Alaskan Governor/VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Daughter Expecting First Child

09/01/2008 at 01:45 PM ET

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska issued a statement today announcing that her oldest daughter, Bristol, 17, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Levi. Bristol, who is about five months pregnant, will marry the baby’s father and raise the child together. Sarah shared that she and her husband Todd know that the baby "would make [Bristol] grow up faster than we had ever planned" and that Bristol and the baby’s father "are going to realize veryquickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they willhave the love and support of our entire family."

The couple, who are also parents to Track, 19, Willow, 13, Piper, 7, and Trig, 4 months, asked for the media to "respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates."


Please remember to keep the conversation respectful of all parties.

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hkdiaz on

Congrats to Sarah and family-she will make a great VP and will be a great grandma!

caroline on

As you did with the Jamie Lynn Spears teen pregnancy, how about a poll as to whether or not readers want to see images of Brisol’s out of wedlock, teen pregnancy? I for one have had enough Republican abstinence preaching and find this incredibly hard to swallow.

caroline on

As you did with the Jamie Lynn Spears teen pregnancy, how about a poll as to whether or not readers want to see images of Brisol’s out of wedlock, teen pregnancy? I for one have had enough Republican abstinence preaching and find this incredibly hard to swallow.

Dottie on

Has this been confirmed? So she got pregnant while she was out with mono? Isn’t that highly contagious? Or is this really her second pregnancy? I’m so confused. Good luck to everyone involved.

J on

that’s not going to look too good for her. she can’t even keep her 17 year old daughter from getting pregnant,but she wants to be the VP? there’s no way people won’t be talking about her daughter and their family now. she’s going to have a child only about 8 or 9 months older than her grandchild.

Sarah on

It’s interesting that Sarah Palin believes in abstenance only education. Apparently it didn’t do too much in preventing her daugher from becomming pregnant. The answer to having a baby is marriage seems to be a poor choice.

Naomi on

I do not think it would be right to judge Sarah Palin on her daughter’s choices, and as a family they do deserve privacy.

However as the potential Vice President of the United States who advocated ‘abstinence-only’ over sex-education there is an obvious distinction- this type of education is not helpful, not practical, and in the end serves no one. Unfortunately she did not give her child (17 is still a kid) the tools to keep her from getting pregnant.

Good luck to Bristol and the Palin family and hopefully as a country we can learn from this one thing- abstinece only programs don’t work- kids are not adults and they need real facts not wishful thinking to protect themselves. Thank goodness she did not get an STD.

Rye on

hmmmmmmmm…i am not one to judge and i think people make mistakes and young people get pregnant, but I think it is a little creepy that she is proclaiming that her daughter will be getting married to the babies father. I dont think it’s really appropriate for a 17 year old girl to get married just because she got pregnant. I feel like kids are getting such a weird view of teen pregnancy now with Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant and engaged and now this 17 year old girl also pregnant and ready for marriage. I don’t think it’s right to make it seem like just because you are pregnant you should be married-especially at SUCH a young age! Divorce rates are so high and the odds are stacked against them. They should just take there time and raise the baby and wait as long as they can! Jeez, I’m 27 and I can’t imagine being married yet! I wasn’t even a quarter as mature as I am now when I was 17.

Shelby on

Wow…not sure what to say to this one. Seems to be some bizzare circumstances in both of the Palin’s pregnancies, and they are apparently very good at hiding them. I wish their family all the best, and a healthy pregnancy for Bristol. Yet again no matter how hard you push abstinence, kids WILL have sex, and we need to educate them on decisions accordingly.

M on

I hope that this young lady is allowed to maintain her privacy. Other young mothers on this site are/were at least celebrities used to being in the public’s eye.

“Proud” or not, I wonder if this will provoke Gov. Palin to examine her staunch support of abstinence-only education.

pinkylulu on

Tut, tut! Lets see how the media will react to this story. They will judge her (Sara) over this, I hope I am wrong though.

joey on

The fact that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is having baby does not take away from the fact that she will be a great Vice President. Why is this even news? There are MANY 17 year old girls having sex and some, unfortunately, get pregnant unexpectedly. If anything, this makes Mrs.Palin more reflective of modern Americans and the challenges that are facing our country.

Natasha on

This will go over well. LOL.

SD Mommy on

There is a rumor going around that Trig was also Bristol’s baby… Anyway, good luck to her. Being a young mom is a challenge, but with the right support, I am sure she will do fine.

Autumn on

Interesting. I hope all goes well for Bristol & Levi, and their future. It’ll be especially interesting too that Bristol’s own baby and her baby brother Trig will be less than a year apart in age.

BTW I just noticed that this article was from July 28th, so when they said the girl was five months pregnant, was that five months as of 7/28 (making her now 6 mo along) or five months now? Just curious.

Vanessa on

Behold, the products of abstinence-only education.

emmajlh on

An expertly written press release to ensure the news has no adverse effect on the McCain campaign. They have great PR people.
Go Obama! (and i don’t even live in the US!)

dickie on

Considering the rumour going around the net that Trig is her child as well, I feel for Bristol right now. I wish her the best.

Tara Jackson on

I think it is great that she stepped up and let the world know the struggle her family is facing right now. What family doesn’t have some of their own? After all, if it okay for a Disney star why isn’t it okay for a VP’s kid?

Lulu on

Well done CBB for breaking this news in a sensitive manner, unlike some other gossip blogs that have been quick to pounce on Bristol and Gov Palin. I wish Bristol a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Stéph on

Wow That was really unexpected but congrats to the future parents and grandparents, it’s nice when parents support their children in their choices.

Means she was pregnant when her mom was pregnant.

Molly on

I dont agree with lots of her actions and opinions, but I admire her for her pro-life opinion and for the way shes treating this situation. I dont think her daughter needs a huge speech about stuff (those she should get before), what she needs now is understanding, love and support and she seems to be getting it from mom and her family. Kudos to all of them.

J-Lin on

I think Ms. Palin should decline the VP nominiation and spend some time with her family. I do beleive women can have a successful career and rear a family, but I don’t think Ms. Palin is a good example. Ambition is a great trait to have, but how much of an expense does her family have to pay? My heart especially goes out to her daughter whom probably never wanted this type of attention.

I don’t believe Rush and the Republican commnetators gave Chelsea much privacy.

shayla on

Congrats to the young couple!I’m sure that Bristol will learn to be a great mother, as she has her own mother who is exemplary, to guide her.

Molly on

Just one more thing: your article says “Originally posted 07/28/2008 08:30AM ” Given we have Sept 1st, that would hardly be breaking news. Could that be an error in date?

J-Lin on

Is Bristol really Trig’s mother? These are secrets you may have been able to keep in Anchorage, but this is DC.

Philippa on

wow that must be weird considering the fact that she only had a baby herself 4 months ago.
but apart from that, congrats to them, and I hope she has a healthy baby

paula on

I hope that CBB doesn’t follow this particular pregnancy. I am not comfortable with the message that some young girls may absorb from this and other cases of (presumably unplanned) teenage pregnancies that seem to be glamorized in the press. Many, if not most, pregnant 17-yr olds will not enjoy the full support of their families and they will certainly not have their nurseries photographed for People magazine.

Doreen on

Yes, I just heard this on FOX News an hour or so ago! At least she will have a supportive family to be there for her. Wow, lil Trig will be an Uncle at 8 mos old! 🙂

Jennifer Matthews on

Yes, her mother is “exemplary.” Maybe Bristol will parent her baby as her mother did her and when the baby is a teenager, she’ll be lucky enough to get pregnant too.

The other thing that is exemplary about this situation is the non-effectiveness of abstinence-only education.

Annie on

“After all, if it okay for a Disney star why isn’t it okay for a VP’s kid?”

It was not “okay” for a Disney star, and it certainly is not “okay” for the progeny of an abstinence-only advocate. To those in hissy about the attention she is receiving, the circumstances surrounding this situation warrant attention. It appears as if the young mother is being forced to get married. I don’t believe that there is a magic age of maturity when people can get married, but I will venture to say that 17 is probably universally too young.

Moreover, present parents can provide guidance for their teens, as well as information. When a 16 or 17 yo get pregnant, often it is due to absentee parents. I’m not saying that is the case here, but it is quite plausible. This occurrence coupled with the 3 day maternity leave for a special needs baby makes me question her priorities. I’m a very ambitious, but I’m in the belief that no father or mother should leave a 3-day old special needs baby to work.

mrowe on

It’s obvious abstinence only education did not work for her family. I wonder if Palin will rethink her stance. Doubt it. Bristol I hope you have a safe pregnancy but I don’t want your mother as my VP.

chris on

How old is the baby’s father? I fear this is going to spiral out of control at the expense of this poor young girl. I’m not sure I’d put myself in such a high profile position if I was the mother of a child going through this. I wish Bristol all the best.

michelle on

I always find it concerning when someone’s automatic answer for a young girl’s unexpected pregnancy is that they will get married to the father. I would love to see the research showing that this solution actually works. I wish nothing but the best for this family, but I find it odd that one who is in such a public eye ask for privacy. If you want privacy for your family, then you should not choose such a public career.

Tricia on

Are “congratulations” really in order, other than to commend them for making the best of a less-than-ideal situation? I’ll bet the vast majority of 17-year-old women these days are aspiring to graduate high school, and pursue college/career, etc. before they undertake motherhood, even if that comes only a few years later. I agree with J-Lin–women should pursue their careers, but Sarah Palin seems to have a little too much on her plate at the moment. Maybe this is not the ideal time to aspire to the second highest office in the land.

