Megan Fox Takes Role in Kash's Life Seriously

09/05/2008 at 06:30 PM ET
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Megan Fox‘s motherly instinct has already kicked in! Previously engaged to actor Brian Austin Green (they’ve since called it off, but are still together), Megan takes her role in his 6-year-old son Kassius ‘Kash’ Lijah‘s life seriously. While Brian is able to work in LA, Megan often travels, meaning that it will "be weeks and weeks without seeing Kash, and that’s sad. I’m out of town a lot." However, the Transformers star adds that Kash is well-adapted and used to the arrangement, considering both his parents are in the business. Still, Megan does "feel guilty a lot," she shares.

Megan reveals that she is the one who enforces discipline when Kash visits, adding that Brian feels bad about being hard on his son. Due to being raised in the South, Megan says it is easy for her "to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly." However, because Kash’s parents have split up, Megan explains that "it’s hard for Brian to punish him. He feels bad that Kash has to always go through the transition in switching homes."

Kash’s mother is Vanessa Marcil.

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Motheroftwo on

Are you kidding me? I seriously hope these comments were taken out of content. I don’t think an ex-finance/down-graded girlfriend should be providing disciplne to her boyfriend’s dog, let alone a child. It should be the Dad’s responsibility to choose what kind of discipline, if any is bestowed upon his son. This is why children suffer the most in a divorce. If I was this boy’s Mother I would be fuming at these comments!

HeatherR on

I didn’t realize that Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil had been married….

Gigi on


Megan on

I have to agree with the first poster that it is NOT her job to discipline Kassius–that is his parents job…all the experts say that in divorced home, the PARENTS need to make the rules–not the step parents–and NOT the girlfriends or boyfriends–it just tests boundaries and creates more problems…now maybe it works for them but it’s just treading thin–I mean what if she and Brian break up?? It’s just dangerous in my opinion–and if I were Vanessa…I may be a little put off by that…JMHO

summer on

Megan’s face looks weird/different. Did she have some plastic surgery?

Ditto, Motheroftwo.

eva on

I started out as my daughters stepmother and before that I was the girlfriend. I didn’t start creating the rules of the house,I just followed my husband’s discipline style and the limits that were already in place for her.At the beginning of our relationship the job of education-rules was all his, while I learned about my child’s personality and sensibilities. Slowly but surely I began to take a more hands on approach, until by all accounts I became the disciplinarian and my husband the cool indulging daddy.

What was I supposed to do when I was home alone with the little girl? let her run wild and do as she pleased? become my husband’s narc and observe all day to tell on her when he came home?

I understand this arrangement doesn’t work with all parents, that its an extremely sensible issue BUT if it works for this or that family I don’t think outsiders should discourage it or criticize it.I didn’t try to change the rules or make things easier for me when I was “just” the stepmother, I did what the person responsible for the little one (in this case my husband) thought was appropriate

Nicole on

No way should a step mother be setting the rules and laying down the law for a child that is not hers. No wonder he broke off the engagement with her!

carie on

Megan and Brian have been together for several years. It makes sense she is close with his son and is part of the larger adult circle regarding him. Of course she assists in his discipline…is she expected to ignore things just because she is not a biological parent? As long as she follows the parents’ forms of discipline and boundaries, and is supportive of their efforts, there is nothing wrong with that.

I think the bigger issue, that no one has mentioned, is that his own father DOES NOT discipline…instead leaving it up to his girlfriend to do it all alone. Additionally, Brian is not supporting the mother in her efforts…and is playing out the classic “mom’s the disciplinarian. dad’s the “fun guy” role” scenario that too many divorced or separated couples do when the child comes to visit. That is totally unfair to the primary custodian/parent that they are the one that always has to be the “bad guy.” Brian needs to get over his issues and fully parent his son. That is the problem where I’m concerned…not Megan having an active, loving role in her “stepson’s” life. Who knows…this MIGHT have something to do with why they aren’t engaged anymore…maybe Megan is not fully happy with this set-up either. So…the way it stands now…the two women get to be the “bad guy” and Brian’s the fun one. Not sure I’d want to marry into that either.

Nikki on

Brian and vanessa weren’t married. They were engaged. Vanessa was married to Cory Feldman back in 89′. I think she is showing tough love but their relationship totally confuses me. I don’t get why they ended their engagment but she still talks about being his future step-mom. are they going to get re-engaged???

