Halle Berry and Family Step Out in NYC

09/09/2008 at 06:00 AM ET
Pacific Coast News

Following her appearance on Friday’s star-studded Stand Up to Cancer TV charity event, Halle Berry, 41, steps out with model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 32, and their 5-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela, for a retail rendezvous Monday in New York City.

Halle is holding an Under the Nile Veggie Toy in green bean ($7).

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Kat on

What a gorgeous family!! That baby has such beautiful eyes!

Sanja on

Nahla is so cute:-)

Seems we’ll be seeing more of her from now on. Can’t wait!

Now only for Sunday Rose to come out?

Jay on

Beautiful family…Nahla looks like her Daddy. At first I thought she looked like her grandmother.

Brandi on

Very cute, glad to see the whole family out together! Nahla looks like Gabriel here.

Tammy's Tupperware on

Nahla is such a gorgeous baby!! I think she looks exactly like Gabriel with Halle’s coloring.

brooke on

she is cute, she looks like halle but with gabriel’s eyes

mamahen on

Didn’t think it was possible, but does anyone else agree that Halle is even sexier as a mommy? And Nahla is just a gorgeous little girl.

Kirsty on

Woah, she looks exactly like her dad!

Gigi on


Kaylee on

Beautiful family! I am loving that green bean thing. And I also think Nahla looks just like her daddy Gabriel.

Anon27 on

I don’t understand some parents. Why protect your eyes with sunglasses, but don’t do anything for the kid.

MB on

That girl looks so much like her daddy! What a cute family!!!

Jane on

They look really upset about being photographed. Doesn’t seem that anyone is happy here- maybe not a great picture to post.

Devon on

She looks just like Gabriel! She is so sweet looking. Anon, have you tried putting sunglasses on an infant? Even with the ones that can strap on, it can be very difficult. If they don’t want to wear them, they will find a away to pull them off.

SJ on

Hands down, Nahla is the most beautiful baby of any celebrity and that is a fact. She radiates true natural beauty, and her mixed race heritage enhances her looks by about 200%.

Halle and Gabriel really need to keep an eye on this little heartbreaker.

SJ on

Anon… what a silly thing to say. I bet I speak for 90% of mothers in here when I say, what baby would keep a pair of sunglasses on? Mine never kept a hat on, let alone sunglasses.

kate on

the parents look miserable.

Jane on

I really think everyone in this photo looks stressed, including the baby- I wrote another comment that I thought the picture should be removed.

kate on

If its sunny enough to wear sunglasses, the baby should have a hat on.

nicole on

Can I smack Halle Berry? I only say this because she looks FABULOUS as a momma and I a SUPER jealous! She was gorgeous before baby and motherhood suits her well! Nahla is a beautiful little girl….

SMC on

Nahla is gorgeous! As are her parents, of course. They hit the genetic jackpot with her.

What’s with all the criticism about her wearing sunglasses and a hat? Who knows how long they were outside for? Like previous posters have stated, sunglasses on a baby are completely unrealistic most of the time. Just because Halle and Gabriel are wearing them doesn’t mean it was blinding outside. Many people wear sunglasses every time they step into the light of day, myself included. It’s just out of habit.

tan on

She is adorable. What a great looking fam.

Gianna on

LOL. You really can’t make people happy. If she were wearing a hat people would complain that they couldn’t see her properly. I’ve actually seen that here on posts on Marcia Cross’ baby girls!

SH on

LOL, seriously, i think probably half of celebrities wear sunglasses BECAUSE they’re celebrities! just another accessory that they can spend hundreds on and look cool! (not that i blame them) i’m sure a large percentage of the time they’re not even needed…prime example recently was ashlee simpson wearing them in the mall while shoe shopping🙂 anyone that critcizes for not putting them on the baby obviously has never tried to keep sunglasses on a baby before. it’s a lost cause 99% of the time…

Sarah on

I agree with Anon27 and kate…put a hat on the baby (esp. if they’re out for more than 10 mins. in the sun)! I know Nahla has more melanin than say, Eden & Savannah (Marcia Cross’s girls), but still! Protect your baby’s skin and eyes!

