Meet Halle's Daughter Nahla Ariela!

09/01/2008 at 10:00 PM ET

Update: New (possibly even cuter?!) photo added.

Originally posted August 30th at 8:30 p.m.: Actress Halle Berry and 5-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela take a walk on the wild side Saturday during a visit with Halle’s mother Judith to the Los Angeles Zoo. Next up for the Oscar winner: appearing on the star-studded Stand Up to Cancer TV charity event on Sept. 5. Dad is model Gabriel Aubry. Click here and here to see additional photos at Just Jared.

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chris on

She’s a doll! Was there ever any doubt? πŸ™‚

Natasha on

Wasn’t Nahla born in March ? Anyways , better late than never in seeing pics of her. She’s beautiful

Rachel on

She is so beautiful! She looks a lot like Halle, although she is a good mix of both parents.

ashley on

she is so cute! i love her eyes.

april on

what a gorgeous child.

Gillian on

WOW! What a beautiful little girl.

kaylee on

She is beautiful!

Christa on

She is SO beautiful! I love her eyes.

kimmy on

her eyes are adorable and yes she is a beautiful baby

Julia A on

Nahla is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Lauren on

That is one striking five-month-old. I’m very interested to see what she’ll look like as she gets older; at the rate she’s going, she’ll be a stunner for sure.

Isabella on

Beautiful baby! Her eyes look gray, as if they’re changing already, so I’m betting she’ll end up with hazel eyes or her mother’s beautiful brown eyes. She looks like a great mix of both parents. So glad to finally see good pics of the cutie!

ko on

Halle berry is a total bitch! She think shes too good!! Loser!!

AmbienAnnie on

Her kid looks a little skinny, kind of overrated looking compared to all the hype that everyone thought she would be

Jennie on

looks like her daddy to me….too cute

Max'sMom on

I am so glad to be checking this site right now! πŸ™‚
She is beautiful as we all expected her to be but except for her dad’s eyes, I can’t really say who she looks like.
Well she her own little person I guess.

Also I might add that I am happy to see them out. That baby has been kept almost in hiding for the past 5 months, its time for her to explore the world.



Max'sMom on

By the way CBB, this should have been a Hot Post!


What a beautiful baby!! Halle looks amazing as always. Nahla’s eyes are gorgeous. She looks like Gabriel in my opinion, but has some features like Halle.

Erica on

Nahla is a beautiful and even striking infant. Her eyes are very pretty and remind me of her dad (not just the color but the feline shape as well.) I actually think she favors herself, I don’t see a lot of Halle there–yet. πŸ™‚ Nice to see her out and about.

Kelly on

i saw those shes so pretty!! i love her coloring & i see lots of her mommy in her

monica on

gorgeous little baby girl, definitely my favorite celebrity family!

HeatherR on

Oh my freaking goodness!!! She is absolutely stunning!!! What a delightful baby.

Lisa on

Very cute; she looks a lot like her daddy. I wonder where he is though.

tink1217 on

wow! she has her father’s piercing eyes. what a beautiful baby girl, but what do you expect from these 2!!

ejwlover on

She’s so cute!! =)

Cassandra on

Totally a mix of both parents! And those eyes! One of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Mandy on

Great to finally see this gorgeous girl.

I’m happy we got some legal shots, that was horrible what the paparazzi did before.

What a sweet baby!

lola on

It will be a silly question to some but what color will the baby’s eyes turn? They look grey or blue now, but whatever color they are they are amazing. Is it common for babies to have light color eyes that turn brown or will her eye color stay that way?

Rye on

STUNNING!!! What a beautiful baby!!! Her dad’s going to have to fight the boys off with a stick when she gets older! What a little doll!!!

Rosy J on

Another adorable baby. I knew she would be. Hallie looks great.

mamabear on

How gorgeous is she? Stunning! Her parents must be so proud – she’s a perfect mix of both!

Nahla wears Bonpoint’s “Anaea” blouse as a dress, how cute!

Becky on

What a doll baby! She is too precious! Thank you CBB for the pic! I have been dying to see her as I am sure she will be one of the most beautiful celeb babies. How could she not? I mean with Halle as her mom, and have you seen her dad? Hello hottie! πŸ™‚ She looks older than 5 months to me. Like almost a 1 year old. It has been a while since my daughter was that young so I could just have a memory block, so maybe it’s just me….she just seems older than 5 months. Thanks again!