Megan on


I definitely agree with your situation–for this SPECIFIC situation, Megan, by her comments, makes it seem as though SHE is the only disciplinarian–she comes right out and says that Brian doesn’t want to discipline Kass because he feels guilty–that’s what my issue is–obviously you can’t let the child run wild but what you did is best…having it be a gradual thing…it doesn’t seem that they are doing it that way…that was my point

tara on

If were were Kash’s Mommy I’d be none too happy about these comments! I don’t like it when girlfriends play “Mommy” with the children. She needs to learn her “place”.

MB on

why did CBB title this future stepmother if the couple isn’t even engaged anymore? that makes no sense. she’s not a future stepmother; she’s a girlfriend.

Lauren on

Interesting comments. Judging by some of your standards, baby-sitters should never provide any rules, boundaries, or discipline for the children in their care. Same goes for nannies, day care providers, teachers, or anyone else who is in charge of children. They’re not the parents-who the heck do they think they are disciplining other peoples’ children? It makes so much more sense for Megan to stay in her “place” and let Kassius run wild with zero discipline at his dad’s home; I’m sure Vanessa would love that.

Carie hit the nail on the head. Instead of focusing on the bigger issue-Brian being unable to effectively parent his son due to his personal issues of guilt-people would rather jump all over Megan for doing what her partner refuses to by providing Kassius with the boundaries he needs. The fact that she is catching heat for this is so indicative of the culture of child-rearing today it’s ridiculous.

stephanie on

If I’m not mistaken, Megan has been dating Brian since Kassius was two. I’m sure if there were any problems with it Vanessa would already point it out.

eva on

I’m sorry if it seemed like I overreacted or singled you out. Not my intention at all🙂 yhr subject just touched sensible nerve for me I guess.You’re right, every family is a different scenario not a one-size fits all.

Heather on

Who are any of you to speak out in outrage on Vanessa’s behalf?? None of you know that Vanessa doesn’t appreciate Megan’s ability to step up, where Brian won’t.

brooke on

I totally agree she shouldn’t be discplining any child that isn’t her’s, if I was vanessa I wouldn’t like it. I did see brian, megan and kassius at lax airport back in nov, and she seemed to really love kassius. She kept kissing the top if his head and they were laughing and talking a lot, and he was sitting on her lap at certain times. Brian and her are one hot couple, and kassius is such a handsome boy. Too bad there aren’t more pics of him here, but he looks exactly like vanessa and has black hair and olive complexion. There was recent pics of megan taking him to school and movies too, so I think what she means by discpline might just be saying no sometimes, when brian can’t. Years ago I remember hearing vanessa say both brian and her spoil kassius a lot, and never know how to say no to him. Anyway hope new pics of kassius are posted soon, he is one beautiful child. Vanessa marcil just got a recurring role on lipstick jungle too

Sarita on

I don’t see the problem here and I sure hope Vanessa doesn’t do either. It’s great Megan is so involved in this boy’s life and cares about him enough to discipline him.

SeanJay on

Tara what do you mean by place?? She is not a servant. It seems Brian is the one that needs to learn his place as a father & discipline his son. Like Eva said Megan shouldn’t just have to sit there while the kid runs wild. CHildren should learn to respect adults period wether they are the paents or not.

lilith on

What is it with those hateful comments? “Downgraded girlfriend”, “she needs to learn her place”? Brian And Megan are obviously living together. His son, with whom according to pictures and stories, Megan seems to have a good relationship with, is visiting them in their house. I’ll too make sure, no matter whose kid it is, that there are certain rules to be followed, e.g. eating what has been cooked, going to bed at an appropriate time, etc. If his father isn’t providing those rules, than what shall she do? Let him run wild? In whose interest would this be?
Seriously, how can one get upset over that?

Bancie1031 on

MotherOfTwo I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!

I also agree that Brian needs to step it up and be a responsible parent and learn how to discipline his own child not making his girlfriend do what is supposed to be his job!

Lauren – You said “Judging by some of your standards, baby-sitters should never provide any rules, boundaries, or discipline for the children in their care. Same goes for nannies, day care providers, teachers, or anyone else who is in charge of children.” I have a question for you ….. how many babysitters, nannies, day care providers or teachers kill children that parents trust in their care? Now how many children die in the hands of their parents boyfriends/girlfriends that they thought that they could trust??? How many children have been sexually abused in this same situation? I just seen a case this past week where a child had shaking baby syndrome because the boyfriend got tired of hearing the little girl crying. Now I’m sure there is someone out there with a story about a nanny, babysitter etc… that did harm a child; I’m not saying that it doesn’t or couldn’t happen, I’m just saying that it’s more unlikely then the latter.

