Matt and Suzy Preston Hoover Talk Pregnancy, Vasectomy

09/04/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Imagine battling with your weight your entire life, reaching a milestone by losing 95 pounds — then learning you are pregnant and gaining many of those pounds back. That’s just what happened to The Biggest Loser season one contestant Suzy Preston Hoover — not once, but twice! During her pregnancy with 14-month-old son Rex Timothy, Suzy gained 65 pounds. At five months postpartum and having lost 30 pounds, she learned that she was pregnant again, and has since gained an additional 40 pounds. Suzy doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea — she “loves being a mom” — but “after the mental roller coaster with the weight gain with the first one, I was not ready to do it again.”

Despite having “swollen hands, swollen feet” and wanting to hide, Suzy, who is now 38 weeks along, is “trying to remember that the weight gain is nothing compared to the fact I will get another amazing son out of the whole deal.” However, before she can meet her new little boy — who will be named Jax — Suzy must endure labor and delivery, something that “if I could put it on fast-forward, I would.” Unfortunately, that’s not possible, so Suzy will “carry on,” adding that she’s getting nervous about the “painful process” as her due date draws nearer. In addition to this, Suzy is beginning to doubt herself and her ability to parent two small children.

“Fears are flooding in my mind that I am trying to fight off daily. Ones that say I can’t do it, or how will I take care of two babies at once. I fight off thinking that Rex will get left out, or the new baby won’t get all the same special attention that Rex got.”

Suzy isn’t the only one who’s fearful, however. Her husband Matt Hoover has a few worries of his own. When Rex was born, the couple were lucky enough to have their son sleeping through the night at five weeks of age, and the Biggest Loser season one winner finds himself “wondering if this next child will be the same … and how he will be different.” Matt admits that he feels like “I still don’t know what I am doing” when it comes to parenthood, but figures he must be doing something right as “my son is healthy, happy and smart.” No matter how scared Matt is, he knows that “I have a job to do … to be the best dad I can be!”

Click ‘more’ to learn why Suzy and Matt are done having kids.

Despite the fact that Suzy originally thought she’d have “four or five” kids, the couple have decided that two is enough for them. Explaining that “my wife doesn’t particularly enjoy being pregnant,” Matt reveals that “after some discussion, we decided that it was time for me to get the dreaded V-word.” On Friday, August 22nd, Matt went in for a “good old vasectomy.” Despite being “a little nervous” Matt says that he knew having the procedure was “the right thing to do for our family.” Luckily for him, the surgery wasn’t as bad as Matt believed it would be.

“It is not completely painless, but it really doesn’t hurt that bad. If you have ever had stitches anywhere else on your body I would liken it to that. He did both sides, put in dissolvable stitches and that was it. The whole procedure couldn’t have taken more than 20 minutes.”

Matt did learn that he should always listen to his doctors when it’s suggested that he takes it easy for a few days. The day after his vasectomy, Matt decided to go rent a movie and quickly learned that it was a “bad idea.” By the time he returned home, he had “a stomachache and some swollen boys” along with a “crappy movie.” Matt’s advice to other men in his position is “to take it easy when you need to!” In 11 weeks, Matt and Suzy will learn if the procedure was a success and he believes that “in a few more days I’ll be glad I did it.”

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patti on

I wish them all the best, and that she sheds the lbs and is happy. Someday, she may crave a daughter, but, then again…. they could have 5 boys, and she could blow up , so …. God bless them:)

Vanessa Paige on

My husband had his vasectomy at 10 a.m. and was at the baseball game doing the wave at 1 p.m. and his boys no longer resembled anything other than a rotted grapefruit by 4 p.m. Guess he should have listened to the doctor too huh?

momof3girls on

Yeah the doc told my husband its the stupid men who don’t listen that find out later they should have.

And I hate to break it to you guys but the 2nd one is always WORST than the first. Its Gods way of tricking people into having more than one kid.

With us our 1st and 3rd with the perfect angels and our 2nd could have come from the Devil himself (but I still love her anyway).

