Tony Dovolani Welcomes Twins Adrian and Ariana

09/08/2008 at 01:15 PM ET
John Scuilli/Wireimage

Correction: Due to a miscommunication, the daughter’s name was initially reported incorrectly. Her name is Ariana, not Adriana as previously posted.

Originally posted 10 a.m.: Dancing With the Stars pro Tony Dovolani and his wife Lina are parents again after welcoming fraternal twins early this morning, Monday, September 8th. Son Adrian Driton Dovolani arrived at 3:14 a.m., weighing in at 7lbs, while daughter Ariana Dovolani arrived 14 minutes later, at 3:28 a.m., weighing in at 7lbs, 10 oz. The twins join big sister Luana, 3.

Tony, 35, who was in the middle of rehearsals with partner Susan Lucci when he got the call that Lina, 27, had gone into labor, tells PEOPLE,

"We are so happy, I can’t stop smiling. Lina was such a champ, and she looks incredible rightnow."

The couple announced the pregnancy in March, and the sexes of the babies in April and May. The new season of Dancing With the Stars premieres September 22nd on ABC.

Source: People

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Lisette on

Congrats! Always excited to get new familymembers!

But.. I like the name Adrian, and the girl Adriana sounds great too.. But combined as twins… It’s their choice.. wouldn’t be mine..

Amanda on

Congrats to them.. but Adrian and Adriana? That’s going to get confusing!

Anna on

congrats to them! WOW, those are big twins. that’s wonderful.

Janine on

While those names are both lovely, IMO, they’re way too close to be a sib set.

Marilyn on

Those are some big twins! Congratulations to them.

JM on

Wow nice size twins. But Adrian and Adriana? Beautiful names but too similar. That’s just like Brian Dawkins from the Philadelphia Eagles who named his twins Chianni and Cianni. I also knew someone who had twin girls and named them Kristen and Kirstin!! Guess some people just like the same name game!

Astrid24 on

I can’t believe they actually named their twins Adrian and Adriana. Wow.

Beth on

It was hard enough growing up with a sibling with the same initial yet alone virtually the same name, I can see arguments about their mail when they’re older already!!

FC on

Depending on how they pronounce the little girls name, I don’t think it’d be that confusing, Amanda.

But, congrats to Tony and Lina on their twins!And speaking of good-sized twins, these are another pair as well, with both weighing a good seven and change each!🙂

a on

I can’t imagine naming siblings something so close.

Sydney on

But that’s the same name!

kate on

Those names are too similar.
It’s ridiculous!!! hahahaha

jasmine on

Congrats, I feel like twins are everywhere now in Hollywood! I would like both the names…if they weren’t brother and sister.

Chantelle on

No imagination…

Maria on

Love Tony on DWTS!! Congrats to them. Sounds like she was able to have a vaginal delivery and had some big babies! I fought hard not to have a csection with mine but my girls were a little smaller 6 lbs 8 oz and 6 lbs 11 oz.

Big congrats but I agree that the names are too close.

MB on

Maybe the son will go by his middle name? I had classmates in HS, twins, both named John as a first name but went by their middle names.

Congrats on the twins though. It’s great they were such a good size! 🙂

brannon on

twins! twins! I teach fifth grade – five sets of fraternal twins this year including a Christen and a Kristen – a Christopher and a Christina – and a Dominic and a Dominique. Apparently lots of people into this – personally, too confusing and if given the chance to use more than one “favorite” name – I would have! But to each their own – glad everyone is happy and healthy!

sarah on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tony and dancing with the stars. Along with Maksim he is my favorite pro dancer. Congrats to him! Special congrats to his wife for growing those babies so well.

I agree, those names are just too close. I hope they don’t end up regretting it.

babyboopie on

HUGE BABIES! My baby was 6lbs 9oz and hes only one baby!
I wish her a speedy recovery!
Congratulations on the twins!

Robin on

Congrats to Tony and his wife. Just one thing, his daughter doesn’t have a middle name too?

Maria on

Hi – yeah – I was wondering if you could possibly have any more ads your page? I don’t think I’ll be reading your blog anymore.

Nikka on

Exactly, I agree. This is little too close. I like when the names are matching, but this is too much matching. For example, I’d like Orion and Ariella, still matching, but little distant. Or Brooke and Berit, or Aubrey and Alisabette… or something like that… but they are nice names and congrats again

Kim on

They may be similar names, but there are a couple ways to pronounce Adriana. I went to school with a girl an she pronounced it like this Aud-ri-anna . Quiet different from the way you pronounce Adrian (aid-ri-an). But I think it is kinda cute, them both having similar names.🙂 Can’t wait for dancing with the stars to start!

phoebe on

I agree with what the majority of people have said. They are really nice names on their own, but together, I really don’t like them. I have such a strong dislike for this kind of thing with twins. Just because they once shared a womb, does not mean that they are going to be at all alike, and therefore should be allowed to develop their own personalities. As they grow up, these two will inevitably be called ‘the twins’, so I just feel that the parents could’ve done more to make them feel more independent from each other. I’m sure the babies are gorgeous, I just don’t like the naming process that happened here.

Brigid on

I like that combo MUCH better. Nice name choices! Congrats to Tony and Lina.

Nikka on

Aha !! This sounds little better to me, still matching but different enough. I like this choice, Adrian and Ariana !!!

Alice on

After reading this story earlier I was thinking that Ariana would have been a better choice to go along with Adrian and now I see that that’s the case all along. Sounds much better!

Jess on

Read this story before…the names now sound much better! Congrats to mum & dad!

Mystie on

Aww those are beautiful names. I was just wondering when she was going to have them. Congratulations to Tony, Lina and big sister Luana!

Kelly on

yay!!!!! he & Marissa were one of my favorite couples last year!

brooke on

I think the names sound cute together, congrats to them and the twins were pretty big.

mams on


Sarah on

Yay, of course I love her name! My daughter’s name is also Ariana!! Rose is her middle name. Ariana in Greek means “very holy one” or in Welsh means “silvery or like silver”. Either way, I am glad they hose that spelling because it’s my favorite. I can’t wait to find out what they chose as a middle name. My Ariana just turned 8 yrs. old last week on the 4th.

brooklyn on

It’s much better as Adrian and Ariana! Adriana would’ve been a little much! Anywhoo,

Stephany on

I love the names! Adrian and Ariana, very classy and cute.

Congrats to Tony and family!

JM on

Much better LOL!

Laney McDonald on

I love Ariana, but to me Adrian sounds like a girl’s name (I’m used to hearing it on girls, and yes they spell it the same way, not the Adrienne spelling). I’m happy they didn’t choose something weird like some celebrities *cough*Pilot Inspektor*cough*

I agree with alot of people on here. Adrian and Adrianna are too similar for twins. Ariana is better, although still a bit close. I despise matchy names. Other than that, Tony and Lina did a great job naming them. They’re really classy names.

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