And if I were Megan I would be angry at Brian for putting me in that position to have to discipline his child.

MB on

Bancie I don’t really get how your comment relates to this situation. No where does it talk about Megan abusing the child at all, just telling him no or otherwise imposing rules. Also, where I live in the US there have been a LOT of cases of child abuse at the hands of babysitters and daycare workers. The news here is constantly talking about how to choose a child care provider that will discipline as you like and how to look for signs your child is being abused by a babysitter/daycare.

Lauren on

“I have a question for you ….. how many babysitters, nannies, day care providers or teachers kill children that parents trust in their care? Now how many children die in the hands of their parents boyfriends/girlfriends that they thought that they could trust??? How many children have been sexually abused in this same situation?”

This is a joke, right? Megan should be forbidden from telling her stepson to finish his meal and go to bed on time because she is supposedly statistically more likely to murder or sexually abuse him? You are so uneducated on what you are trying to speak about it isn’t even funny. The fact that you “just seen” a boyfriend shake his girlfriend’s child has ZERO relevance to Megan, Brian, and Kassius’s situation, and frankly you have some nerve pretending it does.

As for nanny/day care abuse, I suggest you educate yourself on statistics regarding the subject before making such unfounded claims.

Bancie1031 on

MB – The way that it relates is I’m explaining my views of why it’s not Megan’s place to discipline or to enforce discipline on Kash. I’m not saying that Megan would do anything to harm him but I don’t believe that it’s the girlfriends/boyfriends (in this case meaning Megan) place to manage/enforce the disciplines of said child. This should be Brian’s responsiblity. And I did say that I’m sure that there are cases where child care providers (of any kind) did/have harm(ed) a child but you just don’t hear it as much as you do about partners harming their partners children.
I do agree that you need to take extreme caution when choosing who to leave your children with, I agree 100%.

Bancie1031 on

Lauren – First off Kash isn’t her stepson, he is her boyfriends son. I NEVER said that Megan has or ever would hurt Kash nor did I ever pretend that this was the situation! No I don’t think it’s Megans place “to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly.” it’s Brians. No Megan shouldn’t be forbidden from telling her boyfriend’s son, Kash, to eat dinner or “after you eat it’s time for bed”, but she shouldn’t be the enforcer of discipline when he comes to visit his father. I never claimed to be “educated” but thanks and just because I’m “uneducated” doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to have an opinion or to state my opinion ….. Plus, I have seen the “statistics” on the news (as I stated previously) just last week.
Now I do agree with you that the more pressing issue here is the fact that “Brian is unable to effectively parent his son due to his personal issues of guilt”, something that he needs to work through and deal with because part of parenting is to discipline and show tough love.

Di on

I just want to echo some of the other comments. First, in no way should Megan be the disciplinarian. She is neither Brian’s fiancee nor wife so I find it totally inappropriate for her to take on the role of disciplinarian. Secondly, as the father, Brian needs and should discipine his son when necessary otherwise, the boy will learn not to respect his father. I think that too many parents want to be their children’s friends instead of parent. It is okay to act like buddies but when he does something wrong, the father should correct him.

Lastly, just because a nanny or a school teacher can dish out discipline does not mean it is okay for Megan to do so. First, for those hours when a child is in school, the school stands in the shoes of the parents therefore a teacher can discipline a student. Secondly, if I put my child in day care or a hire a nanny, I would expect that they could, with my authority and consent, discipline my child.
Look, the bottom line is that Megan is simply the girlfriend and thus the discipline should be left to the father and his mother.

lilith on

Di, you are basically saying that no matter how long two people live together, how much they love each other, as long as they are not married they shouldn’t be treated the same. While I see that there are certain legal differences between a married vs. unmarried couple, how does this translate into one’s own home? “Hey we live together for almost x years, but since we haven’t signed the dotted line, please back of?!” This is ridiculous.
As I’ve said it before, it’s her home as much as his, she’s allowed to draw some lines in her own home. And obviously Brian, Kassius and Vanessa seem to agree with that, otherwise she wouldn’t have such a good relationship with her boyfriend’s son. “Simply the girlfriend” is condescending her and their relationship.