Congrats to them- I loved them on the show.

finnaryn on

I think that Suzy and Matt will have no trouble losing the weight again because they changed their lifestyles rather than just dieted.

Heather on

Momof3girls- Actually for us our second was the easy laid back baby, lol. People are always commenting on her temperment and I say she’s one of those easy babies your hear about but don’t believe they exist lol.

We have almost exactly 4 and half years to the day between our two kids and I had fears about balancing two so I can only imagine how much greater the fear is when they are so close in age. Eventually though I’m sure the close in age deal will be really nice. We decided to stop at 2 children also and some people have a lot to say about it as if it’s their place to decide how many kids we should have. Kudos to them for making their decision and publicly saying it without caring what others will think.🙂

Mary on

After having 2 boys pretty close in age (a year and a half apart), we also decided to have a vasectomy. Our younger son was only 5 months old when we had the surgery done. I feel now, looking back, that it was a hasty decision. When you’re pregnant or have just given birth, you feel really overwhelmed and you may not be thinking clearly. Now our sons are 3 1/2 and 5, and we both want another baby. My husband had a vasectomy reversal, which was a lot more painful, not to mention a lot more expensive, than the original surgery. We hope it worked, but we realize it may not have.

Whenever I hear about anyone having a vasectomy, I feel like asking them “are you ABSOLUTELY 100% sure?”. A lot can change in a couple of years. Give it more thought because you may regret it down the line.

Just my $0.02.

SH on

I would never judge anyone on the number of kids they want to have…weather it be 2 or 10. I do agree with the poster Mary though. I know at least 2 people very close to me who had vasectomys and later regretted it. My sister in law had 2 kids and her husband had a vasectomy right before her 2nd was born. She was positive they were “done”. When my husband and I started having our kids she wanted another one really bad. We have 4 kids now and there’s always an underlying jealousy with her and my husband about the number of kids we have. My good friends husband had a vasectomy right before she had her 3rd – she has 3 boys – and she was “SURE” that she didn’t want anymore….well, “SURE” enough, a couple years later she really wants to try again for a girl and wants to get his vasectomy reversed which is very expensive and they can’t afford it….also the reversal usually doesn’t work.

Like I said, I would never judge anothers personal decisions…but I sometimes feel people live in the moment of being 9 months pregnant or having the work load of small kids and do permanent things prematurely. When the kids get older it gets easier and then there’s always a chance you want another one and can’t because it’s too late!

Heather on

Sorry, but….TMI!!!!!

Alycia on

Am I the only person wondering why she’s gained so much weight with both of her pregnancies? It says she gained 65 lbs with the first, and 40 lbs so far with the second pregnancy. I thought I’ve read that women are supposed to gain between 25-35 lbs. Is it really that difficult to try to keep your weight within those guidelines?

When I was pregnant, I struggled to GAIN weight, despite being on bedrest for the last 4 months of the pregnancy and eating like a horse (including fast food and junk food). I ended up gaining 18lbs total for the pregnancy, and my doctors were not pleased that I wasn’t able to gain the 25lb minimum.

Robin on

If they only want two kids, that’s their business. Just because pregnancies are hard on Suzy, doesn’t mean they couldn’t adopt down the road. That way they could have their “four or five kids” after all.

Mom2boys on

Alycia, I am going to guess that you are a person who has never had a problem with weight. Suzy has obviously struggled with her weight in the past. As someone who also struggles with weight issues, I will say it is really ALWAYS that hard to control weight, pregnant or not. Yes, 60 and 45 lbs is probably not ideal…what the heck is she going to do about it now anyways. Hopefully your baby was healthy with you gaining less weight, and hers will be healthy with her gaining more than she probably should have.

But you are correct in the guidelines of 25-35 lbs for most women. For obese/overweight women, the ideal weight gain would actually be closer to 15 lbs.

