Keith Urban Enjoying Daddy Duty With Daughter Sunday

09/06/2008 at 09:30 AM ET
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

As a first time dad, country singer Keith Urban, 40, has no complaints when it comes to taking care of his 8-week-old daughter Sunday Rose. In fact, when Keith’s wife, actress Nicole Kidman, is at work, Keith — who calls fatherhood simply "beautiful" — takes full advantage of his downtime and soaks up every chance he gets with his baby girl.

"When my wife’s working and I’ve got time off, I’m just Mr. Mom during the day, taking care of the little girl."

Sunday came at a very busy time for the family! With Keith juggling his touring schedule in the United States, Nicole and Sunday have made London their temporary home as the 40-year-old actress rehearses for her upcoming role in the movie musical Nine. However, according to Keith, this temporary arrangement is just that — temporary! As of next year, the couple have already started planning for Nicole and Sunday to join Keith on the road as Keith says they are hoping to find a balance between "touring with being at home." Says Keith, "It’s good to have them out on the road…so we’re not apart very much."

For Keith’s entire interview, check out CMT Insider at 1:30 pm ET on Saturday, September 13!

Source: CMT Insider via People

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dsmom on

Wow Nicole is already back to work? I am a fan of them both but I must say I am confused. For someone like Nicole, who has wanted a baby for so long, why would you go back to work so soon? I have no problem with working mothers, I am one myself, but she is an established actress who obviously doesn’t need the money. I just find it odd that she isn’t taking more of a break from work and enjoying these times with her daughter.

Teena on

It must be tearing Keith up inside to have to leave his family to go to work, especially as it is Fathersday in Oz tomorrow, and he can’t even spend his first fathersday with his family because they are in England. I hope to read that nicole and sunday flew to the states to surprise him !
Now that would be a special fathersday for Keith!
But I guess rehersals come first.

Di on

I don’t want to sound too controversial but it seems like Nicole is obsessed with work. Nicole is a big star and I’m sure that her A list status in Hollywood would remain even if she took a few years off.

Nicole has the money and resources that would allow her to take a few months off, unlike most working mothers and so I find her failure to do so unfortunate. I believe that part of the reason why we do not see many photos of Nicole with her oldest two children is because her work constantly takes her all over the world and away from her loved ones.

HappyJoyJoy on

I agree with dsmom. People with careers as established and strong as Nicole and Keith could take some real time off if they wanted to. Most people go back to work just months after their baby is born because they have to, not because they want to. I guess after seeing women like Julia, Jodi, Demi and others take a break from their careers to focus on their new babies, it’s a bit startling for Nicole and Keith not to do the same. Oh, well, they’ll do what they think is best for their baby and their careers.

TracyG on

I have to agree. For someone who wanted a baby “so badly”, she sure didn’t waste any time getting back to work. I don’t get it. If I had their money, I sure would take the time off!!! It’s not like they are desperate and HAVE to work.

Makes one wonder if that’s the reason you don’t see Isabella and Conner with her more often, she’s probably too busy working!

Ella on

Has anyone even seen a photo of Sunday?? Just curious because I would love to see a picture.

SH on

Yeah, these comments that Nicole and Keith have made make it sound like they’re destitute or something…”finding balance”…WHY would they have to balance anything? They’re each multi-millionaires! I say enjoy your baby you wanted “so badly” – she’ll be 10 before you know it!

Kim on

A lot seem to comment on the fact that Nicole has gone back to work so quickly after just giving birth to her daughter. But in the article it says that Sunday came at a very busy time for the family, which indicates that Nicole and Keith weren’t planning on having Sunday around this date. It also seemed like it took a while for Nicole to get pregnant and therefore it is very well possible that she already committed to this role before she fell pregnant.
I remember Uma Thurman saying how hard it was to be on the set of Kill Bill only a few months after she gave birth to her son, as she signed up for the film and then found out she was pregnant again. And Quentin Tarantino decided to wait until the baby was born instead of giving the role to someone else.
Not sure if this is the same for Nicole’s situation, but I just thought I should mention it.

Anais on

I find these comments kind of sickening. Nicole does not work as much as it seems, espeically compared to a lot of other hollywood moms. She does big movies that come out once every few years and that’s it. Many many many “regular” people love their jobs and work with having newborns when they don’t have to. Why do you jump all over her? She loves all of her children and is a great mom!

I also find it odd that people jump all over Nic for working, but not all over Keith. Why didn’t he give up touring, blah blah blah? Because he can balance! And so can Nicole! It just really annoys me that women are the most brutal to working moms, when WOMEN should be the ones who understand.

