Timing is Everything For Jennifer Lopez

09/03/2008 at 02:30 PM ET
Courtesy Elle

When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first began trying for a baby and found themselves unsuccessful, they didn’t panic. Instead, the 39-year-old songstress tells Elle, they took their difficulty conceiving as a sign. "We knew nothing was wrong with either one of us," Jennifer explains. "I had been checked, and he had kids already."

"I knew something’s not ready here, in my head or in my life, and when it is, I know it’s going to happen."

Something happened, indeed! The couple welcomed twins Max David and Emme Maribel, 6 ½-months, in February and Jennifer says she knew early — and instinctively — that her dreams of motherhood were about to be realized. One day while sitting down to have her hair and makeup done she says she felt "the weirdest little … flourish" that let her know she was finally pregnant. "My makeup artist said ‘What’s the matter?’" Jennifer recalls. "I didn’t say anything, but in my head, I was like, I have life inside me!"

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With the business of making a baby behind them, there was still show business at hand for the couple. Jennifer and Marc completed their nationwide concert tour in early November, just months before she would give birth. That she continued to take to the stage night after night well into her second trimester earned Jennifer some much-deserved downtime when the couple retired to their Long Island home. Jennifer told Marc "I did the superwoman thing, I finished the tour — now I need you to take care of me." She adds,

"This is the first time in my life where I’m just going to be a little bit selfish. I don’t know if I’m going to have kids again, so I want it to be a beautiful experience. I don’t want to have any drama. I want to just be smiling every day."

It wasn’t all take and no give, however. Two weeks before she delivered the twins, Jennifer — who says she felt "very womanly" while pregnant — commissioned a book of photos of herself as a gift for her husband. "I was like, How am I going to rock this moment of my life?" she says. "Marc was in a dream. He loved it."

Source: Elle

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Julie on

What a wonderful and touching interview! 🙂

Crystal Frederickson on

Am I the only one seeing the signs here? This woman has finally been granted these wonderful gifts due to the fact it’s the last generation to be born. When in celebrity history has there been soooo many pregnancies and births? None! Open your eyes People and do an article on that! There’s more to this phenomenon than what appears on the outside.

emse on

“We knew nothing was wrong with either one of us.” Thank God for that. It takes a really strong person to deal with infertility and God forbid she should have to deal with that.

What does that mean, “nothing wrong”? Like someone who was born with an infertility issue, male or female, has something “wrong” with them. Shame on her.

Jadine on

Really not trying to start a board fight or anything, but seriously Emse? Do you REALLY think that’s what she is saying? Not just “wrong” as in wrong with her reproductive system?

CTBmom on

I don’t think that Jennifer meant anything by saying “there was nothing wrong” with her or Marc…..I think she just meant that there was no medical reason that should prevent her from becoming pregnant. As a woman who can never biologically have a child, I know I can be a little sensative to things people say and I honestly was not offended by her comment.

carie on

Nothing wrong = no identifiable medical issues that would point to infertility. What’s wrong with saying that? Wow. People really overdo their defensiveness on this site.

Ashley on

Emse, I highly doubt that’s what she meant. I’m not a Jennifer Lopez fan, so I’m not just sticking up for her because I like her, but saying ‘something wrong’ is a really common way of saying you have a health issue. I say it about myself all the time.

BB on

Emse, I think you’re making it into something it’s not. If you’re born with a heart defect, there’s something wrong with your heart. Same as if you have reproductive issues, there’s something wrong with your reproductive system.

brooke on

So funny, I too remember knowing that I was pregnant while sitting in my makeup artist’s chair!!!!!! (sarcasm)

Sheron on

Wow…emse, overly sensitive much? I am sure Jennifer Lopez was not making a judgement call with her statement. Geesh…why do you think therapists and doctors have that “nothing’s wrong with you” speech? It’s b/c MOST individuals going through fertillity issues immediately jump to that conclusion initially…she a person. Get a grip.

Hea on

Esme, seriously? You really think that’s what she’s saying? It sounds more to me like you’re looking for things to find offensive, even when they’re not meant that way.

