David Spade Becomes a Father

09/03/2008 at 06:25 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Actor David Spade and his ex, Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, have welcomed a daughter, David’s rep confirms. The baby girl was born Tuesday, August 26th in Missouri; however, further details have not been released. Jillian, 22, announced her pregnancy in January, identifying David as the father; in turn, the 45-year-old actor promised to accept responsibility. His rep confirms that David is the biological father, explaining that "David and Jillian have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement."

The baby girl is the first child for both David and Jillian.

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jordyn on

wow that caught me off guard! lol
congrats anyways!!

Michelle on

I hope David sticks to his word and I hope by “accepting responsibility” he plans on being an active part of his daughter’s life and it’s not all monetary. From what I’ve read, the relationship was brief and he had some doubt the baby was his. Unfortunately in other situations similar to this (Stephen Bing and Elizabeth Hurley, Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown) it seems the dads have nothing to do with their children. Since David has been in contact with the mom and he’s supposed to visit soon hopefully that means he’ll be doing the right thing and being a dad to his little girl.

Janna on

How sad that a new child is not important enough for him to go *now*.

SMC on

Weird situation, but congrats to them! It always strikes me as odd whenever a very young woman and older man have a baby, especially these two. They’re the same age as my dad and me! I’m sure their little girl is beautiful though, and I hope David plans to be an active parent in her life.

Renee on

Don’t you think you are being too harsh ,Janna. He has said he wants to be part of his daughter’s life and has talked with the mother throughout the pregnancy. I don’t find any of that sad and don’t see how anyone can.

Nancy on

Renee, It’s sad because his daughter was born over a week ago and he hasn’t gone to see her. It’s not as if he can’t afford to jump on a plane and see his newborn child, even if for a very brief time. Men that don’t want to be bothered with such disruptions in their schedules should not engage in sex without protection or with women that they’re not willing to have a child with if that protection fails. This goes for women as well.

J on

Congrats David and family!

Since David is busy with his job right *now*, perhap he went the route some military families go and he saw her through a webcam. We don’t know, at least give the guy the benefit of the doubt before deeming him a horrific father, geez.

ava on

Well said Nancy!

Renee on

My point exactly J. I still don’t find anything sad about this.

Renee on

Also, it’s not fair to place the blame all on David. Jillian was there when this baby was conceived too

meghan on

Maybe he is on location?

Jennifer on

I agree with Janna. I was flaburgasted and disappointed that he was going to see her “soon”. That’s his own daughter! He’s only making a tv show…people leave a lot more important jobs to actually participate in the birth. I can’t believe he didn’t go then or directly after. I have to admit…I am now NOT a fan of him…he’s a disappointment. I hope that little girl never learns of this in the future. Poor thing

SouthernBelle on

Well-said Nancy. I wonder what she (or they) named the little girl. Hope to hear details about the baby soon. I wish the best for all in this situation, especially that precious baby girl.

Lily on

Everyone needs to take a breath and back off before this gets to be World War III.

Sure it would’ve been nice for him to be there for his daughter’s birth but maybe she came early and he couldn’t make it or quite possibly, the mother didn’t want him to there. I’m by no means condoning his actions if he decided that flying back to the states was too “inconvienent” for him. What I am saying is that before this turns into the usual CBB argument, think of all sides of the story and then realize that YOU still don’t know what actually happened nor do YOU know what’s going on now.

Also, if my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t Colin Farrell away on location when his son was born? I thought I remembered him saying that although he wasn’t there for the birth, his ex e-mailed him pictures of his son that he put up all over his trailor and he looked forward to meeting little James when he returned. Nobody pitched a fit about that one. Heck, now, rightfully so, everyone complements him on what a great father he is!

MB on

Maybe he’s filming right now and can’t leave. Although he’s a famous actor, he can’t exactly leave a production crew and the other actors in a lurch. Lots of people have jobs that can keep them away from their baby. My husband has to work on the other side of the country and he might miss the birth of our first child. It won’t mean he’s an absent father or that he isn’t interested in the well-being of our child. Also, David and Jillian aren’t together anymore. Maybe she didn’t want him around right away.

Anyway, point is we can’t judge because there are so many factors in play. I just think it’s good that he is making an attempt to be involved. I can imagine it would be hard if the two parents were no longer together.

