Sound Off! How Long is Too Long for Little Boys' Hair?

09/02/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; WENN; Oliver/Flynet

When posting pictures of our favorite young celebrity boys, we oftentimes get feedback about the length of their hair. Sure Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, Ryder Russell Robinson and Presley Walker Gerber may have long locks, but does it really matter? Kate Hudson has been quoted saying son Ryder prefers his hair long to emulate the look of his father, rocker Chris Robinson, and other celebrity moms have gone on record claiming their little boys like their hair long, too.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us your thoughts on boys with long hair, and take our poll below!


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Caroline on

It’s nobodys business. What a ridiculous subject. If we all poked our noses into how parents raise their children (which is done a LOT around here), society would implode.

Would you like to be told piercing your child’s ear resembles trailor trash? Or that calling your child Brayden is pretentious?

melissa on

celine dion son has long hair which i find to be too long. but i must say these 3 look very cute with long hair!

Nikka on

Well, I dont know if I like it or hate it, but one thing I know :

I would love to have Pax’s hair lol !!!

(im not bold but mine are too curly) I love asian hair type.

Devon on

I like long hair on boys, as long as it is something they want. My 3 year old cousin has hair that is past his shoulders and he is against getting it cut. They are only that innocent and unaware of how harsh and critical people can be for so long, and if he wants it, let him have it.

Esti on

It is part of our tradition not to cut a boy’s hair until he is three years old. It seems normal and charming to me for very young boys to have long hair.

JM on

I really think it depends on the child. Some kids look cute with the hair if it looks like its well managed like Presley’s hair. Ryder’s hair has grown on me over the years but he tends to look very young with it long. I do not like Pax’s hair nor do I like Celine Dion’s son’s hair. It all depends on how it’s kept and the face of the child imo. I just love little boys with shorter hair though probably cause it’s just what I’m used to.

daddy glenn on

My son, who is 4 yrs old has long hair and often gets mistaken for a girl. Partly because he has curls and a beautiful face. It has always been my feeling that if he was born with alot of hair you should do what looks best and not what others feel is approiate based on the sex of the child.

Hollie (: on

I think this is about as long as boys hair should be (: they all look really cute.
I’m a huge fan of Celine Dion – absolutely love her but I think Rene Charle’s hair is too long.

Amanda on

I don’t see why long hair on boys is such a problem. Girls have long hair so why not boys?

And personally, I hate when parents pass judgement on other people’s children. If the boy is happy with his hair and it’s ok with the parents, what is the big deal?

Stephanie on

boys and girls alike should enjoy their hair while they have it.

Natasha on

It doesn’t matter to me either way. Whatever they like.

Meaghan on

The rule at my house is you can have whatever kind of hair you want, as long as you take care it and pay for it. Since my 3.5-year-old doesn’t do either, bring on the clippers!

Sabina on

All 3 boys pictured look cute with long hair, I’m definitely of the ‘it depends on the child’ opinion.
Having extremely long hair is, I believe, impractical on any child- be they male or female- and can look unkempt, so there is a limit.

Roxana on

It depends on the child… Ryder and Presley are very cute, but I don’t like Pax Thien with long hair, I prefer him with short hair.

Stéph on

Personnally, I think it depends on the boy. But I think that boys with long hair are cute, I really like man with long hair and I think it’s okay for little boys to have long hair too. I like Céline Dion’s son’s hair, many sometimes it’s a little too much in his eyes, but since he is the want that doesn’t want to cut them I think it’s great that Céline doesn’t force him.
I love Ryder’s hair, but I think that Presley’s are too much in his face.

Jess on

I don’t really care what other people do with their own kids. I think it looks cute on kids, just like a buzz cut looks cute on other kids. If they want it, I see nothing wrong with it as long as it’s well maintained. I personally find it annoying now when people ask when I’m cutting my sons hair. He’s 8 months old, has a decent amount of hair, but nothing I’d consider cutting even if I wanted him to have short hair. My inlaws are big on very short hair for boys, so much so that my BIL took clippers to her son by 8 weeks because she didn’t like him having too long of hair. That’s not going to happen with our guy. I plan on seeing how it grows out, but right now there are zero plans for cutting it.

Desiree on

I absolutely LOVE long hair on boys… Im hoping that whenever I have a son, that he wants his hair to be long lol… No one should judge any parents for allowing their kids to have long hair..