TracyG on

Some of you act like you know this couple and their situation with Vanessa and Kash. NEWSFLASH! YOU DON’T!

How do you know that Vanessa has NO PROBLEM with Megan disciplining Kash? How do you know that Megan and Vanessa haven’t discussed this? How do you know that Vanessa may LIKE that Megan treats her son like HER OWN?

YOU DON’T, so you can’t comment on how it may or may not work for this family. Megan has been in the boy’s life for five years and I’m sure it’s been dicussed before. She *IS* like a mom to him when he’s at her and Brian’s house. Like it or not.

As far as Brian, I’m sure he does do some disciplining, by the sounds of it though, he needs to step up a bit more and not feel guilty. As long as Kash is healthy and happy and adjusted, he should be proud, not guilty.

And Bancie, I agree with Lauren. You have NO idea what you are talking about!

Jessica on

If Brian isn’t doing it, someone needs to do it. I mean she’s a little young to be playing the step-mother role but if the boy is acting crazy someone needs to lay down the rules.

Stephany on

TracyG, you totally hit the nail on the head. Megan has been in Kass’s life since he was 2 years old. Obviously, she isn’t just “one of dad’s girlfriends”. She is someone he, most likely, loves and respects.

These comments about “learning her place” are so ridiculous. It’s not like she started dating Brian six months ago.

And Bancie, I laughed out LOUD at your comment. It WAS a joke, right? Because nobody would seriously write that comment. And, if you have “specific statisitics”, please do tell. You can’t just throw facts like that out there without anything to back it up. Basically, you ARE saying that Megan has a “higher chance” of killing Kass. Wow, that’s great. Be sure to pat yourself on the back.

Sarah on

Tracy, I agree 100%. I bet Kassius doesn’t even remember a time in his life when Megan wasn’t in his life. So, I’m sure Vanessa and Megan talked two or three years ago about what Megan’s role was. And, if Vanessa had a problem with how Kassius was being disciplined at his dad’s house she would have done something about it.

And, as another poster has already pointed out, Megan has been photographed alone with Kassius several times (even at school), so its pretty apparent that both Brian and Vanessa feel comfortable with her watching their child.

Bancie, I also don’t understand what your comments about shaken baby syndrome and child abuse have to do with Megan. If you’re not accusing her of something, why bring it up?

Lauren on

“Lastly, just because a nanny or a school teacher can dish out discipline does not mean it is okay for Megan to do so. First, for those hours when a child is in school, the school stands in the shoes of the parents therefore a teacher can discipline a student. Secondly, if I put my child in day care or a hire a nanny, I would expect that they could, with my authority and consent, discipline my child.”

And what exactly are Brian and Vanessa doing by allowing Megan to spend one-on-one time with Kassius in her care? Is she supposed to stand there like an invalid while he runs wild because it is not her “place” to tell him otherwise? As for your second point, the fact that Megan does spend alone time with Kassius suggests that his parents trust her with him. That includes using sound judgment with regard to giving him the best care possible. Which includes setting specific rules to follow. Again, the very fact that people are complaining about a significant other who has been in her partner’s child’s life since the child was a toddler setting rules for the child to follow is a resounding reflection on child-rearing practices today.

I’m all for opposing opinions, but there are so many glaring holes in the argument that she has no right to discipline him that logically make zero sense.

Danielle on

Bancie1031- how many parents kill their children? I’d bet a months pay that lady in Florida killed her daughter or knew about it. What about the woman who put her kids in the lake and said she was car jacked?

This isn’t a “girlfriend” that he picked up the bar one night and now she’s discipling his child.

It must be nice to be as judgemental as some of you are. Please be careful not to fall off your high horses.

SH on

“Lastly, just because a nanny or a school teacher can dish out discipline does not mean it is okay for Megan to do so. First, for those hours when a child is in school, the school stands in the shoes of the parents therefore a teacher can discipline a student. Secondly, if I put my child in day care or a hire a nanny, I would expect that they could, with my authority and consent, discipline my child.”

LAUREN – you are 200% correct.
WHY would it be ok for this years school teacher (where Kass would spend several hours a day) to have more authority in dicipline over someone that has been involved in Kass’s life since he was TWO? Makes NO sense. Major mother figure in his life who has taken care of him for years on end vs. school teacher for 1 year. hmmm. That’s a no brainer. A kid needs a mother and a father in his life at home. When he’s at their house he should follow their rules, both the mother and the fathers rules. I’m sure that she’s not doing anything that Brian or Vanessa would disagree with.