L on

I used to date him and I can understand how easily he must have gotten this girl pregnant. I’m actually surprised he doesn’t have more kids. Congrats to them, hopefully he’ll realize how important his new daughter is and be really involved in her life.

Heather on

My son was 9 months old before his father got to meet him in person.

My nephew will be 13 months before his father gets to meet him for the first time in person.

Now would you guys condemn us for that? Would you guys call my husband and my brother bad parents before you knew the extenuating circumstances?

Then why don’t we wait and get all the facts before condemning David for his actions.

m-dot on

I agree with several of you. I don’t think it’s appropriate for him get around to seeing her when he gets a break. I also think there is no comparison to having a husband in the military. Those people are dedicating their lives to our country, and have NO control over their placement and terms. He’s just another guy with a job. He can take off, hop a plane, or whatever he needs to do. His baby should not be something that he looks into during his down time.

OC Mommie on

The rumors around town from people who ACTUALLY KNOW David say he is just the nicest guy ever. I’m sure there is more to the story, so those who are just guessing at the situation should probably pull back.

Apparently he is one of the most generous and giving people you will ever come across, and he cares about people a lot. If he hasn’t seen the baby yet, I bet it has everything to do with the mother.

Natasha on

Spade got with a young Playboy Playmate!?! Must be his charm$.

Gena on

I’m really discusted by some of your guys comments. It makes me think twice of even coming here again.

Do some of you guys realise that it take two to have a baby. Two people to make a realtionshio work and so much more. And you guys are judging David. Do you know him or the situation.. um no. So don’t judge what you don’t know. Plus his and Jillian personal lives are non of our concern.

Plus atleast David is actually stepping up to the plate ulike dads like.. Stephen and Eddie etc.. Give him a chance before you rip him a new hole.


Get over it people. It states that he’ll go as soon as he’s done with the film. I’d assume he’s filming and can’t take the AMOUNT OF TIME HE WANTS to spend the time with her. If I just had a new baby and I took a day or less to go see the baby I wouldn’t want to leave the same day. How do we know he hasn’t seen her yet!?…As someone else states he could have on webcam. He’s been in full contact with his ex so I’d assume that probably involved photos or webcam somehow.

Anyway, congrats!

kate on

In answer to your question, Heather, yes.

Meeting your father in prison for the first time isn’t great is it?! He can’t be in there for a good reason. Plus your nephews father is in prison too, not exactly great role models for the kids in the extended family either.

In reference to this article, it seems David puts his work before his child. Nice guy.

steph on

L.. how was it dating David? I imagine it was quite a ride…lol.


Beth on

I don’t know much about Collin Farrell or David Spade except the main difference being working in TV or in movies. If Collin were ‘on location’ he might have been on the other side of the world. Rules of Engagement films in California. One could literally go from CA to MS and back again in the same day.

I think part of my negative thought is from the age difference. She is young to have a famous boyfriend who is known for dating a lot.

I don’t mean it to sound judgemental, but I do feel badly.

CTBmom on

I agree with those who say that we should not judge David. We don’t know what is going on with them. We don’t know what the “first break from shooting…” means. Maybe he wants to wait until he can actually take a few days to spend with his new daughter, rather then fly down for a few hours and then have to fly right
back. Anyway, I wish David and Jillian all the best with their new daughter.

SH on

I don’t judge this situation for 2 reasons…
1. She probably didn’t want him there. They’re not together. Maybe she’ll want him there eventually to meet the baby since she’s biologically his – but they’re not together. This pregnancy probably wasn’t planned for either of them. She’ll probably do most of the raising by herself anyway…
2. So, if they’re not together and he’s shooting a film/show situation that’s difficult to leave…how will he explain to the crew and to his boss “Well, I’m not with this 22 year old girl and haven’t been for awhile, but I have to be there for the birth”…They’re gonna be like…well, if you’re not with her now then why is it important? If he’s under some sort of contract it would be difficult for him to get out of that, given the circumstances.

Yeah, I could see if it was his wife, fiance, or even his girlfriend that he’s WITH – he would have probably been there, no doubt. Any man probably would. The sad thing is that there’s LOTS of men in the world in this situation that aren’t at the births of their babies and don’t see them for awhile, or never…David Spade isn’t the only one.

Jenna on

Was it ever confirmed she is his child? I know there was some disagreement and David was asking for a paternity test.
I don’t think it’s sad. I mean, he’s working. That would be like calling someone in the military sad or pathetic because they didn’t leave to see their newborn child.
Everyone really needs to think about what they are saying before they say it.