Jeannette on

I don’t think Pax’s hair is TOO long, it’s fine to me. However whenever I see pictures of Ryder, Presley, and Rene-Charles, I often think “that kid needs to have a hair cut!”. Ryder I do kinda excuse because his Dad does have long hair and often little boys do want to be like their father. Both Rene Charles and Presley’s dad don’t have long hair and, yeah, they are very much easily mistaken as girls- especially Rene-Charles.

Melanie on

I think it depends not only on the child, but on the length. For example, Pax’s hair is much shorter than Ryder’s or Celine Dion’s little boy. My 7 yr old nephew has hair around Pax’s length or a little shorter. Both this year and last year, his teachers and principal threatened to cut his hair – because they had decided it was too long. Now, I may think that Celine’s little boy’s hair is too long for MY taste – but what kind of insane adult is so upset by a little boy with longer hair that they come at him a pair of scissors?

I say let them have long hair, as long as they want to have it and they do what’s necessary to keep it clean.

Laura on

I LOVE Pax’s hair always have. Ryder is hit and miss. In the pic featured its cute on on him, in some where its been long long I mean im fine with it, but I do like the shoulder length on him and ive always thought Presley wears it well, very surfer boy style/skateboard so its suitin for him to.

I also think Ryders reason for wanting it longer is extremely sweet and he doesnt mind it obviously so i say let the kid be happy with is hair.

I likely wont even give my kids haircuts till they are three, and if they all like it long it would be a trim. Long as its well kept I say its not a problem

Abbey on

I think it all depends on the boy. Little boys, like Ryder, Maddox, & Pax, look quite adorable with long hair. I think when a boy gets to be about 9-11, it’s a toss-up (like Presley or Rene-Charles). they are in that stage where they can start looking quite feminine because their faces and bodies are at the peak of their baby-chub phase. i can see the possibility for other kids to make fun of them, but if the child prefers the long hair and doesn’t mind or doesn’t get teased, I think they should be allowed to have it.

i personally think it’s super cute on little kids, although i’m not sure if i’d have long hair on my sons (if i had sons). the long hair can get messy and become a hassle, especially if the boy likes to get dirty (i was quite the tomboy and stuff always got into my long hair).

Gina on

To me, it simply looks like the parents have gotten lazy on looking after their sons’ appearances.

LanLan on

IMO long hair on young boys generally looks horrible. Pax’s however isnt too long and looks adorable but Presley’s and Ryder’s hair just looks wrong.

mimi on

As long as they take care of it, who cares. I feel the same about girls with long hair too. If it’s combed and taken care of, I’m sure there are worse things in this world to worry about it.

Can we have a poll about “How short is too short” for kids hair too?

Kris on

So long as the hair in question is relatively clean and generally cared for, there is no “too long” for boys or girls. It’s a needless double standard.

Nicole on

For me it really depends on the child. There are some boys that look like girls with their hair long. I think Pax looks good, and Ryder does too, but Celine Dion’s son looks a bit too girly for my taste.

Sam on

I like the length of Pax`s hair it isn`t too long and he still looks like a little boy. Some kids like Celine Dions boy and Presley look like little girls. But it is their choice i guess

Autumn on

I think I can agree with some of you. The long hair is okay I guess, to certain point, if the parents are willing to help the boy care for his hair. Plus I can totally see how Ryder would want long hair, to be like his dad.

Anymore, most of these boys’ parents were kids/teens in the 1970s, so that’s why they’re okay with hair that length since some of their dads had “longer” hair back then. (I don’t know what Chris Robinson, Brad Pitt, or Randy Gerber looked like in the mid-late 1970s when they were 10-12 y.o., though I’d imagine it was a longish hairstyle similar to Presley’s or Pax’s but slightly shorter.)

Still though, I personally agree with Abbey on Rene Charles and Presley, since their hair lengths, current ages, & facial features may mistake them for girls sometimes.

Beverley on

I would be OK with a boy having long hair if it at least looked masculine. Presley, Ryder and Rene-Charles Dion all have extremely feminine hairstyles. I saw pictures last week of Pax with really grubby looking hair, and that is a big no-no for me in both boys and girls. But a long, masculine cut, I would be OK with as long as the kid liked it.

