish mothers in our family rule the house…what they say goes. And none of them would ever accept their sons bringing home Gentile girls to marry. We’ve heard from other Jewish couples that this is a common conflict, but it may have absolutely nothing to do with the Fisher/Cohen families. I’ve wondered what the dynamics of their relationship are, but at the end of the day, realize it’s their business. There are LOTS of other “engaged” Hollywood couples with a child or children. I think many of them say they are engaged thinking it will make it easier on their children or more acceptable in the public eye. Many of them break up and never go through a messy divorce. But, I still think the children may suffer the same emotional traumas of being torn between two parents as the children of divorce. Anywho, nobody really knows what is going on in the Fisher/Cohen household. Olive is a cutie!

janie on

You’re dealing in stereotypes, Southern Belle. And you should be aware that parents dealing in stereotypes may cause identity problems for children of partial Jewish heritage in the future.

As to the Cohen/Fisher situation, I’ve read that it’s his father who’s religious, not his mom. His mom is Israeli, they tend to be rather secular. I’d also guess that their objection to Isla has as much to do with her prior career as a pin-up girl and to her highly publicized engangements to actor/coke addict Darren Day and to record producer Anthony de Rothschild as they do with religion.

I have to say that I’m really perturbed by the way older Jewish women are portrayed as domineering and Jewish men are portrayed as mother’s boys on these forums. In my own experience, Jewish but married to a non-Jew, I can tell you that a gentile mother-in-law can be as big a problem as Mrs. Baron Cohen is said to be.

janie on

Bibi, that was Carrie, not me.

BTW, I’m guessing Olive was breastfed. My kids were, so we never even had bottles. They went directly from breast to cup. I didn’t want to have to wean twice.

Jane on

Isla and Olive are both so cute!

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