Minnie Driver Welcomes Son Henry Story

09/08/2008 at 06:05 PM ET
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Minnie Driver is a mom! It’s a boy for the actress — baby Henry Story Driver arrived on Friday, September 5th in Los Angeles, Calif., weighing in at 9 lbs, 12 oz.

Rumors of a pregnancy began in January, with Minnie, 38, confirming in March. In April, she shared that the baby, a delivery surprise, was due to arrive in late August. As of July, Minnie was leaning towards Isabel or Thomas for names, but obviously changed her mind! Saying she was "convinced it’s a girl," Minnie expressed her hopes for a natural delivery. No matter the outcome, Minnie is taking a four-month maternity leave, telling readers,

"Plan on seeing me pudgy and fat, knocking around in Malibu and proud of it!"

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Jennifer on

Congrats Minnie!
Big baby!

Lisa on

omg i was totally shocked to see this news. and everyone thought she was having a girl. however, correct me if im wrong, i thought she said if she had a boy his name was going to be thomas, and if it was a girl her name was going to be isabella.? and that is one big baby. Congrats Minnie! Next up is Ashlee Simpson and according to people all her friends think she is having a boy so we will have to see..

Mia on

Finally. Also someone who seemed pregnant forever. I thought a girl because she seemed so convinced…but I was thinking probably a boy.

I wonder if more info will be released.

Brigid on

Congrats Minnie! Such a big boy, I wonder if she did get her natural delivery or not. I like the name.

Lisa, we’ve got some other people first before Ashlee – Laila Ali, Lisa Marie Presley, Marisol Nichols etc. I can’t wait for all!

Stéph on

Congrats to Minnie!
I like the name, but I prefered Thomas as she said before. I wonder if he’s Henry Story Driver? Because it sounds a little strange to me.

Jane on

Lisa, I think sometimes names change. Maybe Henry didn’t look like a Thomas.

Anyway, congrats to Minnie, and Henry is a great name for a baby – I really like it, good simple and a little old-fashioned.

Amy on

I was wondering when she was going to have the baby!? I love the name Henry. I do remember her saying Thomas or Isabel during her pregnancy. I remember because my youngest is Isabel (Izzie). Congrats to Minnie!

brie on

Yeah for her. I have been checking this site so much waiting to her this news.
Henry is a nice name. I wish her all the happiness. Boys are so much fun. I have 2 myself!

Allison on

Wow, three babies in one day! (Tony Dovolani’s twins Adrian and Ariana, now Minnie’s son!) Congratulations!

Isabelle on

remember the last post about Minnie when everyone thought she was having a boy b/c she carried like Gwen? i guess it’s true. now i wonder when her sister is due.

brannon on

YAY! I love the name Henry! Congrats

Ella on

Wow she was able to keep the news quiet through the weekend! Good for her. That was a big baby. I love the name. Congrats.

Freya on

Congratulations! I love the name😀

I love the quote “plan on seeing me pudgy and fat, knocking around in Malibu and proud of it!”😛

Kelpy on

Excellent news!! I have been waiting for this birth announcement (I just had a feeling something was up because there hasn’t been any sightings of her about these last few days)

Very happy for Minnie and her new baby boy!

charlotte on

yay i was waiting on the bith annocment and she gave birth on my birthday!!!!!!!

Max'sMom on

Wow…big baby!
Hope she got the natural delivery she seemed to desire so much.

I had said boy🙂

Like the name too.

Candice on

Excellent! Yay Minnie!

That is a wonderful name!

Amanda on

Wonderful news! That is one BIG baby! I hope she got the natural childbirth experience she wanted. Great name, too!

Morgan on

Congrats! Huge baby!!!!!!

MB on

I love the name. It’s on our short list🙂 Story seems like it’s becoming a more popular Hollywood name.

k on

Same birthday as Raquel Welch and Bob Newhart! And yes, I knew that by heart because it’s my birthday, too.🙂 Congrats to Minnie!

JM on

Wow Big Baby!! Congrats! Henry is a nice common name😉

Rosy J on

OMG! Finally. I have been going crazy waiting for this news. Big baby indeed. Good for her. Hope everything is well with her and the little one. Now, comes the good part. Whoopee!

SouthernBelle on

I came to the site specifically to see if Minnie had her baby yet. Congrats on little Henry. Seems there have been a few babies born with the name “Story” since the movie Lady in the Water came out (with a character in the movie by that name)…don’t know if that gave people ideas or if it’s just a coincidence. I’m curious to see if she will reveal if there were any special reasons why she chose his name. I love to hear/read of how people come up with the names for their children and how those names have special meaning or are to honor someone!

SouthernBelle on

Oh wow…I forgot to mention what a BIG baby! Whew! ☺

morgyn on

i swear i was walking in to work today going ‘ i haven’t heard yet, i wonder if it’ll be today’ how weird.

never the less, congrats!

mommato3wellnamedbabies on

Henry is a wonderful name. At least she didn’t name him something stupid like some celebs. Congrats to her!