Chloe on

Sorry but I really dislike seeing boys with long hair, I don’t why I just really dislike it. My son always has a grade 3 cut all over and I don’t let it get long at all before I take the clippers to it again! I think Presley’s is far far too long, I think he’d suit short hair but somehow Ryder suits it. I would never let my son have long hair but its each to their own..I’d just rather people kept boys hair short!

brooke on

The only time a boy looks cute with longer hair is if he is really cute like cindy crawford’s kid, but the other boys who aren’t as lucky don’t look good. I like shorter hair on boys in my opinion

Liz on

They are not my kids. I can care less. Personally my son always wants short short hair like his Dad.

I-dra on

my dh & i have long dreadlocks & our 2 year old boy has long hair, too, that may or may not lock – we’re allowing it to do it’s own thing. if he ever decides he wants it cut, we’ll honor his wishes, but like our decision not to circumcise, we feel cutting off parts of his body should be his own decision.

Jessica on

I have no problem with long hair on boys. If my son were ever to want long hair, let him be. As long as it’s combed, washed, and trimmed regularly then I’m fine with it.

I love Presley and Pax’s hair, it’s so cute.

Lily on

My oldest son’s hair is right around Pax’s in length, just styled differently. Out of the boys shown, I think their hair is great.

My son never expressed a want to cut his hair so it never occurred to me to do so. If tomorrow he said he wanted to shave it all off, that’d be fine too. His hair length isn’t harming anyone.

The only one I’ve seen and disliked has been Celine Dion’s son. Sure it’s long, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the problem. There’s really not shape to it so it doesn’t do anything for his face. Maybe layering or a different style would look a little better. Either way, to each his own.

sigh on

I voted “hate it”, but that’s just my personal preference (for boys and men).

I would never say that someone “should” cut their son’s hair. To each his own.

patricia on

LONG HAIR IS GREAT FOR EVERYBODY!!! short is too, and bald and mohawks, and dreads and afros. Yes, I am yelling…this is so typical. someone having such a negative opinion of a kids hair…and the schools to think they can regulate haircuts is horrible. And one person commented they “excuse” Ryders because his Dad has long hair..are you serious, believe me Chris Robinson does not give a F@$# what you excuse. Wikipedia Carlilse Indian School

Robin on

Little boys look cute, up to a certain age with long hair but once you say hit three years old, chop chop.

Celine Dion’s son certainly never has had a haircut, and he’s not copying his father. Maybe he’s copying his mother?

pixie on

I agree if the kids and parents like it keep it long, I think Rene charles’ hair is a little ridiculous. What about the fact that Pax has a striek of dye though his hair and Maddox has had many different shade as well.Not cool, they are little, too little. I love Brad and Angelina I think they are am,azing, but I think that is trying to hard to be cool

Ashley on

I applaud the mothers of boys with long, even really long, hair. So what if other people don’t like it or think the look doesn’t align right with the particular child. It’s about what the child wants and what makes him happy. If they want it that long, I say go for it. No one should be able to dictate or offer strong opinions about what someone chooses to do with their bodies.

Ashley on

Personally I don’t like long hair on boy’s or men. Call me oldfashined but girls are to be girly and boys are to be boys!!! Sure the 3 are cute kids, very adorable BUT the hair needs a cut!

Renee on

In my opinion there are much bigger battles for children than if their hair is short or long. I have teenagers, my son has long hair, I am more concerned with bigger things than his hair.

Momof3 on

I personally do NOT like long hair on these boys and with the exception of Pax – I think they look like GIRLS including one not pictured – Celine Dion’s son! YUK. Maybe when they are older and able to carry it off better . . . just don’t like it at all!!

suzan on

I used to think that Presley Walker Gerber was a girl, before knowing that Cindy has a boy and a girl and that he was the boy.
I think that’s too long for a boy!

Aitch on

Presley is a beautiful child, he looks very feminine with the extremely long hair. Ryder doesn’t look so good, neither does Pax. I have four boys and they had long hair as a toddler and then had it cut when they were around three years. However I hate the buzz cut look (like the Beckham boys–too short) so they all have some fullness and length to their hair. Now my 11 year old insists on long scraggly long hair and I hate it– it covers up his very handsome face! However, with him now, it is a question of picking my battles!!

MizMolly on

I don’t care if little boys have long hair, just don’t get angry if I call him a her because you’ve dressed him in gender neutral clothing. A father at the park got angry at me the other day over this mistake. Sorry but toddlers are pretty androgynous so cut me slack people!! If you are uptight about the correct gender identification of your son, don’t have long hair.

