Victoria Beckham's Prized Dinner Dish? Minced Meat!

09/06/2008 at 07:00 PM ET

Victoria Beckham is considered a great mom, an asset to the fashion industry, and a member of one of the most popular girl bands from the 90s. Even with all of these talents, Victoria herself is the first to admit that she is far from being creative in the kitchen, having learned to make only minced meat! According to the singer — who says her ability to cook the dish is quite ironic as she is a vegetarian — shares that while living in Spain with her husband, soccer star David Beckham, and their three sons Brooklyn Joseph, 9, Romeo James, 6, and Cruz David, 3 ½, the family dined daily thanks to Victoria’s cooking. "I cooked every day in Spain so David and the boys lived off minced meat for four years," says Victoria. While the family might be taking a break from Victoria’s prized dish, she does reveal that every Sunday — and when she receives special requests from her boys — she can be found in the kitchen making the family’s dinner and dessert for her family.

"I cook a Sunday dinner every single Sunday I’ll have you know. My kids like Yorkshire pudding so I make that, I can make it from scratch. And I make Dora the Explorer cakes for after because the kids love them."

Victoria is currently promoting her new fragrance, Signature, which is available at Harvey Nichols until September 15.

Source: Manchester Key 103 via Daily Mail

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Lilybett on

Um… Just to clarify in case there’s some confusion here… Yorkshire pudding isn’t a ‘pudding’ in the American sense. It’s a savoury batter that you bake and it goes light and puffy. You serve with roast meat and gravy, etc.

islaygirl on

and another clarification — she said ‘minced meat’ which equals ‘ground beef’ in America.

‘Mince meat’ (no ‘d’) is the spicy nutty stuff in holiday pies. BUT To make it more confusing, ‘Mince’ (standing alone) is also ground beef.

tiffanyyy on

I wanna know what mince meat is..I know I sound ignorant but I’ve never had it or at least I don’t think I have..

SH on

so if you make mince meat, is it kinda like meat loaf? is it even made out of meat?

Devon on

It’s funny to hear her say her best dish is a meat dish when she’s a vegetarian. It’s the same way in my house…my husband swears my best dish is a Sunday roast. I don’t eat beef so I have never tasted it, but he swears it’s better than his Grandmother’s! Yorkshire is best when made from scratch, they are so easy to make I don’t get why people even need a pre-packaged pudding mix!

ashley_anne on

being a vegetarian myself i have no idea how one could stand handling meat? most are disgusted by even the thought of it.

Suzanne on

I love the blog – amazing writing technique. You’ve got it together – love seeing someone who knows what they’re doing out there! Shoot me an email if you want,, love to exchange links!

finnaryn on

ashley_anne, I have a friend who is a vegetarian but her husband and son are not. She uses rubber gloves.🙂

stephanie on

islaygirl- lol, thanks for posting that. I’ve always think of minced meat = ground beef. I was completely confused when I found out that to Americans it equals fruits and nuts!

ashley_anne- There are many kinds of vegetarians, some because they’re animal activists, some for religious reasons, Victoria has said in interviews she just don’t like the taste of red meat. She still eats fish and cheese though.

Lilybett on

I actually think it’s great that she’s putting her kid’s nutrition or preferences over her own. I hate fish, can’t stand the smell or the taste or the texture, but I’d be more than willing to cook it for my child because I know it’s good for them.

I wonder if her minced meat dish is a particular Spanish recipe or like Sloppy Joes or just plain cooked mince with its own gravy…

Jen on

I love Yorkshire pudding with prime rib roast for the holidays. Easy to make and delicious!

louisa on

mince meat is just ground beef, which she uses to make different meals – like lasagna, canilloni, shepards pie, chillie etc. so they have different meals everyday, but they are just all minced meat based!lol!

aww i love the beckhams!

Kelly on

Well I’m a vegetarian and have no major problem handling meat as long as I wash my hands both before and after.

aura on

Ashley_anne, I think Victoria is vegetarian for health-reasons.

I can’t imagine her cooking ever, but it’s cute to hear that she does do normal things with her family!

phoebe on

Minced meat is, like islaygirl said, ground beef. Meatloaf is something different, and means the same in the UK as it does in America. Although I guess if you make meatloaf from scratch, minced meat is an ingrediant, it’s kinda like it all being smushed together and compacted. Being vegetarian, I can’t give you the ins and outs of this because I don’t handle it, but I know what it is! My grandmother would make these elaborate Sunday dinners, and she would usually have minced beef as the meat with it. She would often grate carrot and other vegetables into it, and mix gravy in. I guess the main difference between meatloaf and minced meat is that you can not slice minced meat. And as far as Yorkshire Pudding is concern, it’s got a very similar ingredients list to pancakes, and is very yummy!

And commenting on what Victoria said, I do find it strange that she can handle the meat. I’ve been vegetarian for years and the thought of making a meal containing meat repulses me.

kim on

Phoebe, I can completely understand why cooking meat repulses you as a vegetarian. I think that Victoria is able to still cook it for her kids because she doesn’t eat it out of health reasons. So I guess her look on still cooking meat for her kids is different from most vegetarian who choose not to eat meat over other reasons. That said, I still can’t picture myself seeing Victoria cooking. lol

phoebe on

Kim, you’re probably right about her reasons for being able to handle it. I have a daughter and I bought her food in babyfood jars that contained meat and I was able to give that to her with no problem at all. Now she’s onto normal food, I rarely give her meat, she mainly eats the same kind of food that I do and I eat good food so it’s no problem. I have no problem with her daddy preparing meals for her with meat in, or other members of her family, so I’m not against her having it. In this respect, I am with Victoria on the way she handles it, I just know that I could not handle meat the way she does, even if it is just for the boys.

I also agree that it’s difficult to imagine her cooking, but it’s nice to hear the normal details of a celebrity sometimes.

terri on

That’s interesting, Phoebe. I thought that most vegetarians didn’t or wouldn’t feed their children meat. I guess you’re leaving it up to your children whether they eat meat?

phoebe on

Terri – when I got pregnant, I always imagined raising my child vegetarian because it’s an important part of who I am, but the more I thought about it, I realised that my daughter has the right to choose her own path in life, she doesn’t have to follow mine, and that extends to her food and her choice of diet. Her daddy is not vegetarian and therefore meat is usually in our house. I do not cook meat for her myself, but if a meal has been prepared for her, and I am the one feeding her it, I do not take the meat out. Due to the hours my other half and I work, more often than not, five out of seven main meals are prepared by me, so most things that my girl eats are vegetarian anyway. I just feel that I’m doing the best thing I can for her by allowing her to try all foods, even if my own moral stance is against some of them. I don’t think I’m explaining myself too well, but that’s essentially it!

terri on

You explained yourself just fine, and thank you for taking the time to share.

Stephany on

Phoebe, thanks so much for that comment! I think that’s such a mature way to look at being a vegetarian. I think it’s great that you’re giving your daughter the choice. She’ll be able to see both sides, with you being a vegetarian and her father not. Very cool!

Danielle on

Now see i am vegan and I plan not to give my children meat and dairy for health reasons, also moral. I want them to have a good clean healthy start. If they decide they want to eat meat when they are older then fair enough. As long as they cook it.

Lorus on

Oh how I miss yorkshire pudding! I’m on a dairy free diet while I’m nursing and that’s one of the big things I miss.

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