SH on

Not everyone gains the textbook 25-35lbs. If the baby and mother are healthy then that’s all that matters. I always gained the same amount with all of my kids and weighed the same amount, almost to the pound, when I delivered all of them. It ended up being about 45 lbs with all of them and my OB said that my body knows how much it needs to gain and that it must have been necessary for me to gain that much. I always lost it though within about 5 lbs before I would get pregnant again. It was hard for me to gain less than that amount during my pregnancies…and I really don’t eat junk or a lot. My body just gains the weight easily.

Emily on

I totally understand how Suzy feels…I lost 60lbs in mid 2002, and in Sept. 2002 learned I was pregnant with my first son..I gained (you guessed it) 60lbs during my pregnancy. I was lucky enough to lose 55 of that 60, and then got pregnant again 15 months later…I gained 50lbs that pregnancy, but ended up with a debilitating cyst on my thyroid and have been struggling ever since…and have had another baby since then…
I have always struggled with my weight, and I understand her issue. I love my babies, but it is hard being pregnant and being a big girl. I am done at three kids because I am smart enough to know that my body won’t be able to handle another pregnancy.
Kudos to Suzy and Matt for making the right choice for THEIR family!

Stéph on

Rex and Jax hein? Good mix, but not my taste at all. Rex remembers me of a dinosaur name and Timothy, I don’t like either. I wonder what middle name they will give Jax.

Congrats and good luck raising two babies!

Emily on

Oh and momof3girls, I read your comment to my husband and we were totally cracking up…we have three, and our second is sooo the same as yours! Our first and our baby girl are total angels…especially as babies…our second is CRA-ZAZY! LOL! But he is so much fun and as cute as a button, so it’s easy to overlook!😉

sadie on

I agree with Mary also. Fair enough, some people do just want one or two children, but getting a vasectomy while pregnant is a bit hasty in my opinion. You’ve got far too many hormones and are wayyyy too uncomfortable to think of the bigger picture at that point.
I have a few friends and family members who got hasty snips and now their kids are all grown up feel it is the biggest regret of their life. I’m not saying everyone would feel like this, but I do think a couple of years of space after your last child is wise.

kelly on

wow, this was all just a little too much information.

Kirsten on

Alycia, I have to respond to your post, which felt quite judgemental. Regardless of Suzy’s personal weight issues, and regardless of what we have all read about the “optimum 25-35 pound weight gain”, no two pregnancies are alike, no two women are alike, no two babies are alike. Just as you struggled to gain weight, some bodies just gain in pregnancy.

Many midwives do not weigh their pregnant patients, as weight gain alone is not a great indicator of how healthy the pregnancy is.

In both of my pregnancies my weight gain far exceeded the recommendations. With my first daughter, I gained 54 pounds, and was unbelievably healthy and active the entire time: I was front row and center at a prenatal yoga class less than 24 hours before my daughter was born. Within a week I had lost 30 pounds, and the rest went away quickly as well. With my second daughter, I gained a lot: at 7 months pregnant I had gained upwards of 40 pounds (12 pounds in one month alone, alerting my doctor to a pregnancy complication called polyhydramnios, or, excessive amniotic fluid). My OB agreed in both cases that there was nothing that I could have done differently; my body just reacts that way when pregnant.

My point here is not my uniqueness, rather that everyone’s story is different and to caution against imposing judgement.

mp on

Well, here’s my two cents. I only had one child, because my marriage ended within two years of her birth. I desperately wanted a second child. But now that she’s in her 20s, I’m so VERY glad that I only had one — I’m catching up on what I missed by having my child early in life.

MB on

I want to weigh in on the pregnancy weight thing too. My OB told my friend when she was pregnant that although the “recommended” is 25-35 pounds, the average weight gain is about 50 pounds. What I have noticed in my pregnancy and in my friends’ pregnancies is that it seems like to some extent, our bodies are going to gain what they are going to gain. That’s not to say pregnant women shouldn’t try to eat healthily and such, but there is only so much control they have over their weight. One friend of mine is very thin and healthy, but has gained 70 pounds with each of her 4 pregnancies.

I have decided not to look at the scale at all this pregnancy. If there is a problem with my weight gain I know my OB will tell me. However, I don’t want to compare myself to my other pregnant friends b/c by now it’s obvious to me that everyone is different.

