Dannielynn Birkhead Celebrates Her Second Birthday

09/10/2008 at 06:30 PM ET
Courtesy Us Weekly

Two years after the big custody battle between her father Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern, little Dannielynn Hope was all smiles as she celebrated her second birthday on September 7th. Sitting on her dad’s lap to blow out her two candles, Larry can’t help but think she bears a striking resemblance to her mother, the late Anna Nicole Smith. Aside from the looks, Larry also reveals that she has also inherited her mother’s grace in front of a camera, including checking herself out in the glam shots after they are taken!

"When I take pictures of her, she likes looking at them just like her mom did."

Last winter, Larry opened up about Dannielynn’s diagnosis of strabismus — a medical condition that causes one eye to turn inward. While Dannielynn underwent a successful surgery back in February, it is possible that she will require another operation in the future, which has Larry very nervous. When Larry — who admits to being "medically paranoid" after the tragic death of Anna and her son, Daniel — wound up in the hospital in July due to kidney stones, he began to view "life in a different way" as he realized "if something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I’m all this little one has left." Fortunately, Dannielynn — who loves to go shopping with her dad — is doing great as Larry uses a patch to "make sure her eyes stay equally strong."

Source: US Weekly

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Rayan on

She is a very beautiful little girl <3

kristen on

She is a gorgeous little girl! I wish that her mom was still here for her. But in a way, if she were, would Larry be in her life? A little bitter sweet I guess.

Jessica on

Gorgeous-looks just like her mom.

Ben'sMom on

How cute is she??

jasmine on

omg that is an adorable picture! she looks so perky and happy — love it!

Amanda on

Dannielynn is an inspiration for us… our 16 month old daughter also has strabismus & underwent corrective eye surgery a few months ago. She is a beautiful little girl & Larry is turning out to be a great dad. 🙂

mommy2-3 on

OMG she is the most beautiful celebrity baby out there!!! WOW She is just too adorable for words!! Larry is doing an awesome job with his daughter!!

Kelly on

I love the name Dannielynn-it is just so fitting for her but does anyone remember what her name orginally was? Wasn’t her name changed after her brother passed away or am I remebering this wrong?

Doreen on

Dannielynn is a lovely little girl! She’s right up there with Shiloh and Suri!! They’re all cutie pies!🙂

casey on

She looks very pretty. I see a lot of her father in that little face. She has his eyes and hair. But her smile is very much her mom.

I’m a little surprised to see her in another magazine deal though. They don’t seem to get a lot of paparazzi wherever he is living with her, so she’s been out of the spotlight for some months. Of course it’s lovely to see her and I’m happy we got the chance. But it does make me a little uneasy that he’s still seeking out photo shoots for her birthday. Last year she had a deal with ET for her first birthday, but I thought he had taken her out of the spotlight somewhat these days. Still, as I said, it’s very nice to see such a pretty girl again!

Jaycee on

Kelly, I thought it was Hannah so I checked with Wikipedia and sure enough, it was “Hannibel (Hannah) Rose Hogan.”


tink1217 on

she is a gorgeous little girl and looks so happy.

Stephany on

That is such a gorgeous picture of her! I can’t believe she’s already 2 years old!!!

brooke on

she’s so beautiful and looks just like anna now. Larry seems like a good dad too

CelebBabyLover on

Jaycee- Actually, her name was just Hannah Rose, not Hannibel, and the last name was likely Stern, not Hogan (Stern was Dannielynn’s last name before Larry was proven to be her father, so it makes sense that it would have been her last name when she was Hannah Rose as well).

Actually, I’m guessing her full name was Hannah Rose Marshall Stern, as Dannielynn’s full name now is Dannielyn Hope Marshall Birkhead (and was Dannielyn Hope Marshall Stern before Larry was proven to be her father). Although Hogan WAS Anna’s actual last name (she was born Vickie Lynn Hogan), so I suppose it’s possible.

Doreen- Interesting you should say that. I was actually just thinking that she looks a lot like Shiloh in that picture!

Philippa on

She’s adorable!