PS – The issue with Connor and Bella has to do with their father and his religion and their choice not to leave their lives in LA and move to a whole new state that they are not familiar with. Nicole has made this very clear, as has Tom.

Heather on

You may want to take a peak at keith’s “tour” schedule. He isn’t on the road as much as the media is making it sound. In a 4 month time frame, he’s doing 12 shows. Not exactly a heavy tour schedule. In fact, he only has 1 more show next Saturday and he’s finished until sometime next year. Teena, don’t be so quick to say that Keith won’t be with his family on Sunday. And happyjoyjoy, Keith’s few shows that he has had been announced last year with tickets alreay sold. Pulling out of those shows after people already spent hard earned money for tickets & travel, that would have been career suicide. After the Sept 13th show, he’s done for probably 6 months.

With that being said, I was really surpised when I read that Nicole had signed on to do Nine in London. While she was pregnant. Especially knowing that she would probably have very heavy promotional duties for Australia. I’ve heard filming for Nine could potentionally go until early next year. Hopefully they won’t have to be in London until it wraps. With all of her talking the last several years, I would have thought she’d want more time off. Let’s hope she does go easy next year & will take some time off. I think a little prioritizing & compromise is in order here.

maryb on

Why is it ok for the man to carry on working and not the woman? The baby is with Nicole and I’m sure she is enjoying her daughter every day. She doesn’t have to be there 24/7. Nicole gets to see her daughter everyday, it’s Keith that’s missing out when he jets off to the other side of the world for some concert. Neither of them needs to work, but to them, I’m sure it’s not seen as work. It’s their passion and why shouldn’t they enjoy something that keeps their minds active and healthy. Healthy active moms, with interests outside the home are more beneficial to their children than a stay at home mom with nothing to do. I mean what else would Nicole do at home? She’s probably got staff to look after the cleaning and cooking.

If more people got ‘balance’ in their lives maybe they would be less prone to depression.

MB on

Wow. A little harsh? I mean I’ll admit that I don’t know a ton about the movie industry, but perhaps Nicole had signed on to this before she got pregnant and felt bad backing out? And the post says this is a TEMPORARY arrangement. It sounds like Nicole is taking time off after this. While I agree it’s great to stay home with your baby and I understand why people are surprised by her going back to work, her baby isn’t going to remember that Mom was gone the first few months of her life, but she will remember that she was around later on.

Also, Nicole and Keith just said they bought a home in LA to be closer to her older kids. And when it comes to them, I hardly hear people make a fuss over Tom being gone to film movies or them not being around while Tom, Katie, and Suri jet set. Sure, we do see more pictures of Tom with Connor and Isabella than we do with them and their mom, but Nicole is also historically someone who tends to shield her kids from the limelight.

I’m not trying to say Nicole is right or wrong for going back to work right away (personally I don’t think I’d do it), but just that it seems like people are always giving her a hard time on here and I just feel bad seeing moms criticize other moms because we don’t know the whole story for any of these celebs:-/

M on

I think people have to stay calm with the imagination. The truth is Nicole has filmed two scenes in one week because Australia needed few extra scenes. Her role in Nine is very very very small. She will start to film in November. Sunday in November will have 5 monts. When I have my son I started to work again when he was 3 months.
What do you think? Nicole had a baby not a cancer, and people before attack other people should know more about their lifes.
Stay calm and get a life

Heather on

Ah Anais, sorry to disagree, but do you really pay attention to Nicole’s schedule? When Australia is released in Nov, it will be her 4th movie in a year. She hasn’t spent more than 4 months total in the States in the past 2 years because she’s been working in either London or Australia. She only spent the last 2 1/2 months of her pregnancy in the States. In the middle of filming Australia, she signed onto another movie to be filmined in Germany directly following Australia’s completion but dropped out after becoming pregnant. A month after giving birth, she was back on the set of Australia & is now in London for who knows how long to work on Nine.

Nicole herself has said in the past that she has a hard time balancing, that’s why she would ease up greatly on her career if ever having another child. Back on a movie set a month after giving birth and signing onto a movie while pregnant to be filmed directly following the birth of a baby is easing up?

If Nicole wants a better relationship with her kids, staying closer to them would be a great help. Her ex-husbands religion isn’t forcing her to take film roles all around the world and away from her kids for months & months on end.

