Jerry O'Connell Jokes That Rebecca Romijn is 'Huge,' Apologizes

09/08/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
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Update: A contrite Jerry tells CBB/ that although the comments were made in jest, he’d still like to clarify his remarks:

"I regret calling my wife huge on Conan O’Brien. I meant to say that there are specific areas of my wife that are larger than normal and growing everyday. All other portions of my wife are quite petite. I apologize to her and will be coming home with flowers."

Originally posted 9 a.m.: Foot-in-mouth syndrome is something most expectant fathers will suffer from at some point, and Jerry O’Connell is no exception. With his wife Rebecca Romijn due to deliver the couple’s twin daughters in January, Jerry says that — at five months pregnant — Rebecca is already sporting a bump so sizable it can leave him at a loss for words. When he does find the words, they’re often wrong!

"I’ll look at her, and I will go, ‘My goodness….you are huge!’" Jerry laughingly shared during a Friday night appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Conan — himself dad to Neve, 4 ½, and Beckett, 2 ½, with wife Liza — informed Jerry that while it might be literally true, it also might not be something Jerry should verbalize to his wife. "I just say [to Liza], ‘Baby you look beautiful…You don’t say, ‘Oh you’re huge!’" Conan says he also takes issue with the notion that Rebecca — or any pregnant woman — glows. "I don’t know why they always say glowing, I’ve never seen a pregnant woman who glows. No, short of living in a nuclear reactor, they don’t glow," Conan joked.

Jerry and Rebecca made no secret of their desire to have children, and Jerry admits that the couple had been trying for "a little while" before they conceived the fraternal twins. While their efforts began as "a lot of fun," Jerry says that after months of not getting pregnant the process took on a different vibe entirely. "It becomes a little more like a timetable…A few days a month, it becomes like, ‘Come on let’s go!’" Jerry explains, "Light a candle, do something! Put on the Kenny G! Now’s the time! Go go go go!"

The girls will be the first children for Jerry, 34, and Rebecca, 35, who married in 2007.

Source: Late Night with Conan O’Brien


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LG on

Pregnant or not, I would not be pleased if my husband said I was huge. That’s just me. We know we get big when we are pregnant. Don’t rub it in!

Jane on

They seem like they have a great relationship and joke with one another a lot, so maybe it was in that context- she would know he was joking with her.

Renee on

LG, Jerry was obviously joking. After all he was on Conan. I just know some people will be upset at him for just making a joke that Rebecca would probably find funny herself. I think he knows her better than any of us do. Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time

Maria on

Hahaha Jerry is too funny. I have loved all his recent articles on here. I bet he keeps Rebecca laughing.

T on

I haven’t seen any pictures of her pregnant. She must be in hiding. Does anyonehave a link?

Nikka on

I agree with LG. there are some jokes which are really not funny, and there are things which people shouldnt be even joking about
There are pregnant women whose emotions are on a roller coaster (whether they would normally find it funny or not), and hearing things like this may cause lots of damage. I didnt see the intereview with Conan, but kudos to him for stand up for his wife and the other mothers of the world to protect them against “jokes” like this

Gelareh on

I see nothing wrong with this joke, I wouldn’t mind being called huge when Im pregnant, I think thats the most fun part.
He obviously was joking, it’s not like she’s overweight, she’s pregnant and will get back to shape.

marla on

i love conan and that he called jerry on that loaded statement. i’m sure it was a joke, but i don’t know of any pregnant woman who likes hearing that. and listen up jerry, she’s only 5 months pregnant. you havent’ seen anything close to huge yet.

Renee on

Nikka, you and LG make Jerry sound like a horrible husband when it was clear he was joking. It’s not that serious or a big deal

Megan on

honestly? He had to apologize for that…I mean I saw no reason for him to apologize–it was a joke and no dobut Rebecca knew that–she is married to him–but because it was made such a big deal, now he has to apologize–the two of them are probably sitting at home laughing at how silly the whole thing is…

Molly on

For those who are getting upset over what Jerry said need to relax. Jerry was JOKING and I doubt Rebecca would get upset over it. I LOVE it when people get all bent out of shape over things like this.

ms. jaQ on

i’m with Gelareh~ when i’m pregnant, the huger the better. 🙂 i love it, and don’t mind hearing it, from anyone.

LolaBean on


Damage? What kind of women do you know that suffer damage from minor kidding? I have always hated the idea that pregnant women needed to be treated with kid gloves, as if they’re suddenly mental patients who could go off at anytime. No matter how hormonal women get during pregnancy, they are not insane or unnaturally fragile. Women like you only encourage that kind of condescension. Luckily, Rebecca is strong enough not to need such coddling.

Stéph on

I LOVE him!
It’s really cute that he said he would be coming home with flowers!

He was obviously not saying that she is fat, everybody understood that he meant that her belly was already big for a 5 months pregnant.

Stephany on

Haha. I can’t believe Jerry apologized! She’s pregnant with twins – of course she’s huge!!!

I just told my mom yesterday that when I’m pregnant, she can call me huge anyday. I want to be huge! Haha.

Jen on

I carried twins to 38 weeks, and the week before giving birth a cashier at a grocery store told me I wasn’t big enough for 1 let alone 2 babies. Throughout my pregnancy, I was constantly told my tummy wasn’t big enough. I WISH I was told I was huge. Really do(lol!) I spent a lot of time worrying I wasn’t eating enough, etc. even though my doctor said I was fine. And Baby A was 7 lbs, Baby B- 6 lbs. at birth, by the way, so I obviously had nothing to worry about. Hopefully Jerry was just apologizing for getting others miffed and not the future mother of his kids! I wish both of them the very best of luck during the pregnancy and beyond!

mudnessa on

too funny. i love his apology, so funny. they seem like they are going to be really fun parents. those are going to be two lucky little kids.