SH on

Bancie – and look at the headline –
“Megan Fox Takes Role in Kash’s Life Seriously”
Vanessa should feel lucky to have a woman in Brians life for a lot of years that feels that way about a son that isn’t biologically hers. That’s a lot to take on – to love and discipline another’s child…I say Kass is lucky to have her. She obviously loves him by the comments she makes.

Bancie1031 on

TraceyG and Stephany – you have the right to your opinion just like I do. Glad that I could make you laugh.
Sarah – The reason I brought it up is because Lauren had said something about babysitters, child care givers, teachers etc not being able to discipline other peoples children (because some think it’s not right for Megan to do so with Kash); when in fact they have to take classes to learn how to properly discipline a child (I worked at a daycare and had to take the classes – so yes I do know from personal experience that you do indeed have to take a class – along with CPR and First Aid)…. and I was commenting on the subject that just because a parent chooses to be with someone doesn’t mean they have a right to be that child’s disciplinarian (or as the article quotes Megan as saying – which it could have been taken out of content – that she makes up the rules and enforces them instead of Brian doing so). On the news last week it was talking about how likely it was for a child to be hurt by someone that was watching them and it said that 70 something percent (I don’t remember the exact number and I’m not going to lie and say that I do or just make up a number) was more likely to be hurt (physically, mentally etc…) by their parents partner … aka boyfriend/girlfriend or even new husband/wife ….. then in the hands of a professional. I might have worded it incorrectly but that’s all I was trying to say. I will try to find the link for you all so you’ll know that I’m not just “uneducated” and don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, when I actually do know something about the topic. I don’t claim to know everything because I know that I don’t.
Just for the record I don’t know Megan, Brian, Kassius nor Vanessa so in no way shape or form would I indicate that Megan abuses Kassius or ever would and if anyone misinterpreted what I was trying to get across as a accusation then I am in the wrong and need to apologize to everyone on this site and most importantly Megan, I truly with the bottom of my heart apologize, This was not my intention. I would never accuse her of child abuse nor could I for the simple fact I don’t personally know them and have not witnessed such an act.
But on the same hand I still stick with my original statement that Megan does not have the right to “to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly” this is Brian AND Vanessa’s job. They should be the ones making up the rules for their child and making sure he follows them, not Megan. Now if she’s in charge of him (aka when she is in fact alone with him) then she should make sure that he follows his parents rules, instead of him following the rules she wants him to have.

amandamay on

i didn’t realize she’s only 22 (she looks like she’s in her early thirties to me so i was shocked to learn this) – so brian started seeing her when she was 18? not judging, just asking.

Aidan on

Man oh man, it’s funny how you immediately know which quotes will start explosions.

I think what is key here is that Megan’s been in the picture for YEARS; she’s not a new Hollywood girl that Brian’s picked up a few months past and is now laying down rules for Kassius to follow – that would make this a completely different situation and more of your arguments justified, in my opinion. You can’t walk into a child’s life, especially as a parent’s new significant other, and immediately make demands.

But the fact she’s been around for years AND lives with Brian – might as well be married, in Kassius’ eyes – and is still trusted with caring for him on her own just shows that clearly both Vanessa and Brian think she’s doing a great job – and Kassius clearly loves her, too. THAT should be all that matters – their family is happy with the situation, who are you to throw out absolutes and criticise? ABSOLUTELY NOTs, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCEs, and IN NO WAY WHATSOEVERs; hello, nothing in life is that black and white.

Cara on

I’m a huge fan of Megan Fox and her down-to-earth personality. She and Brian have been together for years and despite that they have called off the engagement, I think it’s only fair that Megan maintain her position in Kass’ life until replaced.

After all, she was functioning as a step-mom for years, and I would hope a step-mom would discipline her step-kids. And I think discipline often comes with bad connotations… I’m sure Megan means that she tries to offer the kid stability in a fome where he doesn’t seem to be offered it very much.

Try not to be harsh on non-traditional family structures…she might mean more to him than his real mommy, we don’t know.

Hea on

I’m a teacher but not a mother yet. May the powers that be make sure that I NEVER end up as the step mother to some of these commenting women’s kids. “Learn her place”. Where exactly is that?

terri on

I don’t see the problem with Megan disciplining Kassius. I think we should have more adults that feel the need to step in when they see a child misbehaving.

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