LeAnn Rimes "Terrified" of Childbirth, Excited for Motherhood

09/06/2008 at 02:00 PM ET
Dave Allocca/Startraks

With a little luck and a lot of "good old fashioned trying," LeAnn Rimes says that she and husband Dean Sheremet are hoping to become parents — sooner rather than later. The couple play the name game even though they’re not currently expecting, the 26-year-old songstress reveals to OK! Says LeAnn,

"I definitely have a list and I’m trying not to make them too strange. We’re prepared on the name front, but I know it will probably change a zillion times."

Because of the nature of her job LeAnn — who was raised as an only child — is at ease with the notion of having a small family, telling OK! she thinks "one [child] would be a lot easier to travel with." While she admits that she is "terrified of childbirth" LeAnn nonetheless says she’s "excited" to see how she and Dean will adjust to life with a baby.

"Becoming a kid again myself would be a lot of fun, and Dean’s so good with kids. My mom always said, ‘You think you’re in love with someone but you don’t really realize how deep it can be until you have kids.’ It’s going to be interesting to have that experience with him."

LeAnn and Dean were married in 2002.

Source: OK!

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Shaunie on

I wonder if the same sentiment goes for alot of only children? Being okay with only one.

I cannot imagine my kid growing up an only child!

I guess it’s because it seems so foreign to me. I’m not an only child, no one in my family is an only child, and none of my friends grew up as an only child (everyone has at least ONE sibling, biological and/or adopted).

But I guess the same way growing up w/ siblings was normal for me, being an only child is normal to them.

Elyse on

I really respect them. they got married at a young age, and have been married for 6 years. That is unheard of in Hollywood. They aren’t in the limelight much and they seem really down to earth. I hope they get their wish and have a baby soon. They will be great parents.

On the only child front I can’t imagine that either. Life without my brother would be incomplete. It has been kind of weird though he isn’t living with us anymore (and he is 6 years younger than me.) He stayed where we used to live to finish school and it feels like I am an only child now (and I am 23!) I’m not so sure I am digging it so much!😉

shidney on

Speaking as an only child, I can completely understand where LeAnn is coming from. Never having grown up with a sibling, I never longed for a large family. As I got older, my desire to have children became even less. It’s different for everyone though. I know of only children who knew they wanted lots of children too. It all just depends on the individual.

Ana on

Growing up an only child made me want to have tons of kids. I only saw the positive aspects of being in a large family. I have a friend who was one of five who could never imagine having a lot of kids. I guess the grass is always greener…

erica alayne on

They seem like such a sweet, down-to-earth couple. I hope everything works out for the best for them!

Speaking as an only child who currently has only one child, I could honestly go either way. If my husband and I ever have one more, I’ll be happy, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll be just as happy.

I think a common misconception for people who arne’t only children is that all of us are lonely or spoiled. Yes, there are a LOT that are, but I had an amazing family who made sure that I knew the value of life, and that love didn’t mean material things. I was never lonely, but I’ve always been a more solitary person; thatcould just be a personality trait.

The most impotant thing with kids, I think, wheither you have one or many is that you raise them well, and do the best you can to impart them with a healthy sense of self, a lot of love, and knowledge of what is truly important in life.

Jennifer on

I only wish LeAnn and Dean the very best🙂
As for only having one child, sometimes a couple can only have one child, which is the case with me. We have one child (and had her with the greatest of ease-not one single problem conceiving, carrying her to term, etc.) but when we tried to have another, I kept miscarrying. After the fourth miscarriage, we decided enough was enough. So sometimes when people ask me why our daughter is an only child and why aren’t we going to have more…it gets a tad uncomfortable to try and politely answer. I don’t want to get into the details with someone who isn’t really close to me. Anyhow, my point is just that sometimes there are reasons why a person only has one child. To be quite honest, we treasure the ONE child we have🙂 and know how lucky we are to have her!!!

momof3girls on

I have a feeling we are going to hear a pregnancy announcement in the next few weeks. Most celebs don’t talk this openly about wanting kids unless they are pregnant already.

cindy on

i agree; I think she is already pregnant. Most celebs who start talking excessively about pregnancy really already are, and the announcement comes out shortly thereafter. Nothing wrong with only children. My husband is an only child; not all kids need a sibling in order to be social. In fact my husband is one of the most social people I know, and he is an only child. I will have one child when I get pregnant and have no plans for a second.

Elizabeth on

I’m an only child and I could go either way when the time comes. My husband and I are similar to LeAnn and Dean in that we married young (21 and 22) and have been married six years. My husband is the oldest of five siblings (blood, step and half) and his full blood brother has been such a jerk to deal with that I am much more appreciative of being an only than I used to be. On the other hand, I treasure my relationship with his half sister. Sometimes having siblings is wonderful and sometimes it’s not- depends on the siblings!