Sarah, Staff Editor on

Jenna, his rep confirmed that he is the biological father along with the birth announcement.

Nancy on

Give me a break! Being in the military is a world of difference from just having a job in the states. One is bound by law not to leave, the other could fly out over night if they wanted to. I also don’t think it makes a difference if the father is still involved with the woman or not. The child is his either way. Does a father not care about the baby as much if he is not still with the mother? And like I said before, (even if it is now common place) men AND women should not have sex with people they aren’t willing to have a child with if that should happen. Some may feel that is judgemental, but I feel it is just common sense.

Bancie1031 on

Janna – That was exactly my first thoughts when I read this post.
Nancy – Very nicely said and I couldn’t agree more.
IMO you can’t compare shooting a tv show with being in the military. But guess what it’s his loss

Lily on

Sure he could make the trip from L.A. to Missouri in a day but if Colin was on the other side of the world, he could’ve made it back to the states within two.

Nobody knows when his first break from shooting is. It could be tomorrow for all you know. So it’s best to stop with the assumptions.

And I honestly don’t feel bad for the ex. It takes two to make a baby and she was definitely part of that equation, so if she didn’t want to get pregnant, she should’ve taken preventative measure in order to avoid the situation. As long as David supports his child both financially and physically/emotionally, I see no need for the woe is her mentality. She, just like David, has been blessed with a beautiful little girl and that’s something to celebrate.

Ems on

What it comes down to is this: We don’t know him. We don’t know the situation or anything about these people. We know their histories, we know what they say to the cameras and we know their press releases. We can’t judge them, not from this far away.

Me on

Does anyone realize that the person that posted the original “military” comment (“J” – the 7th comment) was NOT comparing david to a military father? She was pointing out they could GO THE ROUTE MILITARY FAMILIES DO. She was suggesting the use of WEBCAMS. Then a few people were saying not to compare david to a military dad. I’m thinking a couple of you just read it…cause there was nothing comparing him to a military dad til you guys said not to. She was just saying do what they do using webcams. Which can go for travelling fathers, split up parents having a baby, etc. Just wanted to point that out.

Kay on

The point is that it makes sense for someone in the military to use a webcam because that may be the only way for them to see their baby. This does not make sense for someone who is in the states and is financially and legally able to fly to see the baby in person.

Aitch on

Wow, I bet DS is “thrilled.”

Momof3 on

maybe the mom didn’t want him there? who knows what is going on? after all she slept with a guy she hardly knew!I don’t think it is love at all…hard for both of them I would guess. Hopefully David will take some parenting clues from his buddy Adam Sandler and be in this childs life as much as he can. Good luck to all!

Le on

Why is it anytime something like this happens, people always point to the negative and never the positive? A precious life has been born!! God saw fit to place this little girl in this world (no matter what the situation) for a reason! We need to be happy for her sake that she is healthy and does have two parents who “want” to be in her life. Now whether david stays there, we don’t know and can’t know. That is his decision and not ours and it does not matter what advice we give him. Why worry over something you have no control over anyway? We can only hope that he does stay in her life. We will just have to wait and see. In the mean time, take control over things “you” can control, and rejoice in the things “you” can rejoice in:)

grace on

What does that mean L? does he force the women he dates to have unprotected sex with him? takes two to make that decision! i also heard he was denying the child was his, i hate when men do that, especially celebrities. it’s so disrespectful. so, i’m not a fan of his anymore, but congrats to jillian for making the decision to be a single mom. i’m sure the girl is beautiful!

Renee on

I agree Le. Some of the people here are making really personal attacks which isn’t cool. It just causes more harm than good.

carie on

I don’t have a problem stating my judgments against this. This guy’s on TMZ every nite, on video, out partying. It’s your first child, the TV show is filmed in the states, he has the money to get his own plane, he has the time to go out and party every night. So…yeah. no brainer. go see your baby.

tams on

i am appalled at the number of people on this site, who without knowing all the details, go about making rude and unnecessary comments….i am even more so appalled that people are being allowed to continue making these comments…how dare anyone make some of the comments that are being made, based on one small statement released by a publicist…no one here knows the whole story, so how can anyone judge him based on what you do know. How does anyone even know if SHE wanted him to come right after the birth…for all anyone knows maybe this was a plan that the two of them agreed upon…

quite frankly the on-going offensive and rude comments that i am encountering on this site are just giving me more reasons to stop visiting this site….