Kelley on


Colleen on

While I do not believe that Bristol’s pregnancy has anything to do with Gov. Palin directly, I do questions Gov. Palin’s support of abstinence-only teachings. Teenage pregnancy is what happens when you do not teach about birth control and what to do if you do have sex. Obviously despite teaching of abstinence-only in school and at home, Bristol still had sex. Marriage is not a band-aid for teenage pregnancy. I do not think marriage is the right choice, and I am not so sure it was Bristol’s choice.

tristan on

Thank you for allowing Barack Obama to become president.

I-dra on

having a baby at 17 is responsibility enough, now you think it’s wise to add being a wife to that pile? in my opinion, teen moms should be supported in their pregnancies & motherhood, not “encouraged” *cough*forced*cough* to marry someone as well. it’s hard enough being in a relationship with no kids, but you know, uber-republican palin is probably against divorce, too, so her daughter would be “encouraged” to remain married, even through the difficulties of teen parenting. the best of luck to the entire palin family, but i’m sticking with OBAMA.

(and why, exactly, would she “be a great VP?” as some commenters have posted)

SouthenBelle on

Another CBB thread turned into a political debate. Nope, didn’t see that coming. *sarcasm* I wish the best for all of them and will not be coming back to this particular thread. The site has become increasingly negative, with posters attacking other posters and political wars breaking out all around. What happened to the site rules?

elle on

I cannot believe how harsh people are being on Sarah because of the decisions her daughter made. My parents taught abstinence in my home growing up and I agreed with it while my sister did not. So she chose to have sex and I waited until I was married and it was the best decision I ever made. Just because a parent supports a belief it does not mean that their child does. Aren’t we a country that is all about “tolerance”? At least we are until a right-wing person’s child is in the spotlight for something that is considred less than conservative right?
How about we support Bristol and wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy and stop blaming her mother because she got pregnant.

Lauren in CA on

J-Lin–are you serious? Chelsea has always had and continues to have quite a bit of privacy for such a public figure. Everything the Bush girls do is all over NBC, CBS, NBC, CNN. Yet, nothing on Chelsea, ever, hmmm….

Sarah’s daughter is 17–she is old enough to make her own choices (and mistakes.) You can’t blame the mother for the choices a 17 is making. Yes, Sarah P. speaks about abstinence and I’m sure she told her daughter to abstain. But in the end, this is a family matter and none us know what exactly she told her daughter. Some here accused her of not giving her daughter tools to prevent pregnancy. How do you know that?? Maybe she knew her daughter didn’t abstain so she gave her information on how to prevent pregnancy. Maybe the daughter/boyfriend chose not to use the info. Happens all the time. Did you know since the US has started giving kids education on how to have “safe sex” there are MORE teenage pregnancies?!? I support the abstinence program and practiced abstinence as a teenager (and have many friends and boyfriends that did as well.) It wasn’t always easy but I found it insulting that adults/teachers thought I couldn’t control myself and wait. Saying “non” was a lot easier than worrying about pregancy, STDs, AIDS, etc. Now married in my 20’s, it was worth the wait and I continue to support abstinence programs.

I am thankful her family is supporting her even though they probably are disappointed she is pregnant at 17. I doubt they want her married at 17 as well but again, her daughter is legally able to make her own decisions. Good for them for sticking by her!

Lauren on

Does anyone else get the hypocracy here? Whatever they want to do with this pregnancy is their business, but Palin is staunchly absinance only when it comes to public school sex ed. Apparently that did work IN THEIR OWN HOME. Why does she want to saddle the rest of us with a policy that didn’t work for her own allegedly conservative, Christian family? And yes, I would say this to the Govenor’s face – I would love to know if she’s changed any of her opinions now.

M&TsMom on

J-Lin, Rush Limbaugh was actually pretty respectful of Chelsea Clinton’s privacy while her father was in office. He may have made mention of her in passing, but she was never the subject of what he focused on. Limbaugh kept the discussions to limited to her parents, as it should be.
Although my initial reaction was also “maybe Pallin’s family needs her more right now,” I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a fairly sexist gut-reaction. If it were Mr. Pallin as VP candidate, I don’t think I would have said “gee, maybe he needs to be with his family now.” Either parent (hopefully both) can be there to love and support a child through a difficult time, it isn’t just the mom’s job!
Last thought – it sure would be nice if this incident could help re-evaluate the stance on abstinence-only education. I’m not holding my breath though.

SouthenBelle on

I would like to add to my previous post, as I clicked too late to add this note. CBB handled the announcement with dignity and sensitivity, reporting it in news-like fashion without making judgments. My congrats to the site managers for your professionalism. My previous post in no way reflects your announcement or the manner in which it was presented.

Regina on

Interesting… A conservative who is on the ticket to gain the Evangelicals votes daughter is preggo. WOW! Yes, kids make mistakes. Getting pregnant at 17 and being unmarried is a morality issue as well, isn’t it? Doesn’t bode well for the image of right wing conservatism.
I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I first read about it.
People in glass houses….

carie on

Geez….the one place I was hoping not to have to read about this weird family. I’m sorry…but this situation is shady. And I wish CBB wouldn’t even post about them until the whole truth comes out.

Mom2boys on

For what it is worth, Sarah Palin is anti-choice, pro-contraception. She is a member of Feminists for Life, which I understand to be an anti-abortion, pro-contraception organization as well. Not that it matters anyways in regards to her daughters’ pregnancy.,28804,1837523_1837531_1837538,00.html

Robin on

Why didn’t Sarah Palin come out and state this on Friday instead of now? I know that McCain’s camp knew of this beforehand but while I know that they don’t mean to be covering up anything it is going to be handled as a new political scandal and will probably be fodder for more “dirty politics” between the republicans and the democrats. This poor girl didn’t ask to be put in the public eye and now she is going to have to face the public scrutiny of what is already becoming a dirty race All of this at the expense of two children. A 17 year old is still a child and I pray that the press will leave her alone and not make her be the poster child for teenage pregnancy unless that is a choice that Bristol makes for herself.

Bel on

Here is a quote from a new TIME magazine article “Sarah Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which is not opposed to birth control.” Even when birth control is available, pregnancy happens. If you don’t know someone that has been pregnant as a teen, I’d be surprised. Bristol is lucky to have the support of her family.

gforce on

well i heard that Bristol was the real mother of Trig the down syndrome baby Sarah Palin claimed to have? Who knows the truth to anything a politician has to say! lol.

brannon on

My problem with this is that – and I am all in favor of women being able to do anything and everything they can – but with a 5 month old special needs child and a pregnant teenager in need of special time and attention – how in the world does she have time to be VP and not shirk her responsibilities as a mother? And yes – they have a father to help but two people made those children. Plus, she is running on an “Im just like any other woman” platform? I’d have more respect for her if she dedicated herself to her family before hanging them out to dry. How awful for her daughter to not only be figuring things out in her own family but to suddenly be the subject of media fodder as well? It’s like throwing her before a bus and hoping she makes it out ok. I do wish the best for all of them but can not vote for someone whom I feel has already neglected her responsibilities. She certainly doesn’t need more. (And yes Hilary has a daughter, but she raised her first and then sought public office.)

Molly on

Well that would actually explain why Mrs. Palin didnt have problems to take that long flight in a full labor, if it wasnt her baby but her daughter’s

On other hand, if the rumours are really true, there is absolutely no way America would forgive such a horrible lie of the VP’s nominee

Elisabath on

The difference between Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin, is that JLS decided she wanted to be in the public eye when she got into the entertainment biz. Bristol was thrust into the spotlight b/c of her mom.

That being said, even Obama has said candidates kids should “be off limits,” so it seems to me supporters of both sides should respect that.

A. Cook on

Best wishes to Bristol and the baby. However, I think in america we have a serious problem when we say that a teen pregnancy does not affect the ability of a candidate to lead. If her leadership of her own family results in a teenage pregnancy when her own policy is ABSTINANCE, I think we have an issue worthy of debate. Her ideas didn’t work for her own family, how can her ideas govern our nation?? Just my two cents worth. I do wish the girl the best, as I did Jamie Lynn and Maddie.

Zenbridge on

People who find it necessary to bring internet gossip into the discussion should do some simple math. Bristol is five months pregnant. Trig is four months old. Impossible or medical marvel?

I don’t think Palin’s abstinence education push has much to do with this. It just shows the reality of what teens are facing these days. Any parent on here can end up having a daughter come home pregnant because of choices they made. I’m not sure Palin should be judged OR considered a hypocrite. It’s just reality.

Aubriegh on

I have to say i agree with joey. Sarah’s daughter having a baby does not take away from the fact that she will make a great vp. Even a well informed girl can get pregnant. It happens everyday, if anything this makes Sarah’s family just that much more real. If her daughter was over 18 and married we wouldn’t even be making a big deal about it. I just don’t see how Bristol having a baby will interfere with her plans. It will be old news when someone else announces they are having a baby..In the newspaper one day, lining the kitty litter boxes the next…

lg on

Joey: I thinkthe fact that this “is even news” has a lot to do with Palin’s stand on sex education versus teen abstinence. Obviously, the abstinence Palin preaches did not go over too well with her won daughter and I think this DOES justifies this “being news”.

Paul on

Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy should not be a consideration in judging Palin’s qualifications to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.
UNLESS . . . her daughter’s boyfriend is 20 years-old or older and has been dating her for more than a year. Any parent who would permit her 15 or 16 year-old daughter to date an adult, should be arrested, not elected.

maz on

Hmm. I dont like the idea of her being married so young (in the uk u can get married at 18) a shotgun wedding doesnt seem the best idea. My best friend of 10 years was a product of a marriage of basically convenience cos her mum got pregnant and i remember as a kid going round her house and her parents didnt show much love and soon after divorced and were much happier for it. Republicans value the sanctity of marriage but when they’re using marriage flippantly it sends out the wrong message, oh a quickie marriage is simple.