Karine Freitas on


Michelle Z. on

Sometimes I wish this were a Momma-fashion board, because I NEED to know where I can get Halle’s belt.

dawn on

WOW. they make such a wonderful couple & family. I hope halle changes her mind and marries again….he seems to be the real deal!

DLR on

Oh such a cutie patootie, and she does have the best of both her parents. I do express concern and agree with the posters that mentioned this that Nahla isn’t protected against the sun. Look at the parents and the bodyguard, wearing sunglasses. Even if they are wearing sunglasses because of the “don’t look at me” thing, if they are outside, reflective sun off the pavement and windows into a baby’s eyes can cause eye problems later on. Hasn’t anyone listened to their eye doctor about the importance of wearing sunglasses even when it is hazy? There’s excellent baby sunglasses that wrap around so baby can’t yank them off. As for a hat, look at Marcia Cross with her kids. Hats and sunblocking clothes from day one. With skin cancer on the rise one can’t start too early with their kids; so yeah, Nahla should have been wearing sunglasses and a hat even if it is only for 10 minutes. Hope Halle and Gabriel read CBB and take note next time they’re outside with Nahla.

FC on

Nahla is a beautiful baby, but I don’t know who she favors yet.

But I do know I like how they just look so laid-back and like any other family out and about, no flashy attire or anything. I like that in about any family I see on here, really.

Now, if Halle doesn’t mind, I’m taking Nahla and Gabriel for myself….;)

Renee on

Why do people criticize the parents all the time? Can’t we just enjoy the cute pictures without someone attacking the family about not doing something they would do.
Anyhow, this is one beautiful family and I don’t see why people have to make negative comments about them.

natalia on

they are such a beautiful family. halle is beautiful, nahla is gorgeous and gabriel is soooo handsome.

Haylo on

Lol comments on this site always make me laugh. I don’t believe for one minute that the previous posters are making sure to always put sunglasses on kids or to always put hats on kids. Sometimes people neglect things like that. I have never seen an infant with sunglasses on, NEVER. I see little kids with them on but not always.

Anyway they are a beautiful family and Nahla definitely looks more like Gabriel than Halle.

SH on

Now I know why we haven’t seen you or your baby for 5 months – because there’s people out there like DLR that think they know it all about you and they way you’re protecting your baby from the sun.

DLR, have you ever USED those glasses that babies supposedly can’t yank off? News flash, they can. Did you also consider that Halle may have applied suncreen to Nahla? It says they were shopping. Maybe they were on their way to the car. I’m sure Halle is taking great care of Nahla – the way she sees fit. It drives me nuts when people are so judgemental.

Katie on

CUTE!!! Cute cute cute cute cute!
Oh my goodness!

Jessica on

Yayy! Finally daddy Gabriel. That has to be the most attractive family I’ve ever seen.

kaitlyn on

I refuse to believe Halle is 41!

SeanJay on

I agree SH. I hope NO Celeb parents ever read this site & listen to all the rude know it all critical comments about everything they do w/ their kids.

My necie is barely 2 months old & can already get off her sunglasses & hats. Not mention she screams her head off the second they’re put on her.

kate on

I ALWAYS put a hat on my baby when it is sunny.

Nahla’s daddy has a hat on too for goodness sake.

It’s not rocket science, the baby should be wearing a hat (even if she has sunscreen on/she is just walking to the car/ yada yada)

It’s not a criticism of their parenting techniques (yawn), it’s an observation, which I am allowed to make as it is my personal opinion (and that of many, I may add).

kate on

Oh and it should also be noted that according to the post, Halle just attended a Cancer charity event, so should really beware of the effects of the sun on her childs skin. Just a thought.

em on

I never saw him before…he looks so much like Kevin Federline!

Chicki on

I’m sure they are wearing shades because they’re celebs, but where’s the baby’s diaper bag?? :0 I sure hope the bodyguard or someone close by has it!

Natalie S. on

So lovin’ seeing pictures of this family and finally TOGETHER!! I understand Halle’s reasons but I can’t help but want to see more pictures of her darling little angel! I’m so praying they have more children together!

