Jerry O'Connell Dishes on Baby Naming and Dating Dilemmas

09/01/2008 at 09:00 PM ET
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The pregnancy cravings keep on coming for actress Rebecca Romijn,who is due with fraternal twin girls this winter. Husband Jerry O’Connell — who revealed earlier in the pregnancy that Rebecca was craving ice-cream — dished to PEOPLE Sunday night at the Nike + Human Race that "lemonade always has to be in our fridge," along with the odd request of soy cream cheese. While lemonade is easy for Jerry to find in the local grocery store, soy cream cheese usually has the actor searching endlessly until he finds it "in the corner of the supermarket some place!" And while Jerry happily takes on keeping Rebecca happy, he does admit that he is a little confused as to why, according to Rebecca, it must be soy cream cheese. At the same event, Jerry explained to OK! that "we are by no means vegetarians. We eat dairy. We eat meat. We eat it all. But for some reason, soy cream cheese is the call!"

Among dealing with craving requests, Rebecca and Jerry have also spent coming up with names for their two girls. While Jerry shares that "we’re probably, most definitely, going to name one of them Dolly," since Rebecca is a huge Dolly Parton fan (and coincidentally, Dolly Parton’s middle name is Rebecca!), Jerry only jokes that it would be fun "to name the other one Lama." As the couple try to decide on names, the 34-year-old actor says that "the advice I’ve heard from other people who have twins is don’t call them ‘the twins’ and don’t name them rhyming names." While Rebecca and Jerry aren’t sure how they feel about names that rhyme, Jerry certainly has some ideas of his own when it comes to naming the girls! In the beginning, he was leaning toward Mary-Kate and Ashley, after the Olsen twins, as he explains, "That’s what I wanted because they’re earners. Those girls make money. If my girls made that kind of money, I’d be really proud of them."

Click below to read about Jerry’s thoughts on the girls’ dating!

As Jerry looks on to the future and envisions the girls in their teenage years, he can’t help but think of the topic many fathers of daughters dread: dating. Upon receiving the news that he would be the father of two little girls, Jerry decided they were "not allowed to date until I die. That was my original thought. They can date boys when I’m dead." Luckily for the babies, Jerry has since relaxed his rules — but not by much! He goes on to explain that, "they are allowed to date boys, but it has to be a boy who is heir to a throne of a nation." Jerry isn’t picky though as he doesn’t care which nation, as long as it’s a nation! Thinking ahead to dealing with the perils dating and his every day stress on the set of Do Not Disturb, he admits that at the end of the day, all that stress disappears when he is able to feel the girls kicking.

What’s funny is that I’ll stress out and then I’ll come home and my wife will be like ‘Feel the babies,’ and then I’ll feel them and I’m like ‘Wow, what am I stressed out for?’ Just have a healthy kid.

The baby girls will be Jerry and Rebecca’s first children, and are due in early 2009. The couple have been married since July 14, 2007. Jerry’s latest show, Do Not Disturb, premieres September 10th on FOX.

Source: People, OK!

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Caroline on

Oh, I love the name Dolly!

Rye on

awww, Dolly is cute. For some reason I just think that Jerry seems like such a super nice guy. I am so excited to see this couple and there beautiful babies!

Sadaf on

I find his attitude very similar to that of most fathers here in the East, where I live (South Asia). Here, women (and also men) prefer to have sons, because daughters need to be “protected” from boys, and because they are generally denied basic rights (in the lower class, that is). Sons are preferred because they are allowed to roam scot-free and because “it’s a man’s world”, as they earn money, have a better financial future etc.

Not that I endorse any of that discriminatory mindset, and I’m not saying that Jerry would prefer sons, but the stress he’s taking because of having daughters and thinking about their future partners/dating etc. is very similar to men’s attitude in my part of the world.

carolina on

Jerry is such a funny guy. Lama, hahaha!

becky on

we don’t call our boys “the twins” either. It’s like nails on a chalkboard when someone else refers to them that way. My MIL also had twins and ALWAYS called hers “the twins” so there’s no stopping her with mine.

Susan on

Sadaf – I think he is joking. The man is a comedian. He is super excited about being a Dad and he is just saying silly things. My brothers used to be “pretend” protective of me when I was a teenager. I always thought it was funny. I appreciate your concern, but in this case I think it is unfounded.

Louise on

so glad he’s not gonna go with matching mames-hopefully not ones that start with the same letter either,that drives me mad!
sounds like a cool guy though,congrats to him and Rebecca x

Luciana Caczan on

Oh, please, I hope they change their choice of Lama. Lama means “mud” in Portuguese (I’m Brazilian)…

~ Beth ~ on

Dolly & Lama – classic!! I love it!!!