Amanda on

The thing is, she advocates abstinence only education. Meaning she thinks it WORKS. This is a big problem for her on that front because she obviously could not get it through to her own daughter.

These candidates are suppose to be held to the highest of morality standards. If she and her family cannot abide by their own conservative standards of morality, how are they to expect others to? How I am I suppose to respect this woman and look to her for guidance when she cannot even guide her own children? Why would I let her guide the future of my own children?

jenn on

This is a private family matter. This child did not seek out publicity and her private situation should be respected as such. No polls should be taken or comparisons made.

Good for her mother to be supportive and not distance herself from her daughter or force her to make decisions that would have been the easier out. As parent’s we all make mistakes and we learn from them. We should respect that and put our stones down.

Aya on

Tara, I think this is different from a celebrity because of Sarah Palin’s outlook on abstinence. Jamie Lynn Spears gets pregnant, but its not her mom that will be making/approving/supporting policies that will affect millions of Americans. I think that is why people are reacting this way. I agree that they shouldn’t rush into marriage, that will make a tough situation worse. I think right now they need their privacy right now to work things.

As for Sarah Palin, as a woman, we cannot judge her because each person is accountable for their own actions.

Now for Sarah Palin as a VP, she needs to work on or prepare or the backlash on her abstinent views.

Vanessa, your comment made me laugh out loud. I volunteer with lots of young people (mostly in a unwed mothers dormitory) who didn’t even know about the 72 hr pill, or how to use a condom or anything. Some have even gotten bad STD’s. I see the result of abstinence only teaching every day (from all different cultures and all different religions). Especially for young women, most of who are often abandoned. The birds and the bees talk needs to extend beyond their periods.

phoebe on

As much as I think Bristol should be left alone to deal with this pregnancy, I will say this: my opinion has little to do with Sarah’s opinions and policies, it has more to do with her leadership qualities. And for someone who will essentially be campaigning to be the second in command of such a massive country, it scares me more than a little that she can not even persuade those in her own household to follow her lead. Of course, a parent/child relationship is different, but I feel that it is too obvious and telling a point to not make it. I hope Sarah is able to come away from this a little more openminded perhaps.

For what it’s worth, I feel that campaigning for abstinence education only (and the extensions of that) is not only outdated, but also dangerous (for the lack of knowledge our children will be equipped with at the end of it more than anything) and somewhat stuck in the past. Unfortunately (and I speak as a mother of a daughter), we do not live in a world where it is realistic to expect that our children to behave exactly the way we choose. I would dearly love my daughter to grow up in an innocent and wonderful society, that would protect her, but that just isn’t going to happen. I can show her and teach, but I can not control her every move, a concept the Palin family are now dealing with.

Please understand, I am not judging Bristol or her mother or her family with regards to the new baby, I actually will be wishing them only good thoughts.

aurora mia on

Wow, I dont know how to respond to this as well. I do love girl power, I am a republican, but jeez…I do agree that she may want to reconsider the VP nomination for the better of the party. Once, I thought this was brilliant idea, but now, not so much.

Best wishes to the family and well wishes to a happy and healthy baby.

Vanessa on

Marriage will not make this situation healthier for the baby–if anything, a shotgun marriage between two unprepared people could only possibly add undue stress to the poor thing.

Anna on

Why are some people acting like this is a blessing or a good thing? This is terrible! Palin can’t even raise her daughter correctly, and we’re supposed to believe she’d be a good VP?? This isn’t fair to the daughter; no one this young should have to take care of a child, and it’s not fair to America. This is shameful. If there was better access to contraception and this abstinence only education was finally laid to rest this sort of thing wouldn’t happen nearly as much. Look at the Netherlands; they start sex education in elementary school and have the lowest teen birth rate in the developed world! The US; yeah..definitely at the bottom of that list.

Preston on

I am just thankful this baby will be allowed a chance at life unlike millions of others that have been murdered because it is a little inconvenient. I applaud them for making the best out of a very tough situation. No family is perfect so nobody can cast any stones whether they are Democrat or Republican.

Sarah on

To everyone pointing out where Sarah Palin stands on sex education issues, do the kids of people who preach a different message not get pregnant or something? Regardless of what a teen is taught, ultimately they make their own decisions about sex. I don’t see the connection, irony maybe, but no connection.

Elizabeth on

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This is the woman who wants to say adios to the polar bears and drill in the last wildlife refuge in Alaska.

OBAMA 2008!!!

SouthenBelle on

Well, my previous comment didn’t make the cut. Not sure what was abrasive or inappropriate about it after reading some of the other posts. I guess I forgot to add an LOL! I would like to see topics discussed without posters bashing other posters and announcements pertaining to political candidates or their children discussed without it turning into a huge political brouhaha filled with thinly-veiled judgments. But, that’s just my wish. That type of “discussion” is going on all over the net already.

Jennifer on

I love Obama’s response. This is why he NEEDS to be the next president:

“Let me be as clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits,” Obama said, “and people’s children are especially off limits.

“This shouldn’t be part of our politics,” he continued, “It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor, or her potential performance as a vice president.

“And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he said. “You know my mother had me when she was 18, and how a family deals with issues and, you know, teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

Kerri on

I feel bad for Bristol that she has to deal with this story being all over the national news. That said, it’s kind of to be expected when your mother is running for vice president. I was kind of put off by the immediate announcement that she was keeping the baby and that she’d be marrying the father…it had the implication that getting married when you’re pregnant is “the right thing to do.”

I have wonder if because of her mother’s political position, she’s being pushed into choices she’s not making herself. And regardless of Sarah’s involvement in Feminists for Life, I disagree with her position (among others) of abstinence-only education. You can preach abstinence as the primary line of defense, but there should be some logical contraception back up there.

Regardless, good luck to Bristol, and I very much hope she’s making these decisions herself, for her future.

emmajlh on

If Trig is 5 months old and Bristol is 5 months along in her pregnancy Trig couldn’t be hers could he?

Lorelei on

the baby “would make [Bristol] grow up faster than we had ever planned” and that Bristol and the baby’s father “are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family.”
I respect the way the family is handling this situation and not making it seem like it’s going to be easy. I wish Bristol a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

cc on

How man of you got pregnant while using birth control? I know I did.

Angel on

This is for J – the political comments need to be kept off the board. I can’t you believe you think someone can keep their teenage daughter from getting pregnant and that this will affect how she governs. Bill Clinton couldn’t keep his pants zipped up during his time in office but just about all the liberals thought he was a wonderful president. What does one have to do with the other?????? Congrats to Bristol – she is making the right choice.

Harley on

I love how people say such ridiculous lines such as, “She can’t even keep her 17 year old daughter from getting pregnant”. The last time I checked, you can only control your child’s actions so much, let alone a teenager. Did you do EVERYTHING your parents told you to and no to do? I doubt it.

People make decisions and this was a decision her daughter made and is now stepping up to take responsibility for. If anything at least she’s not running away from the mistake she made. Hell, even adults don’t take responsibility for their actions.

It doesn’t reflect on Sarah’s abilities to help run a freakin’ country. You may as well blame every druggy in the world’s parents for their addictions when they were average parents just like anyone else.

Grandma2Three on

I love how this thread has become a forum for people too air their political views. So
Sarah Palin should decline the nomination and stay home with her family because her daughter got pregnant? How incredibly sexist can you get?! How many children of men in politics have gotten themselves into trouble? (Al Gore Jr for one!)I don’t hear people calling for their father’s to leave their jobs and “spend time with the family”! We all raise our children with the beliefs we feels are important to us. That doesn’t mean the kids will go along with it. You do the best you can. The Palin family seem to be dealing with the situation as a family and a loving family at that.

cp on

From the “Feminists for Life” website:

“Feminists for Life’s mission is to address the unmet needs of women who are pregnant or parenting. Preconception issues including abstinence and contraception are outside of our mission. Some FFL members and supporters support the use of non-abortifacient contraception while others oppose contraception for a variety of reasons. FFL is concerned that certain forms of contraception have had adverse health effects on women.”

It seems from this that at a minimum they support only the use of “non-abortifacient” contraception. I think this includes condoms but not the contraceptive pill which prevents implantation after conception — ie after they believe life has began.

The quote implies that many members are against all forms of contraception.

Sarah Palin is a prominent member of this group. Not sure whether she is against all contraception or only what they would call the “abortifacient” kind. Or maybe she is some kind of maverick spokeswoman who disagrees with the members on this issue.

However it is clear that the Time Magazine article that is being linked here is totally misrepresenting what the FFL group stands for — it certainly is not pro-birth control!

Tracy on

From the very mouth of Barack Obama after being asked about Gov Palin’s daughter today:

Asked for his reaction, Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama wouldn’t go there. “I’ve said before I think families are off-limits, children are off-limits. It has no relevance,” Obama said. “I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. My mom had me when she was 18. And how families deal with issues of children shouldn’t be part of our politics.”

Hea on

Republicans seem so scary. I’m Swedish so I don’t have any real experience with them, but everything I’ve ever read about their politics scares the living daylights out of me. Go Barack! I hope this girl gets to enjoy her pregnancy, that it is a wanted pregnancy and not something she is forced to swallow because of her mother’s political and religious views.