Stephany on

She is so cute! Aw, I’m happy we get to see pictures of her finally, even though I know it’s totally Halle’s right to protect her baby girl! She’s a doll!

Allison on

Nahla is gorgeous and I love her little dress!

Meredith on

Lola, my biracial daughter had VERY blue eyes when she was born. They were light blue, very clear. At about age 1, they started turning more green/gray and now they are an olive color with a bit of light brown around the pupil. I’ve seen other pics of Nahla from this same set and her eyes look darker, almost grey, and I think they will likely change to a darker green or brown. I think Halle has the most beautiful brown eyes, so lucky her if they change to that. Many babies are born with blue eyes that later change to green or brown. The melanin just starts to kick in at some point! Nahla will be beautiful no matter what color her eyes are!

Elyse on

What a little beauty! I am glad we got to see her. She is going to be stunning just like her mother and father!

CTBmom on

What a beautiful little girl! I agree, she has her daddy’s shaped eyes.

brie on

Oh my gosh she is beyond beatiful!!!
Halle please have tons of more babies!!!

Kayla on

she is adorable!

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- Yes, Nahla was born in March, so she’ll be six months old in a couple of weeks. πŸ™‚ Anyway…What a cutie-pie! I love how she seems to be sticking her tongue out at the paps!

Y on

What a doll!!

Abbey on

Not a shock that she’s beautiful but, my goodness!, she is so beautiful!

Haylo on

I think she looks like Gabriel. She’s very pretty.

AnastasiaK on

Can someone identify Halle’s sunglasses!?!?! I LOVE THEM!

brooke on

Glad we finally got to see her, other than the color of her eyes and the eye shape, her features and complexion are more like halle, I don’t see much of gabriel in her looks.

Anna on

You guys are silly! There is no possible way you can tell the color of this baby’s eyes. She cute, but will prob. get cuter as time passes.


She’s so beautiful!!! I think she looks more like her daddy just with her mom’s hair, nose and skin color. Gabriels eyes are light (def has his eyes! even the shape) also and she has his light eyebrows

GG on

I think Halle’s sunglasses *may* be Tom Ford or Oliver Peoples to the person who was asking about them. πŸ™‚

jasmine on

OMG! She is stunning!

Gigi on

what a treat to have this be the first pic i see as i logged on to cbb tonight!!! halle is totally in her element as mom and i just love seeing her happy. nahla is an absolute beauty!

Amanda on

She is so beautiful! She looks like a mixture of both parents. She’s gonna have all the little boys after her in school!

Does anyone know exactly how to spell her name? First and middle.

Janissi on

We finally get to see lil Nahla. She’s cute, but beautiful??? Whatever.

JK on

Wow! Adorable..but really what did you think people…with parents like hers…holy smoke she’s a cutie! And, can we talk about how stunning Haley looks? But really people..are we surprised by that really? What I’m disappointed most about is that we were going to take our boys to the LA Zoo today but it was too hot and muggy and we chose another cooler spot..and I might have actually seen them in person…oh well..let’s hope we get to see more pics of this little angel.

Desiree on

Been waiting for a long time for this little one to pop up!! Nahla is GORGEOUS!! πŸ™‚

m-dot on

Pretty girl! She looks like mommy so far, with dad’s eyes. Great combo!

Bancie1031 on

Now isn’t she just a little cutie…..

Roxana on

She’s absolutely gorgeous!

Mia on

She is cute. She looks like her daddy, but has her mother’s coloring.

Pretty eyes-her hair is cute.


Justjared has some REALLY good shots of Nahla!…so adorable

Tammy's Tupperware on

My goodness, that is one gorgeous baby!! She is definately the perfect mix of both her parents but she definately has daddy’s eyes.


She definately has dad’s eyes and dad’s nose. She sort of reminds one of Aishwarya R.. the celebrated beauty and Indian actress.

With bronze colored hair, golden skin and blue eyes, she should be amazingly beautiful.


Finally!! She’s gorgeous!
I think she’s a perfect mix of Gabriel and Halle.

skipsie on

So gorgeouss!!!!

Hea on


Philippa on

aaaww she is soooo cute!!!

babyboopie on

absolutely beautiful.

i think[reply 2 maxMom] on

So was this pic done on purpose?