Niki on

I’m glad that Suzy and Matt are having another baby. I really like them and they seem to be so down to earth and so much in love!!

I’ve had struggles with getting the weight off with each of my 3 children, so I understand how she feels. Don’t judge her over the weight issues. That’s not fair.

And Vanessa Paige – Just because your husband was out and about the same day and normal doesn’t mean that it’s that way with everyone, hon. I really am a family practice doctor, and I will tell you that every procedure is different with every person. Plain and simple.

Anyhow, CONGRATS to the whole family, to include big brother to be Rex!

LisaB on

I agree with making sure that you are sure that you don’t want any more children before having a vasectomy as they usually always take. My husband had one 6 weeks after my second son was born, and a few years later we regretted it. He had it reversed and it took 7 years for us to get pregnant with our third son.

Mary–I hope yours is as successful as ours was. We have a beautiful 11 month old now and a 15 year old and a 12 year old. We are thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Thank god for do-overs. Good luck to you.

Kelly on

Rex & Jax?

CelebBabyLover on

Robin- ITA! Who says they can’t adopt if they want more kids down the road? Also, some people really DO know they want only two kids even before the second one was born. This was the case with my parents. Even before I (their second child) was born, they knew they only wanted two kids. In fact, they basically always knew they only wanted two kids (even before they had any kids!). So, right after I was born, my mom had her tubes tied. She and my dad have never once regretted that decision.

Who’s to say it won’t be the same with Matt and Suzy? And once again, who’s to say they can’t adopt if they do end up wanting more kids?

sadie on

Hmm, I don’t think the adoption process is quite as simple as going to a supermarket and picking up a can of beans. Of course it’s an option if they want a third later, but it’s a bit extreme to consider adoption a convenient back-up in case you change your mind later on. In Australia it is insanely hard to adopt – there are 12 month waiting lists just to get to an initial seminar and an average of 4 – 5 years to get a baby.
I know that a lot of doctors over here in Aus won’t perform vasectomies or tie a woman’s tubes until at 6 to 12 months after the birth of their last child. My mum was told it was in case anything happened – ie stillborn, cot death etc – rather macabre, I know, but I get their point.
Anyway, good luck to Suzie and Matt – I’m sure they will be so happy with their two boys. I’m going to have the same gap – 14 months – between my son and twins and I have also been feeling guilty about not having enough time with them. But I figure siblings are the best gift I can ultimately give him.

finnaryn on

I have to disagree with the “second one is the worst” comments. My third child is by far my biggest trouble maker.

But I wonder if maybe it is age difference and gender that plays into it? My first is a girl who is almost exactly 4 years older than her first brother, who is 2 years and 4 months older than his younger brother. So if you look at “second son is the worst,” then yes, I would agree.

From the other posters, I couldn’t tell if your first and second children were of the same gender or what their age difference was. Momof3girls obviously has all of the same gender, but I wonder what the age differences are. Is it the younger of two close in age siblings that is the wild one?

steph on

I never heard of someone having that done before the baby even gets there. I would be sooo nervous that something wrong would happen during the delivery.


Brandi on

Niki, Vanessa Paige was actually agreeing with Matt. She was teasing about her husband not listening to his doctor and what ended up happening.

I like the names Rex and Jax together.

Mom2boys on

Everyone always said to me the first one was easiest–for me my oldest is heck on wheels, and my youngest is the most easy going child ever.

grace on

i think the names rex and jax are cute. i’ve never really heard of rex, it’s adorable! momof3girls, that is hilarious! my parents said the same about me, literally. i was the devil child, also the second haha. but my brother came along 15 months after me and stole my thunder, so i blame him:) hopefully they won’t regret the decision for a vasectomy, it does sound like suzy has hard pregnancies, i’m sure she’s ready to lose the weight and feel normal again. congrats to this cute family!

Ruthella on

I was going to say the same thing as Sadie; here in the UK they like to leave it til your baby is past the most dangerous stage for SIDS.