Alex on

Where did she carry a 9+ lb. baby exactly? She never looked that big to me.

Kelly on

congrats Minnie!! but i thought i heard her say somewhere that if it was a girl she would be named Isabel & i boy would be named Thomas? maybe im just imagning things but either way congrats to her & the babys daddy

brooklyn on

Congratulations to Minnie! I really like the name Henry Story! It’s cute =)

steph on

I thought she would have a boy. I was wondering if she had the baby yet b/c she hasnt been around. She had a huge baby!..lol. Congrats!


CTBmom on

Wow! Big boy! Congrats to Minnie. Love the name Henry!

SAR on

Finally! I thought Minnie was going to be pregnant forever. Henry is a nice name and I’m very happy for Minnie.

Abbey on

Wow, big baby! I love the name.

I-dra on

that’s my birthday, too! congratulations, mama minnie & welcome baby henry! i hope baby daddy, whoever he is, is happy, too.

Rebecca on

My youngest was 9 lbs 13 oz at birth (22 inches, one long and chubby baby!) so she has my sympathies! I did have a drug free waterbirth, so it’s possible! I can’t wait to hear more details!

jashmom on

Congrats Minnie!!!

I was wondering if and when she has given birth yet!!! Love her quote =P

Katherine on

That is one HUGE baby boy. Congrats….Minnie. Welcome to the world baby Henry.

aitch on

Whew! big baby! It seems like these 9 lbs plus are becoming more common, with people I know anyway. I have really been waiting for this news. I am happy for Minnie and good luck with Motherhood!

LisaS1968 on

Yay – waiting to hear this news. Didn’t Jenna Elfman give her son the name “Story” as a middle name too?

Brandi on

Yeah Congrats Minnie! I am surprised that it was a boy, I was really thinking girl.

Lisa, Jenna’s son is Story Elias if I remember right.

Gigi on

im kinda surprised that it was kept quiet for 3 days and we are just hearing about it today. im glad she had a boy…i think because i could relate to being a single mom to a son.

jasmine on

cute name! congratulations! can’t wait to eventually see mr. henry!😀

brooke on

that’s a big baby, wonder if it has her last name or the dad’s. Henry is a normal name at least

DLR on

Oh my, 9 lbs, 12 oz! That’s almost 10lbs! That’s one chubba-wubba, and bet he’s cute as a button too. Congrats to Minnie and the other parent (it does take two to tango unless she went to a sperm bank)! Hope everything is okay with the babe too!

Philippa on

WOW a boy, congrats to her!
Like the name, but yet another Henry. That name is starting to become really popular

zaraB on

Congratulations to Minnie!!! Please update when you have info on the birth – I’d love to know if she had a natural delivery, as I am desperate to do things naturally and drug-free, but suspect I’m going to end up with a very big baby too!

babyboopie on

AAAWWWWWW! Congratulations on baby Henry, such a beautiful name! He was big, 9lbs 12oz, my god! Wish her all the best with little Henry!

Sanja on

Congratulations! I’ve been waiting forever for this news:-)

Not a fan of the name, but it could have been worse (Peanut and Zuma, just to mention a few ‘winners’).

Seems like all the women adopting or giving birth as single are having sons (Sheryl Crow, Bridget Moynahan, Angelina Jolie with Maddox, etc).

kendrajoi on

Yay! I had a feeling he was already born, and I KNEW it was a boy- congrats Minnie and welcome Henry!

Tammy's Tupperware on

Congratulations to Minnie!!🙂 I love the name Henry. If she delivered naturally, all I have to say is…ouch!!

kristen on

Henry is by far my favorite boys name out there! Also, what a chunk!! Congratulations to her and Henry!!

J.J. on

Congrats to Minnie on her new little boy!! Henry Story is a nice name! Can’t wait to see pics!

momof3 on

LOVE the name…I have an 18 month old Henry!

SJ on

If there is a father, I hope Minnie allows him his rights to be a father. Because at the moment, she’s been extremely blazé about the paternity, saying “I don’t even know if I will stay with the father…”

Abi on

WOW! I thought my first at 9lbs 3oz was big. Congrats to Minnie, I love the name Henry it was one of our choices. She and I gave birth on the same day. I had my ‘little’ girl on Friday, weighing in at 8lbs 9oz.

Renee on

Congrats to Minnie and Henry. That names will probably be on the top ten baby names this year as well.

SJ on

I am glad the child had a safe delivery. That’s all I’ve got to say. I don’t particularly like Minnie, but I wish her well with new child.

phoebe on

I figured she’d probably have a big baby, she looked quite big towards the end. At least she gave the baby the quirky name as a middle name and not for his first name.

Anais on

I’m sorry, but this should be your big fat top of the front page alert, CBB!!!

Yay for Minnie!

winecat on

Congrats Minnie. Wishing you and your sweet babe well.

Bancie1031 on

WOW OMG 9lbs 12oz …. that’s definitely a big baby! Congratulations to Minnie and hope that both mommy and baby are doing great.

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