Sam Welsh Scares Parents with Hand Accident

09/04/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
Kristian Dowling/Getty

Sam Albert Newton Welsh, the 7-month-old son of Australian Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh and his wife, television personality Lauren Newton, gave his parents a scare recently when he cut his hand on a tin of baby food. His grandmother Patti Newton said that Sam "was in Lauren’s arms and he put his hand on a tin and cut his hand."

After the bleeding could not be stopped, Matt and Lauren took their son to the hospital where the doctors determined it was "pretty serious" and he received stitches because "they thought he had severed a nerve." Patti shared that all is well now and that Sam "has got it [his hand] wrapped up — he is such a good little boy."

Source: Herald Sun

Did your child experience an injury where they required stitches? How did you react?

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Kate on

Yikes! My almost 2 year old daughter did the same thing this summer. She reached into the recycling bin and found the only tin can in there and split her middle finger open. Of course, she pushed her hair out of her eyes with her bloody hand and we had no idea where all the blood was coming from at first. We took her to the ER and they used Dermabond to close the wound. The doctors told us to keep her hand dry for 5 days. Imagine how tricky that is with a toddler! It eventually healed, and she is fine now.

brie on

When my son was 2 we had just moved into our house and I had my red tool box out. He was running through the room and fell on it and cut his head and he required stitches. I totally freaked out and called a friend while trying to get hold of my hubby at work and we rushed him to the med center. My husband showed up in time to have to help restrain him while they stitched his head. I was in the waiting area just balling.
Luckily the cut was just under his hairline and isnt that visible. He is 7 now and still talks about it sometimes.

Lorelei on

It’s very scary when something like that happens. I’m glad he’s okay. When my oldest was five we were at a water park in Ohio and he slid on the wet pavement and gashed his head on a pipe. Scared me to death because heads bleed a lot. Took him to the ER where he had staples put in. They also gave me a staple remover to give to his Dr. to remove them. Now at twelve he has no hair in that little spot. What would a childhood be without scary emergency room visits? Now I understand what my parents went through and appreciate them all the more.

Lilybett on

When my little brother was three he had 13 accidents/incidents in 13 weeks.

He split his forehead open crashing into the corner of the door. He got a gardening fork in the back of his head. A kid at his family day-care threw a piece of tile at his head and cut him. He was thirsty and decided to grab a mug and fill it with water from the bathroom tap – all hot water – and got third degree burns when he tipped it down his chest. He was thirsty again and this time decided to get something cold from the fridge – dragging in a stool and filling a large tupperware tumbler full of cask wine without anyone knowing (he passed out and it took the doctor’s over a day to find out what had happened – he was three times the legal limit!).

It just went on and on and on.

Stacey on

I was on the flight back to Japan with my 10 month old and she grabbed the formula can (pre-made enfamil can) and sliced her finger. She screamed for an hour and luckily for us there was an EMT on board. We almost had to stop in Alaska and take her to the hospital but they thought she would be ok. She cried so hard she slept the rest of the flight. When we got to Tokyo we still had a 3 hour flight to Okinawa. Once we arrived in Okinawa, we took her straight to the hospital and she had to have 4 stitches in her finger. It was a freak accident and of course had to happen on the airline. I now keep soda cans VERY FAR from her! It was so scary because the bleeding would not stop and there was not much I could considering we were high in the sky!!

Amber S on

When one of my twins was 3 he was running back and forth in the livingroom while playing and stumbled and hit his forehead on the hinge of the front door. He only cried for a few minutes but I called my husband at work SCREAMING for him to come home NOW so we could take him to the hospital. The bleeding stopped almost instantly but he still had to have 4 stitches in his head.😦

I’m so horrible under that kind of stress. I dragged him into the bathroom almost unable to hold myself up on my own legs. I could barely bandage it because I was crying and shaking so bad. The 3 year old was more in control than I was! hahahaha.

Max'sMom on

It seems that 2 yrs old is an accident prone age (from what I read in the previous comments). My son is turning 2 next month…I better keep a close eye on him & make sure to keep him from open cans.🙂

tone on

When my niece was 4 she was running up the stairs in tights and slipped and busted the bottom of her chin open. The worst thing Ive ever had to do was hold her down while the doctors stitched her up.
Then the following week her 2 yr old brother dropped a bowl on his foot and needed 10 stitches..only he didnt seemed bothered by the docs doing the stitches.

Heather on

When I was 18 months I was bit by a dog across my entire face, and subsequently needed approximately 80 (yes, eighty) stitches to close up the wounds. Of course I have no memory whatsoever of the incident, but my mother always told me it was just about the worst thing she’s ever had to go through. I can imagine so!

Dana on

My daughter didn’t need to get stitches, but she had a very scary incident when she was almost 2. She was running with her older sister through the house and they were holding hands. There was a pillow on the floor and she tripped over it and landed face first into the edge of the coffee table. This is a huge wooden coffee table that I can’t even move without help and has very defined edges. She caught it right on the edge. Right down the middle of her face. She got her forehead, nose, and lip. There was blood everywhere. Once I started to clean her up, I saw that it wasn’t as bad as it originally looked. Thankfully her forehead didn’t split open, it just dented. She got a bloody nose, but it didn’t last long. The big thing was her lip. Her bottom lip split completely open and was purple. After crying for about 2 minutes, she was squirming to get out of my arms and go play again. The best part of it was my sister was getting married a couple of days later and my daughters were both flower girls. She was all dressed up in her pretty dress with her hair fixed and she looked like she had just gone 5 rounds with Ali. She still has a scar on her lip.

ang on

my friend has an 11mth old and a few months back the baby accidentally fell off her change table.she got a black eye and carpet burn. my friend was beating herself up for days, telling everyone what a bad mum she was.i told her the fact that she feels bad about it means she is not a bad mum.problem is,the pics of the baby are still on her facebook. hopefully she doesn’t have any friends or friends of friends associated with child services! as for myself, i nearly died when i was 2(apparently).bit sketchy on the details but i’m told i turned purple for some reason and nearly died once or twice in the emergency room. also i grew up in a small city, so getting to a hospital which was actually set up to HELP me was an issue.i went to, like, 3 hospitals, i’m told.

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