First Day of School for James Broderick!

09/09/2008 at 10:30 AM ET

James Wilkie Broderick was excited to start school on Monday! It was the first day of kindergarten for James, 5 ½, who was walked to his NYC classroom by actress mom Sarah Jessica Parker, 43.

Sarah Jessica carries a Fleurville Kids Messenger/Backpack in Khaki Camo ($50).

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Sarah on

Did she really drop her son off in those high heels?? Wow, that’s so different compared to most working Moms I know who drop off their kids in the morning…I think flats would’ve looked great too. Just a thought!

Liz on

Isn’t 5 1/2 a little late to be starting kindergarten?? I started at 4. Just wondering.

kris on

Liz, my son was also 5 1/2 when he started Kindergarten. It all depends on your states cut off date I think. Where I live you have to be 5 by the end of Sept. to start Kindergarten.

JC on

5 is the norm for starting Kindergarten. I was 5 and turned 6 within two months of school. 3 and 4 is preschool age where I live.

Jeanine on

my son was 4 when he started Kindergarten.. he just turned 5 this past Sept 7th and hes in Senior Kindergarten! anywho she looks fabulous and hes soo cute!

dee on

Yeah, me and my brother were born in late sept. and nov. respectively so we were both about to turn 6 when we entered kindergarten.

lilith on

SJP looks great here. And I’ve seen pictures of her taking James Wilkie to school with ballerinas, sneakers, boots, all kinds of flat shoes. So maybe that day she felt like wearing high heels🙂. Her son is really a cutie.

liz on

She looks great, btw most moms would love to look like her

Henrietta on

In my state you have to be 5 by the 31st of August to start Kindergarten. My daughter will then turn 6 two weeks after that. She will no doubt be one of the oldest kids in her class.

nina on

Who cares what shoes she’s wearing. She could have had a nanny drop him off at school, don’t knock her, at least she’s hands on. They both look great.

aurora mia on

I think he is so cute. He almost has a cartooniness about him. I think it’s weird how much he looks like both of them. So adorable!! I love the shoes SJP is wearing and that she is wearing them for the first day of school. I wish she would have another…a gir 🙂 In Minnesota you have to be 5 by September 1st. I was nearly 6 when I started 🙂

DLR on

Is that what the kid wore to school? It’s interesting, but cool! I say being 5.5 in kindergarten is normal considering one is usually 6.5 in grade 1. It also depends on the school system and when one is born. Some schools cut off the entry date for births to Aug. 31 and other schools Dec. 31 so maybe that is why he’s in kindergarten at that age.

Mom of boys on

I agree she looks great! Is it just me or does anyone notice a trend starting with Boys dressing in pajama like clothing? (Ryder Robinson as well)

Lynn on

It all depends on where you live. I’m in Foxboro, MA and my niece was born on September 5th, the cut off is 5 before September 1st. She just turned 6 on Friday and started Kindergarten on Tuesday. Go figure!

JM on

Wow he sure does love them pants!!

SH on

I, too, thought he looked like he was in his PJ’s…but maybe that’s what he likes to wear and at least it’s comfortable…Not my style though for my kids.

Becky on

They aren’t PJs or sweatpants they’re miniBoden jersey baggies. Ryder has them too. They are pricey but so well made and worth it, my son has 3 pairs that he just wears all the time.

LisaB on

Sarah has said in interview’s before that she is not a fashion diva and dresses herself and her son is whatever she grabs.

Is there really a discussion on what shoes would have been better? Maybe she has an apointment afterwards? Who cares?

Love this family!!

Lesley on

More and more parents are starting their children later in kindergarten. There is nothing wrong with being nearly 6 and starting. I wish more parents would hold their kids back a year instead of sending them too soon. Academically ready and emotionally ready are two different things. My youngest child has started this year and he is 5 1/2 as well. I started my eldest son at 4 1/2 and it was a huge mistake.

LanLan on

Is this Matthew’s first day of school or SJP’s first day of her attempt to launch a fashion line?
It looks a bit weird that she’s obviously put a lot of effort in her clothes yet looks like she’s made hardly any effort for Matthew in terms of clothes.

Molly on

My niece started kindergarten last Wednesday, and she’s turning 6 next week. I started kindergarten at the age of 4, but I turned 5 in October. It does depend on the school district.
And Sarah Jessica looks fabulous, as always. Who cares what kind of shoes she’s wearing.

Lex on

I love her shirt! Any idea where it’s from? I like the heels too😉.

LG on

I love his outfit. It looks very comfy for school.

Kristin on

I started kindergarten when I was 5, and turned 6 four months later in December. However, I have friends I grew up with in the same grade who are almost a year younger than me and started when they were 4. They just have to turn 5 by the cutoff date, which I think is the end of November in NY.

Amber S on

I started when I was 5. I was ready but had to wait a year because my birthday is in Oct and school started in Sept. Lame.
Where I live now the cut off is 5 by Dec 1st. My twins turned 5 the end of July ans started kindergarten almost a month ago.

Berjoui on

Public school cutoff in NYC is end of December but private school (which he attends) is September so he is just starting Kindergarten even though he turns 6 next month and kids who attend public school(including my daughter who turns 6 in November)just started 1st grade.

As far as his clothing goes, I understand allowing your child to express themselves and be individuals but I also think there is a certain amount of respect you should show and not look like you’re going to school in your pajamas.

JM on

My cousin lives in NYC(Queens) and her daughter is four and just started kindergarten….but she’s so ready for it!! I started at 5 1/2 going on 6 only cause I missed the cutoff. I too would of been ready but by law I wasn’t allowed. I know someone who has a 5 year old who could go to kindergarten but opted to not send him because he’s fairly immature for his age. It’s all a matter of choice and well of course the laws in your area!

YD on

But where is Matthew? It’s the little fella’s first day of school and dad’s nowhere to be seen?

jackie on

Berjoui they are not pajamas

Brandi on

matthew picked him up, there were pictures of 3 of them they just werent good. this one is cuter.

Ana on

He’s not wearing pajamas! Let kids be kids and stop judging other parents parenting skills and their own opinions on how to dress their children.

James looks so funny and SJP looks great, I love her style!

Christine on

When I was younger, we always “dressed up” on the first day of school.

Must be a regional thing.

H on

we are in NY and my son just started K , he is 5 1/2 as well. It is becasue of the cut off. Also, gymboree had 2 lines out this summer with similar pants, I loved them for after the beach or just bumbing around in the summer time. For school though I prefer a more pulled together look. I also prefer short hair on little boys to avoid that messy just rolled out of bed look lol, so we are all just different. I think it is important to teach children how do dress properly for school work, social occations etc.

Angela on

I don’t think anyone was criticizing her shoes. My guess it is more awe regarding her fashion sense and willingness to forego comfort. I certainly do not have that ability!

erika on

Is that the greek flag on his shirt..?

lilith on

erika, yes that’s the greek flag. If I’m not mistaken they were on holiday on a greek island this summer. Maybe that’s where he got it from. And Angela, I’m with you, I love heels, but they can get oh so uncomfortable. So more power to SJP ;-)!

Aitch on

I think james wilke’s shirt is from mini-boden also. high heels are probably like flip-flops to SJP–I mean that in a nice way!

Berjoui on

No one said they WERE pajamas, just that they look like them. Yes, kids should be kids and parents should make their own judgements but it is also important to teach our children respect, something that is done less and less in our society these days and the results are obvious.

lizzielui on

Who says that James hasn’t been taught respect? You can gage that by the way his parents choose to let him dress himself and be happy in his expression? He is a five year old going to kindergarten. Not going to mass on Sunday. My goodness people lighten up!!! .

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