MrsLadybird on

If you choose to let your son’s hair be long, you should prepare for the inevitable confusion regarding his gender. I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that Ryder Russell was a boy. I thought he was a “cute little girl.” Guess I’m not up on pop culture.

phoebe on

This is a debate in which people need to realise that although they are entitled to their opinions on whether they like or dislike the hair length, they also need to respect the kids and the parents for their choices. A little boy having long hair should not be a fiery subject along the lines of piercing children’s ears or, like the last debate, when to stop bottle feeding. Personally, I love the hair on Pax, Ryder and Presley, it’s cute, kinda hippy, and definately suits the three of them.

Alanna on

My little brother is almost nine now and he has been growing out his hair since he was 5½. My mom has this thing where at five you can choose your own hairstyle (within reason). She kept his hair extremely short until that point because thats how his dad wanted it. He chose to grow it out because he HATED the clippers, they scared him. He gets called a girl alot but he has pretty much gotten over it and now just responds with “I’m a boy”. It also doesn’t help that my mom has very strong genes so we all look just like her. People confuse my little brother and little sister confused with twins, people ask “Are they identical?”.


HeatherR on

I personally don’t think that long hair on a boy is a big deal. Especially with so many other “real” things to worry about. I’m more concerned about what my kids are eating/watching on TV/doing at school etc….. The longer hair seems to be in style lately and I do think it is cute on some boys but it depends on the child.

carie on

It depends on the child. some look cute with it, others don’t. Ryder’s hair looks awful, IMO. It’s very thin and stringy, and just makes him look anemic and scrawny in my opinion. Adorable little boy, don’t get me wrong. But I do not think the long hair is a good look for him at all.

AM on

Ryder, Pax: BAD Presley: GOOD

Janine on

Personally I like long hair on little boys (and even more on “big” boys ^_~)

but when it comes down to it, how is it anyone else’s business what length a child’s hair is?? People who get all up in arms over a child’s hair length, whether too long for boys or too short for girls, need to get over it and get on with their lives.

Cora on

Gender stereotyping is all cultural, in any case, so I don’t think it’s right for us to project our own personal tastes and experiences onto these children. Who decided that long hair was for girls, and short hair for boys, anyway? It’s all so arbitrary. These days, when boys can take ballet, and girls can play with trucks, I think it’s all about individuality rather than fitting a gender stereotype.

In Pax’s case I think he might be loving the freedom that comes with having long hair. I’m not sure but I remember reading somewhere that at his orphanage buzz cuts were mandatory (for understandable reasons). Ryder’s reason for wanting long hair is very sweet.

Lilybett on

I agree that these boys all look pretty cute but I can’t stand Celine Dion’s son’s hair.

The way I see it, Rene-Charles’ hair makes him look quite feminine whereas these boys still look like they’re happy to rumble around in the dirt. That’s probably a terrible indictment of my old-fashioned views of gender, but in my defence I do refuse to give gendered presents (dolls and homey things for girls/ tools & guns for boys).

crimpe on

Presley does look very pretty, but he seems pretty self-possessed and seems to be rocking a surfer style. Ryder might not look much better with shorter hair, and he sure looks happy and digs his dad. Pax’s hair looks stringy to me. Maybe he needs better conditioner or less of a point cut. I like his highlights. Incidentally, my kids are part Asian and have thick curly and wavy hair. Asian hair does not necessarily mean fine and straight (Junichiro Koizumi?). When my sons were very little their hair was not full enough for a long style. Now my 5 yr old has long hair and it is terrific.

CathyU on

I don’t necessarily dislike long hair on boys…I dislike messy, unkempt hair on any child. Usually girls will have it back in a ponytail or up in barrettes or clips to keep it neater and off their face. Not so with boys. So yeah, I guess I would choose shorter hair on boys rather than longer, messy, snarly looking hair.

mslewis on

I have one nephew who has long, long braids and he’s beautiful; another nephew has a buzz cut and he is also beautiful. Both are 4 years old!!! And they both love their hair.

I think little boys (and girls) should be allowed to express themselves in any way they want, within reason, of course.