Huh? Nahla hasnt been in hiding. She has been out & about, been to Canada 2 meet her paternal family as well. Just bc we havent seen her doesnt mean she was hiding.

dannie on

What a gorgeous baby!!!! She looks like both parents to me.


ordinary to me

J.J. on

Awww Nahla’s such a little beauty just like her mother! She’s so cute and precious =)

KellyMarie on

Omg her little girl is beautiful she looks alot like her mom

leli on

Baby Nahla is soooo cute… ‘ love her curly hair!

Louise on

what a cutie! no wonder halle has been keeping her all to herself lol. stunning!

Ari on

She is so beautiful but I mean look at her parents. cute I hope they have more soon.

Brandi on

She is gorgeous!

Amanda her name is spelled here correctly twice…

Beth on

She’s lovely! In reading the above comments two points surprised me. One poster said that she’s been in hiding. I think we are just so used to seeing pap photos that we expect to see something every couple of days. It’s not right. Not seeing a baby photo doesn’t mean there is hiding going on. Maybe it is just good management by the parents. Plus, someone said ‘where’s Gabriel’? That seems odd because moms and grandmas often take kids places while dad is working. It seems that we have become too used to seeing babies and expecting one photo to tell a whole story. Keep in mind it is literally a one second flash in someone’s life. What could people derive from any one photo of you or your family? The possibilities are endless! : )

Janice on

She is so cute. Does anyone else think she resembles Tiger Woods’ daughter Sam, with different colored hair/eyes?

Kay on

Awww she is so cute. She also reminds me of Tiger woods baby and a bit of Suri. She has not been hidden. Halle is one of the stars who chooses not to sell pictures of her child. She invited the paps and pictures are every where so no one is going to make a hefty sum out of them.

Daze on

What a gorgeous little girl. I am surprised to see how much she looks like her Dad, with his feline eyes and linear profile, and her mom’s coloring as far as hair and skin. What a knockout she is going to be in the future.There have been amazing celeb pairings in the last few years that are producing astoundingly beautiful children.

Jess on

Nahla is gorgeous! What a pretty little girl, she looks older than her months in this picture! Beautiful x


Good observation. She does favor both Suri and Sam, depending on which photo you are using. She also looks a tad like Adriana Lima as well.

Considering that the photos were taken on the “spur of the moment”, and without fanfare, her little beauty still shines intently.

Nicole on

She is a gorgeous baby – she reminds me of Zahara Jolie-Pitt in that she doesn’t have that “cute” factor in every pic but she’s still gorgeous. If that makes sense. I absolutely love her eyes.

Andrea on

There is a picture at JJ where Nahla is smiling and I think she favors her father more (facial featurewise)in that shot –

Also, Halle has a ring on that looks like a possible engagement ring, but I guess it could be any ring that just happens to fit what would be considered the engagement ring finger, traditionally.

Anyway I think the second batch of pictures at JJ’s show even more of Nahla.

Ruby on

Nahla is absoutely gorgeous, but good on Hallie for not selling pics of her, she obviously wants her daughters privacy (as to many celebs although they do sell their baby photos to ok or hello) Hallie has done neither of this.

I do find it very hypocritical on here, you’re all saying about time we saw Nahla and on the other hand in other posts you say celebs children shouldnt be splashed across the magazines and papers.
Its people like those saying about time we saw Nahla who annoy me, what right really do we have to saw that. Nahla is Hallie’s child its up to her who she wants to meet and see her baby.

LolaCola on

She is a pretty baby, I would’ve loved to see her smile though it may have added to her looks.

BECKYPEABODY just so you know Aishwarya is brown skinned with green eyes but is often photoshopped to look lighter skinned with blue eyes. That is what I hate about this new digital age, celebs are presented to us not how they really look but how the media wants them to look.

ellen on

halle looks great! ang nahla looks strange, like a asian girl. i don’t notice any similarities to her parents

Leena on

What a beautiful little girl!!! She’ll be breaking hearts when she’s older.

I wonder if she’ll keep the blue eyes though. Most babies have a blue tone to their eyes up until about six months old or so when the eye colour becomes permanent.

chatty cricket on

Ok, we all knew that this baby would be gorgeous but COME ON! She is stunning!!!!