My husband had a vasectomy at 26, when our daughter was about 9 months old. His Dr said they don’t usually do it for under 30s, but after talking it through with him he agreed and now he has the all clear. We are very glad about our decision!

As someone else said, I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable with it being done while I was still pregnant. Sadly, you just never know what might happen…

I don’t know who this couple are, but I love the name Jax, very cool🙂

Natalie S. on

Momof3girls ~ OMG freakin’ funny, girl I know the feeling!!! The Spawn of satan lurks its head with my children but yet they’re mine and I love them just the same! Matt & Suzy will do just fine, it’s normal to feel they way they do! I wish them the best!

SH on

Vanessa Paige’s husband didn’t listen to the Dr. and went out to a game anyway – and she said his boys looked like rotted grapefruit by 4pm. (probably a lot larger than they should be?) I think she was being sarcastic by agreeing that he SHOULD have listened to the Dr., and stayed home to rest like Matt should have.

Mary on


“Mary–I hope yours is as successful as ours was. We have a beautiful 11 month old now and a 15 year old and a 12 year old. We are thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Thank god for do-overs. Good luck to you.”

Thank you so much for this little bit of encouragement. Our reversal was 11 months ago. We got pregnant fairly easily with our first son and on the first try with our 2nd son, so the fact that we haven’t gotten pregnant again yet has us concerned. But luckily we’re still young (32) and we hope to be blessed with another miracle sometime in the future…even if it takes 7 years like it took you!

Thanks again for giving me hope!

Amanda on

Momto3 girls, I have to agree and disagree. My oldest was an angel baby, very laid back and happy…then she became a toddler and ever since has been my little ‘sass’ LOL (though she’s gorgeous and can be an absolute sweetie if she wants to) My second had acid reflux so her baby days were full of crying and spit up BUT as a toddler she is the sweetest, most happy little girl; I get comments all the time how sweet she is. We’re going to try for our 3rd baby next summer so I have yet to see how that will go 😉

Cindy on

My husband had a vasectomy after our 2nd daughter was born. We don’t regret it but I wanted a boy and was going to name him Stephen Jax but we found out we were having another girl and were not going to have anymore so I named our daughter, Madycin Jax. I wanted a boyish middle name to match her sister, Raylee Mak so it worked out. I can’t imagine having a boy now. Our girls are so amazing. They are close in age only 15 mos apart. So we have a 2 year old and a 10 mos old. God has blessed us.

Michelle on

I can’t imagine postponing a vasectomy while pregnant “in case this one dies”. How awful. Babies aren’t cars. you don’t go get a new one when this one breaks down.

Kate on

You might want to talk to someone whose child has been stillborn or who had an infant that passed away.

The question to have another child is ALWAYS there, you don’t stop wanting to be a parent because your child passed away.

Anita on

I have three close girlfriends that have all had their tubes tied. Every one of them regrets it and everyone I talk to regrets their choice. That is why I am never going to get it done. I am not ever to shut that window and regret it later. There are many forms of protection to use that aren’t permanent. I hope Suzy and Matt don’t regret it.

Congrats to both of them on their second child, I really admire them both for having such discipline and willpower with their weight loss. I could only wish I could be that strong!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- I think what Michelle is getting at is that some people are acting like when you have a stillbirth or your baby dies in infancy, you can simply replace that child by having another. I think that’s what she meant by her “babies aren’t cars” comment.

Anyway, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I do think Suzy’s difficult pregnancies might very well be one of the main reasons Matt got a vasectomy. My grandmother’s pregnancy with my mom was VERY difficult, and the birth wasn’t much easier.

Therefore, my grandparents made the decision that my mom, their very first child, would also be their very last. Of course, I don’t think people usually had their tubes tied or a vasectomy done back then, but my point is that, in some way, my grandparents made sure they wouldn’t have anymore kids.

I am guessing it might be the same with Suzy and Matt, i.e. that Suzy doesn’t want to go through any more difficult pregnancies.