Tamj on

Long hair on a boy past three years old usually reflects a ‘Mama’s boy’
It is a pain to keep a boy’s hair clean .They get spit ,peanut butter,paint,snot,mud etc. in their hair.It is also a pain to get them to bath every night, then the whole untangling the hair is awful.It does look like some of these mom’s don’t bother with anything but a finger comb.Which is fine .My guy wanted his hair cut so off it went. He was much happier and loved putting his dad’s gel in every day .
Some of these kids are gorgeous,others not so much.

shidney on

Long hair on little boys? Not really my liking. Looks umkempt and windblown most days. It’s not my child though, so really not any of my business.

Presley Gerber on the other hand. Well, there’s the exception. To me, this child is the pre-pubescent version of Fabio. My goodness. Those flowing platinum locks only work to draw you in to his lovely face.

You really can’t go wrong when your Mother is Cindy Crawford, can you? (mole and all, sheesh)

shidney on

Incidentally, I find it a bit strange that CBB includes the proviso of:

“anything that insults the CBB staff, CBB readers or celebrities. In general, a comment that includes “I’m sorry but…” or “She’s cute but…” tend to be negative and/or insulting.
any type of discrimination in the discussions, including but not limited to racism, heterosexism, classism, religious bigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled. ”

before you post. Questions like this typically fuel a swarm of negative opinion. That said, where do you draw the line between benign comments and negative/insulting? I would think if a celebrity read some of these remarks, they might be a little offended. JMHO.


I think it depends on the kid…althought it shouldn’t. I love Paxs & Presleys hair. I’m not a fan of Ryders hair though for some reason…theirs a style and a reason for their hair to be that way. Pax is “different” and Presley is a little surfer/cali boy. I dunno…whatever floats your boat…it’s your kid do what you wanna do.

Nicole on

Love long hair… it’s absolutely adorable and I’ve kept my little boy’s hair pretty long until recently when he was getting so hot & sweaty. It would get matted so I decided it was time to cut it. I can’t wait for fall so I can let him grow it back out. 🙂

drea on

i say it doesn’t depend on the child, it is up to the child. if they have an opinion on their style let them express it.

Brandi on

life is too short to worry about other peoples kids, i say live and let live. one of my boys had longer hair and i just insisted that he be able to pull it back neatly in a low ponytail for church. no big deal.

jenifer on

whats the difference between boys having long hair and girls having wrong hair? leave kids alone…. what a shallow and ignorant question to ask. so gross. preference and ignorance is the difference.

Autumn on

Pixie, I totally agree wih you on the semi-permanent dyes on kids. This summmer my neighbor dyed or had her youngest sons’ hair dyed first black, then red, for most of the summer. (She dyed her own hair too.) The boys are currently only 7.5 and 9.5 yrs old and are natural blondes, so don’t know why she did it.

Anyway, as far as Pax, with that white/gray streak in his hair, he so reminds me of a boy I worked with once at a school who at about a year older than Pax had a white or gray streak naturally in his otherwise dark/black hair. As soon as I saw this pic of Pax, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Benny, who’d now be a teenager already! :O

emma on

I have two boys – one looks awful with long hair (he grew it once, never again!) and the other looks really cute with shoulder length hair – so I have to say it definitely depends on the child. Celine Dion’s little boy Rene has dreadful hair (in my opinion), because it just doesn’t seem to suit him. The three little ones pictured all look fine to me though!

Cezzie on

It depends on who it is. If the boy himself wants to have long, long hair then it’s his choice. I don’t think there’s a “too long” for a little boy’s hair at all. Why shouls girls have long hair and boys have short?

pineapple on

personally, i love long hair on little boys. really, i like any hairstyle where it looks as though there is some style and uniqueness… i can’t stand buzz cuts or really short hair unless the kid is REALLY cute looking (kassius comes to mind) but would never say ‘erm, you should grow his hair’ in the way people who hate long hair on boys seem to think it’s ok to tell them they should cut it.

i think cutest boy hair ever is mid-length ringlety blondie curls! oh, and i adore kingston’s ‘do

Bren on

I like it to a point, the 3 boys shown look cute. but like many say Celine Dion’s son to me just has such long hair it makes him look like a girl and my friend had a brother like that but his hair was like Ryders and it created alot of talk and alot of times he was mistaken for a girl. I felt bad for him and his hair became like a comfort. I do like the little surfer look though.

aurora mia on

I think Presley is going to be a super model. I couldnt imagine Ryder with short hair and I think Pax is adorable! I cant wait to how my own little Liam Rhys will look when his hair grows out. Just like Ryder, Liam’s dad has long hair…so this will be interesting. I love long haired boys!