I kinda think that the advent of “hair extensions” and hair “augments” is a more important variable than photoshopping. Notwithstanding that, photoshopping is fine with me. Yes, sometimes photoshopping results in a fairer subject, but it also results sometimes in a darker subject. As long as the end result is flattering, I’m all for it. True to my Libran nature, I’m drawn to “beauty”. (As most of us are)
I love a good glamour and beauty magazine profile. Almost as much as a good “magazine profile” in courage and character. It would really be sad, if magazines stop carrying stories about the teacher who donated a kidney to a total stranger. Or a “whistle blower” who stood up to his management on an important issue. But, happily you can still find both kinds of stories in most magazines. Beauty and character.

One thing that seems really curious, is that Nahla joins a bevy of celebrity babies, who did not inherit their mother’s eyes. Madonna’s daughter and maybe Jessica Alba are two exceptions that comes to mind. But, many other little celebrity babies, Salma, Nicole Richie, J.Lo. Jennifer Garner, Tori Spelling, Elin Wood, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie) don’t particularly favor their moms when it comes to the eyes as newborns/toddlers. Perhaps they will as they age. And of course, perhaps, to some of you, they already do.

tan on

she is a cutie pie!

Rowan on

What a GORGEOUS little girl! I knew she would be — I’m biased as my children are 1/2 caucasion and 1/2 Filipino — but I think bi-racial children are stunning.

Jessica on

When I first saw the pic on TMZ I thought she’s not that cute and has funny eyes, but then when I kept looking at her, I saw her beauty. She has gray/blue catty eyes and she has momma’s lips. I think when she’s like 2, we will be blinded by her beauty. She will be darker and probably have a gray/hazel eyes, making her very striking. But not right now, her features are still forming.

This is what Halle wanted for a long time, congrats to her.

Dolly on

Love this baby, she is beautiful,but where her father?
Sorry Halle, but for months now, even before the birth of Nahla, Aubrey seems to be missing in your pictures. What’s up?

Aimee on

You are ABSOLUTELY WRONG lolacola and INCREDIBLY judgemental and I sense something else that I do not care to raise in this website….What EXACTLY are you implying….That just because Ash is Indian/South Asian she HAS TO HAVE brown skin….OPEN YOUR EYES…You don’t have to be stuck in the Western Hemisphere to see blonde haired blue-eyed folks !!
I have been to India( I am Caucasian FYI) and there are SO MANY non-cosmetically enhanced ,natuarally incredibly fair skinned and YES blue eyed people in Mumbai,Delhi and Kashmir..and Yes Ash too…She many not have blue eyes(her eyes are A GORGEOUS grey green) but her skin is VERY VERY light and doesn’t need a photo enhancing tool to present it that way !!!

BYW Halle’s bebe IS beautiful…She looks a LOT like Heidi’s tot Johan to me..They SPORT the same facial expression and look like twins …

molly on

Gorgeous baby. Shouldnt she be covered with a hat or something though for the sun protection? ?

Serenity on

She is so adorable is it just me or does Nahla’s eyes look blue


I think that she’s stunning because of the beauty and glamour of her parents. Some might attribute her beauty to the fact that she is 3/4 white/one fourth non-white. I don’t know about that. I prefer to stay away from the term “race” fraught as it is with baggage, generalizations and misconceptions.

Doreen on

Glad we can finally SEE her!! She’s very cute and I love her curly hair! It’s funny how people assumed that Katie Holmes was never really pregnant because for a while we never saw Suri. On the other hand, we never assumed that Nahla never existed. It’s just interesting how people can form some strange opinions. πŸ™‚

Meela on

Finally!!! That was not so difficult, now the photogs can put their cameras down (not likely I know). I love the way she’s holding her to say, here she is take your picture and go away. It’s about time that baby has gotten a chance to explore the world, California is just too beautiful to be locked away inside!!!!!

soljah on

It’s Nala like Lyon King PEOPLE! She saw her baby and thought Nala like Lion King Because of her eyes.
WOW she tops the list for me:)

Becky's Daughter on

Such a cutie pie! She’s a beautiful mixture of both parents. I also see a bit of Halle’s mom in her features as well.