Courtney on

Well ABSTINANCE DOES work…can’t get pregnant if you don’t have sex. Not every 17 year old listens to her parents…I think we ALL know that.

I absolutly support Palin and will keep her family in my prayers.

Bless that baby, in another household, it may not even have a chance of being born…

Tracy on

Obama Tells Press to “Back Off” on Palin
By Shailagh Murray
MONROE, Mich. — Sen. Barack Obama told reporters to “back off” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family, following the GOP vice presidential candidate’s disclosure that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.

“I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits,” Obama declared after attending a Labor Day picnic here. “People’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories.”

He continued, “You know, my mother had me when she was 18. How family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics. I hope that anybody who’s supported me understands that’s off limits.”

The Democratic nominee grew heated when a reporter asked him about an unattributed quote from a John McCain aide that linked his campaign to Palin pregnancy rumors that have swirled on gossip and liberal blogs in recent days. The McCain campaign offered no evidence for the charge, and to the contrary, as the chatter percolated over the weekend, most Obama aides seemed reluctant to even acknowledge it, much less fan the flames. The Illinois senator has been on the receiving end of numerous baseless allegations and whisper campaigns, including that he is a Muslim and is hostile to Israel.

“I am offended by that statement,” Obama shot back, in response to the McCain aide’s charge. “There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us. I’m hope I’m as clear as I can be. In case I’m not, let me repeat: We don’t go after people’s families. We don’t get them involved in politics. It’s not appropriate and it’s not relevant. Our people were not involved in any way in this and they will not be. If I ever thought that it was somebody in my campaign who’s involved in something like that, they’d be fired.”

Bugs on

That’s something i don’t understand from Palin. Why did she accept the nomination when she has a 4 month old baby with Down Syndrome who needs her at home, and now a pregnant 17 year old daughter?

It’s clear she doesn’t know what a VP does. Her words, and i can see why now.

Lilybett on

I liked Obama’s response that his own mother had him at 18 and he if found out any of his staffers were trying to make this story into a political advantage, he’d fire them.

Crystal on

I feel that it is very irresponsible for people to congratulate Sarah and her famiy on their daughters unwed,teenage pregnancy. I know it happens but, I for one do not think this is a joyous occasion. Teen pregnancy is once again on the rise. If the nominated vp can’t get her family together she may need to think this whole process. We need to do something about this epidemic…not glorify it. I feel like Sarah Palin’s daughter is just another example of what’s wrong with this country. We have got to have better examples for our children and she is not the sort of example I want.

bear on

My issue with this is that Sara Palin opted to accept the VP nomination from McCain knowing that her daughter’s pregnancy would be national news. It just seems to me that something is “off” for a mother to do that to her 17 year old daughter who is going through something like this.

KT on

I think that it is wrong to judge her parents for abstinence only education. We don’t know what Sarah has discussed with her child and we are talking about a 17 year old kid. You can educate them until the cows come home and that doesn’t mean that protection always gets used in the heat of the moment. I’m sure many adult users of this site (who probably know better) have had the same thing happen to them. I admire the Palin’s honesty about the situation. At least nobody made money from a magazine by announcing the pregnancy.

SJ on

I had my first in my teens and guess what folks? Mum and dad were not stood at the end of the bed with birth control.

Sarah Palin can not be with her daughter 24 hours a day. She more than likely encouraged her to be safe with her boyfriend but these things happen. I think people should take a lesson from Obama and lay off the woman and her children.

charlotte on

to all the indignant, righteous mothers who posted comments here blaming Sarah for her daughters pregnancy…I hope none of your children get pregnant while teenagers and you have to blame yourselves!

wake up people..sarah can say and do what she likes, her daughter is not her “robot”, sarah cannot “get through to her” if Bristol doesn’t want her to.

This is Bristol’s doing and reflects on Bristol alone.

You can have the best parents in the world and rebel against them…seriously people, get off your high horses!!!!

mom2foxkids on

I don’t think Bristols pregnancy reflects poorly on what her mother taught her. Children do things we tell them not to every day, in fact, my 2 year old son just dumped out my fourth bottle of shampoo/conditioner this week alone, and I told hime not too evry time he did it previously.
I do believe Bristol listened to her mother, and she chose the more difficult path. I myself also chose that path. I had both of my children before I was 20 years old and I believe that I am doing a WONDERFUL job raising them. I am really representing all the wonderful things my mother taught me about being strong and achieving all that I can, regardless of how difficult I sometimes make it for myself.

I just spent quite a bit of time reading other sites comment sections in response to this pregnancy and I wanted to cry through most of them. the hatered that is being thrown around by some people is absolutely horrible, I can’t understand how people could say such hurtful things about Sarah Palin, Bristol, or baby Trig.

I wish this family the best. I am very proud that we have such a strong woman as Palin working hard for what she believes in.

Jessica on

The wording of Palin’s announcement is problematic for me. It said, in part, “We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents.”

Whoa. Her decision? So Bristol exercised her right to choose, and chose to have her baby (good for her, by the way.) But her mother is running on a platform that seeks to take away that right to choose from young women who might not have a loving family’s support and strength; in fact, Palin said she is against abortion even in the case of rape. So why is Gov. Palin proud of her daughter’s decision if she doesn’t believe she had a right to make one?

Also, why would Gov. Palin agree to run for the Vice-Presidency right now? She seems like a really good person. But she has a four-month old with Down Syndrome and a seventeen-year old who is five-months pregnant. Is this really the right time to make a run? It’s not like time was passing her by and this was the only chance to serve. And clearly she has important things going on at home. It just makes me wonder what she is thinking.

Aubriegh on

As i said before, read it in the new today, line the kitty litter box with it tomorrow.

steph on

atleast people cant say she isnt in touch with the average I have a 15 yr old daugther and have preached safe sex, abstience etc. but whenever she does decide to take that step, its not like I can be there between them holding a condom in my hand saying dont forget to use this…lol. You guide them and guide them and when the time comes you just hope they listen. And who is to say she wasnt using something, everybody knows someone who had a kid while using protection.


hillary on

It’s better this news came out now rather than once the US election is over. This gives voters a chance to think and rethink whether Mrs Palin is the best person to be VP.

M on

How can you congratulate a pregnant child? I hope she finds herself in good health, but I certainly don’t endorse what’s happened.

Thankfully, her family is supporting her. I have had students get pregnant and they were so excited; they had no idea. Of course babies are blessings, but losing your adolescence and setting yourself up to struggle? I know many young mothers – good mothers – and I feel for them.

Abstinence-only ed works when it’s practiced. The daughter’s pregnancy doesn’t necessarily reflect on Gov. Palin, but it does make me question why she’s so proud of the decision to marry off her seventeen-year-old daughter.

Silvermouse on

Congrats, but I don’t know what to say. . . um awkward for Bristol, I suppose? Not digging dirt at Republicans, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, if I was pregnant and my mum did that, I would be REALLY ANGRY. Personally I think Obama should win the election, not sure about Bidden, but I think Obama seems more grounded. . .

Ellie on

Judge not, lest you be judged!

It’s interesting that none of the problems the Democratic candidate for VP, Joe Biden, had with his kids are ever brought up. All 3 have or had serious problems that could be blamed on Biden’s “poor parenting” but that’s just as wrong as saying Sarah Palin should be blamed for her daughter’s behavior/choices.

Artemis on

Not judging her daughter at all, because teens have sex and pregnancy is often a consequence of that. But I do question Palin’s decision to thrust her family into the national scene when they have so much on their plate right now – a newborn infant with special needs, and a teenaged daughter going through a very emotional time in her life. If she was just the Governor of Alaska no one would be talking about this.

homefly on

I don’t understand why she did this to her daughter, knowing that accepting the VP nomination would subject Bristol’s teen pregnancy to national and international media scrutiny. That’s quite sad.

However, I find the wording of their statement “”Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.” Really? That’s great. It’s nice to see that she HAD THE CHOICE to continue her pregnancy. That’s a very “choice-y” way of putting it. It’s true that right now, she does have a legal choice. But she wouldn’t under the proposed administration of her mother and John McCain. No need for making any decisions on her own – as they would say. They’d be glad to make them for her…

leigh on

Let the judgement begin…oh, I’m guess I’m too late. I sincerely hope that the children of all of the “perfect” mothers on here never make a mistake or bad life choice. Oh wait, your perfect so that won’t happen will it? It is sad to see people using this situation to try and make political points in favour of their preferred candidate. (I’m Canadian so my comments come from neither a Democrat or Republican bias) As far as Palin’s presented stance on this, perhaps she feels that telling the entire country she feels this is a huge mistake on her daughter’s part might impact negatively on the child years down the road when he/she reads about it in history books/articles? Maybe she thinks it would be better for the child to read about his/her impending birth as a positive thing? Not the end of the world?

Cassandra on

I really feel for poor Bristol. If I was in her position I would want my mother all the time(I know whenever I have my first I will want my mother, weather I’m 20, 30 or 40!). And now she has to deal with everyone criticizing her and her mom. That smells…

She probably feels terrible about it enough. Everyone can say what they want about Palin (lord knows I want Obama to win!) but in the end, this was all Bristol’s choice. Personally, I am on BC just incase and I even have two boxes of condoms stashed around my room, but I’ve come to see teens love to rebel against their parents..

I would respect Palin tremendously if she did pull out of the VP spot. She needs to help her daughter through this time, Dad can only do so much, and honestly, there are just times when you want your mommy!

I wish the best for Bristol and her baby.

Nicole on

The sexism on this thread amazes me. Men with young children and/or pregnant daughters have ran or been in office since this country’s founding! Does anyone think JFK should’ve given up his presidential hopes when Jackie had John Jr.?