Rosy J on

She is such a beautiful and happy baby girl. God bless her.

SAR on

Dannielynn is an absolutely beautiful combination of Anna Nicole and Larry. What a precious little angel she is. No wonder Larry is proud, and I’m sure Anna Nicole would be proud too.

When I was a child, I was diagnosed with strabismus. I didn’t have surgery, probably because that particular surgery wasn’t available at the time. Instead, I wore an eye patch over the stronger eye, so as to force the weaker eye to get stronger.

phoebe on

Kelly, I remember it being Hannibel, because I thought at the time that although it was cute that it was an HH name (because the name was released at Hannibel Hogan at first), I wondered who on earth would give their child a name so close to Hannibal?! Whether or not she was registered as Hannibel at any point, I don’t know, but that was definately the name released.

SJ on

It was going to say that Anna-Nicole’s destructive behaviour might have had a major effect on the little girl, but Daniel, desite the circumstances surrounding his death, appeared to be quite well balanced.
It’s so tragic that Daniel died and Anna couldn’t find the strength to continue, but Dannielynn has her father and his family around her, and I think she can develop a normal childhood without being surrounded by drugs and bad behaviour.

Jeanine on

I remember her name being Hannah Rose … Never have I heard Hannibel except in one of the mag rags that never gets anything right!

Anyways, shes sooo cute and has grown so much.. doesnt even look 2!🙂

noodlemonkey on

Happy Birthday, Dannielynn! Hopefully your Dad will give you the best present possible: to stop selling each of your milestones and allow you to grow up as “normally” as possible.

Bb on

Very beautiful little girl, she looks so much like her father to me🙂

belicoso on

Make no mistake, Dannielynn is a very cute little girl. Of course we know this from the incredible overexposure we’ve seen of her. Am I alone in thinking that Larry goes a little far, to the point of exploitation, when it comes to publishing images of his daughter?

Jeannette on

What an adorable little girl! I don’t know what would happen to Dannielynn if her mother did live to this day but I believe hands down that she would be proud of Dannielynn no matter what.

I think Larry tries to protect Dannielynn from the press but also to share what is going on, to show that Dannielynn is a very happy child despite the already many losses she had to go through in her young life. I think it’s fair to say that we are concerned for her and her well-being.

Melea on

You can’t see in this photo but I just saw the pictures while at Walmart, she is such a pretty little girl but she has a cavity on her front left tooth😦 I thought maybe it was a chip at first but its a half circle right in the center of the bottom.

Kandi Lightner on

Ahhhh! Kaiya Eve Couture is so very honored that Dannielynn is wearing our pettiskirt outfits again for her 2nd birthday! She wore the little Pink Ruffle Fluff Top last year … and now the Floral Bouquet Tank and the Raspberry Ruffle Fluff Top with the Peach Rainbow skirt. She looks just beautiful!! Happy Birthday Dannielynn … and you too, Dad! Love, Kandi and Kaiya Lightner at kaiyaeve.com

Georgie on

She is a beautiful little girl. I do wish her father wasn’t pimping her out to magazines though😦. Given how a life of fame and infamy ended up for her mother and brother, if I were her father I would want her to grow up away from the public eye.

Dottie654 on

I have never heard ANY of the names you are tossing around, and I have followed Anna and Danni’s birth very closely. She was born Dannielyn Hope Marshall Stern, and her last name was changed from Stern to Birkhead when Larry was proven to be her father.

He is doing such a great job with her. He deserves apologies from all who said such nasty things about him in the beginning.

Jackie Adams on

I think Larry Birkhead is proving himself as a great daddy! Just yesterday I was thinking about her and thought “I wonder what she looks like now” and today while standing in the Wal-Mart check out I saw her BEAUTIFUL picture on US magazine. She has grown so fast and cute!



awwww on

Anna was still deciding between the names ‘Hannah Rose’ and ‘Hannah-Belle’.
‘Dannielynn’ was chosen as the name after aDaniel died. Dannielynn has certainly made the name her own and it really suits her🙂

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