Heidi Klum Says She, Seal Are "Hands-On" Parents

09/07/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
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It’s no secret that Heidi Klum and Seal have help in caring for their three children — Leni, 4, Henry, turning 3 this week, and Johan, 21 months — for the couple are often photographed out and about with their nannies. In a new interview with Parade, however, Heidi is quick to point out that the couple are "very hands-on with the children" and handle most of the everyday parenting responsibilities themselves. Whether it’s cooking, shuttling the kids to and fro, or potty-training, Heidi says that she and Seal have it covered. "We drive them to school every morning. Leni is … in preschool. Henry has to be potty-trained before they take him in pre-K, and Johan’s turn comes next," Heidi explains. In any event, anyone needing confirmation of their dedication to the kids need look no further than the couple’s California home!

"We have a colorful and beautiful backyard with toys all over the place and a pool full of toys and a tennis court covered with tennis balls."

Heidi, 35, and Seal, 45, were married in 2005.

Source: Parade

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mslewis on

Heidi and Seal or both busy parents and need nannies but that doesn’t mean they don’t do the majority of actually raising their babies. Same with Angelina and Brad.

I think “normal” people don’t really seem to understand this. But I have a feeling if all working mothers could afford a full-time nannie to help out hey would take advantage of it in a heartbeat.

Kelly on

i believe that & i agree with mslewis they both work so they need nannies i know a lot of my friends parents both work & wish they could have nannies for my friends little siblings & i was wondering because ive never been able to really figure it out but what are the age differences between all of them?

Stéph on

Many parents can’t afford nannies, but many couple have Au Pair, which is almost the same as a nanny, it’s just another pair of hand and the Au Pair is habitually treated like a family member and a big sister to the kids.

Wow, their house seems great, tennis court and everything. Lucky them!

Chicki on

I just wonder why Heidi feels the need to justify their behavoir as parents – are they getting trashed in the court of public opinion or what? They seem like great parents – isn’t that enough for their fans? That confuses me.

CelebBabyLover on

Chicki- I’m guessing that the interview asked her about her and Seal’s use of nannies, since that seems to be quite a hot topic on many sites (here on CBB, for example, everytime there is a post with pictures of Heidi and/or Seal out with their kids and multiple nannies, there are almost always comments like “Why does she need three nannies?”).

Pearl on

What is odd is that Henry is not potty trained yet!! he is turning 3 for crying out loud!!

Cate on

“… pool full of toys…”

I hope she was only exaggerating. A pool full of toys is never a good idea, especially with very young children around.

Hollie on

Why doesn’t CBB acknowledge who Leni’s father is? Can you e-mail me back about this, moderator? Because every time I ask this question, you don’t post it. And I’ve e-mailed you before but it was ignored. I’m just curious, since you are so precise in naming parenthood usually, but with this celebrity you never do. Do you have an agreement with the family? Why??? Please respond or post this so someone will answer me. Thank you!

Molly on

Chicki, yes, she is constantly being trashed for having nannies and travelling with them out and around, so she probably wanted to set the record straight.

Marie on

With regards to lots of famous parents in general having nannies… I think in a lot of cases, it’s not only that the parents have busy lives, many of us do, it’s the nature of it which often involves travelling, unsocialable hours, and with actors particuarly, meetings or promotional duties in however many cities/countries over a few days, being on set for 12, 14, 16 hours a day. If you have a child, you are going to need someone to help you look after it during those busy times, otherwise, you’d really be negating your responsbilities as a parent; whether that help comes from family members, or by employing a nanny. Non-famous parents, or those who are not so wealthy, might use day-care.

The difference, I think, with a nanny is that it provides continuity and at the same time, flexibility which if you have that kind of lifestyle, is probably better. And if that person’s watching your child while you’re on set, and making sure they are okay, then why not make them part of the family? I imagine it’s easier than not having a relationship with that person, or your child not seeing their parents and that person together and knowing that they’re are loved and it’s okay for them to spend time with someone other than their mum or dad. I think parents in general try very hard to consider the children and to work things out as best they can.

Harley on

There is nothing wrong with having a nanny and I sincerely dislike those who have a problem with them, especially for parents who are always traveling and have a million different things going on. Top that with being in the spotlight, a nanny is also extra security for your kids. I was a nanny and it’s not as if we take over the raising of the children, maybe some families have it that way but, most families use as more in a babysitter capacity than a third parent.

Morgan on

This is the first time I’ve commented on here in awhile, but when I saw the first “oh-my-God-I-hope-she-didn’t-mean-that-literally-my-goodness-how-unsafe” comment pop up, I had to:
Cate, I’m fairly certain that the pool isn’t literally “full” of toys. Let’s take a minute to relax and allow for some exaggeration.

Kelly J on

Maybe they are hands on parents, but I have seen Ms. Klum,Mr. Klum,and her parents out with the kids and they still have 2-3 nannies.
When you have your whole family with you, who needs more than one nanny?

Maria on

I agree CelebBabyLover, if you are a regular reader here you are very familiar with the comments her nannies get. It’s sad.

Michelle on

I have to say, if I were rich, I would have a housekeeper/chef/assistant to do all of the household stuff – laundry (and putting it away – my worst chore!!), making and washing all those bottles, making meals, cleaning up, yard work, getting gas in the car etc. – so I could spend all my time with the kids and not have to worry about all the other stuff. I would have lots of kids if that were the case! Maybe this is what Heidi & Seal use the nannies for. An extra set of hands to carry stuff, push the strollers (they do have 3 kids under 5 after all) etc. so they are free to be with the kids without all the other daily distractions.

Julie on

Most working parents send their kids to daycare. A nanny is just an at-home daycare option with more flexibility to cart the kids around. If it helps keep mom and dad a little less stressed I’m all for it.
After all, a happy mommy equals a happy child!