Meela on

I find the whole thing to be very interesting because the 1st question that came to mind was whether or not McCain knew. I assume that once she was offered the VP post she would let him know about all the issues that may be of concern. She is no Hillary but I totally respect her strength for being willing to take on such a challenge and opening her private life to such scrutiny. She is smart enough to know that this would get tongues wagging. Best of luck to her daughter.

teacherinpa on

The timing is interesting…maybe she conceived while mom was delivering her baby brother in the hospital (kind of difficult to supervise other children then, you know)? Seriously, though, this should not be a huge argument as it relates to the campaign; however, as a fellow mother, Palin’s family does seem to need her strength, guidance, courage, and grit now more than ever.

ll65 on

My opinion has nothing to do w Bristol pregnancy or her age. I wish the entire family good luck for their future regardless of what comes of the pregnancy and the candidacy. What this news does bring into question is McCain’s decision making ability w regard to Palin. The teen pregnancy and troopergate suggest a VP candidate who may have to much “controversy” that will detract from his candidacy. He only met w Palin once before selecting her and thats what ist troublesome. This is a reflection of his judgement, not Palin’s abilities.

As an Obama supporter I admire the class and dignity with which he’s handled this whole story.

Christina on

I think Mrs. Palin has a bit too much on her plate right now to consider the vice-presidency position. She should be focusing on her special needs child and her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. The last thing Bristol needs right now is to be thrust into the public spotlight. Her mother shouldn’t have accepted McCain’s offer knowing all that was going on in her family. The Vice-President of the U.S. is not a part-time job.

Beverley on

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is not anything to do with her mother’s advocating an abstinence only education regarding sex. This is nothing to do with her mother possibly becoming the VP. This is simply a 17 year old who made a decision to commit an adult act and the unplanned pregnancy that resulted from it. This happens every day across America in families that teach their kids about either abstinence or safe sex. In both Republican or Democrat households. Her mother’s political views have nothing to do with it.

Emily on

Let’s do the math. If Bristol is 5mos pregnant and Trig is 4mos old, that means it is absolutely impossible that Bristol is the mother of Trig so I wish people would stop perpetuating that ridiculous rumor!

I personally see this as having nothing to do with Sarah Palin as a future VP of our country. Every family has personal struggles and let’s face it, teenagers, no matter what you teach them and tell them will do what they want. I think it’s great that Bristol has the support of her entire family and I hope it was her decision to get married and not something she felt forced into.

Wow on

It cracks me how some women wanted a woman in the oval office so badly and now that the chance may happen, the harpies come out and pick for reasons to get her out already and she’s not even in the office yet. Even poor little Trig gets picked on (not here, although I saw someone say that he is a reason she should stay home) and is gossiped about possibly not having the mother we thought he had. Yeah, real girl power ladies… If women in the working world all over the world can have family issues and still do their job well at work, I’m sure that Palin can too. Cut her some slack.

This happens every teen pregnancy article, the holier than thous spout off about how teen pregnancy is everyone fault but the teens and moreso now that the mother of a pregnant teen is a VP nominee.

Sometimes after reading some comments, I just want to open my window and shout, “Not all of us women are catty shrews!”

Heidi on

If my girls make a mistake and get pregnant I don’t want them PUNISHED with a baby” Barack Obama – lets just punish the baby and KILL IT, at least the Palin is going to love and take of the baby.

Erica on

Charlotte, I think the larger issue here is the fact that Sarah Palin would do anything in her power to stifle sex-education in schools that don’t center on an abstinence only platform, despite the fact that this is the LEAST proven method of preventing teenage pregnancy. Whatever Gov. Palin decides to teach her children is her business, but not when she wants to force these views on the entire country. At the same time, I don’t see how it makes the situation any better to reveal that Bristol will be marrying her boyfriend, as if that will make what her daughter’s life any easier.

On a personal level, I hope that the press doesn’t attack Bristol or her boyfriend personally because they certainly did not choose to be thrust into the the international spotlight. On the other hand, I strongly question Sarah Palin’s choice to accept the VP nomination knowing that her teenage daughter is about to be a mother, and that her own infant son has such special needs as well.

Sabine Rheau on

I don’t understand why celebritybabies is posting this info. Recently there has been a lot of photo ops for the Obama girls and none have made it on here. I don’t understand.

Lindsay on

I don’t think anyone needs to start any political discussions on a blog like this one, but the Palins (as both man and woman) should be responsible parents and step out of the public eye and care for their special needs baby and pregnant child. I think it might not be right to run for the presidency when you have small children, because of course, they didn’t ask for any of it. But in the case of Trig and Bristol, it’s more important to be looking out for them than running for vice-president. And I believe someone said that this isn’t Sarah’s fault, but I think it is, even if she didn’t preach abstinence education. Any parent has some responsibility when their child gets pregnant. I think sometimes people forget that teenagers are children because teens act more and more like adults. Also, I think it is a big mistake to get married. Whatever happened to adoption? I know it’s not a common option, but so many families want children of their own and there is always talk about too many overseas adoptions.

nycmom on

i will vote for obama but i admire sarah palin for what she has achieved in her career. 2 observations: 1) i personally (wohm to 3) could not take on a bigger job if i had the family situation of the governor. 2) i assume she has the support to ensure that she can do this, and that is great! 3) really ugly undertone of comments here.

nycmom on

to poster regina … wow i find nothing here to laugh about.

Vanessa on

To everyone thinking it’s some sort of moral failing on Sarah’s part:

You all either don’t have a teenage daughter, or skipped the tumultuous teens yourself and jumped straight into level-headed adulthood.

My mother has very conservative views and I am her complete opposite. This does not mean I do not respect her and support her right to stand up for her opinions and beliefs. Just because Bristol has an outspoken, public figure of a mother does not mean she is morally (or otherwise) obligated to follow her footsteps. She can stand there behind her and support her, but that does not mean she shares her beliefs.

Monkeys' Mom on

To those of you that want to sit in judgement on Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin or anyone else, ask your self this question… are you so perfect and have a perfect past that you can be able to judge anyone? Have you had such a squeaky clean past that you can honestly say you’ve never made a mistake? I highly doubt it.

I had my son when I was 18, and even though it was hard, we made it just fine.

Stop judging people and realize that no one has the right to judge anyone.

Beth on

When I was a senior in high school (1980), my friend had a mother and sister who were pregnant at the same time. The mom had married young and her eldest had married at 20. It is not unheard of to have babies and uncles at about the same age. Both sets of parents are still together and the uncle/nephew have grown up together beautifully.

Susan on

So will we be having a shot gun wedding at the White House? I would be ashamed to call myself an American if that was the case.

How many teens think if Jamie Lynn can do it so can I? Now how many more think well if this is good enough for the VPs daughter it will be good for me too.

Kelly on

I agree with the commenters who pointed out that teenagers make their own decisions. I also wonder if people who advocate sex education are surprised if their children end up pregnant because they expect teenagers to use birth control perfectly and every single time.

Planned Parenthood says that half of all pregnancies occur while using birth control, and certainly teenagers aren’t known for their responsibility. Maybe she was using birth control and maybe she wasn’t.

We also have no idea if her mother asked her how she would feel about running for vice president. Maybe her daughter is supportive, and doesn’t care what people say.

Finally, I would like to point out that there have been numerous studies which have found that children from single parent homes are at a disadvantage. Perhaps this marriage won’t work out, but they are trying to give their child the best home that they can. Certainly, it is only in recent history that anyone would think a 17 year old wasn’t old enough to be married.

Julie M on

I heard rumor that the father of Palin’s daughter is Levi a black hip hop artist who was in jail for rape. THAT’S WHAT I HEARD

Di on

I find it is interesting that Palin is asking for privacy when it is she who released a statement announcing her daughter’s pregnancy. The reason why Palin announced pregnancy is because she knows that all privacy goes out the windown when you run for vice presidency. The candidate as well as his or her family will be under the microscope. It is unfortunate but nothing can be considered off limits.

I honestly believed that if Barack Obama had a 17 year old pregnant daughter, the Republicans would make a big deal about it. They would say “how can be fit to be president when he cannot even control his own daughter’s behavior.” That same argument should be used against Palin.

Lastly, I am all for working mothers and I have no intentions of being a stay at home mom but the vice presidency is not like any other job. Plus, with a six month old baby with special needs and a 17 year old that is pregnant, I would have to put my career ambitions on hold.

Anny on

Brannon- I totally agree with you! When Palin was announced as VP I thought, what about her 4 month old special needs baby??? And now a pregnant teen daughter who needs her mom so much right now. It makes me so sad. I was unmarried, living at home and 20 when I got pregnant and my mom and dad were so important in my day to day life after I told them. I can’t imagine if my mom had been out campaigning and I had reporters camped at my door. Her family and children need her right now- not to say she should not work or run for office but I think right now her priorities should be family first.

Molly on

I don’t like how judgmental people are being about this. What does it matter if her daughter is pregnant? Will that stop her from being a good VP? I don’t think so.
Now if her daughter had an abortion and since Sarah is pro life, that would be a bit different, IMHO. But since she is having a baby (yet at a very young age) I think we should move on.

tn_mamato4 on

I don’t think it’s fair to place this young girl in the headlines of the news. I also think it should NOT reflect upon Sarah Palin’s VP capabilities. I was pregnant at 18, and came from a strong Christian conservative backround.