Cal on

M, I don’t think you know very well Nicole to be so sure in what she has to do or not. I think people should live their life not celebrities

molly on

I’m wondering about the comment Mr. Mom. It sounds like the fathers are not entitled to take care of the baby, and if they already do, they are not fathers, but mothers. I would imagine, that in these days we are so advanced, that both mom and father can take a great care of a small baby without having to change the parent title, no? If my dh will stay home with the baby, he will still be Mr. Dad, not Mr. Mom.

Anne on

I’m not a personal fan of her movies as a lot of them have bombed but this website is about babies, so why won’t she show hers?

OhMa on

Nicole stayed home from January to August and dropped out of a film to take good care of herself and bring a healthy baby into the world. JLo and others were out on full concert tours well into their pregnancys. Nobody knows when Nicole signed on to do Nine. Movie making is a lot of sitting around and waiting so Nicole has plenty of time with her baby. Plus I hear that her role in the movie is a supporting role so she won’t be needed that much and the cast is huge. Nothing wrong with Nicole or Keith working. When little Sunday starts school, is when they will have to make some changes.

SH on

“Healthy active moms, with interests outside the home are more beneficial to their children than a stay at home mom with nothing to do.”

MARYB – Sorry to disagree, but I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids, 4 and under (no twins). I don’t have time for interests OUTSIDE the home..and guess what? I’m still healthy and active, and I’m more beneficial to my kids because I’m their mother and I’m HERE to take care of them. I’ve got PLENTY to do, by the way, like raise my own kids. Oh, yeah, and I’m not depressed.

Jade on

I agree with you Molly about the Mr Mom comment. That’s the first thing I noticed but as the earlier comments mentalities are not really changing about the society view of mothers.

Anais on

These “four” films will not be released all in a row. Nicole has historically worked, and then taken a long time off. She’s done this since her divorce.

She shouldn’t be forced to stay home and give up her life. She needs to be happy, just like MaryB said, moms have to have their own lives too!

Bella and Connor are being trained as Scientologists, and Nicole is not. Therefore, the Church works hard to keep them away from her. And Tom Cruise is always with Suri and never with his older kids – they are always with his mom. Why does no one complain about that? It has nothing at all to do with Nicole, and has everything to do with her pretty much losing her children to a cult.

lashuv on

Taking January to July off to take care of herself? thats why she was on such a fitness routine that most soldiers in training couldn’t handle, and her age and the fact of miscarrying and a tubal pregnancy yes it’s good to do moderate exercise but her’s was excessive. then She signed for this movie while she was pregnant knowing that keith’s tour wasn’t done till the end of Sept. She could have asked to push it back by one month, she does have that amount of pull left.(unless the last one she did and this one flops like the rest.) Keith wasnt’ the one every other day making comments on how much he wanted to have a child and spend the time with the child, it was Nicole all publicity. If she keeps this up she will need to wear an name tag for Sunday so she knows who she is like her other kids. Why buy a house near the older ones when they are away at bording school and Nicole has two more movies lined up to film after Nines! And Nicole and the baby touring next year with Keith, he’s dreaming! maybe for a couple of days here and there but he will have to schedule his tour just like this year to fly back and forth to them rather than the other way around. A very one sided marriage the only balance is coming from Keith. He won’t be able to keep this wear and tear on his body much longer he already has a back injury.

mrowe on

To be fair Halle Berry, started filming a movie only 2 months after Nahla was born. I admit when I first saw the pictures of her on set I was a little surprised by how soon she went back to work just because of how often she spoke of wanting a child but in the end she like Nicole knows what’s best for her. Although given their money I would make a different choice.

Jeannette on

Well lately it sounds like Nicole has been bringing Sunday to the set of Australia and at this time, it’s only rehearsing/research for “Nine” so I’m sure that’s not as bad as actual long hours on the set of filming. How many actresses these days now bring their child to the set? Nicole still wants to be very close to Sunday especially at this stage when she’s nursing. And as far as I can tell, I haven’t heard one thing about having a Nanny around?

As for Isabella and Connor- I think it’s more of Tom’s part of not letting them spend more time with their mother. How come they get to be around for Suri’s birth but not for Sunday’s? They are home schooled so I’m sure it’s a lot more easier for them to travel and be with their mother!

But anyway, it’s nice to read of how Keith takes up whatever free time he has to be with Sunday- he’s enchanted by that little girl!