Michelle on

Pax is the best!!!

Jeannie on

I think Ryders hair is adorable. I am thinking of letting my son Sawyers hair grow out. He is only 20 months with curlier hair but it might look cute a little longer and wavy…I am all for long hair on boys, and I love a good pixie cut on a little girl.

amy on

I love it on Pax but not so sure about the other two really.

terri on

I’m generally not a fan of long hair on boys under 12, but if the child wants it and the parents don’t mind, I don’t see the problem.

lucy on

They just looks like girls… Especially when they are kids !
It does not fit them and it looks dirty -except for presley, thanks to model mum which learn him to care of his hair I guess -!

MA on

I have two boys ages 7 and 4 and they both have long hair. My older son’s hair is just above his shoulders and my youngest’s is almost there. I think it looks awesome. I let them make their own decisions about their hair. Its theirs after all. I never wanted anyone to tell me how to wear my hair and my mom always let me decide for myself since I would have to live with it. I keep my boys hair trimmed so its never messy or looks terrible. Many people have made comments to me both positive and negative. With the negative’s I usually have a smart comment back as I think it is completely rude to push your opinions onto someone you don’t even know. I have asked when they are going to fix their hair, buy a mirror, take a bath, get a new attitude, etc. Both my husband and myself have long hair and sometimes the looks he gets are rediculous! Like they have never seen a man with long hair! Look at any CD in your collection and I’m sure there you will find plenty of men with long hair. I guess some think its okay for men only if they are rock stars or famous to have it. I hate when people are so judgemental because someone looks different than they do. My husband is a wonderful father and husband and I would not trade him for anything in this world. I think people should do what they want with their kids hair or let their kids decide. Its everyone’s right to raise their kids the way they feel is best. I just ask that you raise them to be respectful and kind and accepting of everyone, no matter how they look.

Cynthia on

I like long hair on boys but only if its their idea. I have a SIL who absolutely refused to cut her son’s hair even though he hated it. She always kept it at least 2-3 inches below his shoulders. For years, every Satuday night she’d set his hair then Sunday she’d take the roller out and take him to church. When he was nine by brother finally put his foot down and took him out and got it all sheared off. He was the happiest boy in the world that day but I think his mom and dad didn’t speak for about a month.

Bancie1031 on

I personally hate boys (and men) with long hair, to me it just looks to girly. This includes Presley (whom I thought was a girl), Ryder (whom I confuse for a girl all the time), Pax (who’s hair is definitely getting to long imo), Celine Dion’s son (I believe that his name is Rene-Charles but not sure – we don’t see too much of him), Pam Anderson’s son’s (Brandon and Dylan), along with a couple of others that I can’t think of right off hand. I rather see boys with the buzz cut – like the Beckham’s boys.
But this is just my opinion and I would never say that someone should cut their son’s hair just because I don’t prefer it…… to each his own.
And all of the boys that I mention I do like and don’t hold anything against (including their parents) like I said their not my children and it’s completely up to their parents. 😀

Natt on

I dont like long hair on men, or boys. I’ve never liked rocker style hair on men – I’ve always gone for the shorter hair. My son who’s two has been getting his hair cut for over a year – the longest it gets is just to his eyes/ears at the front.

I disliked it with Hanson in the 90s 😉

I always find boys hair when long looks unkept, straggly and needing a good trim! If I had a girl and her hair looked like that I would cut it too.

Bancie1031 on

Natt – That’s the reason I just got my 7 year old daughter’s hair cut. It was to her butt and it just looked stringy all the time, so we cut off 12 inches and donated it to locks of love and then they cut off another 1 1/2 – 2 inches evening it out ….. The only reason I waited so long is because she had the pretties curls! And now that she had her hair cut their gone ….. it makes me sad but I wanted her to look nice, not like I just let her roll outta bed and go.
You know in my previous post I said that I hate boys/men with long hair and maybe I used the wrong word ….. I dislike boys/men with long hair. Hate is a strong word and I don’t like using it on this topic.

Danni on

I have always loved children with long hair boys or girls. But the long hair on boys has suddenly come into fashion and I like to be a bit differen’t as does my boyfriend whose a hairdresser so god knows what our kids hair will be like lol.
I think it’s more of whether a style suits a child, not all boys can carry off long hair, I loved Cy Busson’s hair when he was 2,3 but when he got to 4 it just was long and straight and didn’t seem to suit him so much, now Elle has cut it (not too short) and it looks great.
Same with girls, I prefer longer hair on them too, but some little girls really pull of a little bob.