Sheila on

Mom of 3 Girls– I totally disagree with you about the second being worse. Actually both of my girls are great. They are both laid back and only fuss when they need/want something. I guess some people are just luckier than others. Maybe the fact that I had them 2 years and 20 days apart has something to do with– I don’t know but they’re both awesome, very good kids.

sadie on

CelebBabyLover, no-one is “acting” like a a baby who dies in infancy is replacable AT ALL. Ruthella and I made a point of why the doctors advise holding off on vasectomies in the UK and Australia, but at no point have we or any other poster insinuated that you can “simply” replace one child with another. And I completely agree with Kate, the desire to parent is still there after the loss of a child; usually it is even stronger.

Sanja on

Wow, I have to say I’m surprised by the number of people who’d had vasectomies or their tubes tied!
I’ve never considered a ‘permanent’ fix and after reading your comments we (me and huby) are even more sure we don’t want anything that set in stone. How can you know how you’ll feel in say 5 years? And to do it while you’re still pregnant! The worst time EVER to make this decision, imo!

SH on

I don’t see any comments on here that are callous in saying that babies are replaceable like a used car. Everyone who brought up the point was just saying, well, you never know what’s going to happen, and having a vasectomy is a pretty good guarantee that you won’t be able to have any more biological kids with your husand. Of course there’s no replacement for a lost baby but I do agree with Kate. After a miscarriage, stillborn, or death of a baby the yearning to be a parent and have kids is still there. Yes, you grieve for the lost ones but you still want to be a parent.
I saw a story years back about a mother who lost her 4 kids in a car crash and she ended up having 2 more kids late in life. She used that reason – she was a mother with no kids, and while she missed her kids, she still wanted to be a mother.

terri on

I agree with the poster that would be nervous doing something like that while pregnant. I would wait until after delivery. Congrats to them on their second baby.

ms. jaQ on

i’ve got two, and i had one of the Angel babies first (a boy), while my daughter, 2.5 years later, could have come from the devil himself, like someone else said. lol, she is something else!

and i am naturally very thin, perhaps underweight, even~ though i gained 50 lb. in my first pregnancy and 65 in my second. i don’t know why, and i tried desperately the second time around, to keep the weight gain down, to no avail. i lost it all very quickly, both times, so i came to figure it’s just what my body needed to do.

Ruthella on

Michelle; no-one said babies are like cars! How ridiculous. I had a stillborn son in between my second son and my daughter and I am eternally grateful that we were able to go on and have our daughter after he was born asleep. Of course, it still hurt that he wasn’t meant to stay with us, but the knowledge that we could go on to have another baby was one of the only things that got me through the loss. If my husband had had a vasectomy while I was pregnant I would have been even more heartbroken.

mb brehm on

For all those who are rethinking their vasectomy decision: reversal doesn’t have to be the only option… talk to your OB-GYN about REI or IVF both are covered by most health plans. I know because it’s what I do…get women pregnant. I’m an infertility/IVF nurse. We see alot of couples in just this situation….its just another idea!

Jennifer on

I had my tubes tied for medical reasons…i.e. I could die if I got pregnant again. Does that make me a bad person?? I only have one child and don’t regret my decision at all. At least I will be around for my daughter. I don’t think anyone should judge others on their decision to have permanent birth control. It’s their business and you may not know the whole story.

Elle on

momofthree – I’ve heard that the 2nd child tends to be the “karmic opposite” to the same sex parent. I’ve heard that those children tend to have more issues with that parent – sounds like you are doing great.

I also know someone who is thrilled to be enjoying maternity leave after having a very successful vasectomy reversal. Seems like the very wonderful thing about personal choice is that people take their decisions seriously and either deeply appreciate or deeply regret their decisions. I am grateful that SOME decisions are reversible.

Elena on

I wish them much happiness with their new baby.

I do agree that perhaps the vasectomy was hasty. Kids grow. It’s hard to have a 1 year old and a newborn. But a 6 year old and a 5 year old are much more independent and an 11 and 10 year old can be practically self-sufficient.

I wish they had given it a tad more time, but I do wish them well.

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