Bb on

“For someone who wanted a baby “so badly”, she sure didn’t waste any time getting back to work. I don’t get it. If I had their money, I sure would take the time off!!! It’s not like they are desperate and HAVE to work”

Thats you. Some people enjoy working. Are you saying that because she wanted this baby “so badly”, she should show this by staying at home with Sunday? I don’t see how her working somehow contradicts how much she wanted her baby. Would you honestly say this to her face? “i thought you really wanted your baby so i can’t believe you are back workin so soon”! We are all entitled to our opinion but personally i disagree with you.

grace on

don’t actors have contracts? like they have to do a certain amount of projects each year? i really don’t know how it works. do the older kids live with tom full time??

MB on

Grace, actors do have contracts for each project. They may agree to a project a couple years in advance, depending. However there is no rule that they have to do a certain # of projects a year. That is something I imagine the actor works out with his/her agent.

Tom has primary custody as I understand it. Nicole said that’s in part b/c the kids preferred to be in LA. She has visitation though.

Nikka on

Unless he was referring to breast feeding, that’s the only think I can imagine would make him Mr. Mom

Nikka on

And as far as I know, the maternity leave (forget her money for a sec) in the United States is only 6 weeks. That’s what the government says is enough for a mother and a baby to spend together full time.

m ford on

we can all condem nicole & keith but it is there life style,i just pray keith will be doing some work in england as he as a brillant talant luv his music just get back to england fast ,when are we going to see this baby,i have yet to see a photo of baby sunday rose

Gabrielle on

I’m really confused by the statements “with all the money she doesn’t even need to work.” That kind of statement is so disappointing to hear. So it’s only okay for a woman to work if she has to? What if she just wants to? What if she finds it fullfilling and doesn’t think she’s cut out to be a SAHM, why is that not okay? I do think that it’s important for people not to work to the point where they don’t have time for their kids. And it seems as if Nicole and Keith aren’t working to that degree. So I don’t see what the big deal it.

Everytime I think we’re making progress I see a statement like that and I feel like we really haven’t come that far after all.

m-dot on

Nicole never seemed like the “nurturing” type to me. It didn’t suprise me when Tom took over parenting once they split. So, it’s of no suprise that she’s hit the ground running back to work after this new baby. Not about being good or bad. We all have the tings we bring to the table, and those we don’t. Hopefully Keith is a nurturing guy as Tom is, for the benefit of the new baby.

terri on

If I had a lot of money I might take off a full year after having a baby, then again I might not. Nicole and every other actress are in fields that they choose to be in. Many women work out of necessity or obligation. Nicole is doing what she loves and she is able to travel with the people she loves while doing so. Sounds like a wonderful, happy life for all involved.

CelebBabyLover on

Anais- How do you know that Nicole “basically lost her children to a cult”? I have not seen one thing suggestion that in any reputable magazine. The only place I have seen that being reported is in tabloids, and as we all know, they need to be taken with a huge grain of salt (or sometimes, depending on the tabloid, an entire salt saker!)!

Also, how do we know how much time Nicole really spends with Bella and Connor. As other commentors have said, Nicole is notorious for wanting to shield her children from the paparazzi (I believe she has even said that she goes out of her way to NOT have Bella and Connor photographed by the paps when they are visiting).

Therefore, it’s very possible that she sees them in places the paps either don’t know about or can’t get to (e.g. Nicole and Keith’s house. Obviously the paps would get in serious trouble if they walked in there!).

In otherwords, none of us really have any idea how often Nicole actually sees Bella and Connor. All we have to go on are tabloid reports.

As for them not being there for Sunday’s birth, how do we know it was Tom’s choice? Maybe Nicole wanted it to be just her and Keith during the birth, and just her, Keith, and Sunday during the first few days after the birth.

I also want point out that, as far as I know, Bella and Connor weren’t actually at Suri’s birth either. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like only Katie, Tom, and the doctors and nurses were in the delivery room.

Granted, they probably got to meet Suri right after she was born…But who’s to say they didn’t meet Sunday soon after hers? As private as Nicole tends to be about her kids, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bella and Connor have visited Sunday and the media just doesn’t know about it.

Sanja on

I love Nicole as an actress but have lost all respect for her as a mother.
It’s true that we don’t know the arrangement between her and Tom or why she’s working so soon after having Sunday (but it certainly isn’t because she needs money), but as a mother she has not done one thing I’d want to emulate as a mother myself.

And just want to add that reading all your comments about having only 6 weeks of maternity leave and having to go back to work soon after your kids were born makes me so sad AND so glad and blessed I live where I do and have a year of paid maternity leave (and my hubby has 6 months on paternity leave).

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