Angie on

Doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s not getting in their way or becoming too much of a hassle to take care of for me. I feel the same with girls who want to wear short hair. If they want their hair long or short, why argue? I’d prefer to save my arguments and battles with my kids when it comes to the big subjects like sex and drugs and why it is not okay to hitchhike. I wouldn’t dare waste time arguing with my child because he or she wants their hair long or short. It’s hair and it grows back.

mp on

I once had a friend who made her two sons keep long mullet-style cuts because she thought they were cute. When both boys were in elementary school, they told her they were tired of looking different (they stood out like sore thumbs) and wanted short hair.

Diane M on

If the male child looks like a girl with the long hair, then I think he should get it cut. Case in point: Cindy Crawford’s very pretty blond son.

Whitney on

I think that often little girls hair is too long…..

So who cares….

Lis on

I mean – I guess it’s okay if their parents don’t mind them being mistaken for girls!!!!

…Hello??? They are boys – cut their hair for goodness sake!

(If you couldn’t tell, I vote, ‘Hate it’!!!)

Maria de Jesus on

I think these boys look perfectly fine with their hair. My son has long hair and looks adorable! His 2 uncles are musicians and have very long hair. He wants to have his hair just like them. As long as my child wants to have it long I will support him. It is unfortunate that people are not more observant and mistake them for girls. Long hair is not just for women. That is just like saying short hair is for men. Besides didn’t Jesus Christ have long hair?

Carrielynn on

I do not think little boys should have long hair. They do not look like boys, they look like little girls. I think when someone lets their son have long hair they secretly wish that child was a girl.

Bibi on

I like longer hair on baby boys but not overly long BUT it’s up to each parent and child. It looks good on some boys. My son has beautiful blond curls and it’s only about 2 inches long all over but I constantly get “when will you cut it” even though we have had it trimmed. I don’t see why everyone thinks a first haircut should be all or nothing…

daisy on

It really depends on the child alone. If the boy likes to have long hair, then absolutely yes! My own son (6 years) had short hair all his life, but since he has met a boy with long hair, he has been telling that he wants long hair as well, so now we are letting it grow. We’ll cut it as soon as he wants us to, but for now it’s his hair and his decision.

Dian on

My son has always had a “high and tight” (military cut) probably due to being a military brat most of his life. BUT when 18 or so months ago he came to me and said he wanted to grow it out so he could donate it to locks of love I was SOOO impressed! So, people can crab, and complain, and say he looks like a girl, I am sooo proud of him. What amazing intentions for a young child to have! Let it be. It’s hair. It’ll grow back or longer… who cares!

MommytoLongHairSweetheart on

My son is 4 and has long hair, it is about halfway down his back and he has beautiful fat ringlets in it. The child LOVES his hair and I would never make him cut it to “conform” to what other people think I should do with MY kid. He is what he is, he loves his hair and I will never impede him from being who he is! Everyone who has judgments should first look to the plank in their own eye!

Long Lost Boy on

I just stumbled upon this blog and just had to post a comment also

I remember when I was a kid I had some sort of long hair most of my child hood life and when I was about 9 or so I got a mullet hairstyle that was touching my shoulders and for over 2 years I had not gotten a haircut at all and it was past the middle of my back and the bangs in front was always in my eyes down to my chin. I loved my hair very long like that but something snapped in me and I got all my haircut into a long rattail that grew all the way down my back by the time I was 14.

Lee on

I’m a child of the 70’s and got to let my hair grow long.
First time it grew out when I was like 8 or 9 and I hadn’t gone to the barbershop in about a year it was real noticeable and it was starting touch my shoulders. I love it growing out and 2 more years went without cutting it. It ended up growing half way down my back.

Anonymous on

Never to long

Erica Ribley on

My son is almost 4 and we have cut his hair once in his little life. We ask him if he would like to cut his hair and he says no thanks! It is part of his little personality! He loves his long hair and I think as long as he likes it why not!

April Barbie on

I think any littleboys/boys look very lovely in any girly girl hairstyle from shoulderlength to Long long long and even longer ponytails braided ponytails in and up in any hairstyle from HighHigh And HighHighHigh And HighHighHighHigh