I also said before I had twins (girls) that I would not refer to them as “the twins”…things happen. They get called “the twins”, “the little girls” (as I have 2 daughters older than them), & on occassion Katie & Megan. When there are more than just 2 kids in the house it’s easier that way.

The only issue that I have with Jerry’s statement that hit me wrong (and I’m sure that it was all in joking) was when he mentioned the Olsen twins & said “If my girls made that kind of money, I’d be really proud of them.” I would hope that he would be proud of them no matter what they did in life.

lala21 on

He sounds like a jerk. Why should he care if his kids make billions? Just raise them to be good people and be happy. He has alot to learn about being a parent. And I know people say he he is only joking then I guess he doesn’t care about looking dumb..joke is more important ? What an idiot!

G on

He was kidding, Beth.;) I’m sure he’ll be proud of them no matter what they do in life.

Autumn on

Cute article! I think Jerry was joking through most of it, such as naming his twin daughters “Dolly and Lama” (like the Dhali Lama) and his comment about Mary Kate & Ashley. (My only concern about that comment is that I hope he doesn’t push his daughters into showbiz just because he saw the $$$ potential for twins, based on Mary Kate & Ashley’s earnings.)

Anyway, actually Jerry’s comments about the Olsen twins are rather ironic, given that his wife Rebecca Romijin was married to John Stamos (a former Full House castmate of the Olsens) for about a decade!

Bren Z on

In the beginning, he was leaning toward Mary-Kate and Ashley, after the Olsen twins, as he explains, “That’s what I wanted because they’re earners. Those girls make money. If my girls made that kind of money, I’d be really proud of them.”

Bren Z on

I meant to put, how funny!!! What he said about the Olsen twins making money!!!

I cant wait to see these girls!! he he

Rye on

How funny, I am usually one of the people who gets up in arms about sexist or discriminatory comments, especially ones aimed at women and girls, but I didn’t find his comment degrading towards the female gender at all. I think his protectiveness is normal and natural. It’s actually quite endearing of him to be so protective already and not want his daughters to date until he is dead-all that shows to me is that he doesn’t want his daughters to be taken from him by another man. I think that is rather sweet and charming. If his comment had been sexist I would have jumped on it and said something. The only times I get irritated are when guys name the first born boy after themselves, as if they deserve some kind of recognition when we rarely see female JR’s, or when you hear people saying they only want boys because girls are too much work when they are teenagers! OY VEY!

LolaCola on

Rye, as long he would also want his sons to marry an hire to a throne then his remarks are not sexist, but if he doesn’t care who a (possible future) son will marry then yes his comments are sexist. Yes, I do realize he was making a joke but even jokes can be sexist.

I hate it when men make sexist remarks about their daughters and people shrug it off as being cute and sweet. Maybe these men should try and teach their daughters to be tough and strong minded so they won’t be easily manipulated by boys.

Sexism is well and alive but don’t worry ladies its cute and funny, many women just blow it out of proportion. (Sarcasm, if you couldn’t already tell)

Rye on

I agree with you. I just think men have a different attitude towards there daughters and usually not in a bad way. They usually feel the need to protect and take care of them more than they would with a boy-which in a sense is sexist. I do agree that we should be teaching our girls to be both tough AND feminine. In this day and age, women NEED to be strong and independant and I think it’s important to instill that in every daughter a couple has.
I am one of the people out there who believes in equality and I get VERY aggrivated at sexist views and discrimination against women. I actually am a firm believer that WOMEN are the most discriminated humans on earth. It’s an attitude that transcends races and borders. Women weren’t even allowed to vote until after freed male slaves were allowed to vote-so think on that one. In lots of cultures women are viewed as property and it enrages and burns me up inside to know that.

I do think Jerry would be just as pleased if his sons married royalty too. Who wouldn’t be excited to be related to royalty!!? haha.

m-dot on

I loved this article. Too cute! He really seems like a funny and down to earth guy.

I think it’s cute that he’s protective over his little girls already. As the youngest of 4 kids, and the only girl I loved my brother’s “protection” over me. It saved me from wasting much time with the playboys, abusers, etc. My father, grandfather, and brothers made me aware of how precious I was to them. So, not only was their presence intimidating to those guys with bad intentiones, but the adoration they showed me provided me with the confidence to accept nothing less. Now as an adult, I’m married to a husband that adores and “protects” me. 🙂

Stephany on

Aw, I love Jerry even more after this article! He’s so funny and down-to-earth. I love the joke about naming them Dolly and Lama!!! Haha. I love it!

I’m so excited for these babies! 🙂