J on

I just said that perhaps he used a webcam to see the baby from far away in case he couldn’t get out of work to see her. With technology today, he may have a ton of baby photos and videos already. I wasn’t comparing military parents to other working parents. I understand that military parents can’t get home right away to see new babies, but sometimes neither can other working parents.

Some of this comparing Colin Farrell to David workwise is ridiculous. Maybe David also has a tight filming schedule and just can’t get out right now. It makes sense to want to wrap up filming and THEN spend as much time as you want with your new baby.

It’s horrible that he’s put on the chopping block immediately when NONE of us know the entire personal story between Jillian and David. We just know what the media told us. At least give the man the benefit of the doubt before claiming how much he’s hated now and how he’s a deadbeat and such.

tams on

i am appalled at the number of people on this site, who without knowing all the details, go about making rude and unnecessary comments….i am even more so appalled that people are being allowed to continue making these comments…how dare anyone make some of the comments that are being made, based on one small statement released by a publicist…no one here knows the whole story, so how can anyone judge him based on what you do know. How does anyone even know if SHE wanted him to come right after the birth…for all anyone knows maybe this was a plan that the two of them agreed upon…

quite frankly the on-going offensive and rude comments that i am encountering on this site are just giving me more reasons to stop visiting this site….

CelebBabyLover on

SH- I couldn’t have said it better myself! Everyone is criticizing David, when it very well could be that JILLIAN didn’t want him at the birth or in the first few days of their daughter’s life.

Everyone seems to assume that David’s not seeing his daughter immeditely is entirely his decision, when in fact it might not be.

Also, why is it always the man who is criticized in a situation like this? The only time I have ever heard a woman criticized in this same sort of situation was when Mel B. had Angel.

In that case, Mel was critcized quite a bit at first for having a baby with a man she’d only been with for a month. A few people even accused her of getting pregnant to “trap” Eddie!

As some other commentors have already pointed out, it takes two to make a baby! Why is it always the father that’s singled out?

E. on

Be a bit logical, people. The mum is in another state, it’s not as if he just can’t be assed driving across town. David is under a legal contract – he has work commitments which he can’t just break at a whim to fly across the country. If he did, he’d be letting the whole cast and crew down and costing them a lot of money, not to mention risking his employment. Actors and people who work in television are as much bound by work responsibilities and commitments as anyone else in another line of employment. They can’t just do what they please, rock up to work when they can be bothered and go AWOL for a few days whenever they fancy… not if they don’t want to be fired, anyway. Plus, it was the mum’s choice to move away to Missouri. It wasn’t David’s decision to be located in a different state than his child.

Bancie1031 on

This is my last thought on the situation ….. I’m sure that he doesn’t work 7days a week and imo family always come first! Other actors/athletes manage to get there when their children are born (just a thought). And no we don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding Jillian’s giving birth or their relationship at this time and it’s really none of our business, but honestly I think your child should ALWAYS come first. Congratulations and I hope we get to see pictures sometime.

Tanya on

The first break probably means in a week or two, not six months! David has accepted responsibility for this unplanned baby and has keept in contact with the mom during pregnancy,so this probably means he`s going to be there for his daughter and play a large part in her childhood and upbringing.

Renee on

Celebritybabylover, I don’t get that either. How does any of this effect us? It’s their child and it seems like both are working on a situation that works for them which is a good thing. Some people forget that other people’s jobs depend on him being at work. It isn’t as simple as some of you are trying to make it seem

Linda on

I don’t care if you’re shooting a big budget movie on the other side of the planet or a sitcom a few states away, you can and should always make time to go see you newborn baby. Modern commerical jets are amazing, you can get to the other side of the world in a few hours. He could have taken a day or two just to go see and hold his baby,fly back and then spend more time with his baby on the break. There’s nobody that can’t be spared for 48 hours for something that important. I’m sure the production people could find something that needed doing while he was gone, my god, it isn’t like him taking a day or two would cost everyone their jobs. Unless you’re one of our brave military people or a police officer facing down an armed gunman to protect the people in the community or a firefighter saving someone from a burning building, the “sorry, work is more important the seeing your precious little face for the first time” doesn’t ever cut it!

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