Dayna on

Who cares what coomplexion the baby is? That’s the only reason most of you even wanted to see the pictures – just admit it. One the subject of Gabriel – I don’t think he’s going to stick around. Although Halle is pretty, there is something about her that makes her unable to maintain a long term relationship with ANY man. She just made surfe that this one didn’t get away before she got “knocked up”.

mn on

she’s cute and has very striking features already. in some of the pics her eyes look almost a little greenish. her little dress is too adorable.

dawn on

I’m finally glad to see her make her public appearance! she is a beauty! halle must be so proud. though i respect the fact that celebrities are entitle to their privacy,I couldn’t wait for halle berry to show off little nahla!

MJ on

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m thinking she has lil Suri beat as most adorable celeb baby. We’ll have to see.

Tammy on

She is adorable!!!!

rachelsun on

The baby looks like a mixture of both parents features to me. She is quite a cutie. why are people acting like if they don’t see Gabe they are broken up or not a real relationship? They were just photographed a month ago at a Stevie Wonder concert. People reported that they were seen at a Robin Thicke concert for Halle’s birthday and looked very happy together.
Chris Martin and G. Paltrow are rarely photo together as they keep apart so as to preserve their relationship. Any photos of them together show how Gabriel is always perturbed usually because you have no idea the type of questions these paps will yell at people. That is all that they are doing. Trying to keep their life private and not putting on a “fake” relationship as some are hoping.

Karolyn on

is she wearing a cloth diaper?

monika on

she is so cute and long

Nelle on

Oh my goodness, is she not just the most precious thing! (of course I don’t have children of my own. If i did THEY would be the most precious πŸ™‚ )
Little Nahla brought tears to my eyes. And that little expession on her face, my heart melts!

tia langford on


brooke on

she is really not that cute!

Natalie S. on

Wow gotta hand it to Halle and Gabriel ~ two great looking people who made the most beautiful baby EVER!!! Her eyes kinda look a hazel grey hard to tell in the pictures but simply gorgeous. I hope they have more children!

Irishgal on

There are pics of her on celebrity baby scoop too. She looks totally different in them! In the picture above, she looks quite dark skinned but her skin is actually very light. She is cute.

Katie on

What a cutie! Halle seems to be such a natural with her daughter. They both look so happy

natalia on

oh my that baby is so beautiful but i guess we all knew she would be.

JM on

What I love is that Halle didn’t sell her babies first photos to any magazines! GO HALLE!!!!

I honestly understand why celebs do it but I can’t stand it no matter how much we love looking at them. Selling your babies first photos (unless given to charity like the jolie-pitts) is wrong!

Aitch on

Finally! Yeah! Although I totally understand Halle wanting to shield her daughter from publicity. I selfishly hope to see a few pics of her from time to time. Mother and baby look healthy happy and gorgeous! Halle is stunning as always!

Montoya on

She’s gorgeous and looks like her father.

GGirl on

Halle’s baby looks just like her mom. If they are next to each other, they would pass for twins. She has her eyes, nose, shape of her head and all. Funny, how Halle’s baby looks more like her mom than she does. Genes!

Jay on

Beautiful baby girl!!

Mardun on

Nahla is really a cutie, I don’t think anything less could have been expected. I must say though she’s way too pale…forget the sunscreen give her some colour..oh and just for those who think I am not a Halle fan, shush..cause I am, just keeping it real.

shidney on

My goodness, this baby has the face of an angel. The perfect mix of two beautiful people…I really do see her Daddy in her face. She’s going to be a stunner!

Easy to see why Halle’s been holed up the last several months. Who would want to leave this little one for any amount of time? πŸ™‚

Chelsie on

She is beautiful! That first pic definitely made me smile.


I am speechless, I have waited 5 months to see Nahal. She is so precious with such beautiful eyes.

terri on

She’s beautiful. Definitely has her daddy’s eyes and maybe nose.

claire on

omg she is sooo cute. i’m linking to this!

Okello on

Wow, she is indeed cute. Just like Mum and Dad.

lala on

Beauitful little girl. Here eyes will be bluish like. My nephew has eyes like that he’s 5 months..and we thought they would change since there was like greyish from there blue like the sky (the parents are like halle and gabe).

Helena Moss on

beautiful baby she looks just like her mother cong!

sweet-tee on

Halle, You have a beautiful daughter. She’s such a cutie pie just like her mother…

Jackmans Girl on

She Is beautiful I like he blue gray eyes. I think she looks just like Halle.