I have a very real tumor inside of my head. It sucks, but I don’t get offended or pissed off when people jokingly say others are “sick in the head” or stuff like that. Chill out!

It is not uncommon for people to use the word “wrong” when something is not working as it should be. “There is something wrong with my plumbing” is not offensive to pipes all over the world.

sarah on

I don’t take her comments as bad at all Emse! I too, struggle with infertility and would be one of the first to admit “hey there is something wrong with me!” I didn’t take her words bad at all.. I am not a fan of Jennifer but I AM happy for her! I always am happy when someone who has tried to have a child finally does!

GGirl on

I know the flutter she’s talking about. I felt it much earlier than the books told me I would. If you’re realy intuned with your body, that flutter is very obvious, very early.

Wozzy on

If she conceived via IVF (which I believe she did), she would know that she was pregant well before she felt any “flourishes”.

molly on

“We knew nothing was wrong with either one of us,” Jennifer explains. “I had been checked, and he had kids already.”

I would also like to comment on that sentence, but just about something different. That someone already has kids, doesnt mean (even though it may not be Jlo’s case) that the fault is not on his side. This is actually quite common and is called “Secondary infertility”, when one of the already parents cannot have children again. This comment Jlo made is misleading and may do quite a damage to the general’s public view of the fertility. So even if he already has kids, he should still seek help and get check as well.

Wozzy I also agree with you, that she probably had help. There were couple of the reports (although I cant find teh articlles anymore) in the last spring and summer that she’s been spotted in teh fertility clinic in New York. Plus most of the IVF children are fraternal (as they are from two different eggs) as opposed to natural twins conception, where most of them are maternal. The other thing, that she knew she is pregnant so early, also indicates, that there was fertility help

Stephany on

Yeah, I agree with everyone else. I saw nothing offensive in any of her comments. I really liked this interview. I’m not her biggest fan but this was a good interview for her. Good for her!

Lexi on

^ you believe she did?
i don’t understand these venderta or whatever you have. i feel like some people here just want to diminish things in people’s lives.
like even the person flat out said, i didn’t do ivf or have a nanny or have a c section or breast feeding, there are always the people that always “know better” seriously

OnyxJones on

Why can’t we just celebrate new life? I hope that nothing is “wrong” with me as well when I do try to for a baby.

Congrats to Jen and Marc for adding to their family!!

jacky on

i think her saying she felt a flutter and that is when she knew she was pregnant is such an obvious lie. most people don’t feel fluttering until around 15 weeks, which is a long time to not know you are pregnant. even if she felt it earlier than most, it couldn’t have been too early and she probably should have figured out that she was pregnant already… maybe she was too busy to realize that she missed her period for like two months?

i am definitely not a fan of hers and i don’t believe most of the things she says, but i do wish her and her family all the best. i am sure her and her husband are loving those twins!

AllAngela on

She said she felt a little flourish, which I take to mean something different from a flutter or quickening. And I also know what she means. I knew I was pregnant with my daughter two weeks after she was conceived. I just felt different, full.

Jesse on

I felt a little “spark” too, even before I could test for my pregnancy. It was pretty amazing and something I did not expect at all.

redlefty on

What I find the most outrageous is that she said this is the first time she’s been selfish. I’ve seen her tour rider.

ellen on

her make – up on the cover is really bad.

m-dot on

I see nothing wrong with her using “wrong”.

She also may have been seen at fertility clinics simply looking into her options. Sorta like window shopping.

I knew last year 2007 that I was going to have a baby next year 2009. LOL. I’ve already picked out (not purchased) crib, nipples, etc., as well as chosen a birthing center…all for a baby I’d yet to conceive. LOL. Someone could have easily put out a rumor (had I been famous) that I was expecting based on frequenting baby supply carriers. The truth is simply that I’m a planner, and very detail-oriented. 🙂

kaya on

exactly my thoughts! I have nothing against her, but come on, she has never been selfish? haha

em on

Amongst celebrities it seems there are just a disproportionately large number of people who have fraternal twins naturally I guess.🙂

emma on

“I was like, How am I going to rock this moment of my life?”

doesn’t she mean how am i going to TOP this moment in my life? is is this an american expression that i don’t get (cos i’m english?)