SJ on

Some of the comments in here, I just despair at. So picky. Like we’re all the perfect parent. I have four kids. One of my boys refused to wear a hat. I couldn’t get one on him and as we only have a wee picture, who knows how long they were out for. Halle and Gabriel do not need any advice in parenting from us lot. Look at the beautiful child, does she look to be in any distress? Get a clue.

Julia A on

I’m really baffled by all the comments about putting sunglasses and hats on babies. When was the last time we see any celeb baby (besides Eden and Savannah) with either a hat or sunglasses on? No one seemed to be bothered by that particular detail before… Anyways, back on topic, that baby sure is a beauty.

Brandi on

These comments are really annoying. I hope some of you ladies don’t nitpick at your husbands or kids like we see on here, I would imagine that is pretty stressful to live with. Why the negativity about such silly things?

That said, both parents are gorgeous, the baby is a doll, and I’m going to buy that green bean toy because its the cutest thing about the whole picture. Adorable!

Stephany on

Nahla is so beautiful! I love seeing all three of them together! They make such a great pair.

And these comments about hats/sunglasses are just RIDICULOUS! First of all, what five-month-old will keep sunglasses on her? Secondly, I don’t see these comments when we see other celebrity babies/children out. What’s up with the double standard? So Halle gets reamed because she doesn’t put a hat on her baby but nobody else does?

It’s just ridiculous.

Sarita on

These comments are just awful, finally we get a look at Nahla and all you can think of is to say negative things? What about the 100 other children on this site that don’t wear sunglasses or a hat, I think I just saw a photo of Harlow yesterday and noone made a fuss.

The sunglasses and the hat are just fashion for them and we have no idea how bright the sun was or how long they were outside or if she has sunscreen on.

And even without al those factors, can we stop with the overprotectiveness please?

Gabriel is so handsome and Nahla is amazingly cute!

SH on

I highly doubt Gabriel put that ball cap on and thought “Good, now I’m protected from the sun.” The hat and sunglasses is probably because he’s a celebrity trying to disguise himself a little…

kaya@web.de on

the bald bodyguard should wear a hat! tss

terri on

They’re so gorgeous it makes me sick! Well, you know, not really.🙂

lizzielui on

I live in NYC and let me say that more often than not your are blocked from the sun’s rays but the gazillion tall buildings that make up each and every block, especially in SOHO which is where Halle and Gabriel appear to be in these pics. It could be sunny blue skies every single day and you could still miss the sun because of the buildings. Fact of life in NYC. I for one, put my sunglasses on most days not because I trying to protect myself from the sun but because I am making a fashion statement. Simple as that. It could be overcast outside and I would still put them on. Same with a lot of celebs. Third, who on Earth puts sunglasses on a five month old. Back when I was a naive first time mom I tried that with my oldest and soon learned that it was the dumbest idea on the planet. My baby threw those things off faster than you could say googoo gaga. Dumb idea.

CelebBabyLover on

Does anyone else think Halle looks kind of like Victoria Beckham in this picture? As for Nahla…She’s adorable and looks sort of like a cross between Zahara Jolie-Pitt and a younger version of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Lily on

Wow! Beautiful baby. I didn’t expect anything less with those gorgeous parents.

Bancie1031 on

Nahla is a beautiful little girl. Glad to see Halle out with her.

finnaryn on

I have tried hats and sunglasses on all three of my kids when they were that age and it flat out does not work. Are their pictures of Marcia’s twins at that age with hats and sunglasses on? I thought it wasn’t until they were older that we saw them out on a regular basis.

I think this is probably a case where they were going from a building to a car. And I agree that there doesn’t seem to be an outcry about other celeb babies. What about the picture of Kingston a while back? Did anyone notice how tan he was? I didn’t say anything because he is not my kid.

I checked and there was not a single comment about a hat or sunglasses. http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2008/09/gavin-rossdale.html

Yes, people are entitled to their opinion, but in comparison to other posts, it does seem a bit like picking on Halle and her family.

On another note, it is not recommended to put sunscreen on babies younger than six months.

Kaylee on

I get what people are talking about with the whole picking on Halle. Because Nicole Richie and her baby was seen in NYC that same week. Nicole didn’t have a hat or sunglasses on her baby and it didn’t get all the “sun protection” comments Halle and Gabe got. But I do think its a good idea to talk about protecting your kids from the sun.

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