We should APPLAUD this young girl for stepping up and keeping her baby. However, we should ALL remember that it is her MOTHER running for VP, not her!

bklynmom on

I am proud of Sarah and her daughter for keeping their babies, they didn’t take the easy way out…it shows they have morals and really are a prolife family…which is why they will have my vote

kksmomma on

I grew up in the south and lots of preachers’ kids were the wildest ones. At least they aren’t hiding it. You can teach your kids all you want, but in the end it’s their decision.

The math doesn’t work out for Trig to be Bristol’s son.

I’m way pumped about Sarah Palin. I think it took a lot of air out of Obama’s “dream.”

Katy on

It sure is easy to “choose” to keep the baby when you’re upper middle class, have health insurance, and won’t have to go on public support to raise your kid.

HeatherR on

I feel like our society in general operates on a “do as I say, not as I do” basis. Do I want my kids to practice abstinence? Of course. But did I practice abstinence…..Noooooo! I don’t think any of us parents set out to be hypocrites. It just happens. As humans, we sin. And our children will/do make mistakes too. I respect the fact that Sarah Palin is giving her daughter unconditional love and showing her support. I am undecided on who I will vote for and this situation will not affect my future decision about the election.

Rachel K. on

I personally think that with a near newborn with down syndrome (Trig is only 3 months old) and now a daughter who is pregnant at 17, it is clear that Sarah Palin needs to have her mind on other things… NOT on running for VP.

If her family is truly as important to her as she claims they are… then I think the best thing she could do right now would be to gracefully step out of the position she’s put herself in.

Mary Beth on

Just out of curiosity why did this site not announce Palin’s nomination last Friday? Why did you wait to make an entry with something “scandalous?” I read this website all the time and I searched for the entry about Palin’s nomination all weekend but found nothing until low and behold this entry is posted as soon as the daughter’s pregnancy is announced. This reeks of a double standard and I will not be visiting this site again.

Chrissy on

I hope everyone realizes that we can’t control every move our children make. We can teach them right from wrong, encourage them to make wise decisions, but in the end, they’re going to do what they want to do. At 17 years old, she is almost an adult, and we don’t know all the details of the situation. Perhaps they were trying to be responsible by practicing safe sex and the condom broke. Would it change anyone’s opinion of them if we learned that they had dated for years and this wasn’t just a fling? We may not always agree with our children’s choices but it is important for them to realize that we’ll be there for them when they do make mistakes. To criticize her for her daughter’s actions is just mean and I commend her for supporting her child in this difficult time.

Candy on

i don’t think this is a reflection on abstinence only education. lots of people use birth control and becomepregnant. plenty of people have abstinence only education (myself included) and lead very sexually responsible lives, wether they chose to have sex or not. nobody knows what the circumstances are that lead to this pregnancy and i don’t think that the actions of a teenager should be reflected on the girls parents.

Hanna on

As a resident of Juneau, Alaska, I cannot believe the someone stooped low enough to make up a rumor that Sarah’s daughter is the mother of Trig. Trust me, if that were the case, we Alaskans would have known about it a long time ago, as were used to seeing Sarah and her kids around town on a regular basis. Enough with the stupid rumor already!

B on

The only thing that bothers me about how Sarah Palin is handling the situation is that if my 17 year old daughter was pregnant I would not invite the nation into this journey. I would not invite jokes on Leno and Letterman. My 17 year old would be facing enough without my making her face all of it in front of the nation.

Campbell on

I’m not surprised that a 17 year old is pregnant. I’m surprised that her mother accepted a position in which she knew that her pregnant teenage daughter would be thrust into the media spotlight. Sarah Palin brought the gossip on herself and on her daughter. That, I don’t believe is fair. And then announcing that Bristol is getting married to the father. That is just wrong. Getting married because of a pregnancy is rarely the right answer and I can’t stand when people say “she’s doing the right thing.” The right thing for who? Is she in love with the father, is he in love with her, do they even know what love is? And what about their future plans. Let’s get through high school graduation before walking her down the aisle.

I do find it hypocritical that she boasts abstinence and her daughter gets pregnant, but also understand that no parent can make their child’s choices for them. Look at McCain, he’s vehemently anti-gay marriage and his daughter is a lesbian. It just shows that a parent’s choice isn’t necessarily shared by the child. Just like it probably wasn’t Bristol’s choice to release a statement to the world announcing her pregnancy.

frogcatcher912 on

Sarah Palin gave birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome at the age of 44.

Is anyone else appalled at this?

The risk of giving birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome is extremely high in women over 40 (and even higher when the father is also over 40).

Sarah Palin “opposes the use of birth control pills and condoms even among married couples”.

I am disgusted by this irresponsible behaviour. To give birth at age 44 to a baby with Down’s because you refuse to use birth control inexcusable. Ignoring the dangers that you expose yourself and your baby to by refusing to use birth control after 40 is negligent and careless. To believe that a woman like this has the opportunity to become Vice President of the United States of America in 2008 makes me ill.

Does anyone else share this opinion?

DLR in Canada on

Ah, yet another teenage girl getting pregnant out of wedlock. It is obvious something is missing in that family or in that girl’s life that she felt the need to have sexual intercourse at such a young age. Why do people want to have sex when they’re so young and still in school? Well, Palin sure has egg on her face now as well as McCain because that’s a huge part of the Republican agenda–pro-life and abstinence-only sex education or the school loses funding. Yeah, sounds like the USA is in for another good trip to the voting polls.

Myka on

I think what most people are forgetting is that this is not a personal issue, this is now a political issue. You are talking about an issue that a should be private I understand that, however, States put millions upon millions of dollars into promoting a.)safe sex and b.)teenage pregnancy and c.)abstinence. Yet we seem to think it is fine and great to have someone who is running for vice president who has strong views about this matter.
Another point is she is going to marry this man. Who at seventeen knew what they wanted out of life, especially when it came to kids. Now because it is the “right” thing to do they push it after you get pregnant and your in the public eye. They couldnt have been dating for that long. You have gay couples who have dated longer than 17 years that would love to get married. And we spend millions upon millions of dollars fighting the issue. This is only my second time voting and I clearly know who I am voting for but I would like to see what the States will show come voting time.

Janet on

Well, I haven’t read any of the comments above because I’m too tired and I’ve got to get to sleep to be ready for work tommorrow- but I’m on here to say that I wish The Palin courage during this time. My family is going through the same situation because my 17 year old cousin is also pregnant. It’s a difficult situation mixed with a lot of emotions. Here’s to a healthy baby. I admired Gov. Palin and I’m an Obama supporter all the way! : )

Mary on

Last I checked Bristol was not running for office so this story should not have even been brought up to begin with. Who cares if she is 18, atleast she is being responsible for her actions. Why can’t the children or presidential canidates be left out of the media? Look what are world has come to, preying on young innocent children just because their parents are in the spot light. And just because Sarahs daughter is a young unwed mother doesn’t mean anything, look at the norm these days. I just found out my friends cousin is 14 and 7 weeks pregnant. But thats becoming more and more common these days. By the time I finished high school, majority of my classmates were pregnant or had young children at home. And I highly doubt that any of those parents pushed their kids into bed and forced them to have sex.

And yes I was a teenage mother and I have absolutly no respect for anyone who would ever try and blame my moms parenting skills for me getting pregnant. I did that on my own without her help.

Elizabeth on

While I am interested in reading about the latest news of celebrity babies, I have to say this is where I draw the line. Bristol’s privacy needs to be respected as she messed up and is now paying for it. How many of you had sex when you were a teenager? How many of you ended up pregnant? I am unfortunately the product of government education and went through sex education. Do you really think it stopped most of the kids from having sex? Nope! Many of us witnessed it in the school bathrooms! No matter how hard you try to instill good values and beliefs into your children, they are going to do what they want and will find a way to do it. Not to mention the pressure of others and of our oh so accepting society (yeah right). I hope that CBB will leave information on Bristol Palin off the website to respect her privacy. I am by no means a supporter of Obama, but I do respect how he stands up for ALL POLITICAL FAMILY PRIVACY. Moving on CBB…

joey on

lg: To respond to your comment, when you teach and promote abstinence, you do not assume that every child who is taught about abstinence will walk away from sex and wait until they are married. Of course, that would be unrealistic; however, there is a hope that you reach some children or at least encourage children to wait until they are ready. In my experience, when abstinence is taught, most children do end up having pre-marital sex; however, they wait until they are older and they do not have as many partners.

My point about Bristol Palin is who cares about her having a baby? She made a mistake. God forbid there were media hounds following me around when I was 17 pulling out my skeletons and I think most Americans would be in the same situation. I could understand people making a big deal if she were younger, but 17? I was in college at the age of 17.

Snow on

No one is seeing the point that this would have still been national news, whether or not she was running for VP, she is still the governor of AK as well as someone fighting for Abstinence only education. I applaude this family for handling this situation with grace and I also disagree with the comments that she can’t be VP with a downs child. Special needs children are just that, SPECIAL, but that doesn’t mean Mom has to stay home 24/7 and stare at them. I AM a special needs Mom and my child does just fine when I am not home…. I can’t wait for this family to be in the White house, it will do our country good to see that people from all walks of life can and WILL do us justice!

Gia on

Normally, I would say, let the family have some peace… but you know what – this woman just decided to eliminate any privacy her family had when she took the nomination. I think the media is being INCREDIBLY delicate with this teenager in comparison to the onslaught jamie lynn spears dealt with. All those conservative soccer moms out there gunning for jamie lynn to lose her job, or to boycott nickelodeon are now crying about great the palin family is because their teenager is having a baby instead of aborting it and how no one should be talking about it.