Kim on

I to suffer from infertility fact of the matter is that I was born with something WRONG with my uterus plain and simple…

Esme I don’t think that Jennifer meant any harm by saying that I think she was just stating that her reproductive system was fine and even if something is wrong with hers well then it is her choice not to let the whole world know her business….

momsquared on

I have secondary combined with unexplained infertility and I say…there’s nothing wrong with me or there’s nothing wrong with us all the time. I think infertile people often project their own hurt onto other people. Jennifer did not cause anyone’s infertility and she is clearly speaking about herself and Marc in this article, so it’s ridiculous to think she is speaking about other people who are infertile.

I don’t know what her tour rider has to do with her being selfish or unselfish. I do know touring is a hard job. It’s not sit in your tour bus all night eating bon bons until you are called to the stage. It’s grueling work and I admire any pregnant female performer who continues to tour. Most pregnant performers are only touring because they already had a contractual obligation and then found out they were pregnant. And it’s not as easy as 1, 2, 3 to postpone a tour or cancel a tour because you have many fans and tour employees who are counting on you showing up. I can imagine Jennifer’s doctor probably told her to pull out the tour immediately, especially once twins were confirmed but other people’s livelihoods and Marc and Jennifer’s reputations were on the line. She did the tour and then said that’s it…I’m staying home and eating bon bons while Marc rubs my feet.

Say what you want about Jennifer being a Diva, but she worked like a government mule to get to where she is. She didn’t have wealthy parents nor and inside tract into the entertainment business nor is she White or “looks White”. She went from being a “fly girl” to being the highest paid Latino actress because she worked hard. I admire that kind of drive and determination especially in the face of racial discrimination. I say Diva on!!!

LanLan on

momsquared – JLo DOES look white…

I don’t fully believe this “flourish” thing – I sense that she’s had IVF and just wants to keep it secret.

Her comment: That “is the first time in her life” that shes doing anything selfish? Give me a break.

grace on

I don’t think she meant any harm by saying that.

Did anyone else get the idea she did some sexy pics of herself for marc? haha. think that’s what she meant by “rock” this time in her life?🙂

i sort of experienced the same thing. i was a smoker when i got pregnant(my daughter was a surprise, i was taking birth control:), and long before i knew i was pregnant, everytime i’d smoke i’d get this feeling like i needed to quit for some reason. one day for a split second i thought i might be pregnant but then i thought i was just being silly. 3 weeks later….i found out i was. your body really does tell you things if you listen close enough. i figured out that those thoughts started coming 2 days after she was conceived, crazy!

Kiesha on

J-Lo looks white!! You must be blind.Ive never seen a caucasian woman with a behind like hers. She is all Latina and a beautiful mother as well

brooke on

I totally belive she had help getting pregnant, but of course she doesn’t have to admit it if she doesn’t want to

CelebBabyLover on

Back in the interview that went along with Max and Emme’s first photoshoot, Jennifer said that she concieved naturally. She seems to be reitirating that in this interview by saying that she knew nothing was wrong with her and Marc when they didn’t concieve right away, and that she basically knew it would happen eventually.

In the interview accompanying Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s first photos, Angie and Brad said that they did not use IVF (even going as far as to say that, “If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it”) and have been “fortunate enough to never have had fertility problems”.

Everyone seems to believe Brad and Angie, but yet nobody seems to believe J-Lo (for the record, I do believe Brad and Angie 100 percent. J-Lo I can’t quite make up my mind on). Why is this? Not criticizing, just genuinely curious.

Nicole on

good for jennifer.

1- she didnt mean anything harmful or disrespectful esme. get a grip.

2- who cares how she concieved?! she has 2 beautiful children whom she loves. regardless.

3- you all need to stop bickering. seriously.

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