Jess on

As an only child, I cannot imagine having more than 1. And more than 2 & I think the parents are super brave. 🙂 DH’s family believes you have to have 2 kids, no more or no less, so he’s pretty set on 2. I’m willing to have a 2nd, but when I really think about it, I get totally freaked out. I can’t imagine having 2 little ones running around my house. But growing up, as another poster said, I wasn’t lonely or anything. I kinda dislike when people speak about only children as being “alone” or something, that’s why many people I know had more than 1. I grew up happy & super social, like I am now.

KW on

As an only child, I always wished for a sibling. Once I married, I knew I didn’t want to just have one child. My husband is the youngest of four siblings, and is really only truly close with one brother.

Three years after the birth of our beautiful daughter, we had an adorable son and our family is now complete.

Our children (ages 5 and 2) are such wonderful friends, and we treasure the relationship they have toward each other. I’m sure they’ll have their ups and downs as they mature, but it’s such a joy to see them interact.

They’re very close. They look out for each other, and they are always willing participants together in play (and in mischief!) Our daughter is very maternal and loves to show her brother “the ways of her world”

We couldn’t be more blessed, and I feel so fortunate to experience the happiness of “siblinghood” through them.

Mae on

I’m the youngest of 7 kids (Same parents).

My best friend since 3rd grade is an only child, I love her, but seriously dislike her house. It’s SO quiet. I am the youngest, my older sister whom is 21 still lives at home. My oldest sister is married, my big brother is married, and the twin boys and my other older brother have an apartment together. Even though me and my sister live at home with our parents our house is still loud as usual. My siblings still come over for dinner almost every night, with their own kids and spouse.

I KNOW I want at least 4 kids, and i’m only 17. I honestly can’t imagine being an only child, I dread so badly the day my sister moves out.

finnaryn on

I am one of three girls and my husband is one of four, (three boys, one girl). We currently have three kids and would like to try for one more. I found that my sisters and I always paired off and someone was always “out.” I am starting to see it with my three as well.

And I think a lot of women are terrified of childbirth and don’t admit it. Only now after having three do I think I won’t be scared the next time.

L on

I also think she is pregnant.

Kelly on

i have 7 brothers & sisters ( all biological & by the same parents) im 4th & one of my older brothers is 20 months older than me & another of my brothers is 18 months younger than me so its safe to say its never been quiet here (lol) so i know i dont want just one i would hate for any child i have to grow up by themselves it would be so quiet

terri on

I don’t know if one is easier to deal with. With two they tend to occupy each other, you know?

Liss on

I have a lot of respect for leann rimes.. I have been a fan of hers since day one which is over 13 years now, times goes by so quick.. She has remained down to earth and managed to stay away from the negative side of hollywood. Its possible that after she has one in time she might want another one. Leann has been talking about the baby thing for awhile now. People have been pushing the question more and more on her but she has spoken about it many times before and said she would like for it to happen soon.. I wish her the best.

DLR in Canada on

Good on LeAnn being public that she is okay with a small family. Too often society and “well-meaning” people think being an only child is the worst thing and is akin to being cruel and selfish. They should stop and think that having siblings may not be such a good thing, especially if it is an abusive or bullying sibling. I would have dearly loved to be an only child, but my parents believed in the “never have just one kid” rule and as a result I was tortured and beat-up all through my childhood by what my parents deemed my best friend and lifelong helper. Now in my adulthood I am still undergoing therapy to try and recover from the abuse I suffered at the hands of my sibling. So yeah, don’t be so quick to think only children are losing out on something by not having siblings, they actually may be benefiting.

brooke on

Jennifer I think you made a great point. Often people are quick to tell someone, oh your not gonna give your child a sibling, but you don’t know people’s business. I know quite a few people who had no problem having their first child and than couldn’t have a 2nd child, and sometimes people don’t wanna explain that to other people unless they are close friends or family. Jennifer you are right, you are lucky to have been blessed with a child, at least you know the experience of being a mother and you got to experience pregnancy too. There are people to that get divorced and never remarry, so they end up with one child, so sometimes it’s not by choice sometimes people are destined to have one child. I have a brother and honestly we are so close I can’t imagine my life without him, and 2 of my good friends also have brothers and are extremly close to them. I always knew ideally I liked the idea of 2- 3 kids, because I think siblings are nice to have. I do have two cousins that are only children and loved it though, so not all only children are lonely. Like I said before I think god has a destiny for all of us, some of us might want 5 kids, but in reality for one reason or another whether it’s healthy, money, etc might end up with 3, and than you can have someone like leann say she only wants 1 and end up wanting more after she has her first. Everyone’s different

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