Sarah Palin just made her child the poster-child of teenage pregnancy so she could further her career. What a selfish person.
I’ve never been so angry about something politics in my life as I was when this woman was announced. She is a mother of 5, one going to war, another who is an underage girl having a baby (and a shotgun wedding too), an infant with severe special needs, and two other children to boot. She was already in a job requiring a lot of work and time away from her family. It clearly shows where her personal priorities are, and it isn’t keeping her family business ‘private’ nor is it taking care of her family.

kris on

Apparently Brixtol Palin and her 18 year old boyfriend were engaged back in January.

amy on

those saying bristol’s pregnancy shouldn’t be a campaign issue are correct. that poor girl has been forced by her mother into having the public and media discuss her very personal mistake.

instead, the discussion around gov. palin should be about her professional qualifications for the vp role. seriously, there’s enough on that topic to completely discredit her without having to drag the daughter into things… doesn’t know what a vp does, thinks the founding fathers put ‘god’ in the pledge when that addition happened in the 50’s, didn’t have passport until a couple of years ago when she was in her 40’s (what global view???), hate polar bears, etc.

Gabriella on

“I’m sure that Bristol will learn to be a great mother, as she has her own mother who is exemplary, to guide her.”

Shayla: I’m really confused as to what makes you think Palin is an exemplary mother. She released to the media that her son was going to fight in Iraq (thereby putting a target on his back), she has a teenage daughter who is pregnant (which that it and of itself doesn’t make her a baby mother, IMO, but running for VP knowing that her daughter will get drug through the mud doesn’t seem like the most loving parenting decision), and she’s taking on an incredibly demanding job when she has a special needs baby who is still very young and needs her attention.

I think an exemplary mother (or father) would be clearing their schedule as much as possible right now to devote their time to their family.

VidCrayzee on

For a humorous take on Palin’s pregnancy pickle check out,

WiseOne on

I think this is Bristol’s second baby. The first one was Trig and then she got pregnant with the second baby the same month Trig was born, because she didn’t think she could get pregnant while breastfeeding. She’s actually four months along and this second baby will be “late”. Does anyone really believe Sarah Palin got on a plane when she was in labor, endured the eight-hour plane ride, then chose to travel 45 minutes to a podunk hospital (rather than the gleaming new hospital near the airport) in the town her daughter’s boyfriend just happened to live in?. This is Bristol’s second baby in the same year, just like Britney Spears had her two boys in one year.

seosinger on

Okay, maybe its just me, but I don’t see why sex education and governing a country have anything to do with each other. I’ll teach my own children about sex, not rely on the government (which controls way too many aspects of our lives anyway) to teach them. I could care less how she thinks sex education should be taught. The truth is that its not her responsibility to teach MY children about moral issues. Nor is it a public school’s job. Unfortunately, the public governments and systems think they own our children. If parents would take responsibility for teaching their own children about sex, we wouldn’t be using sex education as a deciding factor in presidential election. Seems a little absurd to me.

Alicia on

Funny thing is that for me the issue isn’t about whether her daughter listened to her lessons, but whether her daughter received them.
Yes children will rebel but not all do. I believe its the foundations, the everyday experiences a child grows up with, that becomes the voice they hear in their hearts and listen to.
My nephew just got married at the age of 22 and both he and his new bride waited to have sex because of the the beliefs that have from how they were raised.
I find the attitude in the comments that kids do what they want and don’t listen or that you can get pregnant with precauitions all lazy excuses for the fact that somewhere along the way her daughter did not receive the parenting that she needed and Harley I don’t know how much you know about drug addicts but as a volunteer I can tell you that for most its an escape from dealing with emotions, a lesson that honest parenting teaches so yes a lot of issues stem from bad parenting.
I don’t like the avenue she now takes as a mother. Shes not an idiot she knows that going after the second in command for the US is a highly visible postion and it affects everyone around her. Knowing how difficult this will be for just any teenager she only made it harder. As for comparisons to previous children of elected officials, the Bush girls were highly visible moreso than previous because our communication world has exploded even in the last 8 years of their fathers term. 9 years ago people weren’t myspace, facebook, camera phones, etc. Our technology has connected us to the smallest spaces of the worl, but back to the Palins….
The mother in me would put my children first, because when you make the decision to have a child thats whats you should do. She hasn’t. That is the saddest part of all.

Kirrily on

I know there is lots of talk about Trig being Bristol’s baby – but considering she is 5 months pregnant and Trig is only 4 months – I’m guessing that is impossible!

I’m not a fan of abstinence only education, or anti-abortionists. Or parents who push their kids into a shotgun marriage.

melissa on

I don’t understand what a 17 year old daughter has to do with her mother being a VP. She made a mistake, oh well, it happens. At least she’s keeping the baby. People need to get over it and focus on the real issues.

Liza on

As a “victim” of a forced shotgun wedding, I’d like to state that as much as Bristol may think that she’s doing the right thing (for her family, her religion, or possibly her mother’s campaign) she is in for a rude awakening. When you are in a home, trying to make it work with someone you may barely know with a child, all bets are off. The marraige could be hands down more difficult than the newborn itself. My husband and I got married when I was 18 and I was 6 months pregnant and my son was born when I was 19. It was assumed by my family when I told them that a wedding was imminent and I was encouraged and at times badgered into getting married. By the time I
was 21, I had 2 kids and i was missing out on all chances of young life and this caused a lot of problems between my husband and I. Fortunately, he and I have reconciled and are now pregnant with baby 3.

I know you didn’t want to hear my life story but I can totally imagine Bristol’s mind right now. Frankly, I feel sorry for her, and her boyfriend. I hope the decision to get married was more of a decision of love then a decision of her mother, family and pressure. Even though your bliss of being pregnant can mask the faults of your significant other and make you feel more in love with him and dreams of a perfect family.

I wish Bristol the best of luck because even though both parties wish to keep her name out of their mouth’s, she will still be in the public eye.

stella on

I’m a bit surprised how Americans appear to think that preaching abstinence might work preventing teenage pregnancies. As one reader already pointed out, in the Netherlands children are taught about contraception from an early age and they have the lowest teenage pregnancy rate, in Germany it’s similar, no-one is encourraged to have sex as a teenager but still teenagers are taught how to prevent pregnancies and I believe we have a pretty low teenage pregnancy rate, too. Also, I don’t see the point why teenager shouldn’t have sex at all. In my opinion most people are mature enough with 16 and 17 and accidents happen all the time. Well, the rate when pill and condoms both fail is rather low but then I think it’s a good thing to have the baby and not abort it.
Concerning Mrs Palin, I think she has no idea of the real world out there and she must be terribly naive to believe that abstinence only education might work. But I don’t get those republican ideas anyway. Still, I think her family issues are private and I congratulate Bristol and wish her and her baby well.

btw. I’d vote for OBAMA!

Kelli on

I hope her daughter has an easy pregnancy, and birth.

It’s odd that there was such an outcry when JLS revealed that she was pregnant, just a year younger than Palin’s daughter. I mean yes, it was a shock, but everyone was so quick to judge her. While everyone here is wishing Palin’s Daughter well, as they should have done with JLS.

Emily on

Do you really think she’s going to “give her full support” to her pregnant daughter (or her other four kids – including a FOUR MONTH OLD!!!!!) while she’s running for vice president?????

I’m all for choices for women, but what kind of woman chooses to be vice president – an all consuming job that puts you and your family’s safety at risk, forces you to travel at a moment’s notice – when she has these strong family responsibilities. It’s one thing if a Pres or VP has older children, or one child, but FIVE kids, including a preggers 17 year old and an infant – obviously the person will either not have much time for their job, or not much time for their kids – and she’s saying she’ll give 100 percent of her support to her family.

Just makes me wonder.

KT on

Can we all please remember that Bristol has 2 parents and Sarah Palin has previously stated that her husband will be a “stay at home dad” during the election process. The children will be given the attention they need. It’s hard to judge from a distance.

I think that choosing Palin as a running mate shows that McCain is willing to take a risk in order to have the ticket he feels is most appropriate. I’m sure Obama went through the same decision making process.

Also, this is not a political site so I really don’t see the need to know who anybody is voting for. I think opinions on the stories are fine, but don’t turn this into campaign slogans for Obama or McCain.

Jay on

I see the reaction is somewhat split. When it was Jamie Lynn folks were highly upset and now folks are little less judgemental. Interesting.

Angel on

To the editors of Celebrity Baby Blog – Amazing that you will allow negative comments about Republicans on this issue but let me say something against the democratic adulterous Bill Clinton and it doesn’t get published. Why? It’s all political and shouldn’t be on the forum.

kris on

“Okay, maybe its just me, but I don’t see why sex education and governing a country have anything to do with each other. I’ll teach my own children about sex, not rely on the government (which controls way too many aspects of our lives anyway) to teach them. I could care less how she thinks sex education should be taught. The truth is that its not her responsibility to teach MY children about moral issues. Nor is it a public school’s job. Unfortunately, the public governments and systems think they own our children. If parents would take responsibility for teaching their own children about sex, we wouldn’t be using sex education as a deciding factor in presidential election. Seems a little absurd to me.

Posted by: seosinger at Sep 2, 2008 2:39:27 AM”

Well said!!!!

NIna on

Many things struck me as I read through the posts, some things I agree with, others not so much. However,the biggest thing that hit me however was McCain choosing her as his VP knowing about the pregnancy. Before this came out I thought this was a brillant move on his part, but now I wondering how this is going to play out. Look at all the debate this is stirring up here, look at how many people feel she shouldn’t be running with so much going on in her family right now. Some people will look at this and say this is exactly what is wrong with American families today, with so many parents working and building careers, there is no one there to keep guard. I think this could really hurt his chances because with this new news, she is more polarizing than ever. I do agree that if it were Obama’s daughter there would be as much if not more to say about it.