Natalie S. on

LMAO Jerry nice save there buddy! You know men have no filter and tend to blurt out i’m sure Rebecca schooled him quick after that comment! They’re a fun couple and I can’t wait to see the girls! LOL bring home flowers..LMAO kills me!

Molly on

I must be missing something. What exactly it’s funny about this so called joke?

Btw, even he now realizes that he went overboard, hence the apology or the flowers. Are you guys losing the respect towards the pregnant woman, or woman generally? What about the fact that the comments and jokes like this lead to all kind of eating disorders in women and young girls whatver the reason for being huge is?

Heather on

I laughed when I read his comments and I have kids so I’ve been pregnant. I think he was saying, “Wow you’re huge!” almost in like an awe or an oh wow! These are his first babies so it’s new to him too and yeah the tummy gets huge.. he’s just stating the obvious in an oh wow/awe kind of way. It’s very clear he loves Rebeca and he seems to be a pretty laid back silly kind of guy in reading his past interviews. I’m sure Rebeca must not have gotten mad that he said that to her or he certainly would not have repeated it on Conan in the way that he did. So if she’s not upset why should anyone else be? And yeah, she’s carrying twins so I imagine her belly is much bigger than someone carrying a single baby… I’m sure if I was having twins I’d say my belly was huge. Heck I said that with a single pregnancy lol. Congrats to them, they seem to have a very secure and fun marriage and I know they’ll enjoy their little ladies. 🙂

SouthernBelle on

I think Jerry is adorable and can’t imagine him really making fun of his wife. I think he had one of those “oh s#!t” moments where what he meant didn’t come out right. He and Rebecca seem to have a great relationship and these babies are so welcome, you’ve got to know he’s proud of her and thinks she’s beautiful but is experiencing the wonder of a woman’s changing pregnant body. I wouldn’t have taken that the wrong way because my husband is a lot like that…very laid-back, wouldn’t hurt a fly, would die before deliberately offending someone, and has a lot of those “oh s#!t” moments himself!

CTBmom on

I agree that I didn’t see anything wrong with Jerry’s comments. I am sue that he said it as in awe of the way her belly was growing…especially with two babies! Anyway, I love the comment about bringing home flowers, lol.

Kristin on

He really didn’t have to apologize for that. How many women say, “I’m so huge!” when they’re pregnant? And, being pregnant with twins… you really ARE huge! Especially if you were a tiny person to begin with, like Rebecca!

Jeri on

People need to lighten up.

Samantha on

What a childish joke! Jerry is not the smartest guy around as he is more of a babbling idiot who never seems to think before he says or does things. Only someone like him would be stupid enough to call his pregnant wife “huge” If it was really not that big of a deal and it is something that he and his wife can easily joke about then why was it so necessary that all of a sudden he needed to come out to apologize for what he said. I bet the real reason is that his wife was pissed off at him and told him he had better apologize for what he said or else. Jerry has already come out and admitted that his wife punched him so hard once that he had the wind knocked right out of him that he fell to the floor and this was all because he went golfing, but he lied instead and said he was at a charity event. What the hell is the big deal Rebecca?? Sure sounds like she has some control issues and she has no problem beating her husband to keep him in line. I have seen pictures of many pregnant actressess out and about and they do not seem to be to upset that they were seen pregnant. No one has seen Rebecca since the announcement that she was pregnant why is this?? Does she plan to stay in hiding now until she gives birth? Is she so afraid that someone will see her pregnant? She obviously does not seem to have a problem giving her loser husband orders making him go get her “soy” cream cheese. Who the hell does she think she is??

Jennifer on

I didn’t mind being called ‘huge’–but I also am very lucky, my hubby has a pregnant-woman fetish! He adored my bump and big boobs. He told me horror stories of guys he worked with saying their wives were gross and they didn’t want to have sex with them while pregnant…yeah, red flag! That would buy dear hubby a one-way ticket to divorce court.

I’m sure Jerry was joking and it wouldn’t bother me in the least, but there are guys out there that are pretty weird and think pregnancy isn’t attractive (they should probably be castrated so as to not ‘afflict’ any women in the future-LOL).

Silvermouse on

Better to be huge than stick thin, with bones poking out. If I were Rebecca, I would laugh. He obviously cares a lot about her to apologize.

Sarita on

I think it’s sad that people actually make a fuss over this, there is nothing wrong with saying a pregnant woman is huge, she probably is huge!

I wish everyone would stop being so sensitive.

phoebe on

Don’t worry Jerry, some of us did realise you were joking and didn’t take it so seriously!

This couple are clearly totally in love and have complete adoration for each other. I can’t wait to see their beautiful babies and would like to send congratulations to them both.

DLR on

Well, let me think. What would I like to hear from my husband when I am pregnant, “Baby, you look beautiful” or “My goodness….you are huge!” I think it is pretty clear Jerry was right in realizing he needed to apologize to Rebecca and bring home some lovely gifts.

Johnson on

Jerry is an abused husband people, Rebecca beats him as he admitted that himself. He only apologized because his crazy wife made him do it and that makes more sense.

Brandi on

WOW. I can’t believe that some people not understanding that Jerry is a big jokester (how can you miss it?) and actually getting offended. Please! It’s funny. Laugh. Chuckle. It’s good for you.

Keep on keepin’ on Jerry.

Rochelle on

I’m not sure what to think . . . that Rebecca is a shrew that typifies the Hollywood, or rather “shallow-wood”, mentality that anything above a size 0 is garbage – or is Jerry poking fun at all the apologizing that has to be done these days? It’s all pointless so, let’s move on, shall we?