I have to say, I have never been more excited about an election. I’m a Obama supporter but I have a great deal of respect for Palin. I really can’t say congrats about a pregnant 17 year old but I wish her and her family the best.

sarah on

I agree with some of the earlier posts. I don’t understand why she would want to do this at this particular time- she has too much going on. I think this looks bad, she has a special needs son- a preggo teen- many people will look at her and wonder if her ambitions mean more to her than her family. I know her husband will be there but that’s no substitute for having both of your parents. A pregnant teen needs her Mom more than anyone for obvious reasons. Is it fair for any one parent to have to deal with all of this pretty much on their own? This isn’t really all that much about her gender but the state of her family suggests she is needed elsewhere and people are going to wonder if she can give 100 percent to the VP job. Sorry but this is upsetting to me because as a Mccain supporter, I think this is a bad reflection on her and in turn it will hurt Mccain.

Shannon on

For those of you anti-McCain/Palin commentors (which are obviously the majority here), no one was to judge the things Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office while president, but now we are to judge Sarah Palin, who isn’t even the VP, on her DAUGHTER’s actions?

Shannon on

And hmmm…I didn’t think that belonged in the party that stood for non-judging, open-minded, acceptance of all personal choices.

You and the thousands of VIOLENT protesters in Minnesota are proving my understanding of the Democratic party wrong I suppose.

Julia on

I think that if McCain chose her knowing about all of this and how much people would have to say it shows how much he believes in her and wants her by his side as VP. All of this is a family decision, we have no say in what she and her family choose to do. She is a intelligent woman I am sure she has thought long and hard about accepting the VP offer and how it would effect her family. Stick to the real issues!

Cassandra on

Yes they have their father, but I’m pretty sure Bristol wants her mother more than her father. It’s awkward asking your dad about issues that only women have. Dad will never fill Moms spot and vice-versa.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like Bristol was actual engaged for sometime now, so a pregnancy isn’t that far fetched for an engaged couple.

I wish people would stop saying it was a mistake. As a product of faulty BC, it stings a little. Honestly, when that child gets older and sees what ever one was saying, it will hurt. Mistake might be the best word for it, but I think miscalculation is a little less harsh.

Jenny on

After reading CBB’s comment policy, I wonder which comments *didn’t* get posted?
Seems to me there are more than a few discriminatory and insulting remarks here already.

jodi on

It’s great that they will support their daughter now that she is pregnant- as any loving parents would do. Where was the support before? Oh, I guess she was too busy supporting absinence only sex eucation,her anti-gay and pro-gun views. Please people- this woman is not VP material. Teen pregnancy is an issue because she MADE it a big part of her political agenda.

Lisa on

I wonder if it were a male candidate for VP that had an infant with special needs and a pregnant teenaged daughter if we would be so quick to question his priorities. Probably not. It seems like mothers are held to higher expectations.

Shay on

Shame on CBB for letting comments through that serve further the false rumor about Trig not being Sarah’s child. It’s disgusting and slanderous.
Also, I’d invite everyone to research the group “Feminists for Life” that Sarah is a member of. You’ll find it’s far from abstinence-only

Hethre on

I do understand why this is posted all over the internet, Sarah Palin is in the spotlight, not her daughter. Her daughter is not a celebrity and should not be exploited by the media as she has been for the past few days….it is really sad that people are so quick to point fingers and judge. This happens all of the time and life goes on.

Beverley on

I think there is a lot of people on here, mostly women, who are condemning Sarah Palin for working while having family issues. Would anyone here have a problem if Sarah Palin was a man? I doubt it. Would there be talk about her special needs child and her pregnant daughter needing her attention if this was a man running for VP instead of a woman? What a double standard. If any man was running and had the same circumstances in his family life, no one would be saying that he should quit, and most likely his wife would be at home. Well, roles are reversed in the Paling household. Her husband will be the at home parent while she is at work. At least there will be a parent at home instead of the kids being in daycare or home alone.

Bill on

That’s what happens when you keep your kids under-educated.

Next : is McCain the father ?

Preston on

The liberal media has made a circus out of this pregnancy announcement and it is dispicable with some of the nasty things that have been said. Each and every day I understand how biased our media is getting and conservatives as myself are getting fed up with it. How would you feel if your life challenges were thrown all over the headline news especially when it comes to your children?? There is no place for that. Sarah Palin is a bright, intelligent women (if you would take the time to research her history and not count on mainstream media to do it for you). Her husband is certainly more than capable of helping out with the family if she becomes vice-president. She is putting her country first and their are sacrifices involved. I for one will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket and am proud of it as they both are examples of patriotism and what it means to sacrifice for our freedoms.

Kate on

What on Earth does this have to do with her stances on gay issues(BTW, most Democrats in office oppose gay marriage if that is what you’re refering to) or the Second Amendment? If you disagree with her on these issues that’s your right, but ad hominem attacks because of the actions of her daughter are just petty.

Jags on

Any parent can teach their child all the basics and what is right or wrong. It still comes down to the child making a decision whether it is a good or bad choice. No parent should be held accountable for a teen pregnancy when the teen is 17 years old. We’re talking a year before the teen is classified as an adult. How can a pregnant 17 year old be a relavent concern about Palin’s running for VP? A lot of people will even go as far to say, “those republicans….”! Let’s not bring up our Democratic president before Bush. Is his mother responsible for things he did with other women? Of course not. And his wife shouldn’t be judged because of what her husband did. Same goes for Sarah Palin and her family. In reality, this shouldn’t affect her holding office. As far as her thoughts on what should and shouldn’t be taught in the schools. Even as a young mother I felt it was the responsibility of parents to teach “sex education” in the home. Times now are so different. I think if a child is taught abstinence in the home and schools, being taught “safe sex” in the schools should still bring up the matter of morals and values. You never know what a kid will think and what decision they will make when put in a certain situation.

Jess on

It really bothers me that so many people are commenting that she can’t be the Vice President because she is a mother and needs to focus on that…none of us are saying Obama can’t be President because he needs to be a father first…regardless of your job you are a parent first, and an *insert job title* after that. However, the fact that a candidate has children has never before been a reason that he can’t be President or VP…of course, the keyword in that sentence is apparently HE. How about we stop stereotyping woman and be proud that our country is going to being making history this year, regardless of which side wins.

Tricia on

Sacrificing our freedoms? I guess that includes a woman’s freedom to choose. Welcome to the 19th century. And yes, I would be comfortable saying it to the previous poster’s face. Being a mother, and having gone through pregnancy by choice, I am even more adamant that it should stay a choice.

Jessica on

I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s right for Bristol to just have to up and marry this boy cause she’s pregnant. He obviously is immature. I just feel bad for her because she probably wasn’t even offered a choice in birth control or deciding whether to keep the baby or not. And I feel bad for her even more because she has to deal with this in a fishbowl. Two weeks ago people didn’t even know her name. I hope she can handle it. Good luck to her.

dave on

i am going to vote for obama.

with that said, i don’t think this is nearly as big of a deal as people will inevitably make it out to be. nearly a third of all women in this country get pregnant before the age of 20, so despite what some of us may want to believe, this is not that out of the ordinary.

what might be some more useful information, i that fact that she is already five months pregnant. i looked for birthdays, of both the daughter and her boyfriend, but they were no where to be found.. which leads me to the math and figure out that there was is roughly a 42% chance that she was sixteen when she conceived, and a 58% chance that the boyfriend was 18 during the conceiving, introducing statutory rape into the mix. the latter percentage is also only assuming that the conception was the couples first time together as well; it would rise if it was not.

Staci on

Personally, I don’t think this should have any bearing on the campaign whatsoever. This is Bristol Palin’s personal business and it is unfortunate that the public now sees it as their own. Sex is common among teens and guess what? Sex leads to pregnancy. I wish her all the best. It may not be easy, but she is owning up to her responsibilities and I, for one, applaud her for that.

Holly on

As I am not an American I don’t have a vested interest in this as a political issue so am looking at it from a more removed viewpoint. What I find difficult to understand is why a parent (either a mother or a father) would choose to put themselves and hence their immeditate family into the public spotlight whilst they have a teenage daughter dealing with pregnancy and becoming a parent and are also parenting a newborn themselves. Surely any parent would realise that taking up such a position in this day and age would include the possibility of their daughter’s personal life becoming public fodder – it’s made the morning, afternoon and evening news on all three commercial television stations here in Australia for the past two days. Not knowing the American system well I could be wrong but wouldn’t the parent have the opportunity to nominate again in four years time?

Not to mention that should Sarah Palin be elected her pregnant teenage daughter then has to make the decision about whether she’ll remain where they live now so that she will continue to have the support of extended family, friends and the support networks she knows to help her as she becomes a mother or whether to uplift her whole life and move interstate in order to have the support of her parents – what a horribly tough spot to place a teenager in when already has so much on her plate.

Aya on

Elizabeth,I don’t find it inappropriate for CBB to post this. They posted the stuff on Obama and his kids. And honestly, you think every celebrity featured on this site is happy to have their pictures and the pictures of their kids taken all the time ? NO, but we still love the pictures. CBB, I love that you post everything and that you are respectable about it 🙂

MaxTheDog on

Good Luck to the Palin’s family.

Trig is Sara’s baby, shows pictures of her pregnant in her Gov. office.

I am glad the girl is getting married.

I do not understand Hollywood not marrying and having two or three children with a man without marring him!!!!????